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ALSO INSIDE: PEMDAS...Part 2 Make Your Resume Stand Out Mac Vs. PC...25 Years in the Making

Why We Go To Conference Issue 4


Are You Going? …I know I am! Conference is always an exciting time for everyone…regardless if you are a member of the NBMBAA or not. With over 20,000 people in attendance over 4+ days, it’s one of the largest career conferences in the United States. Workshops, speaking engagements, the job fair (where you can actually get hired on the spot…over 200 companies annually participate!), and all the after hour parties and social events hosted by our numerous sponsors’…words cannot express how big this event is! And with it being held in Orlando Florida this year, you know it’s going to be off the hook! In this issue of The Columbus Tri-Annual be sure to read testimonies from various past attendees on why they make “the trip” and the benefits that they gain (starting on page 19). In addition the NBMBAA Columbus Chapter has teamed up with Mt. Carmel Hospital and the National society of Hispanic MBAs to present our annual resume critique and workshop on Thursday August 20th. This would be a good time to get your resume critiqued and polished if you are headed to conference looking for your next dream job. Look for the ad in this issue, and be sure to come out. I hope to see you down in sunny Florida!


Tamara Staley 1

TCT| Issue 4

President NBMBAA Columbus Chapter

Registration Hours Tuesday, Sept 22, 4:00pm – 8:00pm Wednesday, Sept 23, 7:00am – 7:00pm Thursday, Sept 24, 7:00am – 6:00pm Friday, Sept 25, 7:00am – 3:00pm

About the National Black MBA Conference The National Black MBA Association® Annual Conference and Exposition is one of the largest professional development and job recruitment events in the nation. Each year, this successful affair attracts more than 9,000 business-minded attendees who are fascinated to know about topics including career, education, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and leadership. The NBMBAA Annual Conference offers a myriad of opportunities designed to execute your career enhancement, branding, recruiting, retention and corporate citizenship goals. Take advantage of our member discounts, become a member today!

For registration questions or information you can email our Support Center at or call (855) 849-8690 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm ET.

Career Expo Exhibit Hall WA2 - WA4 Thursday, Sept 24, 9:00am – 5:00pm Friday, Sept 25, 9:00am – 5:00pm

NBMBAA Employment Network®

Exhibit Hall WB2 - WB3 Thursday, Sept 24, 8:00am – 6:00pm Friday, Sept 25, 8:00am – 6:00pm

Orange County Convention Center 9990 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819 September 22 – 26, 2015

For more informaton go to 2

Night of Achievement In the month of June we celebrate our young people at our annual Leaders of Tomorrow’s Night of Achievement banquet and award ceremony. Students from this excellent program are recognized for their hard work and dedication that they put into this rigorous program as well as their accomplishments in high school and extracurricular activities. We thank Lynette Smith, vice president of the Leaders of Tomorrow for the NBMBAA Columbus Chapter, as well as the mentors and parents for their time, dedication, and wisdom that they put back into our young people to make them “Leaders of Tomorrow”. And we also want to recognize guest speaker Jarvier Sanchez for coming and giving encouragement to these students through words and motivation!


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Contents Why We Go to Conference

Read various testimonies from the NBMBAA Conference Columbus attendiees

Putting the Pieces Together for pemDAs: Part Two- by tasha jefferson

11 15

Be sure to read Part 2 of Putting the Pieces Together for PEMDAS.

Mac vs. PC...25 Years in the Making - by Edmund Davidson A brief look at a man’s conversion from converting


from a PC to an Apple computer.

