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New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department is a Texas Gold Medal Award winning department. The Award honors departments for excellence in the field of recreation and park management, preservation and economic enhancement.

We are pleased to present to you the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Parks and Recreation Department Annual Report that summarized our accomplishments, activities and work over the past year. It has been a history making year and we couldn’t be prouder! We are committed to providing exceptional service and programs to our residents so that they can live life to the fullest. We focus on conservation, health and wellness and social equity, the three pillars of the National Recreation and Park Association. This past year had some huge milestones including the opening of Das Rec, New Braunfels Recreation Center, and the purchase of 150 acres of land for our future sports complex. Our staff has grown, our assets have grown and the programs and activities available to residents have grown. Join us in celebrating a phenomenal year and we look forward to seeing you in the parks soon.

Stacey Dicke, Director New Braunfels Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board exists to advise and make recommendations to the City Council concerning policy matters related to the establishment, maintenance and operation of the City’s parks and recreation programs. 2018 Members: John Mathis, Chairman Bryan Feltner, Vice Chairman Jerry Millership Robert Belsjoe Jerry Goode Cyndi Foster Don Wehring

Parks Foundation

Our Mission To afford diverse opportunities and access for all residents and visitors through innovative programs and facilities, open space preservation and economic enhancement.

The New Braunfels Parks Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that works with the Parks and Recreation Department and the community to help our city create the best parks possible. 2018 Members: Lauren Clawson David Davenport Joyce Culbertson David Hubbard Patrick Lackey Kolette Palacios Mike Meyer Jim Wissmiller Cindy Wissmiller

Cemetery Committee The Committee's goal is to preserve the records of the community history, cultural history, landscape heritage and architecture through conservation, preservation and education. 2018 Members: Ron Hamel, Chairman Betty Kyle, Vice Chair Tammy Albrecht Melanie Chambliss Cindy Coers Connie Krause Allyson Zipp

Landa Park Golf Course at Comal Springs Advisory Board

Vision Statement To enhance the wellbeing of our community through laughter, play, conservation, and discovery.

The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council and the City Manager in matters pertaining to the golf course, including fees and fee structures. 2018 Members: Jim Davis Patrick Hollis Rex Malatek Cleo McCall Carol Nies Rob Smith Eric Sultemeier


Grand Opening After approximately 21 months of construction, Das Rec’s Grand Opening weekend kicked off on Saturday, July 21st and continued Sunday, July 22nd. The event started with a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the unveiling of the Bud Dallmann marker in the competition pool where the New Braunfels High School Unicorn Swim Team had the first swim in the pool. The New Braunfels High School Drumline was there to set the mood as onlookers watched the swimmers. Das Rec hosted numerous fitness demos, programs and clinics over the course of the two-day event, allowing hundreds of community members to enjoy the facility.

Membership Kick-Off Das Rec membership sales kicked off on Saturday, March 10th – the national day of awesomeness! Everyone who signed up on that day received a Founding Member Das Awesome tshirt and 10% off of their membership dues. With over 200 people in attendance the event was a success.

Pre-Opening Public Tours Das Rec was a hot topic in the community and to entice residents into becoming members, several pre-opening tours were conducted to allow community members to get a sneak peek of the new facility. Overall, 15 public tours were held, touring over 1,700 people. 4

FIT 500 Membership Drive Event The Das Rec Fit 500 Membership Drive was held on June 30th with free fitness class demos and tours of the facility. Staff saw a lot of happy faces come through the doors and gave away 500 towels by 10:45am and continued to see people come in through 1:00pm. An estimated 700 people came in to see the facility. 150 people participated in free fitness classes and 131 new memberships were sold.

Now Hiring Staff knew that hiring was going to be a challenge, so decided to do group interviews for the 120 part-time positions. This was the first-time group interviews had been used in the department. These group interviews began in April. In addition, a job fair was held on May 16th with over 100 individuals in attendance. • • • • • •

Das Rec by the Numbers Total Members: 12,292 Total Memberships: 5,505 Oldest Member: 97 Group Exercise Participation: 18,921 Membership Pass Scans: 117,951 Visits to KinderCare: 6,250


SPECIAL EVENTS Arbor Day Attendance: 350+ Fall Flicks at Fischer Park Attendance : 1,048 Fall Funfest at Fischer Park Attendance: 300 Father/Son Nerf Gun War Attendance: 409 Holiday Happenings Attendance: 52

