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Points of Interest in this Issue: • Taking Boat Storage into the Future (p5) • Are Christmas Parties Important? (p8) • The dangers of buying Forklifts on-line (p12) • The best time to promote your business (p19) • Take the faster route to business growth (p23) • Corporate Start-Up Wardrobe from £375 (p24) • Slash your Office Energy and Telephony cost (p25)



N E OP up to business success talk to our local business experts Whether you are opening a business or are already up and running, talk to Barclays about how we can help make your business a success. Barclays, proud supporter of businesses in the Dorset region.

Use our expertise to help make your business idea a success too. Andrew Tapsell Business Development Manager Tel: +44 (0)7775 545851 Email:

Mark Churcher Area Business Manager Tel: +44 (0)7775 541601 Email:

Barclays Business is a trading name of Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays Bank PLC is registered in England and authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered No.1026167. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.


Editor’s Note Summer has finished, autumn is here and before we know it winter will soon be upon us! So, are you going to let life pass you by, sitting in the park and resting on our laurels, or are you instead going to be more active than ever before and put in place a ‘plan to promote’ your respective products and services? In my opinion this action is essential in order to survive what could be a long hard winter! Of course it is not that simple as none of us have a bottomless pit of gold and we all have to work within budgets, therefore, we all need to look at the options that are open to us and choose what is the best value for money deal available. To do this you will need to understand the marketing mix that involves all aspects of promoting your business and then select a business partner who can offer everything to meet your objectives. There are never going to be enough hours in the day for you to do everything yourself, so when looking to promote your company choose a partner that can give you a local platform for your voice to be heard, either by advertising in magazines and on websites, or by writing editorials giving tips and advice. If they can also support you with networking events and email marketing campaigns then you have found the perfect partner. If you are having difficulty in searching for such a company then please take a close look at New Business Matters who can offer you not only Advertising Packages, but also separate Marketing Packages to suit most budgets! Best Wishes!

Peter Westwood

You can be the only company of your trade or profession represented in this local business to business journal. For details on the ‘marketing packages’ available, please contact: Peter Westwood on 01202 233580 or email New Business Matters UK Ltd Spacemaker House, 518 Wallisdown Road Bournemouth, Dorset BH11 8PT Tel: 01202 233580



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NEW DIRECTORS FOR HILL OSBORNE Approximately 18 months ago Hill Osborne became the new face of the long established Poole based Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors CGJ Partnership. Over this period the rebranding has proved to be extremely successful and due to this success, owners Andrew Hill and Richard Osborne are now pleased to announce the appointment of two new directors; Nikki Papadopoulos and James Hill. Nikki and James both trained and qualified with Hill Osborne and Andrew and Richard are delighted that both have accepted their invitation to become Directors of the firm. The owners believe that these appointments will assist in enabling the company to continue providing expert advice, including a broad range of accountancy and taxation services to the family owned and controlled business.

From left to right: Andrew, James, Nikki and Richard

BothHillnew Osbornedirectors are particularly proactive in providing advice to new businesses, so if you are looking to change your accountant or indeed appoint one for the first time, then why not contact Hill Osborne and take advantage of an initial FREE one hour consultation. Logo Variant 1

C H A R T E R E D A C C O U N TA N T S & B U S I N E S S A D V I S E R S

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service and we do this by giving you a direct access to the Director who is responsible for your affairs. This ensures that they will be able to develop a close relationship with you and establish a thorough understanding of your business. Clients can take advantage of a wide range of services as listed below. • • • • •

Auditing Accounts preparation Taxation compliance including Self Assessment Personal and Corporate Tax Planning Inheritance Tax Planning DSM – Design Solutions in Media

D1, Arena Business Centres, Holyrood Close Poole, Dorset, BH17 7FP, UK

[T] 0845 500 4600 [E]

• • • • •

Payroll Bureau Business Start-ups and advice on acquisitions and disposals Raising of business finance Management consultancy Company secretarial services

Hill Osborne, Tower House, Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2JH Tel: 01202 678555 Fax: 01202 666071 Email:

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Taking Boat Storage into the Future! By Andre Van Heerden CEO of EWL International Ltd With logical, intelligent and creative engineering the RotaDock is a new, unique and patented multi-level dry boat storage facility. It has been designed rather than adapted, to meet the single and most obvious challenge facing dry boat storage today – the shortage of waterfront property. One of the unique features of RotaDock is that it capitalises on the shape of motor boats, thereby maximising the surface area as well as volumetric space. The inevitable result is a massive 60% saving in land area compared to traditional dry stack operations.