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Tri-annual he Columbus

issue 4



Tasha Jefferson

Edmund Davidson

Contributing Writers and Testimonies

Tasha Jefferson

Edmund Davidson

Delila Wooten

Jonathan Stone

Jennifer Parker

NBMBAA 1 East Wacker Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 236-2622

NBMBAA Columbus Chapter P.O. Box 163575 Columbus, Ohio 43216. (614) 470-1683


We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts about our magazine. Please send all emails to @Columbus_MBA

the NBMBAA. Who are we? The National Black MBA Association® (NBMBAA) was founded in 1970 at a two-day conference held at the University of Chicago, by a group of African American MBA students, faculty, advisors, and businessmen. The purposes of the Association are: the encouragement of career independence for African American business professionals; the promotion of African American intellectual and economic wealth and empowerment; and the professional advancement of African American business professionals. Comprised of African American and minority business professionals from across the world, the Association is a business force boasting U.S. and international members and corporate partners. The Association has awarded over $5 million dollars in scholarships to minority students participating in both undergraduate and graduate programs around the world. Today, the membership is over 9,000 and the Association has expanded its outreach to include 46 chapters and 28 collegiate chapters. At the NBMBAA®, empowering professionals through strategic business forces is fundamental to our character and the way we represent our members. We have created numerous ways for our members to contribute to our commitment of fostering intellectual and economic wealth for the communities in which we empower, work, and serve.


The National Black MBA Association will be the premier business organization serving Black professionals.


The National Black MBA Association leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for African-Americans. We serve to: • Provide innovative programs to stimulate their intellectual and economic growth • Build partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate this growth. • Increase awareness and facilitate access to graduate management education programs and career opportunities in management fields. For more information about NBMBAA go to


TCT| Issue 4

Leaders of Tomorrow Since 1992, the National Black MBA Association has provided mentors who coach students on a consistent basis in college preparation, academic success, leadership, public speaking, social engagement, networking, and goal setting to develop discipline, set and achieve high academic standards, and implement ways to serve their communities. Over 8,000 minority high school students have been mentored through LOT. LOT operates in more than 30 U.S. cities, Canada, and the United Kingdom More than 95% of LOT graduates enroll in college. More than $2 million in scholarships and programming support has been provided by LOT and its partners.

Setting New Standards The hallmark of LOT is its intensity. Working with their mentors, high school students are encouraged to tackle challenges most other students wouldn’t dare even approach, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, and overcome those challenges with a high degree of excellence. At the same time, LOT students learn how to be leaders— setting goals and high standards for themselves and their peers, and motivating others to follow their lead as they make a difference in their communities.

Creating New Habits Too many students are not proficient in basic subject matter. Moreover, to be competitive in a globally interconnected marketplace, proficiency is not enough. Excellence is required. The Leaders of Tomorrow Program helps students change the way they approach achievement on an everyday basis so that striving for excellence becomes a habit.

Embracing New Opportunities LOT helps young people learn both how to prepare to take advantage of and create opportunities. They are exposed to different ways of thinking, different cultures, diverse career fields, numerous colleges, and people who have achieved greatness. In the process, future leaders discover that whatever they want to accomplish in life is within their grasp, as long as they have the discipline, courage, assertiveness, and skill to make it happen. For more information about Leaders of Tomorrow go to 6

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TCT| Issue 4

2015 NBMBAA Columbus Chapter Tamara Staley President

Buffie Patt Vice Presid Corporate

Tasha Jefferson Vice President Administration

Edmund D Vice Presid Marketing

Yammah Morgan Vice President Operations

Lynette Sm Vice Presid Leaders of

Anthony Wilson Vice President Finance

Deadra M Vice Presid Records

Executive Board Members

terson dent e Outreach

Davidson dent g

mith dent f Tomorrow

McIntosh dent

Buffie Patterson Immediate Past President

Past Presidents of the NBMBAA Columbus Chapter 1993 1994 1995 1996 – 2000 2000 – 2004 2004 – 2008 2009 – 2013

Carey Cheri Leslie Epps Myron Hoskins Diana Spencer David Harrison Oyauma Garrison Buffie McGee Patterson

