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NBLSA THEME,  MISSION,  VISION  ......................................................................2 MESSAGE  FROM  THE  NATIONAL  CHAIR  ............................................................3 NATIONAL  EXECUTIVE  BOARD  &  NATIONAL  SPECIALISTS  ..............................4 NBLSA  OVERVIEW  ............................................................................................10 NBLSA  STRATEGIC  PLAN  .................................................................................12 NBLSA  SPEAKERS  BUREAU..............................................................................14 MEMBERSHIP....................................................................................................15 NATIONAL  PROGRAMMING.............................................................................17 NATIONAL  EVENTS  CALENDAR.......................................................................20 ALUMNI  AFFAIRS..............................................................................................21 EDUCATION  AND  CAREER  DEVELOPMENT......................................................23 FREDERICK  DOUGLASS  MOOT  COURT  COMPETITION....................................26 THURGOOD  MARSHALL  MOCK  TRIAL  COMPETITION.....................................29 INTERNATIONAL  NEGOTIATIONS  COMPETITION............................................32 COMMUNITY  SERVICE......................................................................................35 PRE-­‐LAW  DIVISION...........................................................................................43 INTERNATIONAL  RELATIONS...........................................................................45 ATTORNEY  GENERAL.......................................................................................48 SOCIAL  ACTION  ................................................................................................53 PARLIAMENTARY  PROCEDURE   .......................................................................57 FINANCIAL  OVERVIEW  .....................................................................................60 CORPORATE  RELATIONS  .................................................................................65 NATIONAL  CONVENTION  ................................................................................67 MID-­‐ATLANTIC  REGION    ..................................................................................68 MIDWEST  REGION  ............................................................................................77 NORTHEAST  REGION  ......................................................................................85 ROCKY  MOUNTAIN  REGION  ............................................................................92 SOUTHERN  REGION  .......................................................................................100 WESTERN  REGION  .........................................................................................109


NBLSA Theme: Permanent:  Striving  to  Balance  Since  1968. 2012-­‐2013:  Enhancing  the  Dream

NBLSA Vision:   NBLSA  is  a  global  catalyst  for  the  respect,  acceptance  and  engagement  of  Black   law  students  in  law  schools,  communities  and  the  legal  profession.

NBLSA Mission: NBLSA  develops  talented,  involved,  diverse  attorneys  and  serves  as  the  leading   national  advocate  for  Black  law  students.


National Chair’s Message It is  my   distinct  honor  and  pleasure  to  greet  you  as   the  National  Chair   for  the  2012-­‐2013   term.  NBLSA  is  entering  its  45th  year  of  existence   during  what  is   a   tumultuous   time   for   our   nation  and   the  globe.  Thus,   we  remain  committed   to   maintaining  the  relevance  and   voice   of   NBLSA  in  tackling  issues,  serving  communities,   and  preparing  our  members   for   success  in  the  legal  profession.  The   purpose  of  NBLSA  is  to  utilize  the  collective  resources   of  the  member  chapters  to:   •    Articulate  and  promote  the  educational,  professional,  political,  and  social  needs   and  goals  of  Black  law  students;   •    Foster  and  encourage  professional  competence;   •    Improve  the  relationship  between  Black  law  students,  Black  attorneys,  and  the   American  legal  structure;   •   Instill   in   the   Black   attorney   and   law   student   a   greater   awareness   and   commitment  to  the  needs  of  the  Black  community;   •    Influence  the  legal  community  by  bringing  about  meaningful  legal  and  political   change  that  addresses  the  needs  and  concerns  of  the  Black  community;   •    Adopt  and  implement  policies  of  economic  independence;   •    Encourage  Black  law  students  to  pursue  careers  in  the  judiciary;  and   •    Do  all  things  necessary  and  appropriate  to  accomplish  these  purposes. In   keeping   with   our   mission,   the   theme   for   2012-­‐2013   is   "Enhancing   the   Dream."   As   NBLSA  leaders,  we  stand  upon  the   shoulders   of  those  who  have   gone  before   us  to  pave   the   way   for   our   opportunities.   Thus,   NBLSA   will   continually   strive   to   seize   the   opportunities   given   to   us   to   make   positive   social   change,   serve   our   community,   and   diversify  the   legal  profession.  We  are  committed  to  enhancing  Dr.  Martin  Luther  King,  Jr.'s   vision  of  a  better  tomorrow   by  standing  firm   on  our  accomplishments  of  today.  While  we   have  not  arrived  at  a  final  point  of  success,  we  are  continually  striving  to  balance  and  pave   the  way  for  Black  students  and  community  empowerment. In  the   2012-­‐2013  term,   we  will   align   with  organizations   that  will   add  to  our  outreach  and   impact.  To   ensure   we   are   in  line   with   key   issues   facing   minority   law   students,   we   will   strengthen   our   existing   partnerships   and   forge   new   partnerships   with   organizations   aligned  with  our  mission.  We  will  advance   issues   that  have  a  direct  impact  on  minority  law   students   and   diversity   within  the   legal  profession  and  we   will  focus   on   enhancing   and   furthering   the   academic  achievement   of  NBLSA  students.  We   are  raising   the   standard  to   ensure  our  membership  is   given  the  tools  needed  to  excel  in  the  legal   profession.  We   will   have  programming   in  our  six  regions   throughout  the  year  and  will  culminate  our  year  at   our  45th  Annual  National  Convention  in  Atlanta,  GA  from  March  6  -­‐10,  2013.       NBLSA  is   an   organization   committed   to  preparing   minority   students   to  enter   the   legal   profession  and   shedding  light  on   issues   that  are   affecting   our   membership,   our   nation,   and  the  globe.    We  will  continue  to  leverage  and  strengthen  the  history  and   legacy  of  our   organization   as   we   continue   to   advocate   for   change   and   build   the   pipeline   of   student   success  into  the  legal  profession. Sincerely,   Kendra  Brown   Vermont  Law  School  |  J.D.,  Class  of  2012 George  Washington  University  School  of  Law  |  LL.M.,  Class  of  2013   National  Chair,  2012-­‐2013 National  Black  Law  Students  Association


National Executive  Board

Kendra Brown NATIONAL  CHAIR George  Washington  University   School  of  Law

Cara Sherman FDMCC  DIRECTOR Pennsylvania  State  Dickinson   School  of  Law

Erica Aiken

DIRECTOR OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE Georgetown  University  Law   Center

Dave Dambreville VICE  CHAIR Pennsylvania  State  Dickinson   School  of  Law

Whitney Kenner SECRETARY Mercer  University  College  of   Law

Eleanor Curry TREASURER South  Texas  College  of  Law

Teleicia Rose

Valerie Fontenot

Yvesner Zamar



Louisiana State  University

University of  the  District  of   Columbia

Pennsylvania State  Dickinson  School   of  Law

Victoria Walker

Aisha Smith

Bomopregha Julius

MID-­‐ATLANTIC CHAIR George  Mason  University     School  of  Law

MIDWEST CHAIR University  of  Wisconsin-­‐   Madison


NORTHEAST CHAIR Northeastern  University   School  of  Law  


National Executive  Board

Chukwudi Egbuonu

Charlyn Stanberry



Thurgood Marshall  School  of   Law-­‐  Texas  Southern  University

Florida International  University School  of  Law



Seton Hall  University  College  of  Law

Florida A&M  University

David Stephen

Janea Raines



University of  Detroit  Mercer   School  of  Law

Loyola University  Chicago   School  of  Law

Christopher Sanders WESTERN  CHAIR Seattle  University   School  of  Law

Alyssa Lee  Locus DIRECTOR  OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Loyola  University  Chicago  

Shelton Marshall DIRECTOR  OF  SOCIAL   ACTION Florida  A&M  University  School   of  Law

Danielle McGee EXTERNAL  CHIEF  OF  STAFF Quinnipiac  University  School  of   Law

Carla Jordan-­‐Detamore DIRECTOR  OF  COMMUNICATIONS Washington  University  in  St.  Louis

Ebony Foster DIRECTOR  OF  ALUMNI   AFFAIRS Widener  School  of  Law  -­‐   Delaware


National Executive  Board

Cassye Cole DIRECTOR  OF  EDUCATION   &  CAREER  DEVELOPMENT Brooklyn  Law  School

Stanley Settle  II DIRECTOR  OF  THE   PRE-­‐LAW  DIVISION Southern  University  School  of   Law  

Diepiriye Anga

Nicole Morgan


PARLIAMENTARIAN Louisiana State  University

Ashley Christopher CONVENTION   COORDINATOR University  of  the  District  of   Columbia

Deyaska Spencer INC  DIRECTOR North  Carolina  Central  School  of   Law

Catherine Marable HISTORIAN Florida  A&M    University

University of  Pennsylvania  Law   School

The National  Executive  Board   has  ultimate   responsibility   for  all   NBLSA   programs   and  business   dealings.  The  National   Executive  Board  directly  oversees  initiatives  such  as,   but  not  limited  to:   The  Congressional   Black  Caucus   Weekend   and  Charles   Hamilton   Houston   Leadership   Retreat,   Hill   and  Government  Day,  45th   Annual  Convention,  Thurgood   Marshall  Mock   Trial  Competition,   Frederick   Douglass   Moot   Court  Competition,   International   Negotiations  Competition,  Chapter   of   the  Year   Competition   and   NBLSA   Named   Scholarships.   Regional   Initiatives   with   National   support  include:  Job  Fairs,   Academic   Retreats,   Regional  Conventions  and  Pre-­‐Law  Division  Law   Camps.


National Specialists

Gianni Corleone


Ashley Harrington TMMTC  SPECIALIST New  York    University  School  of   Law

Tamara Titre

CORPORATE RELATIONS   SPECIALIST Michigan  State  University  School   of  Law

Stewanna Miskell WEB  CONTENT  SPECIALIST Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law-­‐  Texas   Southern  University

Shawn Greene CONVENTION  SPECIALIST George  Washington  University    School   of  Law    

Tony Mitchell,  Jr. LEGISLATIVE  ADVOCACY   SPECIALIST St.  Louis  University    School  of   Law

Keisha Robinson FINANCIAL  SPECIALIST Florida  A&M  University

Donald Burton,  Jr.  

CHAPTER RELATIONS   SPECIALIST Faulkner  University  School  of  Law

Brittne Ballenger

Avalon Paul

Georgia State  School  of  Law

CORPORATE RELATIONS   SPECIALIST Loyola  University  Chicago  

Jonathan Evans

Sydney Snow


NATIONAL JUDICIAL   ADVOCACY  SPECIALIST Southwestern  Law  School-­‐  Los   Angeles



National Specialists

Ariel Harris INC SPECIALIST North  Carolina  Central   University  School  of  Law    

Kyontha Nelson PROGRAMMING   SPECIALIST University  of  Denver  School  of   Law


NBLSA Leadership


NBLSA Overview

About NBLSA History The   National   Black   Law   Students  Association   is   a   501(c)(3)   non-­‐ profit   organization   and   the   nation’s   largest   student-­‐run   organization   representing   nearly   6,000   minority   law   students   throughout  the  United  States  and  six  other  countries. Founded   in   1968   at   New   York   University   School   of   Law   by   Algernon   Johnson   Cooper,   today   NBLSA   has   approximately   200   chapters   at   law   schools   throughout   the   country.   These   chapters   represent   almost   every   ABA   accredited   law   school,   plus   several   non-­‐accredited   law   schools.   Chapters   are   organized   into   six   regions—Mid-­‐Atlantic,   Midwest,   Northeast,   Rocky   Mountain,   Southern   and   Western—that   encompass  49   states  as   well   as  the   Commonwealth  of  Puerto  Rico. Recently  NBLSA  established   an   international  connection   with   law   students   in  Canada,  England,   South  Africa,   and  the  Bahamas  who   have  decided  to  model  their  student  organizations  after  NBLSA. NBLSA   prides   itself   on   giving   law   students   an   opportunity   to   develop  their  advocacy,   writing  and  business   skills  as  they   work  to   promote  diversity  in  legal  education  and  the  legal  profession.