The RotaDock will store the same number of boats in a facility that is half the size, and less bulk means less impact on the environment. The RotaDock’s civil and structural engineering is no different to any other dry stack facility, just more compact, attractive, secure and environmentally friendly.

EWL is the UK design, construction and funding partner for this exciting new addition to their range of company divisions. For further information click on to download a copy of our new brochure.





Operating Maintenance Refurbishment Modular

EWL International Ltd has created a number of divisions so clients can choose either one discipline or a full turnkey solution. EWL International Ltd Discovery Court Business Centre, 551-553 Wallisdown Road, Poole, BH12 5AG Email: Website: Tel: 01202 853300

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C4L advert 144x210 vFINAL - 1_v4.pdf 1 23/01/2012 09:35:38


Building the South’s digital infrastructure, changing business forever... C4L’s high speed, high capacity fibre network has been built to enable the lowest levels of latency alongside the highest levels of resilience. Coupling this with space and presence in over 40 premium UK data centres and round the clock UK based technical support, C4L provides all-encompassing internet infrastructure solutions at significantly lower costs. The expansion of our Bournemouth data centre, one of the largest colocation facilities in the South, is just the latest chapter in a truly amazing success story. C

So let’s talk about how we can care for your data, across your whole IT infrastructure, right down to the very last byte.








Call to connect with our team

08000 098 024

Reliability. Flexibility. Scalability. Stay connected: /blog /twitter /linkedin

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Common or Uncommon practice? By Tony Rodgers, Director at Hambeldon Interims


here are many leading business that have implemented Uncommon Practices, which has enabled them to differentiate their business and ensure their staff and customers are emotionally engaged with their brand. Professor Peter Doyle of Warwick Business School states that the future of a successful business ‘is not about clever advertising but creating a genuine commitment among employees to provide customers with a unique, quality experience. Analysis was undertaken by Interbrand and Forum to determine which businesses implemented ‘Uncommon Practices’ that set them apart. Many of these organisations are household names such as Tesco, Virgin and John Lewis. There are also other lesser known names such as Richer Sounds and Prêt A Manger, but what have these organisations done differently? They have implemented Customer-Service best practice groups, Open management and Open door policies, Staff promotion opportunities, Staff encouraged to be creative within brand standards, Orientation and diversity training for all staff, Two-day workshops to reignite the spirit of

service culture, Employees feedback on customer comments cards, culture committees, customer focus groups and the list goes on. The analysis also determined that there is an increasing importance of having fun in the work place and enabling employees to take decisions as well as being engaged with customers at both an intellectual and emotional level, which is easier said than done. In the next article we will begin to look at the tactics that can be implemented to enhance the customer experience, these are uncommon practices that can make customer experience improvements.


Hambledon Interims is a Dorset based consultancy that’s been helping companies, large and small, to successfully improve their customer’s experience and business profits by delivering change - to their processes and their people – through the implementation of various development and training solutions. Hambledon Interims can provide: • Interim Managers and Project Managers • Training and Development Design and Delivery Solutions • Customer Experience Development programmes • Sales and Customer Service Assessors Experience the benefit of ‘profitable sales’ by improving customer satisfaction! T: 01258 860249 E: W:

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Nestledown Duck Street Child Okeford Dorset DT11 8ET

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The Benefits of a Finance Broker! By James Erwin from Access Commercial


t seems that hardly a day goes by now without gloomy reports in the media telling us of the difficulties faced by business in obtaining finance. A recent Federation of Small Business report has suggested that 4 out of every 10 credit applications from small firms are being refused Whilst it is true that lenders are being cautious in a time of poor confidence, they still have money available for lending with a stated eagerness to do. Lending decisions at most major banks are made by in-house credit teams and “sanctioners” who cannot be directly approached by the borrower. In addition, as traditional forms of financing become more difficult to obtain, new forms of credit supported by alternative financial organisations have emerged to fill some of the gaps left.

With all of this in mind, the role of the broker in assisting with obtaining that finance is as important as ever. A broker can assist with the proper presentation of applications, supporting them with the information and documentation required by the credit teams to assist with their decision making. In addition, a broker can identify the right lender or type of finance for the borrowing requirement of the applicant. If you are looking for commercial finance or are considering a review of your existing finance arrangements, Access Commercial Mortgages is available to source funding, advise on finance options or help with the presentation of your application.

