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Q. What is going to be open/closed during the exercise next week? A. During Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield, the following hours will be observed: -NBSD Commissary (dryside): closed 22-23 Mar, opening 3:00pm on Saturday, 24 Mar -NBSD NEX (dry side), (wet side uniform exchange), Q-Mart: open 22 Mar until told to close, closed 23 Mar, opening no later than 3:00pm on Saturday, 24 Mar -NBSD 32nd St gas station: closed 22-23 Mar, opening no later than 3:00pm on Saturday, 24 Mar. -NBSD 28th St gas station: will remain open -Mini marts in housing areas and the Murphy Canyon gas station: normal operating hours. -Child Development Centers (CDC): NBSD and NMCSD's CDCs will have normal operating hours. -NBSD/NMCSD MWR Facilities: closed 1000 22 March - 1200 24 March. -NMCSD clinics: please check here: -Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) will continue to offer a full range of FFSC services at four off-base locations throughout Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield. During 23 MAR, FFSC services can be accessed at FFSC Village at Serra Mesa Branch, FFSC Murphy Canyon Branch, FFSC Bayview Hills Branch, and FFSC Gateway Village Branch. Call (866) 923-6478 for FFSC resources or information or to schedule appointments at any FFSC location. Q. Are ships that are in shipyards participating in the exercise? A. No, they are excluded Q. Homecomings. How do we get more parking, handicap parking and more port-a-potties? A. FFSC has information on homecomings available to Ombudsmen through the Ombudsman Coordinator, Stephanie Du Bose and to Family Readiness Groups through FRG Coordinator, Tammy Porath. Please contact or for more information. Q. When picking up medication at the hospital, I was first in line but had to wait for 10 other people to get their medication before me. Why? A. If there are specific complaints concerning NMCSD, please contact the patient relations program at 619532-6369. Please note that there are also online refill options for home delivery. Patients don't have to be "enrolled" to NMCSD to get prescriptions but do need to "register." See the easy 1,2,3 step process at You can also view the Patient's Bill of Rights and other helpful customer information at Q. Are the Marine Corps bases participating in the exercise? A. No, Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield is going at Navy installations. Q. Can we get copies of the brief today? A. Yes, please see attached link to the brief. Q. How can we get notified if our appointments are cancelled at the hospital due to external events? A. For appointment cancellations, the departments are supposed to call patients to notify them of cancellations. Also, patients CAN use secure messaging to email their Medical Home Port team, click here to register (easy way to get lab results, ask a medical expert on your team a questions, etc. all in secure messaging): Q. Where are the fundraising locations on base? How can I set up a fundraiser? A. All fundraising questions need to be vetted through the legal office. Contact Ms. Jennifer Brown at 619556-3152 or Mr. Frank Leal 556-3158. Each request will be addressed by the legal office individually. Q. The Marines have Jane Wayne day (family fitness)- does NBSD have anything similar? A. Currently the Community Service Programs have a strong Youth Sports Program and have upcoming events that incorporate family workouts like the Spring Fling April 1st. Please refer to Wavewinds which is published

every two months hardcopy or check it out online at If you would like Wavewinds mailed to you, go online and asked to be added to the mailing list. Q. Does NBSD have a gym with a kids zone? A. Yes, the racquetball facility located on the dry side between the Admiral Prout track and the personal storage facility offers a kids zone. Q. Can someone supervise kids at the gyms so we can work out? A. This is currently not available, but the Child Development Centers do offer drop in care for up to 25 hours a week (reservations required). Please contact Child Care Resource and Referral at 619-556-8491 or call a CDC directly for more information. Q. Are strollers allowed on the Admiral Prout track on the dry side? A. Yes. The only time we request strollers to remain off the track is during command PT.

Q&As from Straight Talk with Smith  

Here are the Q&As from the morning session from Straight Talk with Smith.

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