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“ Home is where the dog is ” ~

President’s Corner

December 2017

by Sue Spaid

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! It is hard to believe another year has gone by. It will soon be time to say goodbye to 2017. The past year has been a good one for NBRAN. We have saved many dogs this year and helped hundreds of families to find their best friends. This past year saw the launch our beautiful new website. I hope everyone has visited our new site. Many thanks to Brickhouse Creative and our own Cassandra McClintock for the excellent work to bring the site on line. With the new website came a new store front and we are very pleased with the functionality of our store. We also were able to add a line of shirts, coffee mugs and sundry other logo items for our faithful volunteers and NBRAN fans. We produced a calendar again, with some major changes and re-design. So far the calendar seems to be a hit. If you have not checked out the available merchandise and calendar, please do! Our coordinators were real troopers this year. With the new website came a new data management system and a new communication channel. Both these important technological tools had learning curves, and the coordinators really got on board and mastered all the things we threw at them with grace and dedication. Thank you NBRAN coordinators and board members for being so adaptable. We are looking forward to 2018. We know there is important work for us to do saving beautiful Brittanys. Our annual appeal campaign will continue to produce donations for us through January. Many thanks to Dave Voeltz for the effort he puts into that fundraising appeal each year. Thank you to everyone who plays a part in the success of NBRAN. I know there are many of you out there that drive a transport when you can, send us money to help a pup we feature on PoundWishes, do home visits or pull dogs from shelters. Everyone playing a part and doing what needs done is what makes NBRAN successful. I value each and every volunteer. I wish all of you a blessed holiday and a wonderful new year!

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Directory of Officers/Stats with Laryngeal Paralysis One of the things that frightens pet owners or fosters the most is the onset of life-threatening symptoms. Whether from an accident or serious illness, these symptoms often seem to appear suddenly out of the blue, necessitating emergency vet visits and difficult decisions. However with the involvement of dedicated pet rescuers like those who make up and support the NBRAN organization, there is hope! Our first Brittany, Danny, had just passed away in March of 2014, at approximately 12 years of age, due to cancerous tumors. We knew he had problems walking, but attributed it to arthritis. When the vet gave us her diagnosis, we were shocked and had to have him put down, not wanting him to suffer. But his passing left a huge hole in our hearts. So when NBRAN President Susan Spaid e-mailed us just two weeks later about another senior Brittany named Daisy, we decided to become foster parents. We knew there was a chance that we might not have her in our lives for very long, either because of adoption or age-related illness since she was already 12 years of age, but it was a risk we were willing to take. Daisy came to us in April of 2014. Originally she was rescued by the SPCA of Lycoming County, PA, with several Beagles that were housed outside and running loose. The shelter found Daisy to have a wonderful temperament – good with adults and children as well as with other dogs and cats. She was quickly adopted out to a young woman. For whatever reason, the young woman gave Daisy to her mother, but the mother soon returned Daisy to the shelter. At this point NBRAN stepped in and pulled Daisy from the shelter and soon she arrived in our home. She received a clean bill of health from the vet and her happy Brittany personality soon eased our sadness over Danny’s passing. Daisy was a bouncy, happy old girl – one wouldn’t think she was almost 13 years old to look at her – she had the attitude of a youngster. We noticed a few things right away about her – she had occasional tremors which only lasted a few seconds, much like a rapid nodding of her head, and we never heard her bark, but the vet declared her in good health. She did instruct us to keep an eye on the tremors and report in if they worsened. Through the summer, Daisy did fine, frolicking and having a good time, then resting in “her” recliner in the living room. But by the end of the summer, things began to change rapidly. We noticed she breathed harder after being outside for a short time in the hot weather. The heavy breathing soon turned to wheezing, but subsided when she lay quietly The Brittany Advocate Page 2