Thru the Chute Boat Race Attendance: 423

15th Annual Wein & Saengerfest Attendance: 7,000+ Doggie Dip Day (Spring & Fall) Attendance: 262 Dog Rodeo at Fischer Park Attendance: 67 Spring Sounds at Fischer Park Attendance: 152 Live @ Landa Concerts Attendance: 1,700+ Volunteer Appreciation Dinner & Awards Attendance: 130

Breakfast with the Grinch Attendance: 186

Soul Searching Attendance: 350+

Daddy Daughter Dance Attendance: 1,035 6

LEGACY TREE AND BENCH PROGRAM Legacy Benches Dedicated FY2017/2018 Prince Solms Park • In Memory of Conrad Kuntz Puppy Playland • In Memory of Darlene Nolte Moore • In Memory of Norm Loeffler

Landa Park • In Memory of George R. Johnson • In Memory of Jake and Maria Dikkeboom • To Celebrate the Lives of Faye & Arlon Krueger and Terri Seales • In Memory of Joseph and Janet Curro • In Honor of Joe and Rose Lisk • In Honor of Judy and Nelson Ringmacher • In Memory of Kiki • In Memory of William Kolodzie • In Honor of William Schumann

————————————— Legacy Trees Dedicated FY2018/2018 Puppy Playland • In Memory of Norm Loeffler Landa Park • In Honor of Claire and David Koepp • In Memory of Dolores Schumann • In Memory of Mary Adel Schneider • To Celebrate the Lives of Faye & Arlon Krueger and Terri Seales • In Memory of Loved Ones (CIMA Hospice) • In Memory of Hilda Elizabeth Nowotny and Frances Louise Nowotny Ferguson • In Memory of Grandmother Curro • In Memory of Gram Zischke

This program provides an opportunity to honor people This program provides an and opportunity to honor people comand commemorate special events by donating a bench or tree to be placed in one of our beautiful parks.

memorate special events by do- 77 natin7g a bench or tree to be placed in one of

DID YOU KNOW? • Landa Park was developed as a private park in 1898 by Harry Landa. On June 25, 1936, the people of New Braun-

• • • • • • • •

fels agreed to buy Landa Park for $80,000. That same day, one thousand citizens arrived with trucks and tools to help clean up the park that they had just purchased. Morningside Park is the City’s newest park. It was opened to the public in 2017. There are 55 tree species on the William and Dolores Schumann Arboretum trail in Landa Park. The Comal Springs dried up for the first time in recorded history in 1956 at the height of a seven-year drought. Cypress Bend Park hosted the “Holiday River of Lights” from 1997 to 1999. The “Lure of the Springs” mural on the Landa Recreation Center building was completed in 2005. Wein and Saengerfest was cancelled in 2009 due to an outbreak of the swine flu. Wayne Hadley hit the first hole-in-one on the newly renovated Landa Park Golf Course on October 22, 2014. According to figures released by the US Census Bureau in May 2018, New Braunfels was ranked as the secondfastest growing municipality in the country. 8

