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North Broward Preparatory School An Extraordinary Community

Who We Are

Welcome to North Broward Preparatory School

Part of the worldwide Meritas Family of Schools, NBPS is a Pre-k through 12th grade preparatory school with international boarding facilities, committed to:

What makes a school extraordinary? It’s the many things that go beyond excellence in academics and activities that permeate North Broward Preparatory School the moment you set foot on our campus. Families sense a warm and positive energy when they visit. They experience collaboration and community here, from our Pre-k through grade 12 classes. There’s a commitment to the whole child, to honor and celebrate student achievement not only in academics but in community service, athletics, arts and citizenship. There’s an unmistakable feeling that our students are valued as individuals for who they are, with programs tailored to their needs. Be part of our extraordinary community!

our mission North Broward Preparatory School is an international community committed to accelerating each student’s academic achievement and personal growth. We foster critical thinking skills, provide opportunities for the discovery of interests, and instill the virtue of civic responsibility. Our challenging, yet nurturing environment, prepares our students to excel in their top choice colleges and universities.

•A  culture of thinking – developing each child’s ability to think critically and creatively •P  ersonalized student learning – tailored instruction to meet the academic needs of each child •C  ollaborative learning – with extensive curricular offerings and activities

There is a real culture of caring here, from Lower School through Upper School. I think parents sense immediately that their children are not only known, but valued both as students and human beings. —E  lise Ecoff, NBPS Headmaster, parent

•D  iversity – truly an international village, with students from more than 35 countries •C  haracter formation – with an Honor Code rooted in respect for each other and the community


A Community of Learners and Thinkers A School-Wide Culture of Thinking We teach our students how to think, not what to think. Faculty members share a common language and understanding about developing each student’s ability to think critically and creatively. Students thrive in a culture where the processes of thinking are modeled and taught in every class. Our classrooms and hallways are rich with the documentation of thinking, providing opportunities for collaboration and reflection. This shared culture of thinking enables students to make meaningful connections between their learning and the world around them.

I love that my daughters are challenged here appropriately every day, whether it is in arts, sports, academics, character development or leadership. NBPS is a rare combination of fertile learning environment and high expectations backed by an incredibly supportive faculty. This is where you want your kids to be. — Joan McGettigan, NBPS Director of Educational Technology, parent

Depth and Breadth of Offerings North Broward Preparatory School offers students the best of independent school education. We provide a challenging curriculum at all levels, with dynamic programs in both fine arts and athletics that enhance the learning experience. Our students have ample opportunities to develop their skills, talents and passions both in and out of the classroom. Whether on the stage, playing field or laboratory, NBPS students are encouraged to take risks, broaden their interests and expand their academic outlook. Through these invaluable learning experiences, students discover themselves and their place in the world.

International Baccalaureate In addition to a full range of college prep, Honors and Advanced Placement courses, NBPS offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. This academically challenging, balanced program of education prepares students for success at universities and life beyond. IB students engage in comprehensive study of languages, sciences and mathematics. Our extensive IB offerings in Fine Arts are unparalleled. NBPS students may study Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Music or Film, developing the highest levels of competencies in these fields. Our focus on critical thinking and problemsolving gives students a solid foundation for this rigorous program.

Lighthouse Point Academy This “school within a school� is for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Because of the small class sizes, our highly qualified and caring teachers are able to take an individualized approach to each child, always teaching according to each student’s learning needs. In this environment, our students become confident learners who go on to succeed in college and beyond.


Rich and Robust Curricular Programs

As educators, we must responsibly prepare our students for a cosmopolitan world that will look different than our own – one where their success will be defined by their ability to negotiate, make decisions and cooperate in the face of unexpected challenges and opportunities.  harles Gleek, NBPS Assistant Principal, High School Instructor,  — C IB Global Politics Higher Level, parent

Digital Information Fluency At NBPS, technology is rich and abundant. Our vibrant Lower School program focuses on creation as students are steeped in the art of digital storytelling, computer programming and cutting edge use of web communication tools. As our students transition from iPads to a 1:1 laptop program in grades 6–12, they become adept digital citizens, able to leverage learning in any curricular area. Our students learn to curate and reflect upon their work in ePortfolios and to forge a strong, positive digital footprint through our Personal Branding and Digital Communication class. For us, technology is simply part of the fabric that encourages our students to grow as leaders and innovators.


Touchpoints: A Model of Collaborative Problem-Solving Ten schools. Three countries. One classroom. A world of problems solved. Imagine students thousands of miles apart working face-to-face to tackle giant global issues like deforestation, peacekeeping and poverty. Under teacher guidance and with ongoing parent engagement, NBPS 2nd–8th grade students collaborate with peers from other Meritas schools. Together they research a global issue, then post questions, findings, solutions and ideas using collaborative technology tools. The program culminates with a video-conferenced debate between paired classes.

