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A Message from the President & CEO I spent 30 years with ‘big pharma’, working closely with talented people, managed blockbuster products, and was mentored by many great industry leaders. Throughout those years, I built a lifetime experience leading global and various regional businesses successfully. But recently, I began searching for a refreshing angle, a way to better enrich the entrepreneurial spirit I so enjoy. Along came NewBridge Pharmaceuticals. When I joined forces with NewBridge, I knew that I would be building a company and a brand from the ground up. It was a challenge I welcomed enthusiastically. The opportunity to capitalize on my experience and network, to organize, attract industry talent from around the region, and create a new enterprise capable of competing in regional and international markets is both demanding and rewarding. I am pleased with the progress we have achieved thus far. I am proud of the critical talent we have attracted, and pleased by the rapidly growing client demand to partner with us as they seek professional, long-term service and risk management across the AfMET (Africa, Middle East and Turkey) region. With the worldwide recession and stagnating growth in the U.S. and E.U. pharmaceutical markets on one end, and the growing need by many healthcare multinationals to focus their attention and resources on emerging markets on the other, NewBridge stands on the cusp of a tremendous opportunity for partnership and business expansion. We will rise to the challenge, carefully and timely building a strong company led by industry veterans with both regional and international experience and well connected to key opinion leaders, stakeholders and distributors throughout the region. NewBridge clients demand access and innovative solutions in a timely manner, as they require a reliable partner who can act swiftly and ethically across multiple markets. The model of single country marketing agents is rapidly losing attraction. Our clients want a complete solution; one which gives comprehensive and consistent management of product lines, as well as management by teams with similar training who speak the same language. NewBridge was established to provide a “one stop shop” solution to address our clients’ needs, and to become the preferred commercial partner to this industry we serve. It’s our purpose and our mission. I am very excited about the possibilities. Joe W. Henein President & CEO NewBridge Pharmaceuticals FZ LLC

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Our Company NewBridge Pharmaceuticals (NBP) is a first-in-class, venture-backed specialty therapeutics company focused on pharmaceuticals, biologics and diagnostics. NBP specializes in in-licensing, acquiring, registering and commercializing FDA, EMA/European and Japanese PMDA approved therapeutics to address the unmet medical needs of diseases with high regional prevalence in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Caspian (AfMET) Regions. Our initial focus is on products for oncology and supportive care, metabolic disorders and gastro intestinal conditions. NewBridge also targets other specialty segments where medical and commercial synergies can be developed, and companies seeking to exit certain therapeutic areas. Future expansion includes establishing our own branded products through the establishment of manufacturing and R&D capabilities. Headquartered in Dubai, NBP has investment support from Burrill & Company (Burrill), a San Francisco-based global leader in life sciences with activities in venture capital, private equity, merchant banking and media, and the life science arm of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), a Kuwait investment authority mandated fund operating out of Kuwait City. The Burrill/ NTEC expansive life sciences network and partnership support provides NBP unprecedented access to U.S., European and Japanese biotechnology companies, products and investment expertise. NewBridge’s innovative business model and efficient commercialization engine is built by successful and respected industry leaders with strong local and international track records. In addition, the NewBridge team has competencies in areas of registration, medical, pharmacovigilance and commercial capabilities acquired through years of experience in multinational pharma. The team is also well-connected to a wide range of partners and key stakeholders in and out of the region, and offers a flexible approach to joint-ventures and partnerships. This integrated and unique strategy of regional expertise and strong international access makes NewBridge the partnerof-choice, offering a one-stop-innovative model for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other healthcare companies seeking to access the rapidly expanding markets of the AfMET Regions.

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Our Mission & Values

Mission Mission Our mission is to be the partner of choice for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and other healthcare companies seeking access to the rapidly growing AfMet market. We strive to successfully market innovative medicines and other healthcare products to improve health and our patients’ quality of life, and to build value for our partners and shareholders.

Values Values

Our values are a critical part of who we are as a company today and who we will be tomorrow. People We believe in the power of a promise. Passionate and devoted employees who put their hearts and minds to work in order to achieve the best results. We value honesty, respect and trustworthiness in all of our activities and relationships. Quality We are committed to introducing high quality and innovative products that enhance the lives of our patients. We provide services that are exceptional and exceed expectations. Integrity Performance with integrity is a key part of our foundation. We operate in a sound and ethical manner, complying with applicable laws, regulations and according to our internal code of conduct.

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Our Strategy What defines our path for today and the future is our four-key strategic imperatives


Be the partner of choice and licensee for research based pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies seeking to market their FDA, EMA/European and Japanese PMDA approved therapeutics, providing a complete AfMET regional solution.