Experienced Commercial Mortgage and Business Finance Brokers We supply solutions for all types of commercial lending and due to our close working relationship with all major and specialist lenders, including our partnership with brokers UK wide, we are able to provide the best deal for all types of commercial finance. • Commercial Mortgages

• All forms of Factoring

• Asset Finance

• Short term Finance

• Invoice Discounting – available on a confidential basis

• Development Finance

For advice on all areas of Commercial Credit and Finance Tel: 01202 375545 Fax: 01202 465297 Members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

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October/November The Federation of Small Businesses

The FSB is Britain's leading business organisation with over 200,000 members. It exists to protect and promote the interests of the self-employed, and all those who run their own business.

The FSB in Dorset has 4,000 small businesses as members.

FSB Regional Office: 01425 280080 :

FSB rewards local Councils for supporting small businesses The FSB recently hosted Council representatives from across Dorset at their fourth annual FSB Small Business Friendly Awards. With all councils in Dorset submitting nominations, and attending the prestigious Presentation lunch, the Awards, designed to identify the best small business friendly initiatives undertaken by our local councils, in supporting the small business community, were a huge success. The Award winners were:

Best ‘Small Business Friendly’ Procurement Policy

Bournemouth Borough Council for providing a series of free workshops aimed at local small and micro businesses, to help them apply for public sector contracts.

Best ‘Small Business Friendly’ Programme or Campaign

North Dorset District Council – for implementing North Dorset WAVE (Work experience, Apprenticeships, Volunteering, Employment), which successfully brought schools, trainers and business representatives together.

Best All Round Small Business Friendliness

Bournemouth Borough Council – the Council was presented this award for its consistent and varied support for small businesses, such as establishing strong traders groups, and the relaunching of “Bournemouth Face the Dragons”. The variety of nominations highlighted the significant efforts being made by local councils. In challenging times for both businesses and councils, the Awards help to promote examples of best practice in improving local economic regeneration within the small business sector. The FSB exists to promote an environment in which small business can survive and thrive and the 4,000 member’s within Dorset look to local government to help create such an environment. The FSB in Wessex consider these Awards vitally important in working together effectively with Local Authorities.

Dorset Council Award winners with FSB Wessex Regional Chairman Ken Moon

FSB Local Contacts: FSB Regional Office, Christchurch Tel: 01425 280080 E-mail: Neil Eames, Development Manager, Wessex Tel: 07920 846684 E-mail: FSB website

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How to accurately identify Tangible Assets! By Tony Hart from Avonwood Developments Being able to accurately identify tangible assets for a company is important for a number of reasons such as inventory, safety, security, process control and location. Different identification methods exist and have been adopted with varying levels of success and investment returns. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a technology that has been in use for many years, especially in the industrial sector so for some its existence is nothing new. Unfortunately RFID has not always proven to be cost effective for every business application when compared to other identification methods and technologies. However RFID technology breakthroughs are occurring all the time thanks to ongoing developments with hardware manufacturers, software developers and system integrators. The technology today is maturing with

deployment costs reducing allowing more cost effective applications to be realised and provide even the small and medium sized business sectors with beneficial returns on investment. A basic system consists of a reader device, antennas and tags fixed to assets. A system on its own may only provide limited benefits, however when RFID is integrated with other technologies, software platforms and utilising digital infrastructures the benefits can be far more reaching as RFID data can be shared and exchanged. Some of the keys to a successful and cost effective RFID deployment is to understand what problems and issues need to be solved, identify what the application processes are and how they work and to work out what returns on investment can be achieved.

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Going…Going…Gone! Buying forklifts online. By Gregory Martin, Champion Materials Handling Ltd In the news recently, a forklift company received a phone call and a man asked why his forklift, that he bought online, was no longer working, despite buying it “new” a few weeks earlier. Allways Forklifts were bemused as they had previously condemned this exact truck “beyond economical repair” at a different location to the previous owner. Consequently, the previous owner then decided to paint the forklift and sell it via an online auction site, which left the new owner with a dead forklift and thousands of pounds down. Here are some tips to avoid this happening to you. • All forklifts must be supplied with a valid Thorough Examination Certificate. (Equivalent to an M.O.T) • Although buying nationally gives you wider option, try to buy from a local dealer, this ensures that breakdowns and maintenance can be taken care of. • Paint can make a forklift look newly refurbished, but the important part is the mechanics. Maintain the same principals as when buying a car: test drive, inspect under the bonnet, and ask anything concerning.

• It’s important for the forklift truck company to complete a site survey; they may save you time/ worry and they can check you are buying the right truck for your application. • Ask if the forklift company is part of a trade association.