NBMBAA Columbus Chapter Bi-Weekly

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Some of you who are familiar with the NBMBAA knows that the word “conference� generates excitement for members and non members alike. This is not your ordinary meet and greet function, you get to do high quality networking. You get to talk to job recruiters who HIRE ON THE SPOT. You get to attend seminars that are hosted by know business professionals such as Magic Johnson and Desire Rogers. You attend workshops that are taught by leading business leaders that allow you to gain an advantage on the competition in your career. Still not convinced? Then read the following testimonies form various members and nonmembers of why conference is a life-changing event. 13

TCT| Issue 4

Jonathan Stone The NBMBAA Conference is a phenomenal opportunity to gain exposure to the some of the most successful corporate and entrepreneurial African Americans in the country. Participants gain this exposure through a myriad of ways such as luncheons, workshops, the career fair and social events. My initial experience was the conference was a memorable one. I went during the 1st year of my MBA program with a few other folks from my school and left with lifelong friends. Additionally everyone that I went with either received an interview offsite or an internship through networking and the career fair. I’m a staunch supporter because of the job opportunities and networking that the conference offers.

Delila Wooten Attending the NBMBAA conferences is a well worth investment on many different platforms. Attendees have the opportunity to gain exposure to thousands of professionals representing multiple backgrounds, professions, and industries. The conference contributes to professional development initiatives ranging from entry level all the way to executive leadership development. Those attending these conferences can obtain growth both personally and professionally through workshops, networking, and social engagement opportunities. Of the many conferences I’ve attended thus far, each one I have been able to gain valuable and motivational trainings along with new best practices that I can apply to my day to day job as a project manager. My personal and professional paths have been heavily impacted by my exposure to the NBMBAA conferences attended and will be going forward with future conferences to come. 14


Jennifer Parker “The NBMBAA Conference in Atlanta, GA was a great experience. I had the opportunity to compete in the Chrysler case competition as a first year MBA student which helped to develop my presentation skills and learn effective case analysis techniques. Prior to the conference, I had the opportunity to work with the Fisher case team and faculty team advisor in studying the case and practicing our presentation. During the conference, we presented our case analysis and competed against schools around the country. Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak to companies across various industries and interview. I definitely plan to attend the event next year to build networks and assist in my professional pursuit. A special thank you to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services for providing this invaluable opportunity.”

Danielle Mitchell “As an Alumnus from the College of Business, I was aware of the National Black MBA Association and Career Expo. I knew it would be a great start to finding a career that fit my skill set and interests. Every year, the University of Illinois sends our College of Business undergrads to the career expo because we understand the importance of networking and gaining exposure to major companies. Many have come back with internships, full time jobs and expanded their networks, which have helped with their career progression.”

Danielle Anderson The National Black MBA Association gave me the opportunity to experience spectacular events at each conference in Atlanta, Georgia and also Indianapolis, Indiana. Atlanta, Georgia was where my first experience began. I was nervous, but also excited at the same time. With the job expo, workshops, and networking opportunities, it’s worth the trip. 15

TCT| Issue 4

Going to the NBMBAA Conference? Looking for a new position?

Make your resume

STAND OUT in the crowd.

Thursday, August 20th, 2015 6:00 PM - 8:30PM Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s 500 S. Cleveland Ave. Westerville, OH 43081 Join Mt. Carmel, The National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and the National Black MBAs at the 9th Annual Resume Workshop as our panel of experts gives helpful tips on how to make your resume STAND OUT. Then participate in one of the many breakout sessions where your resume will be critiqued by resume experts and hiring managers. 16


Putting the Pieces Together for


An Approach to Problem Solving Part 2

By Tasha Jefferson

PEMDAS is the common term used in the United States for Order of Operations. It is an acronym that stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. There are variations used in other countries such as BEDMAS, BODMAS, and BIDMAS (B = Brackets, O = Orders, and I = Indices). Note that the M and D have been rearranged. This is due to the communicative properties which do not restrict an order between the two; simply put you can do either first and obtain the same outcome. Using the PEMDAS acronym, let us explore problem solving using Prioritization, Energy, Meditation, Deliberation, Action, and Surveys. If you missed Part 1 of PEMEDAS, An Approach to Problem Solving, click here! Please note a Part 1 correction, the reference should read [3^2=9 and √9=3].


