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Points of interest in this issue: • Carrington Charity Golf Day on Sat 26 June (I/F Cover) • Join Gym for FREE at Village Hotel Bournemouth (p6) • Property Profits from Pensions by Alan Cracknell (p17) • Caffe Culture Show at Olympia 23, 24 & 25 June (p18) • Turn your Smart Phone into a Smart Sales Tool (p23) • Charity BBQ Captains Club Hotel on Fri 11 June (p25)

Helping your business to develop and grow! Issue 08/2010


ANYONE FOR TEE? If you’re interested in golf, make sure you keep Saturday June 26th free. Local radio station HOPE FM is organising a ‘Carnival of Golf’ in conjunction with The Carrington Club, one of the south’s leading business networks.

‘Putting’ on the style… The Carnival will take place at Sturminster Marshall Golf Club. This is a little gem of a course, set amongst mature trees and a couple of lakes. Sturminster Marshall is very rural but is accessible from a number of main roads. The golf course is signposted from the A350 Poole-Blandford road when you arrive in the village of Sturminster Marshall. You can find out more details from the club’s website, at: Mike Dodd is the owner of the Sturminster Marshall Golf Club – and it is rapidly becoming known as one of the best golfing academies for junior golfers in the South West. However, you don’t have to be young to join in the Carnival of Golf! All age groups are invited to play - including both experienced players and beginners (and there will be lots of prizes!).

‘Pitching’ for your support… The competition will be a nine-hole team event, four-ball, better ball - i.e. teams of four, with the best two scores counting at each hole. There will be 3/4 handicaps on the day, with a maximum handicap of 24 for men and 26 for women. Entry to the competition costs just £80 per team (Barter Card is also accepted). There are also plenty of opportunities to support the event in other ways. So why not: • Enter a team or sponsor a hole • Showcase your company or exhibit your products at the event • Help us to raise money for the following charities: Bournemouth YMCA/HOPE FM, Poole Hospice and St James’s Place Foundation The emphasis of the day is on fun and the course will be laid out as a ‘greenkeeper’s revenge’. This means that Mike will be setting the course up with interesting pin and tee positions. He says: “You’ll never have more fun than this on a golf course!" If it’s successful, it’s hoped to make the Carnival an annual event – so please support it! Registration forms can be downloaded from the HOPE FM or Sturminster Marshall Golf Club websites. All payments should be made to Bournemouth YMCA/HOPE FM. For further details about the event, please contact Sheena Dayman at

‘Driving’ forces in the local community Bournemouth YMCA/HOPE FM is a charitable organisation and local radio station and is keen to support the local Dorset community. It broadcasts on 90.1FM in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas. It can also be listened to live via the Internet around the world. Visit for further details. The Carrington Club is a dynamic but friendly business generation club that is also keen to support the local business community. Its aim is to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships through regular network and social meetings. More details can be found at


Editor’s Note The game of chess can be a complex one, but at the same time the simple moves can also be the most effective, especially if they are made at the right time! Having said that if you make the wrong move and leave yourself vulnerable to attack your opponent will invariably punish you! Basically the game of chess needs to be given a lot of careful planning for you to win the game and sometimes you will go down one route only to find a few moves later that you should have gone down a different route. In a lot of ways this ethos could be applied to the running of a business, because in business it is all about making the right moves, otherwise we could find ourselves at the mercy of our competition. In today’s volatile market place we also need to put together a business plan with schedules for various courses of action. Hopefully we will then be able to steer our companies on to a profitable path and out of recession. Sometimes we may need help and advice to place us on the right path and I trust that you will find the editorial pages of this local business to business journal packed full of professional assistance. Perhaps it would be a good idea to also keep your personal copy safe so that you could refer to it when needed, but please remember that if you cannot find the help you want in this issue you can always visit our website and view all the back issues since we started.

Peter Westwood


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Why do Room Rates fluctuate so much? By Brendan Westwood, Ramada Encore Hotel

he hotel industry, along


fluctuate. There are many

Generally most hotels will have

with most other

reasons, but generally it is

a better deal the further out you

businesses is run on

down to lack of rooms sold.

book, so for instance if you

supply and demand - if the

For instance, you have a hotel

business is good, then the price

which has 100 rooms available

goes up and if it is not so good

to sell. Over a 7 day period,

then the price goes down.

6 days have sold 80 rooms per

Although that is the basics,

night and the 7th day has sold

there is actually a lot more to

40 room nights. You then have

managing room rates in hotels.

one day a lot lower than the

If we need to consider the location of a hotel, for instance, being in Bournemouth, trade is very seasonal, and relies on the tourism. This explains why in

others, and the norm is to reduce the room rate on that

were to book 3-6 months out, you would get the hotel and location you wanted, and normally at a good price, perhaps there might even be some special offers, which would normally be closed due to lack of rooms available nearer the time.

day, in the hope it would generate more guests and increase the rooms sold.