NEW BRAUNFELS PARKS AND RECREATION INVENTORY There are 709.15 acres of land in the Parks and Recreation inventory. COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 Das Rec, 345 Landa Street, consists of 7.9 acres acquired in 2010 Dry Comal Trails, 3565 Loop 337, consists of 22.6 acres acquired in 1995 Ernest Eikel Field, 250 S. Grape Avenue, consists of 4.1 acres acquired in 1969 HEB Soccer Fields, 515 Live Oak, consists of 14.5 acres acquired in 1973 Jesse Garcia Park, 2580 Katy Street, consists of 1 acre acquired in 1984 Morningside Park, 3737 Morningside Drive, consists of 16 acres acquired in 2009 New Braunfels Cemetery, at Bus. 35/Grape Avenue, consists of 4.7 acres acquired in 1845 Solms Park, 445 Rusch Lane, consists of 7.8 acres acquired in 2003 Sunbelt Park on Wald Road, consists of 0.2 acres acquired in 1996 Walnut Avenue Parks consist of 8.57 acres acquired in 2014 COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 Klein Road Sports Complex at Klein Road /FM 1044, consists of 150 acres acquired in 2018 COUNCIL DISTRICT 3 Fredericksburg Fields, 689 Fredericksburg Road, consists of 5.5 acres acquired in 1954 Kerlick Ave. Park, 501 Kerlick Lane, consists of 0.9 acres and was formerly a Fire Station Landa Park/Panther Canyon, 164 Landa park Drive, consists of 99 acres acquired in 1936 Landa Recreation Center is located at 180 Landa Park Drive Mission Hill Park, 2100 Independence Drive, consists of 10 acres acquired in 2012 Puppy Playland, 1184 Landa Street, consists of 9 acres acquired in 2010 Tube Chute, 100 Liebscher Drive/400 E. Mill Street consists of 1.9 acres COUNCIL DISTRICT 4 Crest Lane Green Belt consists of 17.15 acres acquired between 2002-2012 Landa Park/Panther Canyon, 164 Landa park Drive, consists of 99 acres acquired in 1936 Landa Park Golf Course, 180 Golf Course Road, consists of 122 acres acquired in 1936 River Acres Park, 501 Fair Lane, consists of 1.1 acres acquired in 1974 Torrey Park, 776 East Torrey, consists of 5.13 acres acquired in 2001 Tube Chute, 100 Liebscher Drive/400 E. Mill Street consists of 1.9 acres COUNCIL DISTRICT 5 Alves Lane Park, 233 Alves Lane, consists of 3 acres acquired in 2009 Civic/Convention Center, 375 S. Castell Avenue, consists of 4.6 acres acquired in 1971 Comal Cemetery, 301 Peace Avenue, consists of 25 acres acquired in 1868 Faust St. Bridge, at Faust and Porter Streets was acquired in 1887 Garden St. Tubers Exit is located at 275 E. Garden Street Haymarket Plaza, 705 Comal Avenue, consists of 2.2 acres acquired in 1949 Hinman Island, Park, 350 Elizabeth Avenue, consists of 10 acres acquired in 1958 Landa Park Golf Course, 180 Golf Course Road, consists of 122 acres acquired in 1936 Lindheimer Plaza, 603 Comal Avenue, consists of 0.3 acres acquired in 1928 Main Plaza, 500 Main Plaza, consists of 0.6 acres acquired in 1845 Market Plaza, 292 Tolle, consists of 0.6 acres acquired in 1845 Prince Solms Park, 100 Liebscher Drive, consists of 19.1 acres acquired in 1970 Union St. Tubers Exit is located at 177 W. Union Street COUNCIL DISTRICT 6 Camp Comal, 1901 Kuehler Avenue, consists of 44.4 acres acquired in 1975 County Line Memorial Trail, at FM 1044 & FM 725, consists of 3 acres acquired in 2011 Cypress Bend Park, 503 Peace Avenue, consists of 15 acres acquired in 1927 Fischer Park, 1935 Hilltop Summit Road, consists of 62 acres acquired in 2007 Hoffman Park, 784 Northpark Ridge, consists of 0.9 acres acquired in 1997 Kraft Park, 1707 Pahmeyer Road, consists of 9 acres acquired in 2003 Neighborhood Park, 1032 W. Coll, consists of 0.4 acres acquired in 1969


THE YEAR IN NUMBERS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE STATISTICS Phone calls received: 24,073 Walk-in customers: 10,093 Prince Solms parking passes issued: 101

PARK RENTAL SUMMARY (2,396 total) Fischer Park pavilions: Landa Park pavilions: Landa Park picnic areas: Volleyball courts: Landa Haus: Tube Chute: Cypress Bend Park: Landa Lake Gazebo: Solms Park pavilion: Faust Street Bridge: Main Plaza: Eikel Park pavilion: Kraft Park: Haymarket Park pavilion:

577 545 443 262 281 96 91 49 22 14 9 3 2 2

SPECIAL USE PERMITS Full special use permits: Walk/run race permits: Inflatable ride permits: Amplified sound permits: Oversized grill permits: Photography permits: Ribbon permits (Main Plaza):

58 19 36 62 31 6 1

MARKETING Press releases: E-newsletter subscribers: Average open rate: Click-through rate: Facebook fans: Instagram followers: Twitter followers:

46 10,362 47.8% 6.75% 22,163 3,770 1,454

PARK DEVELOPMENT Master plans reviewed: Subdivision plats reviewed:

24 99

RECREATION & ATHLETICS Mini Golf revenues: $41,295 Boat House revenues: $46,049 Recreation programs participants: 6,747 Nature Education Center field trips: 61 Athletic league team participants: 244

AQUATICS Admissions (outdoors): Admissions (Tube Chute):