inside. By the weekend, though she started struggling for breath. (Why are they always worse on weekends when the regular vet isn’t around?) We knew she needed some medical attention. After speaking with Chris Eddinger, our PA NBRAN coordinator and Sue Spaid who lived nearby, Daisy was taken to the emergency veterinary hospital and diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis, a progressive disease where the muscles of the larynx become paralyzed and don’t open or close properly. Her muscles closed when she ate so she didn’t aspirate on her food, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult for the muscles to reopen to allow her to breathe freely. She was essentially breathing through a straw-sized opening and ultimately would need surgery to correct it. It hit us hard. We had only had her a little over 4 months and we thought for sure she would soon be on her way to the Rainbow Bridge to join Danny. Because she had just turned 13, it was a difficult decision whether to authorize an expensive surgery or to put her down. Laryngeal paralysis seemed to be a rare condition and the local NBRAN officers weren’t familiar with it. But after reading more about the procedure and the potential for a successful outcome, NBRAN wanted to give her a chance even if it gave her a year or possibly two more. The surgery, also known as laryngeal tie-back surgery, entailed anchoring one half of the larynx muscles and cartilage to the side of her throat to keep her airway permanently open so she could breathe. Most dogs do quite well with this surgery, although there is a risk of aspiration of food and water afterwards. In October 2014, Daisy underwent the procedure and came through it like a trooper. Her original prognosis was that she might have one, maybe two additional years of quality life. But Daisy has continued to amaze us as she recently passed her 3 year mark post-surgery . We feed her smaller meals in raised dishes with a mix of wet and dry food to prevent food aspiration and pneumonia. Though she still continues to have minor tremors associated with the LP, they have not worsened in intensity. She’s a senior who doesn’t know she’s 16, according to the vet at her recent checkup. She’s strong and her heart is doing great. She shows some normal aging signs like fading eyesight, back leg weakness from muscle loss and increased sleep, but she is still a puppy at heart. She prances around in a circle when she’s excited. She loves to roll on her back on the living room rug after her meals. She loves her treats and a leisurely walk to sniff around for critters and exciting smells. Since her diagnosis in 2014, NBRAN has learned of many Brittanys who suffer with this disease. We hope that reading Daisy’s story helps raise awareness and offers hope to other pet parents and fosters.

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A Happy “Failed” Foster Story Hi everypawdy! Roscoe P. Coltrane here to update you on me! As you know I was just a foster, but as soon as I walked in the house I chose dad as my new owner and curled up on his pillow. Dad was a sucker for my handsome-ness and cuddles. Mom on the other hand spent a few weeks yelling, “He’s just a foster!” and trying to find me a new home. She talked to a couple people, but nothing was quite perfect for me. So, as an early surprise Christmas present to dad, she adopted me! I won’t forget the day she told him! She said, “I have some great news! Roscoe has been adopted!!” Dad started to cry… My two human-sisters tied a sign around my neck and sent me to find dad. The sign said, “Congratulations on your adoption!” It was OFFICIAL! I’m Roscoe P. Coltrane-Ryder. Dad was so excited, and a little mad at mom for the mean trick. So, now, I am living happily with a big yard to run and hunt critters. Dad even shoots some and lets me practice getting them. I made one mistake at the beginning, a chicken got loose from my sister, so I grabbed it and brought it to dad. Everyone was yelling. It was still alive. I was careful. I was trying to be helpful. I get to sleep with my sister in her bed. I have my own blankie, stuffed bun-bun, and whatever other stuffed animals I can steal from her. I also have two fur-sisters -- another Brittany (11) and black lab (2). My older sister loves me the most. Even though she is the matriarch, I take over for her to defend the house with my super loud bark… because she is getting older. My younger sister and I love each other a lot. We cuddle, play, wrestle, play, clean each other, and play. We drive mom nuts, swimming in her fish pond, muddy prints on the floor, and leaving my canine confetti (hair) all over! I’ve finally won her over though. She loves to tell me how handsome I am! I couldn’t be happier! Have a great holiday season!!" Becky & Jim Ryder Galway, NY The Brittany Advocate Page 4