So my advice is to choose your hotel and book early, as you will

the summer, the room prices

This is usually the way it works,

normally get special offers which

increase, again because of

and because of this system,

wouldn’t be available if the hotel

supply and demand.

guests tend to wait for the last

is busy. The other option, if you are

minute to book and hope to get

a regular business visitor, is to get

a cheaper deal, similar to the

a set corporate rate for the year,

airline industry. But this is a two

which would not fluctuate. If that

way street and can actually be a

was with the Ramada Encore Hotel,

false economy. Why? I hear you

you would not only get

ask. If we go back to the supply

a discounted rate off midweek

and demand principle, the one

business, but in the height of

night you would get at a

summer you could also have the

That gives you a rough idea

reduced rate is good, but would

last room available at your

why room rates fluctuate

that counter the extra for the

discounted rate. Please contact me

based on location and time of

other nights, as the price would

on 01202 291266 or email

year. But why do individual

have increased due to the

days in the same period

amount of rooms sold.

if you would like more information.

However, a hotel in London would be affected in the opposite way. Business clients go on holiday, the city gets hot and humid and people tend to want to get away, so London prices tend to decrease.

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How to choose an Outside Caterer? By Derek Brown, General Manager, Black Label Events lanning a wedding, a mile

Look to be Precise!

stone birthday party, an

Whatever you want you must

anniversary, or any other

be precise in your requirements


big event can be stressful and

and then you will be able to

very time consuming! You may

select a caterer from a list of

have found the perfect location

suitable providers.

for your event, but are you

They would assign you a personal Event Co-ordinator, who would arrange to meet you in person and discuss your event in detail. They are able to provide catering for all events from wedding receptions, office

finding it hard to choose an

Perhaps you should choose

board meetings and dinner

outside caterer?

a caterer that assigns you with

parties at your own house!

your own personal Events To ensure your event is an enjoyable and memorable one, here is a checklist to consider that will assist you when making your final choice.

Co-ordinator, whose job it is to create and run an event to ensure you have as little stress on you as possible.

Their packages can range from a finger buffet through to a gourmet dinner and they will include everything that is needed to deliver the chosen

Running an event takes a lot of

menu to your guests from linen

Look for Experience!

work and organisation and can

and tableware, tables, chairs

Firstly you will need a caterer

be very stressful. It is not for the

and even the staff to serve,

who employs a strong

fainthearted! Ask colleagues if

if required.

experienced team, who have

they have used a catering

both planned and catered for

company before and study

many outside events. You will

carefully any feedback they can

To discuss your requirements

need them to be adaptable and


please contact one of the

be able to fit in to any style or theme you decide.

Look for Good Food! It goes without saying that the

Black Label Events Sales From your very first enquiry you

Team on 01202 726395,

need to feel you are getting the

or send an email to

right professional help, advice

and ideas.

key in making your event

If after all of this you are still

perfect is good food, so you

searching for the perfect caterer

need a caterer that can sit down

then why not take a closer look

with you in person and design a

at Black Label Events, who are

bespoke menu to make it

the exclusive caterer to AFC

personal to your event.


Black Label Events, AFC Bournemouth, Dean Court, Bournemouth, BH7 7AF

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Exercise, Nutrition & Disease Prevention By Robert Fordham M.Sc, B.Sc (Hons), Exercise Physiologist


e live in a society laden with temptation. Having narrowly escaped the Christmas bulge and wrestled with New Years resolutions, we must conquer a fresh set of challenges disguised as religious festivals; namely the fast approaching ‘chocolate-fest’ that is Easter. At this time, perhaps it is only right to highlight the inherent dangers of over-indulgence and associated disease states we surely wish to avoid.

Calorie Balance There exists a plethora of myths regarding weight management. However, weight gain is generically simple, representing the outcome of a positive energy balance; whereby caloric intake outweighs expenditure. Since exercise is the cornerstone of weight loss programs, it represents the simplest means to offset such accumulation.

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Control Food is presented in such energy dense fashion and in a manner designed to appeal to all of the senses that it might seem impossible to control your desires. But consider this: obesity is the primary nonmetabolic risk factor for Type II Diabetes. By continually over-indulging, you increase your risk of disease states. Through maintenance of a balanced diet however, one can avoid such predisposition.

Timing The time we choose to exercise and eat has a considerable impact on our body. Low intensity aerobic exercise performed in the morning (prior to breaking your fast) allows us to burn a greater amount of fat. Eating little and often also ignites your metabolic furnace, improving your fat burning potential at rest. Since tomorrow never really comes, why not consider these modest changes to your lifestyle now and start your tomorrow today?

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Snippets from around the world! By Andy Fletcher from Transworld GB


irstly on a recent business trip I was reminded of the amazing work that Russia has done on Ground Effect Vehicles (GEV’s). In some circles these vehicles have an amazing future as a means of transporting both people and freight. A GEV is one which follows the contour of the earth, whether that is on water or land. In each case the vehicle has wings because the Ground Effect is caused by an interaction between its wings and the surface that it is moving over. A cushion of air is created in the process and the vehicle then becomes a cross between a hovercraft and an aircraft. These vehicles are also known as WIG’s (Wing In Ground effect) or WISE (Wing In Surface Effect).