Champion Forklifts are members of the Fork Lift Truck Association. For more information or to request one of our catalogues please call 01202 430 323 or visit

Service is what life’s all about! At Champion Forklifts we offer a full range of new and used equipment to suit ALL budgets New fork lift trucks:

Warehouse equipment ranging from:

• • • •

• • • • • • • •

From 1 ton to 16 tons capacity Electric LP Gas Diesel


Hand pallet trucks Powered pallet trucks Stackers Electric Reach Trucks Order pickers Very narrow aisle trucks Access Platforms & Cherry Pickers Racking and Mezzanine Floors

tails Call for de

Hand Pallet Trucks delivered from

Our preferred makes are Baoli, Toyota, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Linde, Combilift, Bendi and Jungheinrich but we can offer full support service that is second to none on any make of truck, picker or stacker.


Freephone: 0800 021 4516 Telephone: 01202 430323 Email:

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‘Your local Fork Lift Truck company’

To advertise in this local journal telephone 01202 233580



Straightforward Expertise Established in 1928 Coleman Insurance Brokers is one of the UK’s longest established, truly independent insurance brokers; based in Poole, Southampton & Exeter. With access to a large number of leading insurers and an excellent understanding of specialist markets our aim is to provide businesses with competitive and comprehensive insurance solutions whilst maintaining high levels of service. Colemans are your local, professional and trusted experts in:

Business Insurance Charity & Care Insurance Property Owners Insurance Marine Insurance Private Client Insurance General Risk Services Contact our New Business Team on 01202 647444 or to discuss your insurance requirements.

01202 647400 Coleman Insurance Brokers is a trading style of E Coleman & Co Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. v1 20/09/12

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How global is your local business? By Tim Birch from


hilst on holiday recently and flicking through my Smartphone I was reminded of the power of Google’s “Search Suggestions” using my current location. “Search Suggestions” is that useful list of possible suggestions that appears under the Google search box as you busily type in your desired search.

products and services, but also your geographic location. So review your wording, Meta tags (and add geog Meta tags). Also consider where your website is hosted and the domain type you use (ie names are preferable for localisation) – yes Google takes these into consideration too when crawling your website.

On Smartphones, Ipads, Tablets and any other device with GPS, Google takes these “Suggestions” one step further by further refining them by location (i.e. Google knows where you are!). So the suggestion that may have suggested “Hotels in Bournemouth” now suggests “Hotels in Swansea”. (And now you know where I holiday!) So what’s the implication for business owners?

You also need to look at your Google Places submission and checkout getting inbound links for other local companies, organisations and directories. In the era of web browsing on the move, companies in retail, hospitality or tourism industries need to prioritise localisation of their websites.

Localisation - If your business depends on people finding and visiting you for trade, then your website needs to be optimised not only for your

FREE QR CODE For the first 10 applicants we will make a QR code that: Will go to your website or your Google Places page which will be high quality for use for Vehicle Signage or print. Your site will also be added to as a link.

CALL FREE NOW ON 0800 068 058 9 Or email:

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Oh, and don’t forget to apply the same localisation to your Facebook pages as this social arena is also location aware, but that’s another story.

Fully-Managed E-Mail and SMS Marketing Packages from just £100 per month. If you want to raise the awareness and profile of your businesses then call greenmessage on 01202 802205 or email We have a range of services and packages to suit all organisations, with powerful professionally-designed ad campaigns, getting your message across to a targeted audience and a wealth of statistics available for you to track progress and tailor your responses.

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Are your documents in the safest place? By Katie Clark from Copyrite Business Solutions Many organisations suffer from these same issues; • Lack of space • Lack of document control • Spiralling costs associated with storage and retrieval The main reason these companies choose to keep all files and paper documents in paper format, is that it seems a huge and daunting task to turn to digital, but this does not have to be the case! There are options available that will make the transition from paper to digital a simple, stress-free process. You can have a full in-house scanning bureau and document management systems within a solution suite, where a suitable provider would be able to take away any number of your files, folders or boxes, prep the documents, scan them and provide you with DVD’s. The documents would then be stored as fully searchable PDF’s, giving you a far quicker retrieval time. As a company you can choose to either store your documents in DVD format or you can import the documents straight to a document management system. Once happy, your documents would be confidentially and securely destroyed, with a certificate of destruction being provided. Copyrite Business Solutions is a leading provider of technology solutions in the UK, focused on delivering efficiencies and managing costs, allowing customers to concentrate on their business. By combining innovative solutions with a strong service ethic, outstanding quality and proven value, we deliver significant benefits to organisations in all major business marketplaces.