Preparing for a Global World

Our faculty A Community of Thoughtful Educators

Our highly qualified teachers approach their respective subjects with expertise and innovation. As skilled specialists, our teachers use a variety of strategies, tools and methods to engage students in the learning process. We provide professional development opportunities for our teachers to expand their capabilities through the Meritas Teachers College and other programs. A collaborative and resource-rich environment allows teachers to excel professionally and provide personalized instruction for each student.

Partnering with Parents Our faculty is committed to making sure parents know that we are their partners in the journey of raising and educating their children. Our staff fosters meaningful relationships with each other and with our families, often teaching multiple children from the same family over the years. Like our parents, our teachers value the community-oriented feel of our school. Many faculty members are also NBPS parents who know first-hand that our caring and nurturing environment enables all children to grow and thrive.


These teachers want to get to know my children, and teach them from that place of intellectual and emotional intimacy.


— Cindy Von Oehsen, NBPS Upper School Librarian, parent

A Joyful Community

Early Childhood – Play, Passion, Purpose Our Pre-k program begins at age three and gives students rich opportunities for intellectual, emotional and social growth. We believe that the intellectual and emotional skills of young children develop best in an environment where teachers, classrooms and the curriculum promote play and exploration along with the development of relationships, ideas and connections. Our talented early childhood teachers deliver an integrated curriculum covering reading, phonics, spelling, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Our program fosters teamwork and independence, creating a foundation for lifelong learning.

Lower School – Building Thinkers, Learners and Doers Our interdisciplinary Lower School program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade is intellectually challenging and thoughtfully designed to address the cognitive, social and emotional needs of each child. Teachers set targeted goals for academic growth through Personal Learning Plans written yearly for each child. The core curriculum includes leveled instructional groups and tiered lessons in language arts and mathematics, and theme-based, integrated instruction in social studies and science. Our program includes an abundance of specialty classes including fine arts, physical education, foreign language, technology and media. Community service projects, character education and civic responsibility are woven into various aspects of school life, providing opportunities for our students to actively engage in meaningful, productive learning experiences.

The student and parent experience is of such a high quality that our families understand they would not have the same experience at just any other school. They realize NBPS is a special place. — Kathleen Malanowski NBPS Lower School Principal, parent

MIDDLE SCHOOL A Community of Leaders Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders At NBPS, we understand that the Middle School years are a unique time in the lives of our students. Meeting adolescent needs requires the right blend of academic programs, faculty and co-curricular opportunities. By participating in service learning, the arts, athletics, experiential education and social events, students build experiences and discover interests and talents in themselves. These personal discoveries are an integral part of both a student’s Personal Learning Plan and ePortfolio. These two pieces are the cornerstone of our focus on individual student development. Our challenging curriculum integrates global and local citizenship to build awareness of differences in cultures, facilitate understanding of current issues, demonstrate how one person can make a difference and develop leadership skills culminating in our annual Middle School Leadership Institute. A vital part of this program is the nationally recognized Leader in Me™ curriculum, underscoring our belief in the importance of developing the leadership potential in every student. In our classrooms, trust, respect and caring relationships flourish. We build confidence while building young minds.

We are training, creating, recognizing and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. —P  atrice Rogers, NBPS Middle School Principal, parent

High school

A Community of Innovators Motivated, Engaged, Confident The NBPS High School experience is the capstone of our focus on developing each individual’s full potential. Opportunities are limitless, and taking intellectual risks is strongly encouraged. Our High School program is characterized by the breadth and depth of its curriculum and its collaborative learning environment. Students are able to explore topics that interest them, from the introductory to the college level, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. Intellectual rigor is only one part of the High School experience. Fun traditions abound. Throughout the year, events such as Homecoming, Spirit Week, Friday night football, International Week, Shakespeare festival, dances and concerts bring our campus to life. NBPS is a joyous community. Each NBPS student creates a customized program that serves to challenge and engage at the right individual level. The NBPS high school curriculum balances breadth of exposure with in-depth pursuit of a student’s strongest interests or talents. Our college preparatory curriculum offers groundbreaking courses, like our unique requirement “Personal Branding and Digital Communication,” that help our students confidently embrace the world ahead.

I’m most proud of our willingness as a community to take chances – being bold intellectually and creatively.

— Paul Cronin, NBPS Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate programme, English Department Chair

Exceptional College Advising The NBPS College Advising office provides a comprehensive, individualized program to help students identify and apply to colleges and universities that best match their needs and aspirations. Building relationships between advisors and students/families is a critical part of our success. These relationships begin as early as Middle School where students first begin to explore their future. Advisors meet with all 8th to 12th grade students and parents individually and in groups to help chart their course to graduation and beyond. Throughout the year, meetings are held with students and parents covering topics related to the college planning process. NBPS hosts numerous College Admissions Directors, allowing our students a wealth of opportunities to connect with potential choices. Our superb college acceptance rate reflects the intense dedication of our College Advisors and the successful partnership they cultivate with our students and families.

