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RECRUITING AND APPLICATION ORIENTATION NAVY COMPLEX SAN DIEGO SCHEDULE 0900-1600, 0900-1400, 0900-1600, 1000-1600, 1000-1600,

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NBSD(Wetside) Base Theater, Bldg. 71 NBSD CIC Waterfront Training Center, Pier 6 NASNI CORONADO, LOWRY Theater, Bldg. 650 NBSD CIC Waterfront Training Center, Pier 6 NBSD(Dryside) TSC Auditorium, Bldg. 3291

Proudly Serving our Commander-In-Chief

Our Mission World Class Service Camp David provides a secure and peaceful setting for the President, the First Family, their guests and staff. We serve with absolute regard for their privacy, security and safety. As part of the Camp David crew, you will have the opportunity to offer your experience and skills to enhance our Presidential support team.

Basic Eligibility Criteria :

Benefits of Camp • Serving the President, making history. • Earn the Presidential Service Badge. • Chance to earn your degree, once in a lifetime certifications, qualifications, and training.

Eligible Support Rates: ABH/F, BU, CE, CM, CS, DC, EA, EM, HM, NC, PS, RP, SH, SW, UT, & YN

Volunteer and agree to serve a 36 month tour (24 month tour for first time Sailors). • No NJP, civil convictions, or alcohol related incidents for the past 5 years. • No financial problems that will prevent a Top Secret Clearance. • No medical problems that would prevent PT/physical activities. •


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