Statement of  Purpose NBLSA’s   purpose,   as   denoted   in   our   Constitution,  focuses  on  four  critical  areas.   NBLSA  exists  to: • Empower  Our  Communities • Instill  in  the  Black  attorney  and   law  student  commitment  to  the   needs  of  the  Black  community; • Bring  about  meaningful  legal   and  political  change  in  the  Black   community; • Improve  Ourselves • Articulate  and  promote  the   needs  and  goals  of  Black  law   students; • Foster  professional   competence; • Change  Our  Profession • Improve  the  relationship   between  Black  law  students,   Black  attorneys,  and  the   American  legal  structure; • Encourage  Black  law  students   to  pursue  careers  in  the   judiciary;  and • Ensure  Our  Lasting  Legacy • Adopt  and  implement  policies   of  economic  independence. We  use   the   collective  resources  of  our   200   chapters   and   our  nearly  6,000  members  to   achieve  these  aims.


NBLSA Overview NBLSA  Structure National NBLSA   is  governed   by   its  National   Constitution   and   Bylaws,   which   are   ratified   by   the   NBLSA   membership.   The   NBLSA   Constitution   establishes   a   National   Executive   Board   (NEB).   The  NEB   is   comprised   of   both   elected  and  appointed   officers   and  is  led  by  an  elected  National  Chair.  The  NEB   is  responsible   for   upholding   NBLSA’s   vision   and   purpose;   ensuring   NBLSA   has   adequate   resources   to   fulfill   its   mission;   setting   the   policies,   direction,  and   priorities  of   the  Association;   providing   fiduciary   oversight;   and   maintaining   and   developing   highly   effective   leadership.   The   NEB,   under   the   direction   of   the   National   Chair,   also   manages   and   oversees   the   property,   affairs  and  day-­‐to-­‐day  operations  of  the  Association. In   addition   to   the   NEB,   the   National   team   also   includes   National  Specialists,  technical  experts  in   a  given  programming   area,   and   NBLSA  Fellows,   members   of  the   Pre-­‐Law  Division     that   have   shown   incredible   leadership   potential.   Specialists   and   Fellows   are   appointed,   non-­‐voting   members   of   the   National  leadership   team   and  are  not  considered   members   of   the  NEB. Regions NBLSA   is   divided   into   six   geographic   regions:   Mid-­‐Atlantic,   Midwest,   Northeast,  Rocky  Mountain,  Southern  and  Western.   Regions   function   as   the   conduit   between   the   national   organization   and   its   chapters.   Each   region   has   a   Regional   Executive   Board   (REB).  The  REB,   which   is   modeled   after  the   National   Executive   Board,   provides   chapters   with   programmatic   direction   and   supports   chapter   activities.   The   REB  is  led   by  a  Regional  Chair.  The  Regional  Chair,  who  reports   to   the   National   Chair,   sits   on   both   his   or   her   Regional   Executive  Board  and  the  National  Executive  Board. Chapters Chapters,   located   at   schools   across   the   nation,   are   NBLSA’s   foundation.   Chapters   develop   creative   programming   that   furthers   NBLSA’s   strategic   goals.   Chapters   are   also   a   critical   component   of   the  NBLSA  membership   experience.  Chapters   help   NBLSA   maintain   its   financial   health   by   facilitating   the   membership   dues   collection   process.   Each   chapter   has   an   executive   board   comprised   of   elected   and/or   appointed   positions.


NBLSA Strategic  Plan

NBLSA Strategic  Plan NBLSA  has  adopted  the  following  strategic  plan: Strategic   Goal  Area   #1   |  Maintenance  of  the  NBLSA   Brand:   • • • •

Convey the  importance  of   professionalism  to   NBLSA  members.   Utilize  technology   to   teach   about  the   history   of  NBLSA. Utilize   varied   media   outlets   for   effective   marketing  and  branding  of  NBLSA. Maintain  a  strategic   communications  plan   for   effective  outreach.

Strategic Goal   Area   #2   |   Maintenance   of   Key   Partnerships: • • •

Align NBLSA   with   organizations   which   further  NBLSA’s  mission. Build   upon   and   strengthen   our   existing   partnerships.   Establish   new   partnerships   in   every   key   programmatic  area.

Strategic Goal   Area   #3   |   Continued  Commitment  to   Pipeline  Programming:   • • •

Strategic Goal   Area   #4   |   Enhanced   Programming   and  Advocacy  Initiatives: • •

Incorporate prior   term   feedback   into   the   programming  planning  process.     Continuously   receive   feedback   regarding   programming   to   ensure   overall   satisfaction   and  programming  relevance.   Have   relevant,   timely,   and   efficient  academic   and   professional   planning   through   academic   support  and  professional  resources.   Develop   pipeline   career   initiatives   with   organizations,   law   firms,   and   government   entities.   Strengthen  NBLSA’s  International  outreach.  

Strategic   Goal   Area   #5   |   Long-­‐Term   Planning   and   Archiving  Initiative:   •

• • •

Develop a  “Road   to   50”   Planning  Team  to   set   the   proper   planning   for   the   2018   50th   Anniversary  of  NBLSA. Work   with   regions   and   the   national   team   to   properly   archive   NBLSA   documents,   historical  data,  and  materials.       S t r e n g t h e n   t h e   E x e c u t i v e   B o a r d   infrastructure.   Revisit  the  hiring  of  an  Executive  Director. Utilize  a  strong  succession  plan.  

Maintain the  growth   and  outreach   of  our  Pre-­‐ Law  Division. Maintain  ties   with   undergraduate  institutions   around   the   country   through   local   BLSA   chapter  involvement  and  outreach.   Maintain   ongoing   communication   with   law   school   deans   and   law   firm   diversity   a d m i n i s t r a t o r s   t o   b u i l d   p i p e l i n e   programming.   Develop   and   maintain   strong   alumni   involvement   and   an   overall   alumni   retention   strategic  plan.      


NBLSA Strategic  Plan

Strategic Goal   Area   #6   |   Strenghtened   Financial   Fitness:   • • •

Ensure organizational  fiscal  responsibility.     Gain   tax   exempt   status   in   all   states   where   NBLSA  events  are  held. Establish   a   NBLSA   Foundation   and   work   on   Capital  Campaign  efforts.  

Strategic Goal   Area   #7   |   Membership   Enhancement   and  Retention:   • • •

Ensure membership   satisfaction   through   surveys  and  After  Action  Reports.   Develop   a   new   platform   to   convey   member   benefits.   Maintain   an   effective   plan   to   recruit   and   retain  NBLSA  members.  


NBLSA Speakers  Bureau

Speakers Bureau

SPEAKERS BUREAU HISTORY  AND  PURPOSE For   over   40   years,   the   National   Black   Law  Students   Association  has  been  a  leading   advocate  for  diversity   and   inclusion   in   law   schools   across   the   nation.   Our   members   are  not  only  talented   law  students,  but  also   involved   community   advocates.   Our   alumni   are   among   the   most   talented   and   respected   legal   practitioners   and   are   active   and   influential   community  leaders.

Kendra Brown,  National  Chair George  Washington  University  School  of  Law Washington,  DC  

Dave Dambreville,  National  Vice  Chair Pennsylvania  State  University  Dickinson  School  of  Law University  Park,  PA

Bomopregha Julius,  Northeast  Regional  Chair Northeastern  University  School  of  Law Boston,  MA

Charlyn Stanberry,  Southern  Regional  Chair

Our executive  leadership   team,   comprised   entirely   of   law  students,  is  dedicated   to   living   life  with   purpose.   NBLSA's   leaders   are   tireless   advocates   for   change   who   represent   today's   most   talented   law   students   and  tomorrow's  most  dynamic  lawyers.

Florida International  University  School  of  Law Miami,  FL

The NBLSA  Speakers  Program  sends  current   NBLSA   leaders   to   speak   at   luncheons,   receptions,   annual   dinners   and   other   special   events.   Members   of   our   executive   board   have   visited   local   chapters,   college   campuses,   and   conferences   to   share   their   experiences   and   to   speak   on   a   variety   of   topics   including   leadership,   juvenile   justice,   preparing   for   law  school,  women  in  society,  student  advocacy,  time   management  and  networking.

David Stephen,  National  Director  of  Public   Relations

Members of   the   Speakers   Bureau   are   available   to   speak  on  behalf  of  NBLSA  on  your   college   campuses   and   any  functions  related   to  legal  and   pre-­‐law  issues.   We  encourage  you   to   direct   interested   parties  to  the   NBLSA  Speakers  Bureau  for   an  approved  speaker  at  a   related  engagement.   Requests  for  speaking  engagements  may  be  made  at

Christopher Sanders,  Western  Regional  Chair Seattle  University  School  of  Law Seattle,  WA

University of  Detroit-­‐  Mercer  School  of  Law Detroit,  MI

Teleicia Rose,  National  Director  of  Programming Pennsylvania  State  University  Dickinson  School  of  Law University  Park,  PA

Yvesner Zamar,  National  Attorney  General University  of  the  District  of  Columbia    School  of  Law Washington,  DC

Alyssa Lee  Locus,  National  Director  of  Corporate   Relations Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of  Law Chicago,  IL

Janea Raines,  National  Director  of  Membership Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of  Law Chicago,  IL  

Diepiriye Anga,  National    Director  of  International   Relations University  of  Pennsylvania    Law  School Philadelphia,  PA

LaBrae McMillan,  National  Financial  Secretary Florida  A&M  University  College  of  Law Talahassee,  FL  



Membership Membership Structure NBLSA   membership   is   a   three-­‐tiered   membership   system.   A   NBLSA   member  is   a  member   on   the  chapter  level,  regional   level  and  national   level.   To   be   an   active   member   in   NBLSA   an   individual   must   pay   NBLSA   membership   dues   and   complete   any   necessary   administrative   processes   determined   by   the   NBLSA   National   Executive   Board.   A   chapter   may   also   determine   its   own   dues   in   order   to   gain   membership   in   the   organization.   Upon   satisfaction   of   these   conditions,   an   individual   is   entitled   to   all   the   privileges  of  active  membership. Chapters  that  decide   not  to   pay   dues  during   a  given   membership   year  will   not   be   allowed   to   refer   to   themselves   as   the   Black   Law   Students   Association,   or   use   the   logos   of   NBLSA   or   its   regions.   Members   of   these   inactive   chapters   will   not   be   afforded   the   privileges   enumerated   in   the   NBLSA  Constitution. 2012-­‐2013  Membership  Objectives • Increase   Member  Satisfaction:   Deliver   relevant,   quality   programming   to   members   and   improve  member   communication   so   that   every   member  is   an   informed   member.   Actively   seek   member   feedback   to   improve   NBLSA’s  execution. • Membership   Benefits:   Continue   to   create   more   exclusive   opportunities   and    appealing  benefits  for  our  membership. • Membership   Communication:   Effectively   communicate   what   NBLSA   is,   does,   and   provides   for   our   members.   Implement   a   variety   of   means   of   communication   to   ensure   that   members   are   informed   of   upcoming   programs,  networking  opportunities  and  career  development  initiatives.  