To define these vehicles is difficult, to say the least, because they resemble Aircraft but rely on Ground Effect to "fly". The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) calls them "ships" and the Russians who invented the process call them seaskimmers or Ekranoplans. On another subject altogether, I have just returned from a trip to Zambia and was amazed and impressed at some of their traffic laws! For instance if you transport people e.g. Taxi Driver, then you need a different driving licence which you must display at all times and if you visit a filling station when you have passengers they must all disembark whilst the vehicle is being refuelled. Two good ideas from a wonderful country!


International Removals Pet Relocation Domestic and International Couriers Freight Forwarder Overseas Shipping Full Packing Service Department for Transport Approved Aviation Security Validation Assessment

T. Lewisham is a fiercely independent international freight forwarder and haulage courier company, offering an enormous range of International Air Freight, Shipping, Road Movement and Forward Services in the UK and around the world. Our knowledge and experience gained over 35 years in international freight forwarding, has enabled us to stay at the forefront of the specialised haulage / courier and shipping industry.

“On time, On cost, and to your Total Satisfaction” Contact us Now – you’ll profit from the experience! T. Lewisham Ltd PO Box 5391, Ebblake Industrial Estate, VERWOOD, UK, BH31 6ZX Tel: 01725 517066 • Mobile: 07980 382049 • Skype: transworldgb • Fax: 08717301941 Email: •

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A Better Investment than Google? By Murray Cowell, Belmont Internet Marketing


n the scramble to get to the top of Google, many businesses overlook the most costeffective way to generate profitable repeat business – email marketing. Studies show that two-thirds of people subscribe to at least one email newsletter. Over 70% of big businesses use email marketing to communicate with customers. But you don't have to be a big business or spend a lot to send regular emails to customers. A professional service can cost less than £15 a month. The results can be amazing:CityLocal in Southampton use email marketing to keep in touch with their customers. Up to 40% of customers read each email and as many as 10% respond. ( Art of Swimming run specialist swimming lessons. They sent a single email to their customers and received over 40 enquiries for lessons and holidays

Page 8

within the next seven days. ( Winchester Joinery Ltd provide bespoke joinery, flooring, doors & windows. After displaying their high performance Scandinavian windows at the recent “Ecobuild” exhibition, they sent an email to the people they had met there. Within 4 hours they had received serious enquiries for business worth over £50,000 ( If you're not using email marketing, you could be missing out on an easy source of repeat business. Worse still, if your competitors are emailing your customers and you're not, they could be stealing your business from under your nose. So if you've got a list of over 100 customers, you're ready to start email marketing. If you haven't, you can start building your list today. To download a FREE guide to running successful email marketing campaigns, please visit

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What on Earth does an IFA do? By Mark Keniston, MD at Alexander Price


side from attaining the relevant qualifications, the real advantage of an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) is that they offer “whole of market” advice. This sets them aside many High Street bank advisers, or the direct sales adviser, who only has a limited product range available. The additional downside for them – and their customers – is if they were asked to comment on an Equitable Life Endowment, as they could only discuss this generically. However, an IFA is authorised to advise if any individual company’s policies are appropriate to each client’s particular needs. For an IFA there is no limit to the choice available from the whole market - this is a major advantage to clients advised by IFA’s. An IFA offer clients a choice of both paying for their services by a fee/retainer basis or they can elect to remunerate them by commissions. If you are interested (stay awake now!) here is a typical client scenario; a mid forties self-employed high rate tax paying businessman, his ‘better half’ is a housewife with 2 teenaged children, large mortgage arranged on a repayment basis etc. He tells us that he has made no pension provision and has a spare £100 a month to fund a pension plan and he wants to know which pension plan is best for him. Well, back in the 80’s this could have been the easiest sale in history all conducted using the back of a pack of Marlboro! Thank heavens things have moved on. The duty of the financial adviser is to know your client, treat clients fairly, and to provide advice that is not only appropriate to the clients individual needs but to present all advice in a manner that is not misleading and is easily understandable – therefore, an IFA should always be acting in the best interests of his client. Now this fellow tells us he’s a fairly cautious type of guy – not something typical of the self-employed I must say. It also transpires that some 9 years ago he purchased a bungalow on a buy to let basis, which has easily doubled in value. Now it seems to me that this chap had already begun his

retirement planning, without being fully aware of the fact – note the use of the word retirement, not pension - via the purchase of the second property. If he was happy with the possible continued risk that this entailed then it was now a matter of arranging and diversifying other assets that could be utilised for funding his retirement aspirations. Needless to say we also reviewed other areas of his finances including income and mortgage protection, etc. Identifying and servicing the client’s real needs, and not the client’s own perception of what they feel they want, is now paramount in the occupation of an IFA, and proves they can really add value! At Alexander Price we like to say that the genuine things we sell to our clients are “knowledge, awareness and peace of mind.” If this is what you are looking for then you should give us a call on 01202 840900 or send an email to Alexander Price Ltd, 20 West Borough, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1NF

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A recipe for disaster! By Mike Burden, Copyrite Business Solutions


n the 11th December 2005 fuel escaped from storage at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot, it vapourised, forming a flammable mixture that subsequently ignited at around 06.00 that morning with devastating consequences.