63,606 10,370


THE YEAR IN NUMBERS RANGERS Park patrol hours: Picnic permits issued:

27,746 1,812

RIVER ACTIVITIES Resident river passes issued: Private tubers: Tubers through outfitters: Revenue from private tubers: Revenue from outfitters: Revenue from parking:

1,915 66,919 184,153 $133,838 $368,306 $448,591

GOLF Rounds played: Tournaments held: Number of maintenance projects: Customer satisfaction rate:

39,673 110 21 98%

MAINTENANCE HOURS WORKED Mulching: Christmas light installation/removal: Irrigation repairs: Restroom cleaning: Trash & litter pickup: Landscaping and mowing: Facilities maintenance:

905 1,073 1,616 3,188 4,707 4,957 7,266



GRANTS RECEIVED The Department received the Spring 2018 Bring Back the Monarch to Texas Garden Grant from the Native Plant Society of Texas for its Butterfly Garden in Fischer Park. The Fischer Park Butterfly Garden was selected based on strong evidence of gardening knowledge and skills, good planning, a strong mix of nectar plants for the region, an appropriate selection of native milkweeds for the region, overall design and layout, maintenance plans, public accessibility, overall usefulness to Monarchs, plans for outreach and education use, and more. The Department received $31,423.93 through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for a shade canopy over the playground at Solms Park. The project was completed in July 2017. The National Park Service announced in November 2017 that the Dry Comal Hike and Bike Trail Project in New Braunfels had been selected to receive a Technical Assistance Grant to help move the project toward the goal of developing a trail along the Dry Comal that will serve as a spine for a citywide trail system. The project focuses on the Dry Comal creek corridor as it travels through New Braunfels. The route of the corridor provides a unique opportunity for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel through both scenic and cultural surroundings, and to reach desired destinations such as Landa Park and the City’s new Das Rec, New Braunfels Recreation Center.


KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS Revised Parkland Ordinance Adopted The City of New Braunfels first passed a park land ordinance in 2006. Since then, the city’s population growth has grown but the ordinance was never updated. In May/June, the City Council approved a new ordinance in collaboration with the planning and development community. The ordinance requires new developments to dedicate park land, or pay fees in lieu of, and pay park development fees to add new parks to support the new residents moving to New Braunfels. Based on the community’s park acreage we have one acre per 470 persons. Best practices recommend 9.5 acres per 1,000 persons. If the population grows without new parks, the level of service decreases. With the new ordinance in place, it will assure our level of service, or the people-per-park acreage is maintained. Finally, the passage of the new ordinance supports the community’s desire to preserve and maintain parks and greenspace.

Grand Opening of Das Rec HAPPY TRAILS!

Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan Completed In 2017, the Parks & Recreation Department completed a new Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan. The last plan update was in 2010. The update was conducted with PROS Consulting and used to inform the ‘Parks, Recreation and Open Space’ chapter of Envision New Braunfels–a city-wide effort to develop a vision and ‘roadmap’ for New Braunfels’ future through 2030. The Park and Recreation Strategic Master Plan provides an overview and evaluation of current parks, services, and programs. It also identifies the future park needs for our community based on population growth and community input. A key recommendation includes increasing parkland from 4.69 acres per 1,000 residents to 10.10 acres to keep up with projected population growth. This means that as of today, the City is deficient by 496 acres and would need to add 649 acres to the parks and recreation system by the year 2027 to achieve the recommended standard. Additionally, the Plan provides guidance for the Parks and Recreation staff to improve its operational efforts and calibrate current programs to better meet community desires. Finally, the Parks and Recreation Strategic Update identifies priority projects and projected costs. These priorities are established based on completed master plans and help in the application for grants from the State of Texas.

August Fields residential development began construction of a new 2.71-acre trail park located off FM 1101 and Alves Lane. The park and trail are a part of the planned development agreement approved by City Council last year in which the developer agreed to invest $250,000 in Phase I park improvements and the construction of a 10’ concrete hike and bike trail leading from FM 1101 to Alves Lane. This new park and trail will create a new linear park system and eventually tie in to Alligator Creek.