TCT| Issue 4 18



Multiplication is the process of adding a number to itself a specified number of times. Essentially it is a mathematical shortcut that can be used once a valid pattern has been recognized. In life reliable shortcuts can be helpful. Mediation can be a shortcut in the sense that when one stops to reflect on a situation, and thereby quiets the noise of that situation, he or she can gain significantly more alignment, clarity, insight, poise, and reassurance. To whatever varying degree of belief one holds that there is an existence of a universe, divinity, and connections with other people – meditation can be a method to realign oneself with those values and experiences. From a pragmatic perspective, increased resources will decrease the time that it takes to find a solution and increase the quality of that solution. People are a cumulative compilation of genetic and social imprints and can greatly benefit from tapping into those resources as needed. Thus slowing one’s pace to access and be receptive to one’s resources can create a multiplying effect which can lead to higher quality clarity and decision making ability. My version of mediation is simply resetting and re-centering oneself through quiet and reflection. This can be achieved through being mindful of the moment and being malleable. Be mindful of the moment by tuning into the nuances of a situation without attaching any judgments. Be sure to exit the moment to gain a more accurate and holistic perspective before taking any actions. Be malleable by being approachable, coachable, correctable, and confident. Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in others. Rarely is any one person’s input wrong or right 100% of the time. This means that being open to the ideas of both yourself and others’ provides a balanced center to achieve optimal results which are not lopsided or skewed to any one bias or another. Checking your ego is a must at times, check it to determine its current state in relation to a given situation, and then determine what degree it needs to be inflated or deflated.


Division is the proportional distribution of an item. Deliberation is the careful and thoughtful consideration made before taking action; it is slow movement to act. When approaching a problem, there is value in researching relevant data about it before acting. Divide that data, slice it in many different ways, and view it from multiple perspectives. After collecting and analyzing data, generate possible solutions and alternatives. During this process seek wise counsel by asking the opinions of people that you trust and respect. Do not fail to seek the opinions of unlikely sources as well. Checking with unlikely sources like an unfriendly coworker or a seemingly unaffected department, can increase the odds of gaining a balanced understanding of the situation and generating more thorough and inclusive alternatives.


Addition is the simplest, least complicated mathematical operation. Action can be the start of trading complexity for simplicity. Most complex situations are just a series of interconnected simple situations. When approaching a problem simply start somewhere and begin to break the problem apart into simpler problems and simpler tasks. Once you have decided on a definitive course of action and are ready to act, be resolved in your decision and in the process that it took to arrive there. Find comfort in the realization that life is marked by cycles, you can and will have to eventually repeat the process. Most actions are ultimately correctable, even when they seem 19

TCT| Issue 4

uncorrectable at the time. A new product launch that fails epically, may cost someone his or her current dream job while setting the stage for the manifestation of a future dream career.


Subtraction is the mathematical skill of removing numbers from others. Surveying is the skill of collecting feedback and extracting relevant information for decision-making purposes. Surveying for feedback includes reflecting on the process and evaluating results to arrive at your own conclusions and interpretations, as well as soliciting commentary from others. It is a very important component in the problem-solving process because it provides insight into what worked well, what did not work well, and possible explanations for the outcomes. In some regards feedback is the closest thing to a true answer key that life will give us.