Manny, The Fun Loving Butterfly Chaser by Lynne Strehlow

First of all, I have to tell you how much of a cuddler and mama’s boy he has become! He gives kisses all the time and loves to snuggle on the bed or couch. He loves to be petted and have his ears and hind end scratched, and when I brush him, he melts into a little puddle and falls sound asleep. He greets me at the door at the end of my work day by jumping up repeatedly to see me out the window as I am unlocking the door. Then he’ll run to get his teddy bear or birdie to bring to me like a little present. It’s so adorable. Manny is still quite the butterfly chaser! We head to the dog park almost daily and he runs and chases butterflies until he is panting and pooped out! Nik, my older Brittany, just trots next to me. Everyone at the dog park knows Manny as the butterfly chasing dog and thinks it’s adorable! He occasionally is so consumed by the butterflies that he totally loses track of me, but he always circles back to the gate and waits for Nik and me there. Manny is such a happy boy! He loves going for car rides! He loves going for walks! He loves going to the dog park! He loves the little pup-cup treats he gets at the ice cream shop! He loves chasing squirrels up a tree! He loves trying to dig the chipmunks out from underneath the shed! He loves going to the cottage and swimming in the river! He loves going out to grandpa’s woods, sniffing all the good smells, and laying down in the creek to cool off! He’s such a fun and happy dog! On another note, Manny has been diagnosed with epilepsy. He had his first seizure last June while out on a long morning walk. A total stranger gave us a ride home in the back of his pick up truck. I got him into the vet right away and they ran all sorts of tests. Everything came back normal. We were hoping it was just a weird isolated incident, but he has had two more seizures since then that I have witnessed. They are mild and infrequent, so he isn’t on any meds, however, if they become more severe or frequent, he will start on anti-seizure meds. The seizures start with Manny looking like he is trying to swim with one front paw, then it seems to move down his body, with shaking and tremors. He is not able to stand or walk on his own but seems to be trying to. He looks scared and confused and mostly out of it. It’s so sad to watch. Afterward, he’ll take a long nap. When he wakes up, he’s his normal bouncy little self. It worries and saddens me, so I give him all the love and cuddles that I can. This picture captures Manny — tongue hanging out from running and “hunting”, and yet ready to run some more! I just love my little Man! Thank you for finding him for me!

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Perfect Phoebe I just wanted to take a minute today to thank all the NBRAN people that helped me connect with my wonderful Brittany. A special thanks, too, to all the folks who helped transport her from Arkansas to Flagstaff so we could take her back to California. Wendy (now Phoebe) has proved to be the perfect dog for us and I think the reverse is true too. She gets on just fine with our terrier mix and the cat, loves to hunt for mice in the yard, and has an endless supply of love for all her people. In addition, she enjoys going out rowing with me which is a big plus. My previous Brittany watched me build this thing for two years with no idea what it was and when I finally took her out in it she thought “This doesn’t seem safe” and would just lie in the bottom of the boat. Phoebe has a great time looking around and watching everything but just stays put up in the bow with no jumping around. She doesn’t even hop out when we land until I tell her to - perfect rowing buddy! My previous dog Belle was very much a home body but still went missing one time for three days - just wandered out the gate behind one of my clients, got injured, and ended up in a hard to find place. It is a heads-up for us that any dog can disappear and it is dangerous in the city so we got a GPS tracking collar for Phoebe. The brand is called Whistle - not very expensive for the unit and requires a service contract that costs us about $7 a month. As long as she is home, close to the base station it is in very low power mode but goes into GPS tracking if she gets out. About ten minutes after she leaves my wife and I will get a text reporting her location so we have to let each other know if she is going out walking with one of us. It even notifies me when it needs charging - about once a month. Thought I would mention it as it seems to work well and gives me a lot of peace of mind. Well, once again - Thank you all! Dave Monley

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Vivacious Violet We could not be more happy with our little Violet (from OK). She has been a great source of love and joy since the minute she walked through the door. We cannot thank NBRAN enough for allowing her into our lives. Tough to remember life without her. A quick update on her development: We have successfully navigated the house breaking and she is such a good girl about letting us know when she needs a potty break. She is an incredibly fast learner and mistakes are very rare these days. Violet and Gus have become fast friends. There is a deep connection and a lot of love there. There is also a lot of wrestling, play fighting, toy hoarding and competitive affection going on. At the end of the day, regardless of who growled loudest or who got whose bone, they retire to their little corner of the coach to snuggle and reassure each other before drifting off to sleep together. Our hope was that Violet would help bring Gus out of his shell a little and provide a bit more activity to his daily routine. She has done that and so much more. What we were completely unprepared for was how his personality would blossom into such an upbeat, loving, silly, assertive, mischievous little puppy. We had small glimpses of his "best self" over his first 9 months with us but she has permanently changed his DNA. What an amazing and unexpected gift and proof positive that some dogs are just better off with a buddy. Violet loves to be outside, constantly hunting for squirrels and playing chase with her big brother. They can go for hours and hours and will alternate between chaser/chasee and then melt into a heap on the lawn when they can go no more. Amazing to watch this dance. She definitely has strong hunter instinct & prey drive and follows me through our woods and will stop and point squirrels, birds and raccoons. She listens to command extremely well and is an interested and biddable working dog. I have no doubt if she were trained on the heel she would be an amazing field companion. For now, we just enjoy our walks and time together.