It may be old news, but the lessons learnt from Buncefield are still as valid today as they were then. Amongst these is the fact that denial of access due to nearby issues can seriously harm businesses ability to trade. A number of businesses in the area suffered serious impacts from the indirect effects of the disaster. Their premises were not damaged, their staff unaffected, but they were denied access to their place of work due to the potential hazards following the explosions.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley. It is fact that your business will be vulnerable to external factors that you have little or no control over. You can however plan against those risks and many already do. The question to ask is, “Is my planning extensive enough?” In its rawest form, most businesses plan to make periodic copies of their electronic data onto tapes or external disks, and to move those to an offsite location for protection. Some even go so far as to test that they can restore that data, and risk conscious businesses will go further and test the complete recovery of their IT systems as well as the data. With the exception of larger businesses, very few truly consider everything that is required in order to keep their business running when unable to access their premises.

Ingredients Thousands of litres of fuel Leaking storage tank The wrong environmental conditions

assembly instructions for the manufacturing plant, maybe internal documents key to workflow processes within the business. In paper form these are costly to replicate and store offsite quickly and efficiently, so often they are ignored. This need not be the case. The right IT solutions provider will look at your business processes and needs as well as the discrete IT ones when they consider your business continuity and disaster recovery planning with you. They will advise you on the ways of integrating your paper documents seamlessly into your business applications, show you how to quickly and cost effectively replace paper with electronic images, and help you reduce the amount of paper you print and store. Best of breed solutions for document integration, management, and creation will enable you to better combine your paper flow through your business with your IT, so that recovery in the event of a disaster is far more complete and effective. So why take the risk? If your IT provider isn’t talking to you about this yet, ask them if they have the skills and expertise to help, or call Copyrite and start taking steps to better protect your business. Copyrite Business Solutions is a provider of integrated IT, Print and Business Software solutions. If you want to rate this article and/or place your vote for the next topic to be covered, then please go to

A prime example of this is the paper flow throughout an organisation. Perhaps it’s a batch of large orders received by post that morning, or

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NEW RULES FOR RENTS ABOVE £25,000 PER ANNUM By Sharon Moore from Move on Rentals At present an Assured Shorthold Tenancy covers rents up to £25,000 per annum (up to £2083 per month), but as of the 1st October 2010 any Tenancy with an annual rent between £25,000 and £100,000 in existence will automatically become as Assured Shorthold Tenancy overnight. This change will parachute all of the rights and responsibilities of the Housing Act 1988 onto tenancies – as well as having to protect deposits for the first time. Failure to have them protected on the 1st October could be in breach of the law and the courts are being forewarned.

The changes are receiving mixed reviews, some are saying that changes in the law is one thing but to change the terms of agreed contracts is another, whilst tenants whose rents have been in the higher bracket are welcoming the mandatory protection of their deposits. Failure to protect a deposit means a landlord must pay back three times the deposit held to the tenant and the landlord will not be able to issue a valid Section 21 Notice, which in the event a tenant is taken to court, the proceedings would be dismissed. Of course anything could change, the present Government has been known for U-turns and if a different party is elected in May then anything could happen!

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Keeping up to Date! By Susie Smith, Dickinson Manser Solicitors t is often difficult for businesses to keep up to date with all the regulatory changes that affect their business and sector. Here are just a few of the key changes that are likely to affect the majority of businesses in the near future.

Agency Workers

Time off to Train

New regulations are expected to

Data Protection

working and employment

The Information Commissioner is to get new powers from 6th April 2010 to fine businesses up to ÂŁ500,000 for breaching data protection legislation. Statutory Guidance has been issued by the Information Commissioner on how the new powers will be used. Here are a few tips for businesses drawn from that guidance:-

conditions, once they have

1. Consider and assess the risks.

be substantially extended for the

2. Pay special attention when processing sensitive or large volumes of data.

parents of babies born after 3rd

Employees are to be given the right to request time off for training. This will apply to businesses employing 250 or more people from 6th April 2010 and all others from 6th April 2011. Employers will need to consider any requests and respond to them within 28 days. If the request is accepted without variation, the employer can simply notify the employee in writing. In all other cases, the employer will need to meet with the employee to discuss the request and then notify them in writing of the decision within 14 days. Employers will be able to approve requests subject to changes or refuse requests provided they do so for one of the business reasons specified under the regulations.

