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Upcoming Projects 

Hazardous Waste turn-in event 

Solar pier trash compactors 

A Global Force for Green

Providing top quality fields for Sailors to physically train on.

Plant a tree campaign 

Providing the Fleet a more convenient way to remove trash from the ships.

Naval Base San Diego

Synthetic all purpose fields 

Giving all commands on NBSD a chance to remove hazardous materials in a safe and authorized manner.

To offset the reduction of grass, the base plans to plant trees

Green construction projects

Working towards ensuring all new building are built green

Navy Region Southwest’s Sustainable Solid Waste Program is partnering with the University of California, Los Angeles in a conversion technology initiative for a municipal waste conversion technology plant that uses trash as fuel to create energy on NBSD. The goal is to have in operation a waste-to-clean energy conversion technology plant prior to the closing of the San Diego landfill on Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar.

Green Galley 

Taking left over food and drink material and converting it to energy.

NBSD is a proud to have achieved in 2009: 

Audubon Certification: The Admiral Baker Golf Course

Chief of Naval Operations FY2009 Award for Environmental Quality, Non-Industrial Installation

Secretary of the Navy FY2009 Award for Environmental Quality, Non-Industrial Installation

Department of Defense FY2009 citation for meritorious achievement in Environmental Quality, Non-industrial Installation

Secretary of the Navy FY2009 Energy Award for Platinum Achievement

Environmental & Energy Initiatives **** Executing the Navy’s mission to be green ****

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Be Efficient, Effective and Innovative

Building Monitor Training

Main Street Clean Up

Building Monitors have been crucial in educating their commands in reduction of energy and conservation efforts

Volunteers from the Navy and community come together twice a year to clean the local community around the base.

Artificial turf Artificial turf installation around the base saves water and maintenance costs.

Electronic Waste E-Waste turn-in events have resulted in the recycling of old and unused electronic equipment and appliances.

Recycling Program Robust program in place to collect, sort and divert recyclable materials such as office paper, bottles, scrap metal, construction and debris and toner cartridges

New Green Building Make the new Fleet and Family Support building a completely green building that can self sustain.

LED Lighting Reduction of cars

LED lighting is reducing NBSD’s electrical consumption.

NBSD has an active carpool and vanpool program along with the Murph Express, a bus service direct to NBSD from Murphy Canyon.

Storm Water Runoff Filtration and Diversion The storm water system protects the bay from pollutants such as oil, grease and heavy metals

Shipboard Resource Efficiency Manager Program Chollas Clean Up

Dedicated personnel are working with afloat units in maintaining and reducing utility costs.

Working with the City of San Diego to remove trash from Chollas Creek!

Oil Spill Recovery With a response time of less than 10 min, our facility response team assists in cleaning spills through out the bay.

NBSD is on track towards a 50% reduction in energy

Current Practices  Transforming the base to a pedestrian friendly area with bike lanes and walking paths  Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology replacement  Photovoltaic Projects (rooftop and carports)  Computers in Standby mode  Promoting a conservative behavior o Building Monitor Training o Quarterly Stakeholder Meetings to share best practices and visibility on shore UT bills  Shipboard Resource Energy Managers Program  LEED Standard Construction for buildings.  Additional benefits for carpooling, and vanpooling.  Murph Express- an initiative with MTS & SANDAG for an express bus service from Murphy Canyon to NBSD.  Smart irrigation controllers  Artificial turf projects  Low flow/waterless urinals installed  Low flow showerheads  High diversion rate for construction and debris on base  Municipal Solid Waste diversion on base  Turn-in events for electronic equipment and appliances  Trash removal program for Chollas Creek  Monthly trash removal program in San Diego Bay  Bi-annual Main Street Clean Up hosted by NBSD

NBSD's Green Pamphlet  

An overview of the environmental and energy initiatives being conducted on Naval Base San Diego. (This is meant to be printed on legal paper...