Our credentials are such that we are one of the leading UK Ricoh business partners, as well as having strong relationships with major technology providers such as HP, Microsoft, CISCO, VMWare, Invu, and eCopy. There are a number of benefits to keeping your company information in digital format as opposed to hard copy, for instance you can: • Free up space. Maybe you are tripping over boxes or need extra room for more staff or more desks. • Gain speed of retrieval. If you currently have off-site storage then you will appreciate the time taken just to get your information back to you. With instant access to your documents, you can work more efficiently, both internally and for your customers or clients. • Reduce costs. The cost associated with filing can sometimes be overlooked, but think of the cost of space. Again, if you have documents stored off-site then you will be paying for that unit and also the cost of the retrieval of that information. You also need to factor in the cost of staff time, have a think about how long your staff spend filing and retrieving documents, which could be significantly reduced. If you would like further information on any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to call Katie on 01202 848866 or send an email to:

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I want to surrender my Tenancy Agreement early? By Sharon Canning from Move on Rentals Question: I am currently in a one year tenancy, which is due to expire on the 31st March 2013, but I have just been told that I am going to be made redundant at the end of September 2012. Due to the economic climate I am concerned that I may not find alternative employment, so I was thinking it may be better for me to move back to my parent’s house and surrender my tenancy early. However, my landlord said he is not willing to release me but it is not my fault, I am losing my job, therefore, am I within my rights to just move out and hand back the keys? Answer: If you have signed and entered into a fixed term agreement then this is legally binding and unless you have a break clause in your tenancy, which some tenancies do offer around

the six month mark, you are responsible for the rent for the whole term, so read your Tenancy Agreement. This of course does work both ways - if the Landlord ever wanted the property back during this term, he cannot ask you to move out either. Your Landlord is most probably not willing to release you due to the extra expense that will be incurred in finding a replacement tenant! As such it might be worth approaching them again, suggesting either you will find a replacement tenant yourself or you are prepared to pay the additional costs incurred in finding a suitable replacement through an Agency. Please contact one of our team on 01202 711169 for a no obligation chat.

420 Poole Road, Branksome, Poole BH12 1DF

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The C-Class Executive SE Saloon. From just £299* a month. Worth a closer look. Examine the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Executive SE Saloon and you’ll find 16" alloy wheels, a sport front grille and LED daytime running lights. The high quality interior features Artico artificial leather, which is complemented by a multi-functional steering wheel and a napper leather-trimmed gear shift. What’s more, Attention Assist and Advanced Parking Guidance are included as standard to ensure a more comfortable drive. It’s perfect for your business needs and from just £299* a month, well worth a closer look. Call our Business Development Manager, Mark Wingate on 01202 666330 or 07850 204393, alternatively email:

Mercedes-Benz of Poole Holes Bay Road, Poole BH15 2BD

*For Business Users only. Advance payment applies. Official government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the C-Class saloon range: urban 15.5(18.2)-50.4(5.6), extra urban 33.6(8.4)76.4(3.7), combined 23.5(12.0)-64.2(4.4). CO2 emissions: 280-117 g/km.

Model featured is a C180 Executive SE Saloon at £26,560.00 on-the-road with optional metallic paint at £645.00 (on-the-road price includes VAT, delivery, 12 months’ Road Fund Licence, number plates, first registration fee and fuel). *All payments subject to VAT: Finance based on a C180 Executive SE Saloon with metallic paint on a 36 month (3+35 profile) Contract Hire agreement, excluding maintenance, with an advance payment of £897.00. Based on 10,000 miles per annum. Excess mileage charges may apply. Rental includes Road Fund Licence for the duration of the contract. Written quotations available on request including alternative contract lengths and mileages. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Available on C-Class Saloon models ordered/credit approved between 1 July and 30 September 2012, registered by 31 December 2012, excluding C 63 AMG models. Terms and conditions apply. Offers are subject to availability. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other published offer. Some combinations of features/options may not be available. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz Retailer for availability. Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK15 8BA. Prices correct at time of going to press 09/12. 642280-1_MBUK_NewBusinessMatters_2409.indd 1 To receive a FREE copy go to 

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10/09/2012 17:03

Remous is bringing

Christmas Cards to Bournemouth

Get your corporate identity out there and give your customers a bespoke Christmas Card, choose from one of our designs or supply your own. From 50 Cards upwards. Digital Colour outer – Black Inner. Diamond Flap Envelopes included. Design Service available. Hassle free print service – Order and Expect. Variable data service available. Formed 30 years ago Remous has become one of the most versatile print companies in Dorset. We have constantly re-invested in the latest technology to ensure the highest quality available with quality control maintained through our ‘In House’ Production ethic.