3. Have appropriate policies and procedures in place.

mother does not take all of her

4. Follow any guidance or codes of practice issued by the Information Commissioner.

father may be able to take

5. Act quickly to resolve any problems encountered or inadequacies in your procedures or practices.

return to the same job, on the


come into force on 1st October 2011 giving extra rights to agency workers. The new regulations will essentially mean that agency workers will have the right to equal treatment, in respect of certain

been on the same assignment for 12 weeks. The rights will apply to pay (including salary, commission, some bonus payments, holiday pay and overtime), holiday, breaks and working times.

Paternity Paternity leave rights are set to

April 2011. This will basically mean that where a baby’s statutory maternity leave the between 2 and 26 weeks of additional paternity leave. Employees will be entitled to

If you need any advice or assistance on the impact of these or any other regulatory changes please contact a member of the Dickinson Manser Commercial Team on 01202 673071 or send an email to

same terms and conditions, following their additional paternity leave.

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As Plain as Day! By John Bullock, Lighting Design The word on everyone’s lips these days is

Sometimes it’s as simple as being able to switch

‘sustainability’. It’s much like the Perpetual

off the lights nearest the windows. Or maybe we

Motion Machine – a great idea, but impossible

can alter room layouts to benefit more from

to achieve. Of course, while energy costs rise

natural light? Are the walls light enough to make

and natural resources run out, it’s possible that the boffins will simply produce a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card and we just carry on as if nothing

best use of window light? And when was the last time the skylight was cleaned?

untoward is happening. But I wouldn’t put any

How about a bit of help from some old-

money on it – not this time.

fashioned technology? It’s suggested that the

There’s one option that we might make more use of, and it’s a kind of ‘energy–free light bulb’; it’s called Daylight. If we want to help ourselves a bit

builders of the pyramids used mirrors to bring daylight deep into the chambers of the tombs. Daylight is something that’s available to us at no

further along the Road to Sustainable Energy

cost. It’s there whether we use it or not - and

Use, then perhaps it’s best we start looking at our

maybe that’s our problem. But we’ll all get very

working environment to see how we can gain

annoyed the day that the government taxes it,

from all this ‘free light’.

as they did in 1696!

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The Importance of Regularly Updated Images! By Steve Cook, Seeker Photography


e all (hopefully) know the importance of having great images to promote your business but what about the need to keep them fresh!

One of the things that will keep people coming back to your website is a constant supply of new images, reflecting the changing season and the latest trends in your industry. You may have had successes, new personnel or products and want to showcase these. By having regular photo-shoots you will keep up this supply of new images that are essential to feed your PR efforts.

Press releases, website, social media all need these images to catch the attention of editors and readers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Business Scene and Twitter are central to our marketing and by using these fresh new images you can keep people coming back for more. There's nothing worse than seeing the same images used time and again in the press, and eventually the Editors will get bored of seeing them and stop publishing your articles. So remember to keep your PR image constantly updated with new photos and stay ahead of the competition!

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How to save money in the long run? By Peter Westwood, Authentic Colour Print Ltd


e are all affected by the so called ‘credit crunch’ in one way, shape or form and as such this can seriously jeopardise our decision making, especially when it comes to purchasing some product or service. When money is not flowing into the business we do not want to spend any more than we have to, but unfortunately we are all drawn into the trap of buying on price alone and what we should be doing is buying on the best advice, because in the long run it will save us money! To highlight this point I would just like to tell you a story about a client who wanted to have a full colour Company Brochure produced to promote their business, along with a practical Company Folder to send out data sheets and reports that they produced themselves on their own laser printer, but unfortunately the overall cost worked out to be more than they could afford at the moment. When I asked could they just have one of the items produced, they replied this is

Page 16

not the possible as they wanted a functional folder to run their business and a brochure to promote their business. By thinking outside the box and coming up with a creative design we were able to combine both items into one document that turned out to be a six page Brochure/Folder with a centre pocket that they could use in both instances. They liked this idea very much and to their surprise the price worked out to be not that much different to the Company Brochure on its own, giving them exactly what they wanted at nearly half the price. The answer therefore is to buy on the best advice because in this instance it also gave them the best price. Perhaps the only problem with this is where do you find truly independent, impartial and incisive advice? It can sometimes be difficult in finding a printer you can trust especially if they only have certain equipment that can only produce certain items. In this instance they will obviously advise you to have a

product that is suited to their press for them to produce inhouse. However, this may not be the best option for you and as such you should seriously consider the benefits that a Print Broker can give you as they have more resources at their finger tips then any one printer can offer you. With over 30 ‘trade printers’ on our books Authentic Colour can truly give you a service that is above and beyond our competitors, a service that you can guarantee is independent, impartial and incisive and one that will save you money in the long run. To find out more please telephone 01202 532277 or email

Authentic Colour Print Limited, Spacemaker House, 518 Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 8PT. Tel: 01202 532277 Email:

