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24 Oct 2013 MEMORANDUM From: NRSW Regional Fire Prevention Chief To: Regional Distribution Subj:



(a) COMNAVREGSWINST 11320.1F (b) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards

Purpose: To provide NRSW civilian and military personnel on information concerning turkey fryers, Christmas trees and decorations for use during the holiday season. 1.

References (a) and (b) permits only non-combustible or flame retardant decorating materials shall be used. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved low voltage lights and extension cords are permitted for operating holiday lighting and shall be in good condition. No more than three strands of lights shall be connected to an extension cord. a. Reference (a) prohibits the use of turkey fryers on NRSW installations, excluding Navy housing. b. Decorations shall not hang or obstruct fire protection equipment such as; fire sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers, exit doors, hallways, or other means of egress. Open flame candles are prohibited. c.

Natural cut Christmas trees are NOT permitted in non-sprinkled buildings, buildings used for assembly and in BOQ/BEQ sleeping quarters. Natural cut trees shall have the State Fire Marshal’s flame retardant seal or be treated with an approved flame retardant process. Periodic re-treatment may be necessary in accordance with manufacture’s guidelines. Artificial trees shall be labeled, identified or certified as being flame retardant or flame resistant.

d. The bottom end of the trunk shall have a straight fresh cut at least ½ inch, prior to placing the tree in a stand to help the tree absorb water. The tree shall be placed in a suitable stand with adequate water. Water levels shall be checked and maintained on a daily basis. Christmas trees shall not be placed in hallways that will restrict the normal flow of travel, obstruct exit and other means of egress. 2. Please contact the installation Fire Prevention Office prior to placement of a Christmas tree, clarification on proper placement of decorations and for additional information or assistance.


Holidays 2013  
Holidays 2013