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Violet is our first Brittany so I don't have a strong reference point but she is as sweet and cuddly as she is feisty and energetic. She can run and play for hours but the moment you pick her up she immediately quiets down and puts her head on your shoulder for a snuggle and a nap. There is no wind down period or excessive destructive energy in the house when she isn't outside. There is a clear delineation between play time and relax time and she obeys it very, very well. Violet has been a dream with Jack and Josie (7 and 10). She is extremely patient with their little hands and can match their energy step for step when it is time to play. They are incredibly loving and gentle with her and she is just as quick to jump up on their laps to catch a short nap as she is mine or Dana's. She seems to have found her proper place in the pack and doesn't seem motivated to challenge the hierarchy just yet. While hard to fully express our gratitude, please know that she will live out the remainder of her days with more love and companionship than one dog can possibly handle. She is a constant source of joy and light and we feel blessed to have her in our lives. Cannot thank NBRAN enough! Jeff, Dana, Jack, Josie, Gus and Violet Hansen Locust Valley, NY

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Olivia’s Puppies (UPDATES) On May 21, 2017 ten beautiful puppies were born to mama Olivia, who is a purebred liver and white Brittany. Mama Olivia was pulled from a high kill shelter just a few days before giving birth. She was as round as a barrel, her face had opened wounds, and she was sweet and loving. Mama Olivia had clearly been treated very poorly in her short three years of life. Her body indicated she had multiple litters of puppies, her teeth were ground down, and some actually missing. Even though all of these horrible things happened to Olivia, she is still smiling, seeking human attention, and of course has the classic wiggle butt. Only a few days after leaving the shelter Olivia gave birth to 10 puppies. There were seven boys and three girls. We were all astonished that this petite little 33 pound girl birthed 10 puppies. She instantly went into full-time mama mode and it was clear to us she had done this before many times. Because Olivia was pulled from a high kill shelter we have no idea who daddy is. After much debate we have finally concluded daddy might have been a Border Collie. These adorable babies have white tipped tails, white rings around their necks and some have white tipped toes. Although we are not 100% certain who daddy was, we are 100% certain these puppies are adorable! The puppies were growing and getting stronger, everything seemed just perfect. Unfortunately, when they were four weeks old, we were faced with a life and death crisis. Parvo! The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite (anorexia). The less common form is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscles of very young puppies, often leading to death. The majority of cases are seen in puppies that are between six weeks and six months old. Source; Pet MD On the first day of the Parvo diagnosis we lost our first baby. She was the smallest and the weakest; the runt of the litter. Olivia and her babies were immediately taken to a 24-hour emergency clinic where they were all hospitalized for treatment. Treatment and hospitalization for 4 week old puppies is unbelievably expensive. They required IV fluids in their tiny little veins, specialized nurses, and around-the-clock care. Over the next four days one of our darling babies went to the bridge each day. One by one, we were losing our babies. Suddenly our amazing 10 pack was now only five. The remaining puppies consisted of three boys and two girls. Now referred to as the fabulous five or Fab 5: Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne. Yes, the Scooby-Doo crew! We couldn’t think of a better group of friends to represent this special litter. Their personalities matched just perfectly! Every free moment we had was dedicated to keeping the Fab 5 and Olivia alive. Today the Fab 5 are healthy and thriving. They may always have a little touch of a sensitive stomach, but we are so grateful that they are alive and get the opportunity to become the amazing Brittany-mix puppies that they were meant to be!

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**UPDATES** Porter (fka Scooby)

Porter is six months old now! And boy is he amazing! It's been a pleasure watching this little guy grow up! His favorite game is fetch at the park (he's so good at it!), and he loves getting a bunch of attention from anyone that sees him because, of course, it's impossible not to fall in love with him and his excited wiggle butt. He is learning and growing more and more every day, and I love him to the moon and back. This boy was the missing piece in our little family. He's his sister's best friend (and noisy wrestling partner), and my best cuddle buddy!