Janea Raines National  Director  of   Membership Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of   Law,  Class  of  2013

Members of  the  Month NBLSA  will  select   six   financially  active  members   to  become   Members  of  the   Month;   one   Member   of   the   Month   from   each   respective   region.   The   Members  of  the  Month   will  be  selected   based   on  an   essay  of   no   more  than   500   words   that   describes   how  the   nominee   has   contributed   to   his   or   her     community,   contributed   to   his   or   her   fellow   NBLSA   members,   and   implemented  this  year’s  National  Theme  “Enhancing  the  Dream.”   National  Members  of   the  Month   Nomination   forms   must   be   submitted   by   the  20th  of  each  month  per  the  timeline  below.   Member  of  the  Month  Nomination  Timeline October  WRBLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  September  20,  2012   November  RMBLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  October  20,  2012 December  NEBLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  November  20,  2012 January  SRBLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  December  20,  2012 February  MWBLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  January  20,  2013 March  MABLSA  Member  of  the  Month  submissions  are  due  February  20,  2013


Membership Membership Registration Members   register   for   NBLSA   with   local   chapters   at   their   law   schools   via   online  registration.  More  information  will  be   given   to  the   chapter   leaders   in   the  beginning  of  the  2012-­‐2013  academic  school  year.   The   national   membership   dues   for   the   2012-­‐2013   term   will   be   $35   per   person,  however,  local  chapters  maintain  a  right  to   collect  an  additional  fee   per   person.   Each   person   that   registers   for   the   2012-­‐2013   term   after   November  1,  2012,   will  be  assessed  a  $15  late  fee.  Individuals  that   start  their   first   year  of   law  school   in  the  spring   semester  will  pay   $35  per  person   until   February   15,   2013,   however,   these   individuals   must   notify   the   National   Director  of  Membership  about  their  status  prior  to  February  10,  2013.   NBLSA  Chapter  Emails Each   chapter   will  be   given   a   email  address,   powered   by   Google.   This   email   address   will   be   used   by   NBLSA   for   all   official   chapter   correspondence.  Chapters  are   free  to   use  the   account   exclusively   or  to  forward  mail  to  an  existing  account.   National  Connections National  Connections  are  an   opportunity  for  members   to   ask  about  National   programs  and   give   feedback.  The  National   Director   of   Membership   will   be   available   for   one   hour   to   answer   your   questions.   The   first   National   Connection  will  take  place  Sunday,  September  9,  2012.   Membership  Benefits Members   of  NBLSA  receive  discounts  on  a  variety  of  products  and  services.     These  membership  benefits  include  but  are   not  limited  to  bar  review  course   discounts,   hotel  discounts,   and   car   rental  discounts.   Membership   benefits   will   be   added   throughout   the   year.   For   more   information,   please   visit   Chapter  Chartering  and  Reactivating For  assistance  in  reactivating  or  chartering  a  local  BLSA  chapter  please   contact  the  National  Director  of  Membership.

Membership Team Janea  Raines National  Director  of  Membership

Donald Burton,  Jr.   National  Chapter  Relations   Specialist

Heather Bennett MABLSA  Director  of  Membership

Olabisi Ogboye MWBLSA  Director  of  Membership

Monique Haynes NEBLSA  Director  of  Membership

Tiffany Myers RMBLSA  Director  of  Membership

Veronica Williams SRBLSA  Director  of  Membership

Anthony Culpepper WRBLSA  Director  of  Membership




Programs that  Enhance  the  Dream Charles  Hamilton  Houston  Leadership  Retreat Saturday,  September  22,  2012 8:00AM-­‐4:00PM Georgetown  University  Law  Center 600  New  Jersey  Avenue  Northwest Washington,  DC  20001

Held annually  during   NBLSA’s   Congressional   Black   Caucus   Weekend,   CHH   offers   the   opportunity   for   chapter   leadership   to   meet   and   intimately   interact  with  National  Board  Members.  The  purpose  of   the  retreat  is   to  give   local   chapter  leaders   the   tools,  information,   and   skills   that   are  essential  to   having   a  successful  tenure  as   a  NBLSA  leader.  The  retreat   gives  attendees   an   overview  of  national  programming  plans  and   guidelines  for  the  year.  This   year  the  retreat  will  be  comprised  of  multiple,  interactive  breakout  sessions   covering   such   areas  as  recruitment  and  retention   of  members,  fundraising,   garnering   corporate   sponsorships   and   managing   chapter   finances.   The   retreat   will  also  focus  on   educating  attendees   about  the  2012-­‐2013   NBLSA   initiatives.   Specifically,   this   portion   of   the   retreat   will   focus   on   issues   surrounding   educational   inequality,   voter   disenfranchisement,   and   mentorship.   Moreover,   CHH   will   devote   considerable   time   to   Professional   Development,  offering  attendees  the  opportunity   to  participate  in  a  resume   workshop   where   they’ll   receive   one-­‐on-­‐one  feedback  on   the   strengths  and   weaknesses  of  their  resume  from  legal  professionals.

Teleicia Rose National  Director  of   Programming Pennsylvania  State  University   Dickinson  School  of  Law,  Class  of  2013

NBLSA Chapter  Grant  Program The   Chapter   Grant   Program   was   established   in   2010   in   an   effort   to   give   needed   additional   funding   to   NBLSA   chapters   and   Pre-­‐Law   Divisions  that   hold   events   in   line   with   national   objectives   and   programmatic   thrusts.   Chapter   grant   requests   are   approved   by   an  ad  hoc  committee  composed   of   the   National  Chair,  National  Director  of  Programming,   National   Director   of   Membership   and   National   Treasurer.     For   further   information   and/or   to   apply,  please  visit   Budget The   Annual   Budget   for   the   chapter   grant   program   is   $10,000;   $5000   per   semester. Approval  Guidelines A   proposed   event   must   be   in   line   with   national   objectives   found   in   the   NBLSA  Constitution   and   Bylaws.     A  law  school   chapter  or   pre-­‐law   student   division   is  only   eligible   for   one   chapter   grant   per   year.   Chapter   grants   are   limited  to  a  maximum  request  of  $500. 17

Programming General Application  Information • Names  and  Signatures  of    Chapter  Executive  Board • Name,  Location,  and  Type  of  Chapter

Programming Team

• Number of  Financially  Active  Members

Teleicia Rose

• Member Submitting

National Director  of  Programming

• Date of  Submission • Abstract

Difie Osbourne

Application Requirements

MABLSA Director  of  Programming

A description  of  how  the  event  promotes  the  mission  and  goals  of  NBLSA. A   detailed   description   of   the   event/activity,   including   origin   of   program,   purpose   of   program,   targeted   audience,   list   of   all   planned   participants/ speakers  (including  their  titles  and  affiliations). Clear  and  comprehensive  list  of  goals  of  the  program/event/activity. Budget   requests  must   include  a  detailed   budget  of   all   anticipated   expenses   and   projected   revenue/funding.   Expenses   for   food   (please   specify)   and   beverage  (please  specify)  should  be  detailed  by  per  person  costs. A   list   of   all   sources   of   funding   and   the   amounts.   Please   explain   if   the   law   school/administration  will  provide  funding  and  if  so,  how  much.  If  no  funding   from  the  school/administration  has  been  allocated,  please  explain. An   explanation  of  the  necessity  of  funding   for   this   program/activity.  What,  if   any,  expenses  can  you  eliminate  if  NBLSA  funding  is  not  secured?

Aminta Moses MWBLSA  Director  of  Programming

Morgan Gray NEBLSA  Director  of  Programming

Joy Kamani RMBLSA  Director  of  Programming

Ruth Tisdale

How will   this   program   benefit   law   students,   the   legal   profession   and   the   community?

SRBLSA Director  of  Programming

What is   the   likelihood   that   this   program/activity   will   continue   next   year?   Please  explain.

Anthony Culpepper

What level   of   involvement   does   your   law   school/student   organizations   currently  have  in  NBLSA  or  other  law  groups?

WRBLSA Director  of  Programming

What support  have  you  received  for  your  chapter  towards  your  program? What  involvement  does  your  chapter  have  on  campus? Post  Event  Requirements Grant   recipients   are   required   to   submit   an  After   Action   Report   and   a   final   itemized   budget   within   two   weeks   of  the   scheduled   event.  In   addition,  the   committee   requires   submission   of   pictures   from   the   event   and   electronic   copies  of  any  printed  materials   for  records  and  to  highlight  programs  held   by   grant  recipients.   Submit  application  and  supporting  documents  at  least  30  days  before  event. 18

Application Process/  Timeline Submit  application  and  supporting  documents—  30  days  before  event Committee  Review  of  Application—  Approximately    2  weeks Notification  of  Approval,  Request  for  Additional  Information  or  Denial Treasurer  Issue  Award—  Approximately  1  week Mandatory  After  Action  Reports—  Due  within  2  weeks  of  the  event Notification  of  Acceptance  of  AAR  and  final  budget—  Approximately  1  week


National Calendar

National Calendar  of   Events June  2012 22-­‐24   6th  Annual  Joint  Leadership  Retreat    


Detroit, MI  |  Detroit  Marriot,  Renaissance   Center

National Executive  Board  Meeting Detroit,  MI  |  Detroit  Marriot,  Renaissance Center

July 2012

14-­‐19 87th  Annual  National  Bar  Association     Convention  |  Caesar’s  Palace   Las  Vegas,  NV   National  Executive  Board  Meeting


Charles Hamilton  Houston  Leadership   Retreat

Washington, DC  |  Georgetown  University  Law     Center

October 2012

1-­‐31 International  Book  Drive 25-­‐27   International  Law  Weekend  

New York,  NY  |  Fordham  Law  School


27 Founder’s  Day  of  Service TBD   National  Speed  Networking  Alumni  

November 2012

1-­‐5 International  Book  Drive  cont. 10   Harlem  RBI:  Dream  Charter  School      

Community   Service

Newark, NJ


World Aids  Day  Program

New York,  NY  |  Dream  Charter  School

Las Vegas,  NV

August 2012  

10   National  Executive  Board  Meeting


Registration for  Congressional  Black   Caucus  Annual  Legislative  Conference  &   Charles  Hamilton  Houston  Leadership     Retreat  Opens

December 2012

September 2012 1  

Registration for  the  45th  Annual  NBLSA     National  Convention  Opens   Registration  for    Frederick  Douglass  Moot     Court    Competition  Opens 3   Registration  for  Thurgood  Marshall  Mock     Trial  and  International  Negotiations   Competitions  Opens 19-­‐22  NBLSA’s  Congressional  Black  Caucus       Weekend  




Washington, DC

National Executive  Board  Meeting

January 2013

2-­‐8 NBLSA  CARES  Nigeria  Service  Trip  




Nigeria, Africa NBLSA  CARES  Haiti  Service  Trip Port  Au  Prince,  Haiti  

Anti-­‐Bullying &  Health/Wellness   Community  Service Houston,  TX  |  Ronald  McDonald  House  of   Houston  and  S.H.A.P.E.  Community  Center

National Executive  Board  Meeting Dallas,  TX  

February 2013

Washington, DC

TBD NBLSA  Hill  and  Government  Day

Community Service:  Congressional  Kids   Day

March 2013

Washington, DC

Ninth Annual  Networking  &  Alumni   Reception   Washington,  DC  |  Reed  Smith