We ask our students ‘who do you want to be, what do you want to do, and how can I help?’

— Jamie Otis, NBPS High School Principal, parent


The NBPS Athletic Program embraces the scholarathlete ideal, valuing the pursuit of excellence in the classroom and in athletics. We believe participation in athletics promotes development of the whole child. Students in grades 6 through 12 can choose from 19 individual and team sport opportunities. With more than 500 students participating on nearly 60 interscholastic teams, over one-third of the student body is involved in athletics. The sports programs feature excellent coaching, competitive schedules and high expectations for success.

While the athletic teams at NBPS strive to compete and win championships at the highest level, our programs never lose focus on what is most important – the student-athlete and their development as a young person. Being part of our athletic program provides the student-athletes opportunities to learn leadership skills, teamwork, commitment to self-discipline and a loyalty to our school community. — Scott Williams, NBPS Athletic Director, parent

A Community of Artists

Art • Dance • Media Music • Theatre • Yearbook North Broward Preparatory School offers a vibrant fine arts education that fosters broad dispositions and skills, especially in creative thinking, connection making and artistic achievement. Equipped with these powerful tools for academic and artistic success, our students advance as innovative thinkers who are capable of viewing their world in new and insightful ways. Our collaborative faculty is a wonderful mix of highly qualified fine arts educators and teaching artists who provide individualized and specialized instruction. At every grade level we offer sequential arts learning opportunities that ignite our students’ potential to develop as creative and critical thinkers. Through this process, they grow into sources of knowledge, inspiration and motivation for others in the community. We proudly provide our students quality opportunities to express themselves and develop as confident, disciplined and empathetic individuals. Our creative community is acutely aware of the importance of giving back to others. We guide our students to use their creativity in community service, positively influencing the lives of others by sharing their time and talents.

Our supportive and joyful community values artistic achievement as a conduit for self-expression and self-discovery. Through the arts, our students develop a personal culture of excellence that shines in everything they do, from their daily classes to the ways they give back to their community.

— Chris Petruzzi, NBPS Director of Fine Arts, parent

A Global Community Elite Boarding

NBPS Campus and Beyond

The elite boarding program at NBPS offers students from all over the world a true American immersion experience. Our residential program is comprised of a diverse group of motivated and well-rounded students, who study and live in supportive, inclusive academic communities where they learn about independence and responsibility – values that help them achieve success in college and the world beyond. Our unique school community brings together young people from more than 35 countries. All students are encouraged to participate in all co-curricular activities, such as student government, sports, theatrical productions and clubs.

Our High School experience provides opportunities for advanced study as well as support for students who wish to stretch beyond the bounds of our campus, including a wealth of exclusive Meritas experiences such as the Seminar at Oxford, Art in New York City and French Plus in Geneva. The Annual Student Government Summit hosts students from around the world to plan events, exchange leadership tips and develop lasting friendships. The Meritas Student Government Summit is just one of many school-wide Meritas events that cultivate a global learning community.

At NBPS there are excellent programs, from fine art to athletics. The best part of being a boarder is that you get to meet wonderful people. There is not a day that passes by that you don’t learn something new. We’ve created a family away from our family.

—N  BPS residential student

A Collaborative Community Community is who we are. It is the essence of our school. We cultivate strong relationships with parents and encourage their collaboration in a variety of family activities: the Parent Student Teacher Association, Friends of the Library, the Board of Trustees and Booster clubs. The feeling of partnership between home and school is real. Our shared sense of purpose is evident.

Collaboration Across Schools As a member of the Meritas Family, our students enjoy ample opportunities to collaborate with their peers. The annual Meritas Academic Olympiad provides a rigorous intellectual competition while the annual Meritas Games offers a fun, Olympic-style athletic competition. Fine Arts sponsors the Meritas Dance and Theatre Festival as well as the International Art Awards. All of these opportunities foster lifelong friendships across our schools and underscores the collaborative nature of our extraordinary community.

The NBPS culture exemplifies the concept that it takes a village to raise a well-rounded child. It allows for meaningful partnerships between families and the school, all for the benefit of the child.

— Laura Horn, NBPS parent

North Broward Preparatory School An Extraordinary Community North Broward Preparatory School‘s beautiful 80+ acre, multi-building campus is located 15 miles north of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in Coconut Creek, Florida, USA. This campus houses our Pre-k through 12th grade classes as well as boarding facilities. A second boarding campus is located a short drive away in Coral Springs. Visit us at Follow us North Broward preparatory school 7600 Lyons Road Coconut Creek, FL 33073 Lower School Pre-k – Grade 5

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Upper School Grades 6 – 12

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North Broward Preparatory School Viewbook  

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