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Property Profits from your Pension! By Alan Cracknell from Platinum Investment Property


ensions haven’t necessarily performed well lately. With-profits pensions haven’t always shown that ‘profit’, company pension schemes maybe in deficit and the Government ‘lifeboat’ for bailing out failing pension funds is in deficit itself to the tune of £ millions. Every day, all over the UK, people are quietly taking their old, unloved, forgotten, underperforming, personal, company and opted-out (of SERPS) pensions and taking control of their OWN money. How? An increasingly popular product that people are investing in with their new or existing SIPP’s Computer Generated Image (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is overseas commercial property. One of the very best developers of such property is Harlequin Property. With their creative business model, private funding and debt-free status, is it any wonder that they have sold over 4,000 properties in just 4 years? Just look at these benefits of investing either in or out of a pension… • Harlequin’s investment properties are freehold with excellent potential for high capital appreciation and an annual rental income • Properties are sold off plan at up to 50% below current market value • Receive up to ten years 10% rental guarantee followed by 50% net room rate share • All you pay is £1,000 reservation fee. 100% finance** is available – the developer pays the monthly repayment on the loan for the 30% deposit • 70% developer loan available on completion (subject to finance)

• Harlequin properties are suitable for SIPP investment*** • 30 days free use per year (except SIPP investors) • Resorts will have 5 star amenities including a Pat Cash Tennis Academy, Liverpool FC Soccer School, Cricket Academy, Diving & Watersports Centre, Alaia Spa and several Restaurants & Bars - Trader Vic’s, Arlecchino, Olivers, Ginger & Co, Jesters, Jacks, The Bay Beach Club and HQ. • The Marquis Estate in St Lucia will feature a Gary Player Signature Golf Course • Resorts will be managed, maintained and marketed by Harlequin Hotels & Resorts in Association with Oasis Hotels & Resorts Consider all of the benefits outlined above and you can see why this is being hailed as possibly THE best armchair investment available anywhere in the world today.

Computer Generated Image

Visit our website, email us on, or call us on 0845 632003 to arrange a personal meeting. Platinum Investment Property Ltd is a Main Agent for Harlequin Property. *Excludes SIPP investors. **Subject to status. Terms & conditions apply. All information contained in this copy is correct at time of writing but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and does not form part of any contract. The Vendor reserves the right to alter the information without prior notice. ***A SIPP is a Self Invested Personal Pension enabling the investor to choose where their pension fund is invested. Harlequin’s properties in the Caribbean are suitable for SIPP investment and overseas pension investment. Platinum Investment Property Ltd does not provide advice on SIPPs. Interested clients will be introduced to an authorised FSA firm for this purpose. Platinum Investment Property Ltd and representatives are not authorised and regulated by the financial Services Authority. Platinum Investment Property Ltd do not offer Financial Advice.

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The Caffe Culture Show at Olympia in June 2010 By Ken Lovell from messagecrazy


large important segment of sign sales come from cafe's, bistro, pub and restaurants, so much so the Caffe Culture Show, which is an international event, will be held at Olympia, London on 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2010. For more information please visit There will be a number of new products on display that are highly suited to this particular market, including low cost Lighted Window Menu's or Lighted Advertising Window Posters. Both offer improved daytime viewing and they are unmissable during evening hours. These transparent full colour

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posters and menu's can be quickly and easily changed, making them very user friendly. Other products on show will include 'Write On Wipe Off' Instant Message Signs , Pavement Boards, Moving Text Message Signs - single line/fully programmable, LED 'Open'/Cafe Signs, large Full Colour Panel Signs printed on to Correx, Foamex or Dibond rigid substrates up to 4 metres square in size. If you are looking for a local Dorset company that can offer you all of these products and more then you should give messagecrazy a call on 05600 473400. They can supply all of your signage needs, including artwork and fixing if required. For further information on all messagecrazy products please click on: or send an email to or visit them at the Caffe Culture Show in Olympia.

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Think forward and take action!

By Karl Fuller, Space Maker Self Storage


fter ambitious predictions that the recession would be over this year, it is clear we are in this for the long haul. Yes, the economy is in a fragile state but why should that prevent you from progressing your business? Now is the time to think forward and take action. Some companies are downsizing and some are taking a look at what their existing arrangements are, and how they can be better utilised. Instead of moving premises to create space, why not declutter, organise and archive old paperwork. Unused furniture gets in the way but may be needed later and is expensive to replace. Why not use a self storage unit to enable you to collect or drop off items as the need arises. You can organise the unit with racking and labelled archive

boxes so you can easily lay your hands on that elusive file. Each unit is individually alarmed for those sensitive documents and certain members of staff can be specified to have access as an extra security measure. Space Maker Self Storage offers a safe, secure alternative to some document storage companies whereby you may have to pay to retrieve a particular file. We allow you access to your files seven days a week for free! Contact Space Maker Self Storage for an evaluation of any excess items you may want to store and a competitive quote. Also, as a special offer we will give ÂŁ20.00 worth of archive boxes with any unit taken before the end of May 2010!

on self storage units

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VoIP for Low Cost and Great Features! By Anita Potten, Director, TX Installations Compared to conventional telephone systems, there are two major areas where VoIP (Voice over IP) has a huge advantage – low cost and great features! Businesses are lured to the technology not only by the competitive call plans but by the additional benefit of call features which have previously cost thousands of pounds. Traditionally, the ability to forward calls to multiple locations within a business required a PBX box which needed to be wired into the office’s phone system, maintained and periodically replaced.