Be the preferred commercial partner and representative for companies seeking to: • achieve wider regional access to their existing products • sell or promote tail-end products • exit a therapeutic area • create a second brand

III. Create a portfolio of Innovative Molecular Diagnostic devices (MDx) and Point-of-Care Diagnostics (POC) that envisage the delivery of future health care and personalized medicine.

IV. Introduce NewBridge’s own brands in consumer and specialty branded generics, complime ntary to our core business model servicing research based companies.

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Our Territories

In recent years, the AfMET region has taken a center stage in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly due to huge investment in both the private and public sectors, the introduction of mass health insurance and several moves to liberalize national economies. Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon and Kuwait are some of the major markets in our territories.

AfMET will remain one of the fastest growing regions in the world over the next few years due to: • Significant government spending on infrastructure. • A very young and fast-growing population. • Increasing private investment flows as markets open up. • Increasing access to generic drugs and innovative new medicines due to spread of health insurance and rise in chronic diseases.

The region includes a mix of some relatively wealthy but not-yet-saturated markets, fast-growing emerging markets, and undeveloped markets resulting in the long term growth prospects.

NewBridge helps companies seize the opportunity of entering the fastest-growing markets of the AfMET region, while managing the risk.


2010 Est. Pop. (in millions)

2009 GDP per 2010 GDP Capita (in dollars) per Capita (in dollars)





















Saudi Arabia












South Africa












































Source: IMF World Economic Outlook Database

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Business Development Even in the emerging markets, today’s pharmaceutical licensing environment is extremely competitive. To be successful, a leading company like NewBridge must be able to move quickly to identify, evaluate, and negotiate licenses that create value to both the partner and NewBridge, as well as serving the needs of our healthcare providers and their patients. Since the founding of the Company, NewBridge’s management team has a clear and extensive record of executing successful business development, licensing and strategic alliance management. We maintain our market edge through a highly focused strategy of identifying, acquiring and maximizing the potential of approved and late-stage development therapeutics. We are a unified team and are structured for quick action and adhere to a philosophy of negotiations and transactions that are carried out with the highest regard for fairness, flexibility as well as speed.

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Product Identification With a presence and capabilities built in Dubai, San Francisco, Jordan and Kuwait we are dedicated to actively, but selectively, pursuing both global and regional opportunities. • Leverage our extensive global network to identify licensing and acquisition opportunities that meet targeted strategic criteria of both a viable therapeutic alternative and enable of better physician care management. • Conduct licensing and acquisition opportunity, screening and validating candidates through market research, medical relevance and segmentation analysis.

Areas of Interest Our initial preference is to market products and late-stage candidates with a focus on oncology, endocrine and metabolic disorders (obesity and diabetes), gastroenterology, cardiovascular and dermatology specialty franchises. We also actively search for new partners with biotech, research-based, specialty niche, biosimilars, OTC and point of care diagnostic opportunities. We are open to all deal structures, either in selected countries or the whole region.

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Why Partner with us NewBridge is a full service business model positioned to bring long term execution via risk sharing and clear alignment with its clients’ interests. We build value to licensed brands and offer our partners a professional one stop shop – one contract, one logistical solution, and one functional contact - across multiple geographies, we; • Are a global team with regional and international experience in building efficient organizations, successful brands, and solid track record of business development and alliance management. • Lead the regulatory process – from dossier compilation, file submission across numerous Ministries of Health in our region, to managing the inspection and review procedures required to gain marketing, pricing and reimbursement approval. • Offer pharmacovigilance and medical affairs capabilities, ensure addressing immediate needs of the medical communities and regulatory bodies in the region. • Optimize the potential commercial value of licensing and acquisition opportunities through our professional key stakeholder management, sales and promotion expertise and distribution network which includes physicians, healthcare facilities and specialty wholesalers and distributors. • Offer full logistical and financial solutions, through management of demand forecasts, regional shipments where applicable, and packaging. Also manage billing cycles and cover receivables and FX risks. • Value alignment with partner’s strategy, flexibility in partnership, ethics and Integrity in all we do.

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Regulatory and Government Affairs Our regulatory mission is to provide faster patient access to high quality and effective medicines through the registration of new and innovative quality products that are FDA , European or Japanese approved , in compliance with local governing rules and regulations across Africa & the Middle East region. NewBridge’s professional and talented regulatory team with significant knowledge and expertise is dedicated to ensure products efficacy, safety & quality are maintained and approved by relative competent authorities across the region.

Market Optimization Our Sales and Marketing expertise is proven by an excellent history of commercializing specialty therapeutic products. • Develop or improve brand marketing strategy, advertising and promotional programs. • Build on our existing Key Opinion Leaders and develop the next wave of relevant stakeholders. • Develop or enhance sales channels for distribution by diminishing the provider issues normally associated with new drug delivery. • Identify potential sales and licensing local partners. • Long and distinguished history of hiring, developing and training specialty sales forces as well as designing sales territories management tools for optimal efficiency.