Visit for updates

Washington, DC

6-­‐10 45th  Annual  NBLSA  National  Convention  


Atlanta, GA  |  AmericasMart

National Executive  Board  Meeting Atlanta,  GA    


Alumni Affairs

Alumni Affairs CONNECTIONS  BEYOND  LAW  SCHOOL:  Connecting  with   current  attorneys  for  insight,  guidance,  and  mentorship An  Introduction  to  Alumni  Affairs  and  Development NBLSA  is   committed   to  serving  its  members,   both  past   and  present.    NBLSA   has   a  legacy  of  community  service  and   excellence  that   transcends  law  school.     In   hopes   of   remaining   connected   with   NBLSA   members   well   beyond   graduation,   the   Director   of   Alumni   Affairs   and   Development   serves   as   the   liaison   to   bridge  the  gap   between   past   and   present   members.   Programs  are   developed   and   implemented   to   foster   a   strong,   long   lasting   relationship   between   alumni   and   student   members.     We   aim   to   encourage   alumni   involvement  and  meaningful  interaction. Ebony  Foster National  Director  of  Alumni   Affairs Widener  School  of  Law-­‐  Delaware   Class  of  2013

Alumni Achievement  Awards NBLSA  greatly  appreciates  the  countless   contributions  our   alumni  are   making   to   the   legal   community   and   society   as   a   whole.   To   celebrate   these   achievements,   NBLSA   honors   alumni   through   the   Alumni   Achievement   Initiative,   a   nation-­‐wide   program   that   recognizes   the   outstanding   accomplishments   of   our   alumni.     To   nominate   an   exceptional   alum,   please   visit    

“If I  have  seen  further,  it  is  only  by  standing  on  the  shoulders  of   giants”  -­‐-­‐  Isaac  Newton


Alumni Affairs Alumni  Networking  Receptions NBLSA   will   host   Alumni   Receptions   in   various   locations   throughout   the   year.     The   receptions   provide   for   an   opportunity   for   alumni   to   connect,   interact,   and   network   with   other   alumni   and   current   NBLSA   members.     The  locations  of   the   receptions  will  be   announced   in  the  monthly  Alumni   Newsletter.     Electronic   invitations   will   be   sent   to   all   registered   NBLSA   Alumni.     Please   visit  to  register.    We   look   forward  to   seeing  you  and  our  alumni  at  the  upcoming  receptions.

Alumni Affairs  Team Ebony  Foster National  Director  of  Alumni  Affairs

Joshua Cox

Alumni NetWORKS  Program NBLSA  realizes   the   importance  of  networking   and  the  valuable  knowledge   our   alumni   can   provide   to   current   members.   Through   the   Alumni   NetWORKS   Program   and   partnership   with   the   National   Bar  Association,   NBLSA   strives   to   connect   current   members   and   young   alumni   with   mentors   who  can  provide  career  guidance,  life   experience,  and  invaluable   advice.    

MABLSA Director  of  Alumni  Affairs

Alumni Affairs  Committee The   Alumni   Affairs   Committee   is   an   opportunity   for   members   to   get   involved  in  NBLSA’s  alumni  outreach  efforts.  Committee  members  develop   and  implement   programs  to  encourage   alumni  involvement.  Members  also   interact   regularly   with   alumni,   disseminating   NBLSA   information   and   fostering   relationships   with   alumni.   Finally,   the  Committee   is  responsible   for   the   development   of   alumni   chapters,   which   include   membership   benefits   and   potential   partnerships   with   corporations.  To   join   the  Alumni   Affairs   Committee   or   to   obtain   more   information   please   email  

Danielle Burckson

Evangeline White MWBLSA  Director  of  Alumni   Affairs

NEBLSA Director  of  Alumni  Affairs

Jonathan Jackson RMBLSA  Director  of  Alumni  Affairs

Breauna Paterson SRBLSA  Director  of  Alumni  Affairs



Education &  Career  Development

Education &  Career   Development Enhancing  the  Dream Professional  Development  Series In   an   effort   to   “Enhance   the   Dream,”   this   year   we   will   continue   the   Professional   Development   Series   by   using   both   audio   and   visual   tools   to   reach   NBLSA’s  membership.  We  will  also  be   implementing   a  template  bank   for   job  application   assistance  and  a  scholarship   bank  for   students  in  financial   need.  

Academic Retreat NBLSA   is   ensuring   that   we   are   at   the   forefront   of   creating   brilliant,   legal   trained   minds   that   can   effectively   navigate   in   their   academics   and   career.   Our  Regional  Academic  Retreats  are   structured  to  provide  our  membership   with   academic  support   that  is   necessary  to  thrive  as   a   law   student.  They  are   held   in   the   fall   in   each   region.  This   year   we   have  been   offered   partnership   assistance   from  the  Council  of   Legal  Education  Opportunity  and  Kaplan   Bar   Review.  

Cassye M.  Cole National  Director  of  Education   &  Career  Development Brooklyn  Law  School,  Class  of  2014

E-­‐Career Consultant We  will  perpetuate   the  efforts  of  this  program,   which   was  established   during   the  last   administration.  The  "My   E-­‐Consultant"  Series  is   a  joint   partnership   with   the  National  Bar  Association   (NBA).   The  NBA   is   the   largest  and  oldest   professional   organization   for   African-­‐American   attorneys   and   judges.   Beginning  in  September,  a  panel  of  NBA  attorneys  will   provide  insight  into  a   practice  area  and  answer  your  questions  about  the  job  search  process.  This  is   a  wonderful  opportunity  to  connect  with  a  prospective  mentor.


Education &  Career  Development Scholarship  Information Rodney  Pulliam  Scholarship   The   Executive   Board   of   the   National   Black   Law   Students   Association   is   pleased   to   announce   the   Rodney   Pulliam   Scholarship.  This  scholarship   is   in   honor   of   the  late   Rodney   Pulliam,   who   served   as  the   1998-­‐   1999   NBLSA   National   Chair.     A   minimum   $500   BARBRI   Bar   Preparation   Course   scholarship   will   be   awarded   to   deserving  third  or  fourth  year  law  students  who  are  graduating  in  Spring  2013.   The  Sandy  Brown  Scholarship   The  Executive  Board   of  the   National  Black  Law  Students  Association  is  pleased  to  announce  the  annual  Sandy   Brown   Memorial  Scholarship.  The   scholarship   is  named   after  the   late  Sandy  Brown,  a  past   NBLSA  western   regional  director  and  will  be  given  in  her  honor.  To   be  eligible  for  this  award,  entrants  must  currently  be  in  their   first  or  second  year  of  law  school. NBLSA    Student  Leader  Scholarship   The   Executive   Board   of   the   National   Black   Law   Students   Association   is   pleased   to   announce   the   annual     NBLSA  Student  Leader  Award.  The  purpose  of  this  award   is  to   recognize   NBLSA  members  who   have  excelled   academically,  in   addition  to  being  active  in  their  BLSA   chapter  and   community.   To  be  eligible  for   this  award,   entrants  must  be  first,  second,  or  third  year  law  students. Fellowship  Information The   Executive   Board   of   the  National  Black  Law  Students  Association  is   pleased   to  announce  two  outstanding   fellowship  opportunities: The  NBLSA  |  NBA  Fellowship This  is  a   distance  fellowship  opportunity  in  which  NBLSA  members  will  be  selected   to  serve  as  NBLSA  –   NBA   Fellows.  All  Fellows  will   be  responsible   for   assisting   the  National  Bar  Association   in   implementing   initiatives   that   will  enhance  the  pipeline   between   NBLSA  members   and   the   NBA.  Fellows  will   have  the  opportunity  to   work  with  Black  attorneys  who  are  leading  legal  scholars  and  practitioners  in   the  area  of  law  that  is   of  interest   to   the  Fellow.  This  can  provide   for  potential   mentorships  that   will  assist   the  Fellow  with   his/her   educational   and  career  goals.   The  CBC  |  NBLSA  Fellowship This  year,   the  Congressional  Black  Caucus  (CBC)  has   partnered  with  NBLSA  to  offer  an  amazing   opportunity  to   rising   2Ls,   3Ls,   and   LL.M.   Candidates.   Legal   Fellows   will   work   with   the   CBC,   Member   offices,   outside   stakeholders,   Senate,  and   the  Executive   Branch  agencies  on   the  CBC’s   legislative  priorities.  Fellows  undertake   projects   involving   sophisticated   legal   research   and   writing,   analysis   and   drafting   of   legislation   and   administrative  regulations,   legislative   and   regulatory   advocacy.   During   the   Fall  and   Spring,   the   Fellows   will   work  full  or  part-­‐time  for  13  weeks.  During  the  Summer,  Fellows  are  required   to  work  full-­‐time   for   an   11-­‐week   term.    The  fellowship  is  for  academic  credit.


Education &  Career  Development Regional  Job  Fairs The  regional  job  fairs  are  an  opportunity  for  NBLSA  members  to  interview  for   summer   associate   positions,   federal   and   local   governments,   pro   bono,   and   in-­‐house   counsel   opportunities.   National   support   includes   Symplicity   (job   bidding)   administration   and   membership   verification.   Our   Job   Fair   Team   includes   the   National   Director   of   Education   and   Career   Development,   the   National  Job  Fair  Specialist(s),  and  the    Job  Fair  Specialists  from  each  region. NBLSA  members  are  eligible  to  attend  all  job  fairs.  To  register  please  see   https://law-­‐nblsa-­‐   Western  Region  Job  Fair,  Los  Angeles,  CA  –  August  4,  2012 Student  Bidding:  July  4,  2012-­‐July  9,  2012 Student  Interview  Accept  Period:  July  19,  2012-­‐July  23,  2012   Interview  Schedules  Available:  July  31,  2012 Northeast  Region  Job  Fair,  New  York,  NY  –  August  10-­‐11,  2012 Student  Bidding:  June  16,  2012-­‐July  2,  2012 Student  Interview  Accept  Period:  July  17,  2012-­‐July  21,  2012   Interview  Schedules  Available:  July  27,  2012 Rocky  Mountain  Region  Recruitment  Conference  and  Academic  Retreat,   Houston,  TX  –  August  10,  2012 Student  Bidding:  June  16,  2012-­‐  July  25,  2012 Student  Interview  Accept  Period:  August  2,  2012-­‐  August  5,  2012 Interview  Schedules  Available:  August  2,  2012 Mid-­‐Atlantic  Region  Job  Fair  and  Leadership  Retreat,  Bethesda,  MD  –   August  17-­‐18,  2012 Student  Bidding:  June  16,2012-­‐  July  2,  2012 Student  Interview  Accept  Period:  August  1,  2012-­‐August  4,  2012   Interview  Schedules  Available:  August  17,  2012 Southern  Region  Job  Fair,  Greensboro,  NC  –  August  24-­‐26,  2012 Student  Bidding:  July  9,  2012  -­‐  July  20,  2012 Student  Interview  Accept  Period:  August  6,  2012  -­‐  August  10,  2012 Interview  Schedules  Available:  August  20,  2012

Education &  Career   Development  Team Cassye  M.  Cole National  Director  of  Education  and   Career  Development New  York  Law  School

Gianni Corleone National  Job  Fair  Specialist

LieAnn Van-­‐Tull MABLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator

Shana Scott MWBLSA  Recruitment  Fair   Coordinator

Alanna Pittard NEBLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator

Bianca Roberson RMBLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator

Karima Grady SRBLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator

Ashley Washington SRBLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator

Duwayne Carr WRBLSA  Job  Fair  Coordinator


Frederick Douglass  Moot  Court  Competition

Frederick Douglass  Moot  Court   Competition   History  of  FDMCC One  of  the  cornerstones   of  NBLSA  programming   is  the  Frederick  Douglass   Moot   Court   Competition   (FDMCC).  Since   its  inception   in   1975,   the   FDMCC   has   consistently   provided   NBLSA   members   with   excellent   training   in   appellate   advocacy   through   oral   arguments   and   brief   writing.   Each   year,   between   100   and   125   teams   compete   across   the   nation   within   the   six   Regional   Competitions,   culminating   in   the   top   three   teams   from   each   region  competing   at  the  national   level  during  NBLSA's  Annual  Convention.   Each  year,   the  FDMCC   provides  competitors   with   the   opportunity   to  argue   issues   that   are   at   the   forefront   of  debate   in   the   legal   profession   and   this   year  will   prove   to   be  no   different.  This  year  marks   the   37th   anniversary   of   this   competition   and   the   theme   for   this   year   will   be   "Living   the   Dream:   Developing  Excellence  in  Advocacy  and  Fostering  Progress  in  Society."

