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2013-2014 FREDERICK DOUGLASS MOOT COURT COMPETITION REQUEST FOR ONE YEAR PARTICIPATION WAIVER FORM Please submit all forms by e-mail to To apply for a waiver, send the completed Waiver form via email along with both letters of good standing (one from local BLSA chapter and one from the affiliated school’s administration) two weeks prior to Registration, for each team member requesting a waiver. Please see the official competition rules for further details. DATE: _____________________________________________________________________________ NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________ LAW SCHOOL: ______________________________________________________________________ YEAR IN LAW SCHOOL: _____________________________________________________________ 2013-2014 BLSA MEMBER: ___ YES ___ NO (If yes, please provide proof of membership (i.e. letter of good standing from your BLSA President), if NO, you will not be granted consideration for a waiver) REASON FOR NOT FULFILLING THE ONE-YEAR PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENT (Provide as much detail as you deem necessary. Please note that the granting of a waiver is not automatic and as such, each applicant must provide a reasonable explanation for their lack of BLSA participation in the previous year): _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Waiver Granted: _____Yes _____ No Date: ___________________________ National Director Approval: ________________________

Request for one year participation waiver form