Purchased 150 acres at Klein Rd. and FM 1044 for the Klein Road Sports Complex

Completion of turf fields at Oak Run and New Braunfels Middle Schools through a partnership between the City and NBISD 13

Over $14,000 was raised for the Landa Park Golf Course Foundation

Celebration of 80 years of Landa Park Golf Course The 80th Anniversary Celebration at Landa Park Golf Course at Comal Springs was held in June 2018. The purpose of the event was two-fold. First was to celebrate 80 great years of the course and its impact on the community. Second was to start raising scholarship monies. Through donations and sponsorships sold at the event, the proceeds will go toward scholarships for local golf teams as well as seasonal beginner golf camps with Communities in Schools. The event kicked-off with a dinner and games at the Villa at Gruene at 6:00 pm on Thursday, June 7th followed by a golf tournament at 8:30 am on Friday morning at Landa Park Golf Course. The golf course was in great shape and the event was a huge success raising over $14,000 to start the scholarship program. 14 14

$92,500 was raised at the Black Ties and Tennies Scholarship Gala

Black tie and tennies scholarship gala Black Ties and Tennies, a Das Rec Scholarship Gala, was held at Das Rec, New Braunfels Recreation Center on Saturday, July 14th. All funds raised at the Black Ties and Tennies Gala went directly toward funding the Das Rec Fee Assistance Program which allows New Braunfels residents with financial hardships the opportunity to experience our programs and services at a reduced rate. The event was black tie/formal with a twist— event-goers were asked to wear a pair of their favorite rubber sole shoes – not only did it protect the beautiful gym floor, it added a fun element to the event. The Gala raised $92,500 for financial assistance. For 2018, assistance was awarded to 47 families (131 individuals), in the amount of $32,132. • • • •

81 individuals have used at least a portion of their assistance as of 10/23/18 (62%) 41 families received 75% assistance. (87%) 3 families received 50% assistance. (6.5%) 3 families received 20% assistance. (6.5%) 15 15


In total, our volunteers devoted 3,030 hours to the Parks System, for an estimated value of $73,177

2018 Volunteer Service Award Winners Albert Frank- Roger Dolle Award Mike Valerio - Frank Chapa Golf Service Award Das Rec Gala Committee - Bud Dallmann Award Sharon Suchy – Solid as a Rock New Braunfels Christian Academy - Jesse Garcia Youth Volunteer Award Jeff Scott - Sweetheart Award Cemetery Committee- Seele Education Award David Hubbard - City of a Prince Award Lauren Clawson - Skinner Legacy Award Jimmy and John Owens - Golden Hammer Award Headwaters at the Comal – Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Award Rosemary Melody – Trail Blazer Award Brad Herbelin - PARD’ner Award Byrne Construction- Emmie Faust Award 16

EVENT PARTNERS ARBOR DAY City of New Braunfels Solid Waste/Recycling Friends for the Preservation of Historic Landa Park ISA International Society of Arboriculture Synchronicity Health and Fitness Texas A&M Forest Service Texas Master Naturalists - Lindheimer Chapter Wild Birds Unlimited SOUL SEARCHING Albrecht Family Capitol Wright Distributing D&M Construction Doeppenschmidt Funeral Home Doug Miller 1st Protestant Church Hamel Family Maintenance Management Texas State Rentals The Kyle Law Firm WEIN & SAENGERFEST D&D Outfitters Lamar Advertising New Braunfels Downtown Association New Braunfels Parks Foundation Paradise Palms at York Creek Garden Center The Sign Connection

FISCHER PARK EVENTS Barbara Hughes (Fall Funfest) Dance by Design (Fall Funfest) Gizmos’s Gift (Dog Rodeo) Habitat for Humanity (Fall Funfest) In Harmony Dogs (Dog Rodeo) Kaliber K9 (Dog Rodeo) McKenna Children’s Museum (Fall Funfest) New Braunfels ER (Fall Funfest) NBHS Band Jazz Ensemble (Spring Sounds) Orange Theory Fitness (Fall Funfest) Pet Supplies Plus (Dog Rodeo) Producers Co-Op (Dog Rodeo) Tomlinson’s Feed Store (Dog Rodeo Remarkable K-9 (Dog Rodeo) Schertz K-9 (Dog Rodeo) Tunnell Insurance Agency (Fall Funfest)

LIVE @ LANDA Bug-A-Meister Fast Signs World Car KIA / Mazda New Braunfels Wurstfest Association DOWNTOWN HOLIDAY LIGHTING New Braunfels Downtown Association New Braunfels Utilities

RECREATION & AQUATIC EVENTS Chicken Express (multiple events) D&D Outfitters (March Movie Madness) McKenna (Roll N Read) New Braunfels Yacht Club (Thru the Chute) New Braunfels Utilities (Polar Express) Taco Palenque (Craft N Flick)


THANKS TO HEB FOR SPONSORING July 4th Spectacular Live @ Landa Downtown Holiday Lighting Rec N Roll Mobile Recreation Unit 17

Ten years following its remodel and expansion, the CIVIC/CONVENTION CENTER continues to support tourism and provide an impact on our community.