Purpose of  FDMCC The   FDMCC   program   was   created   to   provide   NBLSA   members   with   an   opportunity   to   enhance   their   brief   writing   and   advocacy   skills.   NBLSA   is   dedicated   to   providing   minority   law   students   with   the   skills   necessary   to   succeed  in   the   legal  profession.  The  FDMCC  is  a  significant  aspect  of  NBLSA   programming   which   seeks   to   provide   minority  law  students   who  are  NBLSA   members  with   the  opportunity  to   hone  their  appellate  advocacy   skills  in   an   atmosphere  of  zealous  competition  and  spirited  camaraderie.

Cara Sherman National  Moot  Court  Director Pennsylvania  State  University   Dickinson  School    of  Law,    Class  of   2013

Important Dates  &  Fees September   1   -­‐   October   1,   2012:   Early   Bird   Registration   period.   Registration   between  these  dates  will  be  available  at  discounted  rate  (to  be  announced). September   1   -­‐  October   15,   2012:   A   discounted   rate   per  team  will  be   extended   to   chapters   registering   two  or   more   teams   for   the   competition   (one   discount   will   be   applied  per  team). September  15,  2012:  The  problem  will  be  released  on  TWEN. October  2  -­‐  October  31,  2012:  Regular  Registration  period. October  31,  2012:  Registration  deadline. October   12,  2012   (midnight  EST):  Answers   to  substantive  questions,  scoring   rubric   and  sheets. November  15,  2012:  All  team  briefs  are  due.   November  22,  2012:  Deadline  for  late  service  of  briefs. March    6-­‐10,  2013:  2013  National  Frederick  Douglass  Moot  Court  Competition  will   take  place  in  Atlanta,  GA.


Frederick Douglass  Moot  Court

Frederick Douglass   National  Moot  Court   Competition  Team Cara  B.  Sherman National    Moot  Court  Director

Charles Tucker  Jr.,  Esq. National  FDMCC  Advisor

Major Chantell  Higgins   Bless,  Esq.

Competition Improvements Regional  Moot  Court   Directors

In keeping   with   NBLSA's   commitment   of   service   to   its  members,   the   FDMCC  Planning   Board   has   implemented   exciting   new   changes   to   the   Competition.   In   an   effort   to   create   a   more   effective   forum   for   the   Gobriella  Davis cultivation   of   superior   written   and   oral   MABLSA  Moot  Court  Director advocacy   skills,   the   following   changes   have been  made  to  improve   logistics  for  this  year's   competition. Cheng-­‐Yu  Hou First,   FDMCC   competitors   will   no   longer   be   MWBLSA  Moot  Court  Director required  to  pay  a  separate   registration  fee   for the  convention.   A  single  registration   fee   will   cover  registration  for   the  competition  as   well   Christopher  Ellis as  the  convention.  

National Committee  Member

Asha Bryant,  Esq. National  Committee  Member

Kevin McIntyre,  Esq. National  Committee  Member

David Banks,  Esq. National  Committee  Member

Siana Mclean,  Esq. National  Committee  Member

NEBLSA Moot  Court  Director

Second, the   FDMCC   rules   have   been   amended   to   implement   a   third   place   round   on   the   regional  level  to   ensure   that   the  best   Bianca  Roberson advocates  advance   to   the  National   Frederick   RMBLSA  Moot  Court  Director Douglass  Moot  Court  Competition. Third   and   finally,   the   administration   of   the   FDMCC   Problem   will   be   returned   to   the   Westlaw   TWEN   site   to   facilitate   easier   communication   between   competitors   and   the   FDMCC   Planning   Board   during   the   writing  stage  of  the  competition.  

Ashley Barnett SRBLSA  Moot  Court  Director

Sharee Tumbling SRBLSA  Moot  Court  Director


National Black Law Students Association

Frederick Douglass

Moot Court Competition

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Thurgood Marshall  Mock  Trial  Competition

Thurgood Marshall  Mock  Trial  Competition In  March  of  2002,  at  NBLSA's  General  Convention,   the  body   voted  to   create   a  National  Mock  Trial  Competition,  in   order  to   develop   future   lawyers  with   strong   courtroom   skills   as  they   prepare   for   various   components   of  a   trial.   Each   year,   hundreds   of   competitors   compete   on   the   regional   level   in   the   hopes   of   ultimately  becoming   one  of  the   top   three  teams  in  the  Nation.    To   date,  the  Thurgood  Marshall  Mock  Trial  Competition  (TMMTC)  is  one  of  the   largest,   most   respected   law   school   mock   trial  competitions   in   the   country   and  is  proud  to  be  celebrating  its  tenth  year.

Important Dates  &  Fees August  31,  2012:  Qualification  Requirements,  2012-­‐2013  TMMTC  Problem  released   on September  3,  2012  -­‐  October  5,  2012:  Early  Bird  Registration  period.

Valerie Fontenot National  Mock  Trial  Director Paul  M.  Herbert  Center,  Louisiana   State  University,    Class  of  2013

September 3,  2012  -­‐  October  12,  2012:  Multiple  Team  Discount  Registration   period. October  5,  2012-­‐  November  11,  2012:    Regular  Registration  period,  scoring   information  released. October  2012-­‐  December  2012  :  Answers  to  substantive  questions  received  during   registration. November  12,  2012  -­‐  November  30,  2012:  Late  Registration  Period. December  9  ,  2012:  Deadline  for  competitors  and  coaches  to  send  questions  and   concerns  about  the  problem  to   December  23,  2012:  Answers  to  substantive  questions  received  after  registration   period  closes. January  2013-­‐February  2013:  Regional  Competitions. March    6-­‐10,  2013:  2013  National  Thurgood  Marshall  Mock  Trial  Competition  will   take  place  in  Atlanta,  GA.



2012-2013 Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition NATIONAL COMPETITION March 6 – 10, 2013 Atlanta, GA



January 9 – January 12

RMBLSA !Dallas, TX

January 16 – January 19

NEBLSA !Cambridge, MA

January 23 – January 26

SRBLSA ! Nashville, TN

January 30 – February 2

MWBLSA ! St. Louis, MO

February 6 – February 9

MABLSA ! Pittsburgh, PA February 13 – February 16


Valerie Fontenot 2012-2013 National Mock Trial Director


Thurgood Marshall  Mock  Trial

Thurgood Marshall   Mock  Trial    National   Competition  Team Valerie  Fontenot National  Director  of  TMMTC  

Ashley Harrington National  TMMTC  Specialist

Stephen Anthony  Esq.

Competition Improvements The   TMMTC   continues   to   improve   every   year  and   remains  committed   to   cultivating   superior   advocacy   skills   in   each   of   its   competitors.  As   such,  the   following   exciting   improvements   and   changes   have   been   made  to  the  competition: • All  TMMTC   competition   materials   will   be   accessible  on    the  NBLSA  homepage.   • TMMTC  competition     information   needed   during   the   regional   and   national   competitions   (i.e.   team   pairings,   room   assignments)   will   be   accessible   from   the   NBLSA  homepage.

Regional Mock  Trial   Directors Barbara  Stansil MABLSA  Mock  Trial  Director

Dominique Taylor MWBLSA  Mock  Trial  Director

National TMMTC  Advisory  Board   Member

Jeffrey Brooks  Esq. National  TMMTC  Advisory  Board   Member

Christopher Lomax  Esq. National  TMMTC  Advisory  Board   Member

Morris Parker  Esq. National  TMMTC  Advisory  Board   Member

Chelsea Johnson NEBLSA  Mock  Trial  Director

Dyan Owens   RMBLSA  Mock  Trial  Director

Reshonda Thompson   SRBLSA  Mock  Trial  Director

Irene Williams WRBLSA  Mock  Trial  Director


International Negotiations

International Negotiations  Competition The   NBLSA   International   Negotiations   Competition   (INC)   is   the   only   non-­‐ litigation   based   competition   offered   by   our   organization,   providing   students   with   a   unique   opportunity   to   develop   useful   negotiation   skills   while   creating   awareness  of  important  global  issues.     Each   participant   collaborates  with   a   classmate   from   their   law  school,   forming   two  person  teams  to   negotiate  a  cross-­‐border  conflict   based  on  current   issues  in   our  global  community.      After  participating  in   a  student-­‐led  negotiation  lasting   50   minutes,  where  each  team  strives  to   obtain   the   best   results  for  their   client,   students   receive   constructive   feedback   from   legal   practitioners   and   law   professors  who  serve  as  judges.    Moreover,  students  are  exposed   to  differences   in  negotiating  styles,  various  ethical   and  social  norms,  and  a  broad  spectrum  of   business   issues,   all   coupled   with   the   enhanced   difficulties   of   cross-­‐cultural   communication.   This  upcoming   year  will  mark  the   7th  Annual  NBLSA  International  Negotiations   Competition.    The  Negotiations  Competition  will  be  held  at  the  NBLSA  National   Convention  in  Atlanta,  GA    from  March  6  –  March  10,  2013.  

Important Dates  &  Fees

Deyaska Spencer National  Director  of   International  Negotiations   Competition North  Carolina  Central  School  of   Law,  Class  of  2013

September 3,  2012:  Registration  Opens. September  10,  2012–October  29,  2012:  $100  Early  Bird  Registration  period. October  29,  2012  –  December  3,  2012:  The  discounted  rate  of  $100  per  team  will  be   extended  to  chapters  registering  two  or  more  teams  for  the  competition. October  29,  2012  –  December  3,  2012:  $150  Regular  Registration  period. December  3,  2012  –  December  17,  2012:  $175  Late  Registration  period. December  17,  2012:  Registration  Deadline. January  15,  2013:  The  International  Negotiations  Competition  Problem  will  be   released  on January  31,  2013:  Deadline  for  competitors  and  coaches  to  send  questions  and   concerns  about  the  problems  and  rules  to February  15,  2013:  Answers  to  substantive  questions  released  on   March  6,  2013  -­‐  March  10,  2013:  2013  International  Negotiations  Competition  will  take   place  in  Atlanta,  GA.    Registered  teams  will  receive  confidential  information  for  the   competition  at  a  mandatory  competitor’s  meeting  on  March  7,  2013.


