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Stakeholder’s Monthly

April 2011

Don’t Give Up the Base

IMPROVING OPERATIONS Afloat/Ashore Stakeholder’s Briefs, Bob Gaudi;  


Ashore Stakeholder’s Brief – April 26 , 1300, Waterfront Recreation Center Blue/Gold Room th Afloat Stakeholder’s Brief – April 27 , 1300, Waterfront Recreation Center Blue/Gold Room

Base Decals 

A memorandum from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy to the Chief of Naval Operations addressed the removal of Vehicle Decals: o “… it is no longer a requirement for vehicles entering Department of the Navy installations to be registered via the DD Form 2220 vehicle decal. All privately owned vehicles (POVs) must continue to be licensed, registered, inspected, and insured in accordance with state and local laws. Rental vehicles are considered POVs for purposes of base entry and access control. The vehicle rental contract will suffice as proper licensing, registration and insurance for base access.” CNIC N3AT is developing a plan for this change on a phased cycle to be completed NLT 01 OCT 11. CONOPS for deletion of Vehicle Decal Program in development. Currently, vehicle decals are still required aboard Naval Bases.

Small Arms Range Now Open! 

Small Arms Range was down 4.5 months due $459K renovation (ventilation, target sys, bullet stop sys, & other improvements). Renovated range provides greater uptime and much improved reliability. Anticipate availability 40 hrs/wk + one 24-hr shoot every other week. Schedule range time at Click on "USN Sites" and then apply for an account in order to schedule. Otherwise, click on "Two Week Calendar (Read Only)" to see the schedule, but you must use RFMSS to schedule range time.

Port Operations, CWO4 Anthony Gilbert;  

Trash – It continues to be a daily issue and we need your help! Keeping our base and our piers clean is EVERYONE’S responsibility. SOPA has the lead on the piers. Laydowns/Congestion – Improper/Unauthorized laydowns affect your ability to conduct maintenance and operations in port and affect our ability to provide services in case of an emergency. Contact Port Ops for a copy of the instruction and manage your laydown area as you would a space on your ship!

OPPORTUNITIES AND UPCOMING EVENTS Murph Express – Free round-trip shuttle service from Murphy Canyon to NBSD. For more info contact Mr. Dave Love, 556-2110. New Q-Mart – $3.5M in construction and fixtures. Located next to Fed Fire on the dry side. Planned completion end of April 2011. Base Shuttle – New Base Shuttle! Service only for Sailors! RapidGate – To be implemented by October 2011. This system will allow for access control of service providers who are not authorized a CAC.

May Events 16 May: “Battleship” Movie filming on BHR 25 May: Safety Fair 25 May: Memorial Day 1M Walk/2M Run at 1000. FREE T-shirts

March Stats Avg. Daily Vehicle Count – 33,534 Oil Spills/Gallons Spilled – 8/338

April rhumblines  

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