With VoIP the ability to set up multiple extensions, direct dial numbers and conference in several employees and clients can be provided for very little cost. By changing to VoIP businesses of all sizes can change the way they portray themselves to the outside world. You can set up extensions and pass calls around them and you never need miss a call as you

can tell the system to reach you anywhere, (where ever you are in the world!). You can even set up rules for when you want to receive calls and when you don’t and a VoIP provider can send your voice mails as an email attachment so that you can listen to them on your Blackberry, iPhone or any PDA. So, while businesses are attracted to VoIP by the cost benefits they can also obtain the type of telephony services that was way beyond their reach with traditional providers. Conversely, companies that have always been used to having this level of telephony service are starting to question why they are spending vast amounts of money on new systems when they could enjoy the same level of quality and call features for considerably less. For Ainscough Vanguard this VOIP solution, delivered by TXI, provided a fully managed communications solution, covering 7 geographical areas and as Andy Argile their IT Manager explains “The solution was installed quickly and efficiently, the hardware requires no special knowledge to install and TXI were available and helpful during the simple setup. They also have a

helpdesk which assists me with managing the systems call routing, voice mail and diverting of calls.” Andy went on to say “The system was initially setup by TXI to the specification I wanted and anything in the system can be changed easily using the Business Portal. If I don’t have the time, or I want TXI to do it, they make the changes with the minimum of fuss. They have approached any bespoke requests for the system as a challenge and come up with a solution that works quickly. I am very pleased with how the whole project went and how helpful TXI have been.”

TXI has over 10 years experience in providing Business Telecommunications Solutions. “At TXI we believe in long-term relationships… …just ask our customers” Call 01202 233550

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The Dale Carnegie Course®

High Impact Presentations

A training process that improves company profitability by improving employee performance. Interactive sessions elicit full participation in the learning process through practice and group discussion. As people experience breakthrough training in “real life” situations, self-confidence and productivity increase. Can be tailored for groups interested in becoming more productive teams.

Intensive training that concentrates on developing presentation skills. Participants learn methods for planning and delivering effective presentations, as well as how to respond to questions from audiences, the media, and in impromptu situations. Presentations are video taped for review and personal coaching is provided during training.

Sales Advantage This cutting-edge programme trains sales professionals to build relationships that open more doors and close more sales. Participants learn concrete, practical selling techniques that help them establish rapport and create solutions. Sales Advantage focuses on consultative selling and examines the steps to sell customers based upon listening to what they need. Sales Advantage’s proven method can be customised and applied to any field.

Leadership Training for Managers This highly concentrated programme focuses on primary management functions and communication skills development. Enhances leadership ability, including motivating, fostering cooperation, and building teamwork. Encourages short-term and long-term planning and goal setting.

Customised Corporate Solutions

Dale Carnegie Training ® 6 Whittle Road Ferndown Industrial Estate Dorset BH21 7RU

Training customised for the specific requirements of an organisation. All programmes include a comprehensive assessment of company needs, interviews with personnel at all levels, and an analysis of corporate mission statements. Fast-paced training sessions hone communication skills, build teamwork, and encourage better time and stress management. Posttraining reviews and evaluations help ensure long-term effectiveness.

Executive Coaching Programme A programme for developing greater awareness of how executives and professionals are perceived, and ways to influence and improve that perception. Participants focus on key elements of creating, communicating and maintaining a leadership image.

World Class Customer Service This programme focuses on delivering superior service that not only satisfies customers but also transforms them into business partners. We equip your employees with the ability to perform their role of winning and retaining customers, to figure out customer priorities and apply tested strategies to foster enduring relationships.

High Performance Teams This programme turns talented individual players into high performing team members. We offer business people the techniques to implement critical team processes, such as defining shared goals and clarifying individual responsibilities.



TURN YOUR SMART PHONE INTO A SMART SALES TOOL. THE NEW DALE CARNEGIE SECRETS of SUCCESS APP. DOWNLOAD TO YOUR IPHONE, ITOUCH OR BLACKBERRY. The uses of the app to help you sell more are only limited by your imagination. The app is like having a coach with you at all times.

Learn how to apply the Dale Carnegie principles with video examples. Valuable tips in the areas of: • Team Member Engagement • Leadership Development • Sales Effectiveness • Customer Service • Presentation Effectiveness • Process Improvement

Visit to download Dale Carnegie's Secrets of Success App.

