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Dear Friends, It was hard to imagine the conditions in which sweet Lindsey and her 10 housemates were found – abandoned in a boarded up Indiana home completed shut off from the outside world. They had to rely on each other and whatever they could find inside the house to survive. The only "treat" that would come into their dark lives from the outside world was the occasional bag of dog food thrown in the house by their former owner. Every day was a battle for survival. But then things changed. Their plight was discovered and NBRAN rushed to help local authorities in their rescue and subsequent recovery. While each one required expensive vet care after years of neglect, thankfully Lindsey and her companions were emotionally stable. Our foster homes reported each of these brits just wanted human companionship and to be loved after being abandoned for 2 years in that house. These 11 dogs are now mostly healthy and enjoying a happier life. Lindy, as she is now called, has a loving family and is making up time enjoying what she missed for over 2 years. As you can see, she is now a happy girl! It has been again A YEAR since we have reached out to you. A continued influx of abandoned, sick, and senior dogs requiring extensive health care services continues to drain our resources. Your financial assistance is urgently needed! The purpose of NBRAN is to: o o o o o

Rescue Brittanys from high kill shelters and shelters that have run out of room and time Offer a safe haven for Brittanys surrendered as a result of economic or personal circumstances Provide assistance for senior Brittanys that heartless owners dump for that “new puppy” Provide foster care and required medical care for Brittanys in need like Lindy and her companions And foremost, find stable, loving and caring forever homes for these Brittanys

At NBRAN, volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Your donations are used to help the dogs, not to pay for executive retreats and self-promotion like some ‘rescues’. We are a group of dedicated volunteers. Many of our vets discount their services for NBRAN, transportation is donated by our drivers, and Foster homes provide food, toys, treats, and love. But We still NEED Your Help! What can your tax deductible donation do? Your generous donations will help provide the desperately needed health care required by abused, neglected or abandoned Brittanys. Services needed by dogs like Lindy and her companions can cost NBRAN $1,000 or more! Here is a listing of average costs for our rescued dogs: Cost



Microchips, Collars and Other Necessities


Basic Exam, Vaccinations and Heartworm Testing


Basic Exam, Vaccinations, HW Test & Spay/Neuter


Heartworm Treatment

Your donation can help these dogs. Just detach the bottom of this letter and insert it with your donation in the enclosed envelope, or better yet, make a contribution online on our website at WWW.NBRAN.ORG

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YES Count me in. I would like to help NBRAN help homeless Brittanys find their forever homes! Enclosed is $___________ to help care for a Brittany, If you prefer, you can make a monthly pledge at: Mail your tax deductible donation to: NBRAN, PO Box 5046, Greensburg, PA 15601-5058. You can also donate online by clicking the DONATION link at our online store: Do you have a campaign at work that will match your donation? Contact for Details!


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[ ] Check here if you would like a Charitable Tax Donation Receipt Your generosity will be acknowledged in the upcoming 2016 December or 2017 March NBRAN Newsletter

Donations of $200 or Greater will receive a 2017 NBRAN Calendar as a thanks from the Board of Directors! Thank you for caring!

NBRAN Capital Campaign 2016  
NBRAN Capital Campaign 2016