Three-Day Tattoo Shows and Nine-Day Church Conferences are sure to bring an assortment of attendees from Texas and beyond to our hotels, attractions, restaurants and shops! This variety of events, with the largest indoor facilities in New Braunfels, bring interest and opportunity to residents, businesses and organizations. This year alone, Communities in Schools’ annual event raised over $100,000 to support local youth to stay in school. Numerous local groups benefited from the over $300,000 grossed by the Downtown Rotary’s Wild Game Dinner. And, the Railroad Museum reinvested over $40,000 in its mission to preserve rail history and provide education. With audio/visual as a leading contributor to event success, the Exhibit Hall projection system was upgraded once again. The system now provides limitless video and sound sharing in all rooms. This continued equipment improvement, on-going staff development, along with interior and exterior beautification efforts, the facility was awarded the Herald-Zeitung’s 2018 “Best Meeting or Conference Venue.”


TEXAS RECREATION AND PARK SOCIETY AWARDS Central Region - Professional of the Year Award. Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation, Ken Wilson, was honored with this award given annually to a professional who has an outstanding record for exemplary advancement of the recreation and parks profession and to the TRAPS organization - via service on committees, promoting advancement of the recreation and parks profession within the region and state, and involvement in the community. Mr. Wilson has been employed by the Parks and Recreation Department since 2011 and has served the Parks and Recreation profession for over 25 years in several communities including Burnet and Copperas Cove. In New Braunfels he has served as the department contact for capital improvement projects that add up to over $40 million in park system development and improvements. His cooperative attitude and attention to detail have contributed to these projects being successful. Some of the projects include construction of Fischer Park, development of Morningside Park, renovation of Landa Park and the Landa Park Golf Course and the construction of Das Rec.

2018 State Conference - Park Design Excellence Award for Fischer Park. The award is given annually to one park development that displays a high degree of professional design quality and recreation usage. As the largest park in the New Braunfels Park System, Fischer Park is a distinct community park for the City of New Braunfels. Located in southern New Braunfels, Fischer Park provides several unique recreational and educational opportunities for park visitors, while also providing much needed relief to the overcrowded Landa Park. Through its innovative design (by Terra Design Group) conservation, emphasis on education, and endless activities, Fischer Park creates a valuable asset within the community. 2018 State Conference - Jerry Garrett Memorial Young Professional Award Das Rec Manager Kelsey Heiden was honored with this award during a ceremony at the TRAPS annual conference in Waco, Texas. The award is given annually to the young professional who has an outstanding record for contributions to the TRAPS organization via service on committees, promoting advancement of the recreation and parks profession within the region and state, and involvement in the community. She was also selected to participate in the 2018 TRAPS Academy of Leadership Development.

Central Region - Part Time Employee of the Year Award

Central Region Rodeo Irrigation Assembly - 3rd Place -

Jeff Hays and Josh King

Aquatic Coordinator Brandon Bartels received this award which recognizes a part-time or seasonal employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of Parks and Recreation as well as examples of exemplary customer service. Brandon has been with the City of New Braunfels Aquatics Department for the last five years. He worked his way up from a Lifeguard position to most recently serving as one of the Aquatic Coordinators for the 2017 season.




• • • • • • •

5 YEARS OF SERVICE Ken Wilson, Assistant Director JD Davis, Park Superintendent Kenny Loding, Park Foreman Theo Hernandez, Park Foreman William Curro, Asst. Park Ranger Superintendent (Retired) Mason McAllister, Equipment Operator (Golf) Cy Chapa, Assistant Golf Pro


Stacey Dicke, Director, continues to serve on the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration. Ken Wilson, Assistant Director, continues to serve as a member of the Texas Amateur Athletics Federation’s Retention and Relations Committee.