For more information, please contact: Dale Carnegie Training® 01202 892891

Download it today and have some fun!

or visit us online at:

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Enjoy the delights of spring! By Linda Nicol, Managing Director, PA Central


ith spring on its way it is time to look to the future for businesses and time to think about how to build on your success. It is easy to leave things as they are, so make sure your marketing tools are doing their job and refresh those parts that need it, especially if you want to look for growth and improved productivity. We all know how important it is to create a professional image and now’s the perfect time to look at your business

strategy and give it a spring clean. Perhaps you need an extra pair of hands one or two days a week or maybe you need to put in place cover for holiday, sickness and maternity periods so that your business gets the support it needs. PA Central is celebrating its first full year in business and for us it is very exciting, we started in the middle of the worst recession for years thinking long and hard about the fundamental question ‘are we really doing the right

thing?’ but we were justified –just staying in business was good, but we’ve grown our staff, built a solid base of clients, developed our offerings and maintained our sense of humour (although that wasn’t always easy!). Call us today to see what we can do to help you grow your business and then perhaps you can also enjoy the delights spring has to offer!

A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MUST PROJECT A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE Behind every successful business person is a highly efficient, professional PA. What image do you present to your clients? Is it not about time you had a personal assistant? Just review these questions: Are you spending too much time on administration or office operations? Do you spend too much time on organising meetings, booking hotels, making travel arrangements and other time consuming activities? Do you want to devote more time to your key business strengths?

Does voicemail greet your clients or prospects when you are in meetings, at lunch or on leave? Do you have difficulty with making return calls to your clients or prospects? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you need a personal assistant. At PA Central we offer professional CEO level PA support to all our clients providing a coordinated approach to your multiple business activities and streamline your life.

At PA Central we offer professional CEO level PA support to all our clients providing a co-ordinated approach to your multiple business activities and streamline your business

Call Us on 0800 008 7336 Visit our website at or contact us at

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The Bitter and the Sweet! By Leah-Danielle Davis, Nova Contract Cleaners hy is it when you are asked to write 250 words, your mind goes blank? With that my phone rang and the news that we had lost out on a rather large contract to a national company was broken to me, which made me think ‘Why are so many local businesses missing out to national companies?’

going to be with you within the hour not “I’m stuck in traffic.”

The majority of us network together, we eat and drink in front of one another and we laugh at each other’s jokes and smile at the stories. So why shouldn’t we be helping one another do business, especially with the financial difficulties that we have faced. Wouldn’t you be sad if one of us didn’t turn up to a networking event due to our business not having survived?

To avoid the bitterness and retain the sweetness, contact Nova Contract Cleaners for your best value quotation on 01202 536770 or email


Local companies offer a far more personal service for your business, and should you need to use the 24-hour call out, you know somebody is

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Of course not all national companies operate this way and with some, you may get a better deal. However, is saving a few pounds better than saving local business? And remember, the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap is forgotten.

Nova Contract Cleaners, Nova House, 12 Smithfield Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2QJ

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Benefits to your business • Gain a competitive advantage by being a “Green Business” • Save Energy • Reduce Costs • Improve Staff Retention • Help the Environment Contact: David Mitchell T: 01425 280769 M: 07973 770252 E:

We are delighted to announce the opening of our EnviroSave office covering Dorset and Hampshire – headed by David Mitchell. EnviroSave would like to help your organisation to become a “Low Carbon” or “Carbon Neutral” business. Quite simply we assist you in becoming a “Green Business” where your “Green Credentials” will help you generate new clients, as well as improving customer and staff relations. We offer a range of “cost effective” Environmental Services and Product solutions that enable businesses and non profit organisations to reduce their Carbon Footprint by developing sustainable business practices and offsetting excess emissions through Carbon Offsets. Our experience shows that the cost of obtaining “Green Credentials” is more than offset by the financial savings the business generates. These savings can then be applied to help you to meet your environmental objectives. EnviroSave provide an initial no cost consultation to assist your business in improving its environmental performance and in obtaining either a “Low Carbon” or “Carbon Neutral” accreditation.

To find out more please contact David Mitchell


Phone: 01202 300331

How to Taste Wine by Jeff Bowden of Templar Wines SIGHT is the number one thing when looking at a wine as this can tell us a lot about what we're about to drink. Tip the glass away from you at an angle of 45 degrees and hold it against a white background to see the true colour of the wine. The colour of your white wine could range between pale straw and rich golden yellow, depending on its age, its sweetness, its degree of oakiness and the grape variety. Lighter wines such as Sauvignon Blanc’s are paler than heavier Chardonnays and the gold tinge of an aged Chardonnay will be more pronounced than that of a younger one.

With red wines the deeper the colour, the more concentrated the flavour. Stand a glass of Pinot Noir next to one of Shiraz and you will easily see the difference - the Pinot will be an almost transparent light ruby red, while the Shiraz will be a dense purple. Tasting is bound to confirm the visual impression. As red wine ages it will take on an amber-brown tinge, and this is most easily discernible at the rim. Finally, sight will give you warning of any defects - if you find white filaments floating in your wine, these are due to unclean bottling. Likewise a brown colour, this is a sure sign of an oxidised wine. Templar Wines next wine and dine evenings are at SOHO Christchurch (01202 496140) Thursday 29th April & Hallmark Hotel (01202 751000) Friday 21st May.

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