Family owned and run, we are able to bring the benefits of corporate print management and production coupled with ‘hands on’ personal customer relationships.

01963 250920



The best time to promote your Business! By Peter Westwood from Remous Limited


n these challenging times there are basically two ways to tackle the difficulties of maintaining or growing your business. Some companies have cut all forms of advertising and promotion, where as others have decided this is the time to grasp hold of a genuine opportunity to promote themselves by really pushing to get their name in front of lots of existing and new clients.

It is the Remous Christmas Card Calendar which is a card and a calendar all rolled into one item. It can be personalised by you with a Christmas greeting one side and when you turn it over you create a Desk Calendar, which will have your company name in front of your prospects and customers all day and every day of the year for the next twelve months.

Now has to be the best time to promote your business, especially when lots of companies are considering cutting back on their marketing and promotional budget spend, as this is the time many marketing guru’s consider that it is possibly the easiest time for you to stand out from the crowd! One of the many ways in which you can do this has to be with a promotional gift of some kind, but before you go ahead with any purchase ask yourself one question, what will stay on your clients desk for the whole year, there by keeping your name in font of them at all times, 24 hours a day, every day of the week?

Just ask yourself how many times you have said ‘no thanks’ to a free desk calendar? You don’t, you say thank you and place it on your desk because it’s useful. Getting your name into prospects and client’s offices and on to their desks is an extremely effective way to ensure you are on the tip of their tongue, especially when it comes to them next wanting to order your product or service.

Such a promotional item could be a Desk Pad, Memo Pad, Wall or Desk Calendar or even a Christmas Card signed by you, which is still a good way to thank your customers for the work they have given you over the last year. However, now you can now also consider purchasing a truly unique product that we at Remous have designed, which has functionality and low price as its two main objectives.

So, if you want to stay ahead of your competition then you should seriously consider having a bespoke design created for a Christmas Card Calendar that will allow you to say thank you to your clients and help you to market and promote your products and services throughout 2013, without it costing you a fortune. For further details just contact Remous Design and Print on 01963 250920 and ask to speak to Peter Westwood or Alan Bunter. They will be pleased to give you an individual and competitive quotation.

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Failing to Comply with Legal Obligations By Susie Sanusi, Dickinson Manser LLP Solicitors Issues relating to difficulties in the property market and the over regulation of businesses regularly hit the news but the detail of obligations placed on property owners is often overlooked. Some recent, little publicised, cases highlight the costly implications of failing to comply with the legal obligations associated with property ownership. One recent case saw a landlord being held responsible, under the Defective Premises Act 1972, for a personal injury suffered on their property as a result of an alteration by a tenant. This was the case regardless of the fact that the landlord had not been formally notified of the defect. Another case involved a landlord who had insured a property and placed a note of its tenant’s interest on the policy, rather than Probate, Wills & Powers of Attorney|Divorce/Family Law| Commercial Matters|Employment Advice| Court Representation|Accident Claims|Moving Home| Parking Available

insuring in the joint names of the landlord and tenant as required by the Lease. This mistake resulted in the landlord being unable to recover the cost of the insurance from its tenant in the usual manner. Tenants can also fall foul of their obligations under leases and statute as one tenant discovered following the assignment of their lease to a new tenant. They failed to obtain proper consent before the assignment and then register it after. This resulted in them remaining bound by the lease and receiving a large bill for rent arrears when the new tenant went bust! At Dickinson Manser LLP we can provide clear and practical advice on compliance issues to ensure you avoid such problems. Susie Sanusi, Dickinson Manser LLP: 01202673 071

Big business, small business, we’re the business. • commercial leases • commercial property transactions • property development • business transfers • commercial agreements • shareholder/company matters • partnership matters • dispute resolution and mediation • employment law matters For a no obligation discussion, please contact Mark Daniels or James Love on 01202 673071

BROADSTONE – 221 The Broadway – 01202 692308 POOLE – 5 Parkstone Road – 01202 673071

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HMRC GETTING TOUGHER? In the past, HMRC have only known that a business was in significant arrears with its PAYE and national insurance contribution payments when the business filed a form P35 some weeks after the end of the tax year. All that’s about to change. Next year, in the biggest change to the administration of PAYE since the scheme was introduced in 1944, will see the introduction of “real time information”. Under the new real time information (or “RTI”) system, employers will be required to submit detailed, itemised information to the taxman about tax, national insurance and other deductions every time a payroll is run – weekly if wages are paid weekly; monthly for monthlypaid employees. There are benefits to the change – it ought, for example, to avoid the chaos which occurred last year when HMRC was unable to reconcile the tax position of employees resulting in millions paying too much or too little tax.