• Manuel Garcia, Equipment Technician (Golf) • Dennis Crabill (Retired)


Chad Donegan, Golf General Manager, serves as Vice President and Tournament Committee Board Member of the Southern Texas PGA Western Chapter for 2017-2018. Chad also qualified for the 2019 PGA Professional National Championship to be contested April 28 – May 1, 2019, at Belfair in Bluffton, South Carolina. Cailin Cronin, Aquatic Supervisor, obtained Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer certification. She was also part of the inaugural class of the New Braunfels Leadership Academy and serves as the Texas Public Pool Council Region Representative for the Central Texas Aquatic Association until her term expires in February 2019. Under her leadership, the Landa Park Aquatics Complex was awarded the 2017 Class II Agency of the Year from Texas Public Pool Council. Payton Palmer-Newton, Athletic Programs Coordinator, earned a Masters of Science Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies; Recreation Management through Texas State University May 2018. He also earned the Most Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2017-2018 from Texas State University in April 2018. Cassie Paddock, Recreation Program Supervisor, served on the TRAPS Day Camp Summit Committee and TRAPS Regional Conference Committee. Adam Kinyicky, Aquatics Specialist, obtained his Lifeguard Instructor Trainer certification and was a part of the inaugural class of New Braunfels Leadership Academy. Collin McCreary, Part Time Recreation Instructor, graduated from Texas State University’s School of Theatre with a major in Film and a Minor in Recreation and Leisure Studies in August 2018.

Ylda Capriccioso

Mandi Scott

Park Development Manager

Civic/Convention Center Manager

Ron Ostrofsky, Part Time Ranger, received the “2018 Ranger of the Year” award. Milisia Bielstein, Part Time Ranger, graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Recreation Administration in May 2018. Mandi Scott, Civic/Convention Center Manager, was named Vice President of the Texas Association of Venues & Facilities. She also retained her Certified Tourism Executive designation. Mary Ann Labowski, Event Coordinator at the Civic/Convention Center, co-chaired the 3rd annual Dia de los Muertos Festival for the Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Business Alliance. Jess Divin, Urban Forester, qualified as a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional and ISA Qualified Oak Wilt Arborist. He volunteers his time for the ISA Texas Tree Conference as well as for Saluting Branches at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery performing Arboricultural work for Veteran Remembrance.


New Full Time Employees             

Megan Foster, Marketing Coordinator (Administration) Geronimo Aguirre III, Recreation Manager (Recreation) Julia Shelley, Aquatics Supervisor (Das Rec) Stephanie Chelar, Fitness & Athletics Supervisor (Das Rec) Margarita Ortiz, Facility Maintenance Specialist (Das Rec) Henry Gonzales, Facility Maintenance Specialist (Das Rec) Jessica Luna, Aquatic Maintenance Technician (Das Rec) Michael Bryant, Maintenance Worker, (Golf) Francisco Perez, Maintenance Worker (Operations) Christopher McKee, Maintenance Worker (Operations) Ruben Orona, Equipment Operator 1 (Operations) Travis Caswell, Maintenance Worker (Operations) David Oliver, Operations Supervisor (Civic/Convention Center)

Brody Dillard, Golf Course Superintendent, was certified through GCSAA (Golf Course Superintendents Association of America) as a Class A Golf Course Superintendent. He also serves as a Superintendent Director on the Central Texas Chapter of the GCSA Board of Directors through 2019.

2018 Park Rangers

Position Changes (Full Time)        

Marika Misangyi, Park Ranger Superintendent Kelsey Heiden, Manager (Das Rec) Kaseem Baker, Assistant Manager (Das Rec) Joshua King, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor (Das Rec) Shelley Basaldu, Marketing Coordinator (Das Rec) Dawn Williams, Administrative Secretary (Administration) Shannon Jackson, Support Services Specialist (Administration) Payton Palmer-Newton, Athletics Programs Coordinator (Recreation)  Natalie Flygare, Field Technician (Operations)  Jeffrey Hayes, Equipment Operator 1 (Operations)  Darren Martinez, Equipment Operator 1 (Operations)

Shannon Jackson, Support Services Specialist, and husband Tye (NBPD) welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their lives on September 7, 2018. Lilly Kate weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 20 inches. Welcome Lilly! 21

CONTACT US: Parks and Recreation Administrative Office 110 Golf Course Road, New Braunfels TX 78130 (830) 221-4350 parks@nbtexas.org nbtexas.org/parks 22

Profile for New Braunfels Parks and Recreation

FY 2017-2018 Annual Report  

FY 2017-2018 Annual Report  

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