Effective results can be garnered when approaching general problem-solving using the underlying concepts specific to order of operations that make that mathematical process successful. With cognizance of the energy surrounding a situation or a set of overlapping situations, do an analysis to detect patterns that exists. Extract the themes or coefficients that lend themselves to be prioritized and referenced against a pre-established hierarchy of priorities. This will simplify your efforts and reduce the mental exertion required of you over a multitude of individual decisions. In general, the process of identifying valid patterns is usually trial and error and rarely results in a suitable solution on the first attempt, especially for large or complex problems. Even computerized applications like calculators and spreadsheets rely on algorithms to derive at valid results. Although the process of finding a working formula for a particular scenario may be work on the front end, the time saved thereafter is dramatically improved through the ability to apply the resulting shortcut. Effective problem-solving is often marked by front loading effort on strategy which often saves resources later on. Re-centering yourself before confronting a given situation is analogous to multiplication. Mediation can lead to an enlightened self. Your cumulative self is represented by all of your experiences to-date. You can produce better decisions when you open yourself up to adding an enlightened self to your cumulative self, and to how you will address the dilemma at hand armed with an algorithm that appropriately recognizes the existing patterns within the situation. Just as either multiplication or division can be performed first; and addition or subtraction is also irrespective to one another - all other things equal; mediation/deliberation and action/ survey should also be flexible and reflect fluidity. Things do not have to be taken as they come. When competing priorities are of the same level of importance those things can be addressed in the order best suited by a person. This versatility is fluidity in the process. As a person attempts to find the best solution he or she will often revisit a phase multiple times per solution iteration. For instance, people often flow into the mediation and energy phases simultaneously, then deliberate, act, and deliberate again. I encourage you to repurpose PEDMAS to help put the pieces of the puzzle together more efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably. 20



25 YEARS IN THE MAKING - by Edmund Davidson


TCT| Issue 4

Wow…after 25 years being a PC user I decided to purchase my first Apple computer on April 8th 2015 at 12:20PM at the Apple store in Easton. Once I got my boney fingers around Apple’s top of the line laptop, I couldn’t sleep for days, trying to navigate through their operating system, loading it up on software, and moving tons of files over from my desktop/laptop based PC’s to this beauty. So, is the Apple computer better than the PC? After approximately three months some of the myths are and actually exceeded my expectations, but there are still some things that a PC does better. Please note this is just one man’s opinion. So if you have had a different experience, then good. Not all of my experience is covered because, well, it might be boring to the average user (programming, graphics, layout work, you know, the geeky stuff). :-) 22



Yep, I have had programs crash on an Apple, just like a PC. These are programs that the typical person uses such as Word and Excel. Even Photoshop bombed. Just a fluke? Not sure, but we’ll see.


This is the area where PC owns Apple. A lot of the newer Apples will not allow upgrades with when it comes to memory, video cards, and memory. PC’s on the other hand will allow this; hence the longevity of a PC is possibly greater (especially if you are into computer games). Or if something breaks on a PC, you can swap that broken device out and put in a new one wihout helpdesk. Not so with a Mac; on most instances you have to take it back to the store to get it fixed.

EcoSystem I love the way my Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone all live happily in the same environment. Throw in cloud capability for storage, and useful mobile apps, I can be very productive with very little issues. When managing this on the PC/Android/iPad platforms, some items were not compatible with others, and often times crashed! 23

TCT| Issue 4

Gaming Now THIS I miss. With faster video cards, as well as some PC’s made to play computer games, a PC blows a Mac out of the water when it comes to gaming selection as well as speed (no slow down).

SoftwareAvailability Options Software

Yeah I had to bring this up. There were a lot of third party software programs that I used on a daily bases that helped me through out the day (programming, some gaming, etc.)…all PC based. Not so with the Mac. Very limited in software purchases.

Battery Life No question about it, battery life in a Mac is much better when compared to a laptop PC. Up to two hours in some instances!

Virus/Malware Apple does not get viruses and malware. Ha! Got one a week before creating issue # 4 of The Columbus Tri-Annual. . Now I must say that it was A LOT easier to remove, but the statement that the representative at the store made that Macs do not get virus/malware…well, I should have taken a screenshot an show them. 24

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