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Straight Talk with CAPT Smith

• Execute the Shore Mission • Serve the Fleet, Fighter and Family • Lead by Example 1

Agenda • Welcome • Our Navy • Our Community • Naval Base San Diego • Open Forum 2

Navy Initiatives • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) Efforts

• Energy & Conservation Goals

• Transition Programs Continue to Improve

• Budget/Financial Planning Learn more at


Transition Continuum • VetNet: Assists veterans, transitioning military, and spouses to find meaningful employment, including online resume training, video chats with industry experts, advice from mentorveterans, and college-level business courses. • Chamber of Commerce Fast Track Program See100 fastest growing job markets, key growth industries, hiring fairs, spouse program, and hot jobs. • Veterans Affairs (VA) Resources for veterans, their families, and civilians for career advice and jobs in public and private sectors. 4

Our Community • Exploring America’s Finest City

• Military Saves Campaign

• Streets Repaving Projects Learn More:


Our Base: Upcoming Events • 2/21 @ 1000: NBSD 91st Birthday Vintage Run • 2/22 @ 0900: Galley Ribbon Cutting • 2/24-2/28: Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield (SCCS) • 3/13 @ 1000: St Patrick’s Day Run/Walk @ ADM Prout • 3/24, 0900-1300: Spring Fling @ ADM Prout Fields!/NavalBaseSD


Resident Energy Conservation Program • Communication Phase In Progress

• Town Halls for Each Neighborhood ~ Summer 2013

• Designed to Encourage Energy Conservation

• Review Fact Sheet


Resident Energy Conservation Program


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Family Fighter


Straight Talk W/ CAPT Smith  

Straight Talk W/ CAPT Smith

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