International Negotiations

Competition Improvements In   keeping   with   NBLSA’s   tradition   of   serving   the   needs   of   its   membership,   the   International  Negotiations  Competition  Team  will  further  improve  upon   an   already   functioning   competition.     There   were   many   systemic   improvements   that   were   made   over   the  past   few   years  that   we  will  continue   to   implement.  It   is  also   our   hope   that   these   systemic   improvements  will   help   us   to   expand   the   competition   this  year  and  in   the   years  that   follow.  By  growing   the  competition   we  are  looking   to   the   future   of   the   INC   and   the   prospects   of   eventually   moving   to   regional   competitions. With   our   prospective  expansion   we   will   ensure   that   coordination   efforts   among   participants,   coaches  and  judges  are  seamless.  The  following  changes  will  be  made   to   improve   the   competition   and   provide   students   with   an   enhanced   experience   that  will  help  strengthen  important  legal  advocacy  skills:

International Negotiations   Competition  Team Deyaska  Spencer North  Carolina  School  of  Law,  Class   of  2013 National  Director  of  the   International  Negotiations   Competition

Ariel Harris

All guest  judges   will   be  asked   to  meet  for   a  session  on  scoring   uniformity.  This   session   will   orient   judges   and   set   expectations   regarding   the   INC   scoring   rubric.   All   judges   will   receive   uniform   training   and   preparation   before   the   competition   to   promote   consistency   of   judging   and   fairness   in   each   negotiation  session.

Judges will   be   randomly   assigned   to   competition   rooms.   An   official   assignment   roster   will   be   provided   to   specialists.   Each   room   will   have   a   designated   specialist   assigned   to   it.  The  specialist   is   responsible   for   ensuring   that  judges  are  in  their  assigned  rooms  so  that  each  round  begins  promptly.  

Kurt Davis,  Esq.

The competition   schedule   has   been   restructured   to   provide   students   with   adequate  time   to  prepare  for   each  round,  while   also  enabling   competitors  to   participate   in   as   many   National   Convention   panels,   luncheons,   forums,   and   social  events  as  possible.

Kathleen C.  Wallace,  J.D.,   LL.M

All teams   will   receive   their   completed   score   sheets   at   the   end   of   the   competition.  

Teams will   receive   notice   of   their   quarter   finals   placement   electronically.   In   addition   the   rankings   of   each   quarter   finalist   will   be   electronically   disseminated  and  displayed.  

In an   effort  to   recognize  and   reward   contestants,   a  “best”  negotiator  will  be   selected   for   each   round   of   the   competition.   The   judges   will   also   select   an   individual  to  be  named  “best”  negotiator  overall.  

North Carolina  Central  School  of   Law,  Class  of  2013 International  Negotiations   Competition  Specialist

International Negotiations   Advisory  Board  Member

International Negotiations   Advisory  Board  Member


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Community Service

Community Service Community  Service  Program  Objectives • Develop  community  service  programming  that   is  related   to  and  focused  on   effective  means  of  “Enhancing  the  Dream”  of  a  better  tomorrow.   • Improve   the   Chapter   of   the   Year   (COY)   scoring   formula   to   address   inconsistencies   in   methods   of   calculating   participation   and   add   greater   transparency  and  accountability  to  the  grading  process. • Continue  to   hold   community  service  events  at  each   national  board  meeting   to  affirm  the  board’s  commitment  to  our  initiatives. • Promote  a  more  unified   service  force   by   facilitating   service  initiatives  that   will  be  implemented  on  a  national  scale. Ericka  Aiken National  Director  of   Community  Service Georgetown  University  Law   Center,  Class  of  2013

Community Service  Areas  of  Focus   • Youth  Empowerment • Human  Rights  Awareness • Prison  Reform/Prisoner  Rehabilitation • International  Outreach • Environmental/Sustainability

National Community  Service  Initiatives A  Dream  Un-­‐Deferred:  Youth  Empowerment “What  happens  to  a  dream  deferred?”…NBLSA  recovers  it. All  chapters  are  encouraged  to  participate  in  community  service  projects  within  the  following  national  schemes:   • Knowledge   is   Power   Series:   Chapters   are   encouraged   to   participate   in   tutoring   and   voter   awareness   programs  for  youth  in  their  communities.     • Model   Behavior   Series:     Chapter   members   are   encouraged   to   serve   as   mentors   to   youth   in   their   communities,  particularly  at-­‐risk  and/or  disadvantaged  youth.   • A  Healthier  YOUth  Series:    Chapters  are  encouraged   to  host  or  volunteer  for  a  health   awareness   event   for   youth  in  their  communities.   • B.A.N.  (Just  Say  No  to  Bullying,  Abuse  &  Neglect  Series)  Chapters  are  encouraged  to  host   or  volunteer  for  a   seminar,   symposium,   panel,   class   or   conference   that   addresses   the   issues   of   bullying,   abuse   and/or   neglect.    


Community Service Recovering  the  Dream  of  Freedom:    Prison  Reform  &  Prisoner   Rehabilitation   “Freeing  yourself  [is]  one  thing,  claiming  ownership  over  that  freed  self  [is]   another.”  –  Toni  Morrison All   chapters   are   encouraged   to   participate   in   community   service   projects   within  the  following  national  schemes:   • Innocence   Project   Series:     Chapters   are   encouraged   to   host   an   innocence  project   event  in   their   community   that   promotes   awareness   and/or  involves  fundraising.   • Liberating  Minds  Series:    Chapters  are  encouraged  to  volunteer  for  and/ or  donate  books  to  programs  that  provide  books  to  prisoners.   • No   Return   Series:     Chapters   are   encouraged   to   educate   juvenile   offenders   on   legal   issues,   such   as   Fourth   Amendment   rights   and   diversion  programs.    The  goal  of  this   series  is  to  reduce  recidivism  rates   among   juveniles   in   hopes   that   they   will   not   return   to   the   criminal   justice  system  as  repeat  offenders.   Know  Your  Rights:  Human  Rights  Awareness   “A  right  delayed  is  a  right  denied.”     -­‐-­‐  Rev.  Dr.  Martin  Luther  King  Jr. All   chapters   are   encouraged   to   participate   in   community   service   projects   within  the  following  national  scheme:   • Born  Free   &  Equal  Series:    Chapters  are  encouraged   to   educate  youth   and   adults   on   their   basic   Human   Rights;   chapters   can   utilize   the   Universal   Declaration   of   Human   Rights   and   local   human   rights   legislation  as  a  teaching  tool.     Dream  in  Green!  Environmental  Awareness  &  Sustainability “If  we  don’t  think  about  future  generations,  they  will  never  forget  us.”   -­‐-­‐Author  Unknown     All  chapters  are  encouraged  to  participate  in  community  service  projects   within  the  following  national  schemes:   • Environmental  Awareness  Series:  Chapters  are  encouraged  to  host  or   participate  in  an  environmental  awareness  event  in  their  community.   • Captain  Planet  Series:    Chapters  are  encouraged  to  participate  in   sustainability  initiatives  and/or  start  such  an  initiative  at  their  school.     For  example,  a  chapter  might  work  to  increase  the  number  of  recycling   bins  located  on  their  campus.   • Earth  Day:  Chapters  are  encouraged  to  participate  in  an  Earth  Day   event  on  April  22,  2013.  

Community Service  Team Ericka  Aiken National  Director  of  Community   Service

Rosa Parks MABLSA  Director  of  Community   Service

Rosanna Cochran MWBLSA  Director  of  Community   Service

Shanisha Smith RMBLSA  Director  of  Community   Service

Vacant NEBLSA Director  of  Community   Service

Elisha Polk SRBLSA  Director  of  Community   Service

Nicole Bates WRBLSA  Director  of  Community   Service


Community Service ROOTS:  Founder’s  Day  of  Service All  chapters  are  encouraged  to  participate  in  community  service   projects  within  the  following  national  schemes:   • Vision:  In  honor  of  the  vision  of  our  founder,  all  chapters   should  observe  the  day  by  hosting  a  service  event  on  the   last  Saturday  of  October.      This  can  be  done  in  conjunction   with  the  National  Week  of  Service.    The  goal  is  for  100%   participation  chapter  members  and  will  promote  the  focus   of  BLSA  in  serving  the  community. • Hangin’  with  Mr.  Cooper:    One  of  the  community  service   events  during  the  national  convention  will  be  chosen  by  our   esteemed  founder,  A.J.  Cooper.  Volunteers  will  have  the   opportunity  to  serve  the  community  with  Mr.  Cooper.    

Dr. King had a dream...NBLSA will enhance itt.

Regional Community  Service  Initiatives

Mid-­‐Atlantic Region  

Youth Enhancement  Program  (YEP) This   program   is  designed   to  teach  high  school  and  undergraduate  students  how  to  become  professionals  and  to   help  them  understand  their   basic  constitutional  rights.  Chapters  will  work  with   high  schools  to   develop  mentoring   relationships  and  will  connect   with   pre-­‐law  divisions  to   ensure   students   are   equipped  with  the  necessary  skills  to   be   successful  in   furtherance   of   their   education.   The   region   will   host   two   pre-­‐law   camps   where   undergraduate   students  will   have  the  opportunity   to   network,   refine   their   resumes,  and   receive  assistance   with   the  law   school   application  process.  The   goal  of  YEP   is  to  show  the  youth  in  our  community  that  successful   minority  professionals   exist  and  are  willing  to  assist  them.  Additionally,  we  want  to  build  lasting  relationships  with  our  pre-­‐law  divisions.   Know  Your  Rights  Campaign Unfortunately,   so   many   United   States   citizens  do   not   understand   their   basic   rights.   Throughout   the  academic   year,   chapters   will   be   encouraged   to   distribute   materials,   host   workshops,   and   speak   with   individuals   in   the   community   about   their   basic   rights.   In   October,   the   entire   region   will   host   its   Know  Your   Rights   Campaign   in   Philadelphia.  


Community Service

Regional Community  Service  Initiatives  (continued) Midwest  Region Youth  Empowerment Local   chapters   are   encouraged   to   organize   community   service   projects   that   focus   on   youth   in   the   most   economically   deprived   areas   in   the   state.     Our   aim   is   to   collaborate   as   a   region   to   empower   the   youth.   Methods  to   accomplish   our   mission   can   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   mentoring  programs  at   high   schools,   juvenile  detention  centers,  YMCAs,   and   Boys  &   Girls   Clubs.  Our  goal  is   to   provide  youth  with  the  knowledge,   assistance,  and  resources  they   need   to   turn   a  dream   into   reality.  We  are  determined   to  show  our  youth  that   hard  work,  faith,  perseverance,  and  vision  can  lead  to  a  successful  life.