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Noel (fka Velma)

Noel wanted to say hi! She is our little hiker, she just loves it! She is 30 lbs. now and 6 months old. Her favorite thing is to chase squeaky balls in the backyard (if it doesn't squeak, then it's not worth the chase, lol). She also loves her chew toys; she wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth these days!

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Reunion Day!! July 29, 2017 was reunion day for Dixie and Henry (two of the Indiana 10)! The big question- did they remember each other? Dixie usually ignores other dogs but she walked right up to Henry and after a couple of sniffs started licking his ear. Henry, who we found out later, normally barks at other dogs approached Dixie without a sound. I'd say they remembered!! Karen & I and Judy (Henry's mom) had a wonderful time talking about these two amazing fur babies and getting to know each other. The best part, of course, was getting these two together again (I think Henry is Dixie's bio-dad).

FUN TIP: The twin cities of Montague and White Hall, MI are very dog friendly!

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“Our Love of Brittanys" In April of 2001 my husband and I drove from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Quebec to pick up our Brittany Spaniel puppy Scarlet. Over 9 wonderful years Scarlet, was our bed snuggling, rug and chair rung chewing love of our life. I first heard the word “heart" dog from an NBRAN representative. Scarlet was my “heart" dog. Never had to say a word. We just looked at each other and knew. Scarlet developed Cushing syndrome and we carried her in and out to do her duty as her eyes and legs failed her, and lay her on her bed after. We made the most difficult decision ever. We held her at the vet's as she passed, she was cremated and I still cry when I think of her. A little over two months passed when I admitted I could no longer live without the love of a Brittany! I began searching the web for puppies and came across this website called “NBRAN." We corresponded and when Clyde saw Remington on the website and learned from the foster home that he would be a good hunter, that did it! Days passed as the amazing “railroad" of volunteers was coordinated. I watched on line as each segment of Remington's journey from Michigan to Calais, Maine was filled in and finally it was a go! We met these amazing folks in Calais on July 4th, 2011. What a way for them to spend their July 4th weekend. We are forever grateful! Along with Remington we transported another Brit, meeting an NBRAN volunteer in Digby at the Irving station. We travelled home to Yarmouth, the other Brit was on the way to Halifax. The foster folks had told us how special Remington was and that he had a couple of quirks we would eventually discover! He smiles a lot and he lays down to eat! I've nicknamed him "Velcro" because he's that close to Clyde. Ever have a dog lay down in the bathroom while you take a shower!

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This isn't the end of the story! Remington is black and white, my heart cried out for an orange and white Brittany, like my Scarlet. The NBRAN volunteer knew I wanted an orange and white Brittany and he emailed me one day that he knew where there was one to foster or adopt. I didn't hesitate. We could foster I said! Clyde drove to Halifax shortly after the email to pick up “Maggie" in from New Brunswick. I'm quite sure he knew I had no intention of letting her go! Driving back from Halifax to Yarmouth, a three hour plus drive, he said Maggie stood up between the front and back seats on the console a good part of the time and kissed and snuggled him. He told me she stole his heart the minute he saw her, she stole mine when I met her for the first time. Maggie had arthritis in her back end and the vet said, “She walks like a tandem!" What a sway. He thought she was older than we had surmised. As long as she was here with us and as much as we tried to teach her she would run away. With her nose to the ground she'd come back exhausted and dirty, lay down, look at me as much to say “come get me"! In the house she loved to investigate and distribute garbage, like Scarlet she chewed expensive leather shoes, “left foot only" and “leather gloves"; I have three right hand gloves. How she loved to snuggle, flat on her back, head in your lap. Wanted a pat, she jabbed you like “Ali" on the arm or leg. I would have to say she was my second “heart" dog. Her eyes met mine and we need say no more! On May 22, 2017 Maggie went to sleep in her bed at the foot of our bed and didn't wake up in the morning. She is buried under Scarlet's and her favorite pine tree, in our front yard. We will always miss them both. Remington mourned her and wouldn't sleep on her place on the couch for weeks. He's finally there with me now. We would love to foster or adopt again, but the years and health issues are creeping up on us. Our dream is to win the lottery so we could foster or adopt as many Brittanys as our home and couch could hold. There's nothing like a Brittany. The eyes of a Brittany go right to your heart! I hope all the Brittanys you rescue find forever homes, thank you for helping them find ours! Regards, Carol, Clyde & Remington Sherman, Brazil Lake, Nova Scotia Canada

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Photo Gallery Our family knows all Brittanys are special - but Jaxon takes cuteness to a new level. We rescued him 7 years ago from NBRAN (Rochester) - he is our 2nd Brittany. I can tell you that my rescue dog - rescued me!!

