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• Location: Wachusett Country Club • Photographed pictures of Lexi Bourn • Visual Communications • Spring 2014 • Final Assignment

Introduction My Teen Succeed Project is pictures of my sister working at a country club. This job at a golf course teaches her many skills like responsibility and leadership. Her role at the golf course is to clean clubs, park golf carts, and do many other things to make the golf course run more smoothly. In this presentation I will be showcasing what she does at her job to make the community run better with less stops. At Wachusett where she works is where I play a lot of golf and see her often. When I do, she is always on top of things and never slacking. This job gives opportunities to meet many people and open more doors in her life and that’s the significance of her job.

Cleaning Carts

This picture is of Lexi cleaning a cart after it has been used for the day. She uses a water to get all of the dirt, sand, and grass that usually shows up in carts.

Preparing Carts

When she is done cleaning the carts she puts a new scorecard on the steering wheel for the next person to use that takes the cart out .

Parking Carts

At the end of the day when the carts aren't needed she parks it into the garage to make sure no one steals them or can damage them.

Charging Carts

Once the carts are parked in the garage, she has to plug the carts in for them to charge and be able to be used again.

Preparing clubs

Lexi has to get clubs that are stored for members in the clubhouse.

Packing Clubs

Lexi has to put the clubs on the cart for members so they don’t have to carry them.

Strapping in clubs

Lexi straps clubs into the cart for members so the clubs don’t fall off the cart.

Washing Clubs

Lexi washes member’s clubs so they are clean and ready to go for the persons next round.

Sweeping in the Clubhouse

Lexi sweeps the floor in the clubhouse so no one falls and the building looks clean.

Taking Out the Trash

Lexi takes the trash out of the trashcan and replaces it with a new bag.

Taking Out the Trash Part 2

Lexi then has to put the trash into the big dumpster outside of the clubhouse.

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