Northeast Region Youth  Empowerment  |  Human  Rights  Awareness  |  Service With   a   focus   on   community   outreach   and   education,   NEBLSA   will   emphasize   nationally   recognized   “awareness”  days  and  months.  This  will  make  collaboration  throughout  the  region  more  effective  and  spirited.   Each   semester   law   schools   in   the   Northeast   Region   will   be   asked   to   participate   in   at   least   one   regionally   recognized   event   to   ensure   a   strong   BLSA   presence   in   the   Black   community.   Local   chapters   will   also   be   encouraged  to  continue  and   recognize  new  opportunities   for   volunteerism  within  their   communities.  NEBLSA   will   continue   its   focus   and   efforts   to   promote   youth   empowerment,   human   rights   awareness,   health   promotion  and  the  importance  of  education. September  2012:  National  Childhood  Obesity  Awareness  Month  &  Worldwide  Day  of  Play October  2012:    National  Bullying  Prevention  Month  &  National  Breast  Cancer  Awareness  Month February  2013:    National  Black  HIV/AIDS  Awareness  Day

Rocky Mountain  Region International  Outreach Considering   the   season   of   immigration   reform,   local   chapters   are   encouraged   to   participate   in   the   monthly   Citizenship  &  Immigration  Forum.    Members  are  trained   to   provide  assistance  to  Legal  Permanent  Residents   in   completing   their  United   States  Citizenship  Application.    This  activity  will  allow  the  Rocky   Mountain   region  to   help  someone  reach  his  or  her  goal  of  becoming  a  U.S.  Citizen. Education RMBLSA   members   are   encouraged   to   collaborate   with   local   high   schools,   undergraduate   institutions,   and   mock   trial   mentor   programs   in   their   communities.     This   will   foster   nurturing   relationships   for   the   younger   population  and  address   mental  health   amongst  law  students,  and  encourage   students  to   use  their  resources   in   order  to  manage  their  mental  health.   38

Community Service Know  Your  Rights;  Founder’s  Day  Service Local   chapters  are  encouraged   to   help   someone   execute  their  will!    The  Houston  Bar  Association’s  Elder  Law   Committee   sponsors  a  FREE  Will-­‐A-­‐Thon   open  to   all   Harris  County  low-­‐income   seniors  (age  60+)  who   wish  to   have  a  simple  will  prepared.    This  event   is  held   in   the  Third  Ward  area   of   Houston,  TX,   which  is  an  area   plagued   with   poverty  and   low-­‐education.    Attorneys  help  the   individual  seniors  draft  wills   and  the  law  students  serve  as   witnesses.     Recovering  the  Dream  of  Freedom Local  chapters  are  encouraged  to   join  a  local  Prison  Ministry,   which  helps  ex-­‐offenders  integrate  back   into  the   community.    This  activity  will  restore  social  and  restorative  justice  in  the  local  community. Local  chapters  are  also  encouraged  to  participate   in   the  Innocence  Project.     Members  will  also   work   diligently   to   educate   judges,   lawmakers,   students,   and   the   general   public   on   the   causes   and   prevention   of   wrongful   convictions.    The  goal  of  this  initiative  is   to  promote  awareness  of  the   injustices  of  the  criminal  law  field  and  to   build  an  understanding  of  the  challenges  in  exonerating  an  innocent  person. A  Healthier  YOUth Local  chapters  are  encouraged   to  volunteer   at  SHAPE  Community  Center  and/or  other  organizations  aimed   at   empowering   young   adults   in   the  areas   of   health  and  nutrition.     For  example,  chapters  can   volunteer  to   lead  or   assist   in   nutritional  and   cultural   enrichment   classes  for   youth.  The   goal  of   this   initiative   is  to   increase  health   awareness  and  strengthen  nutritional  practices  among  youth.  

Southern Region Youth  Empowerment SRBLSA  chapters   will   participate   in  Adopt-­‐a-­‐School   and   mentoring   programs  such   as   Big   Brother/Big   Sister   and  YMCA   to   teach   youth   about   civic   engagement   and   voter   awareness.     Members   will   serve   as   tutors  and   mentors   to  students,   and  inform   them  on  the   importance  of  having   self-­‐esteem,  living   a   healthy  lifestyle,  and   academic  success. Prison  Reform/Prisoner  Rehabilitation SRBLSA   chapters   will   par2cipate   in   community   service   projects   geared   towards   prison   reform/prisoner   rehabilita2on   such   as  the  Innocence   Project,   programs   that   work  to  combat   felony   disenfranchisement,   and   juvenile  educa2on  programs.   SRBLSA  Founders  Day-­‐  Regional  Day  of  Service On  October   27,   2012,   all   SRBLSA   chapters  will  participate  in   a   community   service   project   tailored   to   human   rights   awareness   or   environmental   justice   and   sustainability   to   honor   our   esteemed   NBSLA   Founder   A.J.   Cooper.   SRBLSA  World  AIDS  Day  Commemoration On   December   1,   2012,  all  SRBLSA  chapters   will  commemorate  World   AIDS   Day  through   the   guidance   of  the   SRBLSA  Director  of  Community  Service  which  will  be  geared  toward  an  international  outreach.   39

Community Service

Regional Community  Service  Initiatives  (continued)

SRBLSA MLK  Day  of  Service On  January   21,   2013,  SRBLSA   chapters  will  honor   MLK’s  vision  by  participating  in  community  service  projects   with  local  community  service  organizations.  

Western Region Unlocking  the  Keys  to  Success:  Empowering  Youth  Through  Increased  College  Access WRBLSA   is   encouraging   chapters   to   focus   on   reaching   out   to   high   school   students   of   color   interested   in   attending   law   school   because   minority   students   need   to   see   higher   education   as   an   attainable   goal.   Local   chapters  can   host   programs   that   provide  a  candid   look  into  what   the  application   and   funding  process  entails.   This  can  be  achieved  through  panel  discussions   featuring  admissions  and   financial  aid   officers   from  universities   in   the   community,   as   well   as   personal   statement   workshops   conducted   by   BLSA   members.   The   goal   is   to   encourage  youth  to  reach  for  higher  education.   Recovering  the  Dream  of  Freedom:  Prison  Reform  &  Prisoner  Rehabilitation WRBLSA   is   encouraging   chapters   to   focus   on   educating   juvenile   offenders   on   their   First   and   Fourth   Amendment   rights   in   an   effort   to   reduce   recidivism   rates.  Chapters   can   collaborate   with   existing   diversion   programs  in   the   community.    Chapters  can   also  volunteer  to  give  Street  Law  presentations  so  that  juveniles  can   learn  about  their  rights  in  an  interactive  and  fun  way.


Community Service

Scoring Rubric   50  pts  SOCIOPOLITICAL  AWARENESS     -­‐  National  Attorney  General  Activities  (25  pts)     -­‐  CBC  Weekend    (5  pts)     -­‐  Hill  and  Government  Day    (5  pts)     -­‐  Other  Activities  (15  pts)    -­‐  Chapter/Regional  Sponsored  Social  Action  Activities  (25       pts)

The following  participation  criteria  for  overall  Sociopolitical  Awareness  MUST  be   met:       Large  Chapters:    at  least  3  Activities       Medium  Chapters:    at  least  2  Activities       Small  Chapters:    at  least  1  Activity   *  As  an  alternative  to  the  National  AG  events,  chapters  may  also  earn  points  in  this  area   if  they  have  events  in  their  communities  that  are  closely  tailored  to  the  events  that  the   AG  has  organized.    Chapters  must  submit  proposals  for  such  events  to  the  community   service  director  in  advance  of  planning  and  obtain  pre-­‐approval  for  such  events.

50 pts  COMMUNITY  SERVICE     -­‐  National    Community  Service  Initiatives  (25  pts) -­‐  Youth  Empowerment  (5  pts) -­‐  Prison  Reform  &  Prisoner  Rehabilitation  (5  pts) -­‐  Human  Rights  Awareness  (5  pts) -­‐  Environmental  Awareness  &  Sustainability  (3  pts) -­‐  MLK  Day  of  Service  (2  pts) -­‐ Founder’s  Day  of  Service  (  3  pts) -­‐  National  Convention  (2  pts)   -­‐    Regional  Community  Service  Activities  (25  pts)     Chapters  will  earn  a  maximum  of  25  points  for  participating       in  regional  community  service  events.   The  following  participation  criteria  for  overall    Community  Service   MUST  be  met:     Large  Chapters:    at  least  9  activities     Medium  Chapters:  at  least  6  activities   Small  Chapters:  at  least  3  activities  

*As an  alternative  to  the  National  Community  Service  Initiatives,  chapters  may  also   earn  points  in  this  area  if  they  have  events  in  their  communities  that  are  closely  tailored   to  the  National  Initiatives.    Chapters  must  submit  proposals  for  such  events  to  the   community  service  director  in  advance  of  planning  and  obtain  pre-­‐approval  for  such   events.

40 pts  PRE-­‐LAW  DIVISION     -­‐  Pre-­‐law  Programming     Large  Chapters:    at  least  3  Activities     Medium  Chapters:    at  least  2  Activities     Small  Chapters:    at  least  1  Activity

Chapter of  the  Year   Please   find   included   in   this   guide   the   Chapter   of   the   Year   (COY)   Scoring   Formula   and   Rubric.   Every   region   will   use   this  national   rubric   and   application   and   each   chapter   will   be   graded   on   a   numeric   scale   and   can   receive   up   to   a   total  of  265  points  to  obtain  a  raw  score.     This  raw  score  will  be  your  final  score.   It   is   critical   that   chapters   submit   a   master   sign  in  sheet  with  the  names  of   all   members   in   their   chapter   and   the   ev e n t s   t h a t   t h ey   a t t e n d e d   t o   determine   the   participation   score.     Participation  is  worth  30  points.     There   are   three   parts  to   the   process   of   becoming  Chapter  of  the  Year:   1.  The  Application   2.  The  Scrapbook  and  Event   Documentation   3.  The  Interview This  year  three  Chapter  of  the  Year  Awards   will  be  disseminated.    Chapters  will  be   categorized  as  “Large,”  “Medium,”  or   “Small”  based  on  their  membership.    (Large   =  40+  Members;  Medium  =  20-­‐40   members;  Small  =  Less  than  20  members)   A  chapter  in  each  category  will  receive  a   Chapter  of  the  Year  award,  so  your  chapter   will  only  be  competing  against  chapters  of   comparable  size.   Please  read  the  COY  Scoring  Rubric   carefully  and  in  its  entirety  prior  to  the   start  of  the  academic  school  year.    Each   part  contains  vital  information.   If  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns,   please  contact  Ericka  Aiken,  National   Director  of  Community  Service  at    


Community Service

Scoring Rubric  (continued) 40  pts  EDUCATION  AND  CAREER  DEVELOPMENT   -­‐ Academic  Programming    (10  pts)   -­‐  1L  Support  (10  pts)   -­‐ Professional  Career  Events  (10  pts) -­‐ BLSA  Membership  Recruitment  (10  pts)     *  Membership  Recruitment  will  be  based  on  number/percentage  of  new  members. Large  chapters:  at  least  3  activities Medium  chapters:    at  least  2  activities   Small  chapters:    at  least  1  activity   12  pts  REGIONAL  PROGRAMMING     -­‐  Job  Fair  Participation  (3  pts)   -­‐  Academic  Retreat  Participation  (3  pts)   -­‐  Competition  Participation  (3  pts)   -­‐  Regional  and  Intraregional  Participation  (committees,  sponsorship,  etc)  (3  pts)  12  pts  INTERNATIONAL  RELATIONS     -­‐  NBLSA  C.A.R.E.S  International  Service  Trips  (1  pt)     *  Chapters  get  credit  for  their  members  submitting  applications.     -­‐  World  AIDS  Day  (5)     -­‐  International  Law  Weekend  (1  pt)     -­‐  Book  Drive  (5  pts)   11  pts  INTERVIEW   15  pts  EVENT  DOCUMENTATION  &  PRESENTATION   -­‐  Event  Documentation:  maintained  accurate  records  (including  attendance)  (5  pts)     -­‐  Presentation:  Scrapbook  (10  pts) 05  pts  SOCIAL  EVENTS     -­‐    Internal  Relationship  Development  (parties,  socials,  mixers,  dinners)   30  Points:  Participation



Pre-­‐Law Division

Pre-­‐Law Division Pre-­‐Law  National  Moot  Court  Competition The  Pre-­‐Law  Division  (PLD)  is  excited   to  celebrate  the  second  year  of  the   PLD   National   Moot   Court   Competition.   This   competition   will   introduce   Pre-­‐Law   Division   members   to   the   oral  advocacy  that  is  required  for  law   students,  the   critical   thinking   that   is   required   in   law   school   classes   and   the   communities   that   have   problems   awaiting   them   after   law   school.   Information   about   this   program  will  be  provided  through  the  National  Pre-­‐Law  Division  website.   Pre-­‐Law  Division  at  the  National  and  Regional  Conventions The   Pre-­‐Law   Division   will   seek   to   enhance   the   dream   at   the   National   Conference   in   Atlanta,   GA   through   workshops   that   focus   on   LSAT   preparation,   the  process   of  applying   to   law  school,  and   the  life   of  law   school   students.   There   will   also   be   similar   activities   at   each   of   the   regional   conferences  in  a  continuous  effort  to  better  serve  our  PLD  members.   Pre-­‐Law  Division  Law  Day   Law   Day  is   implemented   by   local   chapters   for   current   and   prospective   PLD   members.   Local   chapters   are   encouraged   to   design   programs   exposing   participants  to  the  law  school  admissions  process,  financing  a   legal  education   and  mock  1L  classes.    