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Shareholders Burrill & Company Founded in 1994, Burrill & Company is a San Francisco-based global leader in life sciences with activities in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Merchant Banking and Media. The Burrill family of venture capital funds has $1 billion under management and its merchant banking business is one of the industry leaders in life sciences transactions. Burrill is also the creator, sponsor and facilitator of leading industry conferences worldwide and publisher of a range of bio-intelligence reports including the monthly Burrill Report ( and annual “State of the Industry” report. Burrill & Company has built a global enterprise raising capital and enacting deals around the world. The company has offices located in India (Mumbai), China/Taiwan (Shanghai/Taipei), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Qatar/Saudi Arabia), Korea (Seoul), the European Union (London), Japan (Tokyo), and Latin America (Santiago/Chile, Buenos Aires/Argentina, and Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil). The company’s global operations continue to be directed centrally from its offices in San Francisco by a talented, multi-cultural, multi-lingual team. ( Kuwait Life Sciences Company Kuwait Life Sciences Company (KLSC) is a wholly owned company of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), capitalized at USD 16.5 million, to act as its regional investment arm in healthcare and life sciences space. In turn, NTEC is fully owned by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and was established in 2004 to act as a ‘corporate venture capitalist’ focused on international technology investments and be the gateway for sustainable transfer of emerging technologies to Kuwait and the Middle East region. NTEC is uniquely positioned as a technology investor in the region and enjoys a broad network with venture capital funds, investment companies, industry leaders, research centers and governmental bodies. KLSC aims to create start up projects, invest in growing companies which exhibit novelty, possess a technological edge, have a sustainable business model, fulfill a compelling need or offer significant value to healthcare sector in Kuwait and Middle East. Via a joint venture style, KLSC can partner with multinational companies, regional investors and healthcare players to enrich technology investments locally and regionally. Clinically, among the highest priorities in the Arabian Gulf region are cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and cancers such as breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and leukemia. Infertility, osteoporosis, and dermatological conditions are also of concern. Strategically, KLSC continues to explore establishing platform services for clinical trials, and breakthrough technologies in the medical, diagnostic, laboratory, and imaging space.

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Looking into the future

As we look into the future, it is instructive to look back and see what lessons we have learned from our past. The healthcare world saw a massive change in the ‘70s and ‘80s with the growth of the biotech industry, which was born over 40 years ago, stimulated by Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953. Since then we have built about 15,000 biotech/Pharma companies globally, with many becoming leaders in the pharmaceutical industry of today. Our evolving understanding of DNA and the sequencing of the human genome, announced just a decade ago, has ushered in a new era of personalized medicine. This is leading us to the world of prediction and preemption, moving the world from a largely dysfunctional (and expensive) sickness care system to the beginnings of an efficient ethical wellness care system. The entire food chain, from discovery and development on one end of the spectrum, to improved healthcare delivery on the other end of the spectrum, has been transformed by biotechnology innovation. And these developments are dramatically affecting the entire world, not just the established markets - historically, the US, Europe and Japan represented roughly 30% each of the global Pharma markets, with the “rest of the world” representing an insignificant part of the market of about 10%. However, we are now seeing a major market shift and, remarkably, by 2025 that “rest of the world” will account for more than 50% of the market. It is no surprise then that companies like NewBridge, focusing on these “emerging markets”, will be the hot companies of the future. And, in addition, the transition from just trying to discover new “wonder drug” molecules to providing products and services that effect changes and improvements in healthcare delivery will present a massive opportunity for NewBridge. In 2011 we can expect to see the biotech industry as a whole perform better as the financing environment continues to improve. Investors will reward risk mitigated companies and those that are able to execute on their business plans. There will be no major slow down in big Pharma’s appetite for biotech partnering. Both big Pharma and big biotech will again compete for companies with advanced product pipelines, as well as important land grabs of technology. Partnership deals will reflect “shared risk” with smaller upfront payments and larger ones on achievement of milestones. Collaborations with emerging market players in China, India, Latin America and the Middle East will increase. It will be a good year for the “industry” and an even better one for NewBridge. G. Steven Burrill CEO Burrill & Company

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Our Locations:

United Arab Emirates

United States

P.O. Box 500618

One Embarcadero Center

Business Central Tower A. Office # 2405

Suite 2700

Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE

San Francisco, California USA 94111-3776

Contact: Joe W Henein


President and Chief Executive Officer

G. Garrett Vygantas

Tel. number: +

VP Business Development

Fax number: +

Fax number: +1.415.591.5401

For inquiries contact:

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NewBridge Pharmaceuticals Corporate Brochure  

NewBridge Pharmaceuticals Corporate Brochure

NewBridge Pharmaceuticals Corporate Brochure  

NewBridge Pharmaceuticals Corporate Brochure