But there are disadvantages too. Undoubtedly this represents yet another burden on businesses, especially small businesses. Payroll software may need to be replaced or updated, and businesses which run manual systems will need to find new ways of reporting to HMRC electronically on or before every payday. It also means that HMRC will know exactly what tax is due to them at any given time. In the past, struggling businesses may have been able to delay or juggle their PAYE payments as they tried to manage their cash flow. In future they will have far less room for manoeuvre and businesses which have used PAYE as a form of

working capital will be unable to do so. HMRC will be able to pursue late payments much more efficiently and are unlikely to tolerate accumulating arrears. Our objective is to save businesses, not bury them. Our plea is that business owners seek independent professional advice when problems start to emerge, rather than leaving until the difficulties become insuperable. If your business is starting to struggle, call us for free, no obligation conversation.

cash flow problems …or worse? clear, professional advice for you and your business when you need it most. contact us for a free initial consultation call: 01202 313624 | 2nd Floor, Bristol & West House, Post Office Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1BL

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Facebook – the nation’s Social Media Sweetheart By Katherine Hanson – Soci@lite


ove it or hate it, Facebook is well and truly ingrained in the national consciousness, with industry experts predicting a monthly spend of 500 million hours online during 2012 in the UK. It may surprise you to know that women aged 45 to 54 are the fastest growing age group of users, not teenagers! Facebook has also captured the hearts and minds of the business community and continues to dominate Social Media with over 50% market share of visits to all social networks.

A Facebook Business Page is an online marketing tool which can be used as a messaging service to build your community and establish your business online as an authority in your industry. Whether you are considering setting up a Facebook Business Page or looking to enhance your existing Page, here are three great tips: • Nurture your relationships via sharing content and notifications about fun things that you are doing on and offline, but don’t let too much time go by before connecting with your audience

• Treat your Facebook Page as a stand-alone website and build it through participation and engagement which will also drive traffic to your website • Testimonials are the most powerful form of marketing – whenever you do business with somebody, request a testimonial and post it your page (or better still, ask them to!) Contact me today (01202 798270 or to discuss how Soci@lite can assist you with your Facebook Business Page.

Soci@lite The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about (Oscar Wilde) 01202 798270 07771 303931

 Social Media Training & Consultancy  Content Writing

socialiteconsultancy /in/katherinehanson @so_cialite

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Ready-to-wear suit in PURE WOOL + 3 cotton shirts + 3 silk ties


Made-to-measure suit in WOOL/POLYESTER + 3 cotton shirts + 3 silk ties



Made-to-measure suit in PURE WOOL + 3 cotton shirts + 3 silk ties



Corporate Start-up Wardrobe We are delighted to offer a complete start-up wardrobe with three entry levels. Each wardrobe package has a two-piece suit, 3 cotton shirts and 3 silk ties. All garments are specially selected to create the right first impression. Please make an appointment to view the range of materials and styles available.

To arrange an appointment call John Parrett

01202 289090 Fox Tailoring Compton Acres 164 Canford Cliffs Road Poole Dorset BH13 7ES

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Take the faster route to business growth!


By Paul Haley from Sterling Business

hen you are seeking to grow your business asking for help can be a daunting task, but how much anyone needs to know about the business in order to accelerate growth is debateable. Some businesses are very specialised and others more general, so how much can somebody from outside the business really know?

Examples of the business creator being ousted by their board are numerous as are smaller business owners selling out when they didn’t expect “all those problems with the business stuff”. I have to tell you that the business stuff is my specialisation so when you are losing sleep or not sure what to do next then call in an expert – it’s what you would recommend to your clients!

Anyone who has set up a business should be, or should aspire to be, the expert in that core business and there is little anybody can or should add to this. Specialists in this field may well ask advice from that business owner or know of other clients who could use their expertise. But just because the business owner is good at what they do why should they also be good at running a business? Very few are and most business owners are keen to focus on what makes them contented and feel comfortable.

Paul is the Creator of “the unfair advantage programme” and a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice. Find out more at or call Paul on 07887 553242 for a no obligation chat!

WE’LL HELP YOU SEE THE POTENTIAL IN YOUR BUSINESS For clear, affordable business advice, call 07887 553242 or email Page 24

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Huge savings for your business!