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Photo Gallery Here is a picture of Penny (formerly known as Faith) right after she got in hyper mode today. Kind regards, Karen Larson

Sept 18th was Hinckley's 9th birthday. He got an extra special treat!

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Photo Gallery Two very lucky NBRAN dogs, Bo and Jackson, were adopted last summer, and are loving life with their new family (Roger, Lisa, & Grace)!

Erin’s Miss Britt Britt after a hard afternoon of playing!

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In Memory at The Rainbow Bridge

Richard and Sharon Bockoff of Del Mar, California lost both Sophie (NBRAN adoption) and Walter this year. Both adorable, sweet and loving senior French Brittanys. You could not ask for sweeter dogs or parents!

Kostecki’s Jasmine

Anna Hotalling’s Ollie Boy Forever loved by his Mama … and by his Village

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You will probably remember from our last issue that Skipper (aka Buddy), a senior Brittany found wandering as a stray in Missouri, was recovering from starvation and a very large wound in his side. The vets think he might have got stuck on a stick somehow then over time he licked the wound until it was a large gaping hole. He was also riddled with intestinal worms, probably from eating garbage to survive on the streets. Luckily, with excellent medical care and lots of love from his foster mom, Skipper’s wound healed very well and we were optimistic he’d make a full recovery. Recently Skipper’s foster mom noticed an unusual lump on his side so he underwent surgery to have it removed and the sample was sent off to pathology. We are very sad to report that Skipper has a very aggressive subcutaneous mast cell tumor and his prognosis is not bright. Dogs with tumors like his (with a high mitotic count) have an average survival rate of 7 months. We are devastated for Skipper and his foster, but we are committed to continue with his medical care, even if it is palliative care. We will do all we can to keep him comfortable and happy for the time he has left. Thank you for your continued support for Skipper.

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Volunteer of the Quarter Debbie Clarke has been selected as NBRAN’s Volunteer of the Quarter. Debbie is from Arkansas and is the foster for Timmy, NBRAN’s most successful PoundWishes campaign dog thus far. She is a very busy with a full time job, her own dogs and has taken on a number of very long term foster dogs and nursed them to health. You may remember social media posts about Augie, the obese Brittany. She monitored his diet and successfully helped him shed the pounds with a healthy diet and exercise. She was so vested in helping him that she failed as a foster and adopted him! She always has time to provide an update and a photo of her foster dogs for her coordinator and is one of those volunteers that you can really count on for the long haul. Congratulations to Debbie for being selected the Volunteer of the Quarter! ————————————————————————————————————————————

Coordinator of the Quarter Laurie Burton has been selected as NBRAN’s Coordinator of the Quarter. Laurie has a passion for helping dogs and especially for seniors. She is very dedicated to NBRAN and is always on top of all applications for her states even before we are notified about them! She's proactive and committed and has a wonderful relationship with her fosters. She takes initiative and that is very much appreciated. Laurie was also very helpful in bridging the gap when some personnel reassignments were made within our regions. Congratulations to Laurie Burton for being selected as the Coordinator of the Quarter!

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Olivia was pulled from a high kill shelter just days before she was ready to give birth to her puppies. She was round as a barrel, had open wounds covering her body, and had been poorly treated in her short 3-year life. She had 10 (ten) puppies and things were looking up until her puppies contracted Parvo, a deadly and unforgiving ailment. In spite of sparing no expense, five of Olivia’s puppies crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The medical bills were enormous (over $8,200) but Olivia and her five surviving puppies are alive and doing well today thanks to our dedicated volunteers who helped them. Because Olivia and her puppies quickly became critically ill, they had to be admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis. NBRAN had no time to fundraise prior to their treatment. Now we need to recoup those funds (and more for future emergencies) so we can pay for Olivia, her puppies, and all the medically needy dogs that come into our care. Dear Friends, NBRAN has rescued many dogs (like Olivia and her puppies) that were also in desperate need of help. And when wonderful families like yours step up and welcome these hard luck dogs as new family members, the adoption donations typically only cover a small portion of their medical expense. In fact, in certain parts of the country, the adoption donation does not cover the cost of the medical exam, immunizations, sterilization and heartworm testing of healthier dogs. Treating dogs infected with heartworm can cost up to $1,000, leaving NBRAN in a financial deficit when caring for the abandoned, abused and neglected dogs that come into our care. It has been A YEAR since NBRAN’s last letter. The continued rescue of neglected, abused and elderly dogs requiring extensive health care services has diminished our financial resources. Your monetary assistance is