Ask for details! Contact Peter Westwood TODAY! Tel: 01202 233582 or 07837 113224 Email: Website:

Office Phone

Office Mobile

Office Internet

Office Gas

Office Electricity

Comparison is correct as of 16 March 2012. Up to 80% saving is compared with BT’s standard business rates. Charges, terms and conditions apply. See the Utility Warehouse website for full details.

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October/November April/May


Sports betting systems are a great way to make TAX FREE money. “Timing is everything, especially now when the world is in deep recession… Do not miss the boat with our amazing tax-free cash generation business opportunity?” Create an immediate “tax free” income from anywhere in the world using your computer, iPad or mobile telephone. Our traders have a 10 year track record in the “Sports and Index Trading Markets” and our trading results are updated daily. We have a full range of trading strategies on a pay as you go basis, information only and Trader’s Club membership. Our very successful trader Colin Harris returned over 2020% tax-free profits in 20092010 gross of Betfair’s commissions using a 5% staking plan. Past performance is no guarantee for the future… In February 2012, our Horse Laying system generated over 50% tax free profits. Contact Contact us us today today for for aa free free information information pack: pack: Tel: 07971 511934 • Email: Email: • Website: Tel: 07971511934 Website:


Fine Seafront Dining at Ocean Bay Restaurant

Block out the competition and be the only company of your trade or profession represented in this local business to business journal. A short trip over the Sandbanks Chain Ferry by car, bus or bike leads you to the town ofpackages’ Swanage and its premier For details on our ‘advertising packages’ andpicturesque the ‘marketing available seaside Restaurant, " Bay". There is plenty of window seating to admire please contact: Peter on 01202 233580 or email the views and the relaxed atmosphere gives a sense of holiday, day or night.

We are a family friendly restaurant and also offer a children's menu. We use local produce for our menus to create interesting dishes with fresh fish, quality seafood or meats. Vegetarian options and special dietary requirements are catered for and we have party menus available to suit your function. Full à la carte menu and extensive wine list available Roast Lunch is served all day Sunday for £9.95 For all our seasonal menus and special offers please go to Tel: 01929 422222 now to reserve your table Ocean Bay Restaurant, 2 Ulwell Rd, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1LH

Page 26 a FREE copy go to advertise in this local journal telephone 01202Page 233580 To receive 25



Skills Shortage for Engineering Sector! By Terry Porter, Operations Director at Rubicon People


here’s no denying that the increasing skills shortage within the UK engineering sector is having a significant negative impact on engineering firms. Consequently, engineering businesses are reluctant to release experienced engineers when they do not have sufficient work, for fear of not being able to replace them when the work does come in. To help address this issue the government is injecting a second round of cash into its £25 million Higher Apprenticeship Fund. This funding aims to develop an additional 4,230 new apprenticeships within specialist engineering sectors including; “low-carbon”, “space” and “aviation”. There is also an extra 6 million pounds of funding aimed at creating a further 23,000 places for young people in the UK to learn engineering skills. Whilst this is great news for the British engineering industry, it is no quick fix. With the current climate, the majority of advertisements for engineering jobs are met with an inundation of applicants; many of whom will not have the required skills to do the job. Sifting through applicants, effectively, requires experience, patience and time.

Established in 1982 Rubicon People is a professional recruitment agency using innovative candidate recruitment and assessment methods to supply talented people into a wide range of successful UK businesses. Rubicon People’s three storey Recruitment Centre, based on the High Street in Poole (but extending across the region with our unique Recruitment Wagon), ideally places us to work with companies throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset & Wiltshire staffing temporary vacancies, whilst we successfully fill permanent jobs throughout the UK. For further information and to help solve your engineering skills shortage please give Terry a call on 01202 680311 or send an email to

Rubicon People, 71 High Street, Poole, Dorset BH15 7AF, Tel: 01202 680311

Rubicon People’s dedicated Engineering Division is working more closely than ever with their engineering clients to supply temporary and contract staff, and, more increasingly, finding permanent skilled & experienced engineers, at every level, to join companies on a more permanent basis. Rubicon People celebrates 30 local years in business and works with more than 100 engineering specific companies in Dorset alone. It has separate teams of Recruitment Consultants dedicated to sourcing and placing permanent engineering candidates, contractors & temporary staff.

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Issue 23  

BUSINESS TIPS AND ADVICE! Issue 23/2012 Oct/Nov Your local business to business journal Points of Interest in this Issue: • Taking Boat St...

Issue 23  

BUSINESS TIPS AND ADVICE! Issue 23/2012 Oct/Nov Your local business to business journal Points of Interest in this Issue: • Taking Boat St...