urgently needed! The purpose of NBRAN is to: o Rescue Brittanys from high kill shelters and shelters that have run out of room and time o Offer a safe haven for Brittanys surrendered as a result of economic or personal circumstances o Provide assistance for senior Brittanys that heartless owners dump for that “new puppy” o Provide foster care and required medical care for Brittanys in need like Olivia and her puppies o And foremost, find stable, loving and caring forever homes for these Brittanys

At NBRAN, volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Your donations are used to help the dogs, not to pay for executive retreats and self-promotion like some ‘rescues.’ We are a group of dedicated volunteers. Many of our vets discount their services for NBRAN. Transportation is donated by our drivers. Foster homes provide food, toys, treats, and love, but We NEED Your Help!

The Brittany Advocate Page 23

What can your tax deductible donation do? Your generous donations will help provide the desperately needed health care required by abused, neglected or abandoned Brittanys. Lifesaving care needed by dogs like Olivia and her pups can cost NBRAN thousands of Dollars! Here is a listing of average costs for our rescued dogs: Cost



Microchips, Collars and Other Necessities


Basic Exam, Vaccinations and Heartworm Testing


Basic Exam, Vaccinations, HW Test & Spay/Neuter


Heartworm Treatment

Your donation can help these dogs. Just detach the bottom of this letter and insert it with your donation in the enclosed envelope, or better yet, make a contribution online on our website at WWW.NBRAN.ORG

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -

YES Count me in. I would like to help NBRAN help homeless Brittanys find their forever homes! Enclosed is $___________ to help care for a Brittany. Mail your tax deductible donation to: NBRAN, PO Box 5046, Greensburg, PA 15601-5058. You can also donate online by clicking the DONATION link at our online store: . Do you have a donation matching campaign at work? Or want to make a monthly pledge. Contact NBRAN President Susan Spaid ( for Details!

Name: ___________________________________ Address:____________________________________ City: _________________________State:_______ Zip: ______Phone Number: (____) - ____ - _______ E-mail ______________________________My gift is in honor of/in memory of _____________________ [ ] Check here if you would like a Charitable Tax Donation Receipt

Donations of $150 or more will receive a 2018 NBRAN calendar courtesy of the NBRAN Board of Directors .

Thank you for caring!

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2017 Annual Fund Raising Campaign A big thanks to all who contributed during our annual campaign. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!! Contributions received through November 21, 2017

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Emily, Maggie & Gunner Dottie

Bean, Our NBRAN Rescue with the gentlest of Souls Olivia Betty

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Ace & Kaji Guy C Sony & Lady Reagan, Mickey, Rusty & Maggie His Britt who lived from 2003 to 2017

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Support NBRAN while doing your online shopping. When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network, Inc.. It costs you nothing, please bookmark and share the link below today and support us every time you shop!

What is NBRAN Canine Railroad?

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NBRAN Newsletter

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NBRAN Canine Railroad (or CR) is the transportation of rescued Brittanys from one place to another. In a CR run, someone volunteers to drive a dog a certain distance where they meet another person at a prearranged place, and the second person continues to drive, meeting another person if necessary, until the dog reaches its new owner. It really does work! And our babies get to their new homes without a whole lot of expense. Sometimes airlines cannot fly Brittanys because the weather is too hot or too cold. Sometimes the adopting family cannot afford the airline fees. Sometimes the Brittany shouldn't fly. For these reasons, CR runs are part of the lifeblood of canine rescue. Volunteer for NBRAN CR. If you'd like to be available to make Brittany CR runs, please contact us.

Ombudsman If you have a concern of any nature and want to report it, contact Dave Voeltz at for a confidential means of doing so.

Do you want to share your pictures or story? Contact Dave Voeltz at and email your story and pictures. We love sharing your story and pictures about the newest member of your family!



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