Stanley Settle  II National  Director  of  the  Pre-­‐ Law  Division Southern  University  School  of   Law,  Class  of  2013

Pre-­‐Law Mentoring NBLSA   members  have   traditionally   served   as  mentors  to   Pre-­‐Law    members,   and   this   year,   we   ask   you   to   help   us   continue   this   strong   tradition   of   mentorship   by   encouraging   your   members   to   volunteer   to   become   PLD   mentors.  By  serving  as  mentors,  NBLSA  members  will   build   relationships  with   PLD  members    who  hold  similar  interests.  Moreover,  they  will  serve  as   a  guide   to   mentees   as   they   navigate   the   law   school   application   process.   Please   encourage   the   members   of   your   local  chapter   to   become   mentors.   Mentor   applications  are  available  at  


Pre-­‐Law Division Pre-­‐Law  Division  Chapter  of  the  Year/  Member  of  the  Month   The   Pre-­‐Law  Division   Chapter  of  the  Year  competition  and   Member   of   the   Month   Program   provide   an   opportunity   to   recognize   the   achievements  and   contributions  of  PLD   chapters  and  members.  We   will   select   six   Pre-­‐Law   members   as   Members   of   the   Month   throughout   the   year.     The   PLD   Member   of   the   Month   will   be   selected   based   on   an   essay   of  no   more  than   500   words   describing   how   the  nominee  has  contributed   to   his   or   her   community.  These   essays   will   be   submitted   to   the   corresponding   regional   PLD   director. The  Pre-­‐Law  Division  will   also  recognize  the   chapter  that   has   made   a   difference   in   its   community  and   has   improved   the   quality   of   its   undergraduate   institution.   This   chapter   will   be   recognized   at   the   2013  National  Convention  in  Atlanta,  GA.   Nelson  Mandela  Scholarship The   Nelson   Mandela   Scholarship   is   awarded   exclusively   to   PLD   members.  Scholarships  will  be   awarded   at  the   National  Convention   in  Atlanta,  GA.  

Pre-­‐Law Division  Team Stanley  Settle  II National  Director  of  the  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Antrell Tyson MABLSA  Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Shakiva Wade MWBLSA  Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Asia-­‐Sierra Millete NEBLSA  Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Vacant RMBLSA Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Erika Robinson SRBLSA  Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division

Alisha Trotter WRBLSA  Director  of  Pre-­‐Law  Division


International Relations

International Relations Over   the   years,   NBLSA   has   developed   strong   roots   both   within   the   United   States   and   beyond.   It   is   our   goal   as   an   organization   to   increase   our   global   reach  and   to  continue  expanding  our  relationships   with   legal  organizations  all   over  the  world.   International  Law  Association  Membership All   NBLSA  members   interested   in   learning   more   about   the   legal   aspects   of   international   relations   and   global   affairs   are   encouraged   to   become   student   associates   of   the   American   Branch   of   the   International   Law   Association.   Membership   is   completely   free!   Additional   details   can   be   found   at   http:// www.ila-­‐  

Diepiriye A.  Anga National  Director  of   International  Relations The  University  of  Pennsylvania   Law  School,  Class  of  2014

International Relations   Team Diepiriye  Anga National  Director  of  International   Relations

Layi Ali-­‐Ajibode International  Relations  Committee University  of  Virginia  School  of   Law

Shawn Greene International  Relations  Committee Loyola  University  Chicago  School   of  Law

International Book  Drive NBLSA   is   proud   to   partner   with   the   International   Book   Project.   In   2011,   NBLSA  members  donated   well  over   1000   books   and   close   to   $1000   towards   the  creation  of   a   library  in   Rwanda.  This  year,   in  an  effort  to   promote  literacy   around   the   globe,  NBLSA  will  be  donating   books  and  raising  funds  toward  the   creation   of   a   library   in   another   developing   country.   All   BLSA   chapters   are   expected   to   organize   a   children’s   book   drive,   fundraiser,   or   both   between   October  1,  2012  and   November  5,  2012.  100%  of  the  donations  will  be   shipped   to  the  International  Book  Project.   International  Law  Weekend Each   October,   the   American   Branch   of   the   International   Law   Association   presents   International  Law  Weekend   (ILW)   in   New  York  City.   This  two-­‐and-­‐a-­‐ half   day  conference  features  over  30  panels,   and  is  participated  in  by   many   of   the   world’s   leading   international   lawyers   and   diplomats.   Additionally,   in   the   past,   gala   receptions   have   been   hosted   by   the   Finnish,   Belgian,   and   British   missions  to  the  United  Nations. Recent   ILWs   have   attracted   an   audience   of   800-­‐1,000   students,   academics,   diplomats,   and   practitioners.  Registration   for  the   ILW   is   free  of  charge  for  the   Branch's  student  associates.    We   encourage  NBLSA  members  to   attend!  More   details  about  the  weekend  will  be  made  available  closer  to  the  date.   World  AIDS  Day December   1st   is   the   globally  designated   day  to   bring   awareness  to   the   HIV/ AIDS   epidemic   that   plagues   the   world.   Each   local   chapter   is   encouraged   to   organize   and   implement   a   program   on   this   day   to   bring   awareness   to   the   global  HIV/AIDS  epidemic.

Nicole Julius International  Relations  Committee Loyola  University  Chicago  School   of  Law


2012-2013 International Service Trips


Contributing through Advocacy, Resources, Education and Service Program

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Traversing Borders and Transforming Lives: Encouraging Sustainability from all Angles!â&#x20AC;? 46

International Relations 2013  Haiti  Trip  Opportunity

The Zafen  Project,   based   in   Haiti,   is   an   initiative   dedicated   to   transforming  the  Haitian  economy   by  creating  jobs,  expanding   already  existing   small  businesses,   and  empowering  citizens  by   educating   them   on  the   economic  benefits   and  legal   aspects   of   entrepreneurship.     In  January   2013,  ten  (10)  NBLSA   student  members   from  all   over   the   country   will   travel   to   Haiti   where   they   will   assist   the   directors   of   the   Zafen   Project  with  various   legal   microfinance   and   legal  projects.    Participants  will   familiarize  themselves  with   the   Haitian   legal   system,   and   its   application   to   economic   development.   More   details   about  the   trip  and   the   application   to  participate  will  be  released  in  the  fall  of  2012.    

2013 Nigeria  Service  Trip  Opportunity       The   Women   Trafficking   and   Child   Labor   Eradication   Foundation   (WOTCLEF)   is   a   non-­‐governmental   organization   located   in   Abuja,   the   capital   of   Nigeria.   The   organization   is   committed   to   addressing   the   issues   of  human  trafficking,   illegal  child  labor,   women’s  rights,  and  HIV/ AIDS  in  Nigeria.   In   January   2013,   ten   (10)   NBLSA   student   members   from   all   over   the   country   will  travel   to  Abuja,  Nigeria   to   volunteer  at  the  WOTCLEF   office.   Students  will  assist   with   rescue,   rehabilitation,   and   reintegration  efforts   of   trafficked   persons.   Additionally,   they   will   help   raise   awareness   of   issues   such   as   illegal   child   labor,   women’s   rights,   and   the   HIV/AIDS   epidemic   through   presentations   and   other   already   established   WOTCLEF   services.   Finally,   participants   will   have   the   opportunity   to   learn   about   the   legal  aspects   of   human   trafficking.   More   details   about   the  trip   and   the   application   to   participate  will   be   released   in   the   fall   of   2012.  


Attorney General

Attorney General   Congressional  Black  Caucus  Annual  Legislative  Conference  (CBC-­‐ALC) The   Annual   Legislative   Conference   (ALC)   sponsored   by   the   Congressional     Black  Caucus   Foundation   enables   NBLSA   members   to   empower   communities   by  participating  in  panels  and  discussions  about  issues  concerning   minorities.     The  ALC  also   provides  the  opportunity   to  network  with  individuals  in   the  legal   and  political  communities.    

Yvesner Zamar National  Attorney  General University  of  the  District  of   Columbia,  David  A.  Clarke  School   of  Law,  Class  of  2013

“”Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones weʼve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -- Barack Obamat

The goal   of   the   Congressional   Black  Caucus  (CBC)  is   to   “promote   the   public   welfare   through   legislation   designed   to   meet   the   needs   of   millions   of   neglected   citizens.”    Currently  43   members  strong,   the  CBC  holds   an   Annual   Legislative   Conference   (ALC)   which   attracts   over   12,000   business,   industry,   and  community   leaders  to  address   social  justice  issues  and   solutions  for  those   problems.   The   theme   of   this   year’s   ALC   is   “Inspiring   Leaders   |   Building   Generations.”  NBLSA  will   be  conducting   numerous  events   in   support   of  the   ALC   theme  throughout  the  weekend  including   the   Ninth  Annual   NBLSA  CBC   Reception.   NBLSA’s  theme  for  the  year  is  “Enhancing  The  Dream.”    In  order  to   fulfill   our   credo,   our   programming   will   continue   building   upon   the   advances   that   have   been   made   in   education   and   equal  justice   over  the   years   with   the   support  of   our   sponsors,  alumni  and  current  law  students.    This  year’s  events   will  include: • A   symposium   with   community   leaders,   government   officials   and   legal   advocates  on  Stand  Your   Ground  laws,   discussing  the  disparaging  effect   and  disparate  impact  in  communities  across  the  country.   • A   Paving   the   Pathway   forum   with   congressional   staffers,   college   administrators,   community  leaders  and   key   stakeholders  discussing  the   preservation  of  College  Affordability  &  Access.     • The  Charles  Hamilton  Houston  (CHH)  Leadership  Development  Retreat • The  Ninth  Annual  NBLSA  CBC  Reception • Congressional  Kids  Day  on  the  Hill • Networking   Reception   hosted   in   conjunction   with   the   Council  on   Legal   Education  Opportunity  (CLEO)  


Attorney General JUDICIAL  ADVOCACY   NBLSA‘s  judicial  advocacy  team   gives   members  the   opportunity  to   use   their   legal   research   and   writing   skills   to   make   changes   in   the   community.   In   an   effort  to   demonstrate  our  commitment   to   change,  NBLSA   has  implemented   an   Amicus   Brief   and  White  Paper   writing   program.    As   part   of  the   programs,   members  will   write   amicus  briefs,   public   comments  for   draft   legislation,  and   white  papers  in  furtherance  of  NBLSA’s  advocacy  initiatives.   Amicus  Brief  Program The   Amicus  Brief  Program  is  a   competitive   opportunity  that  enables  NBLSA   students  to   empower  communities  by  drafting   and  submitting   amicus   curiae   briefs  supporting   judicial  decisions  affecting   minorities,  especially  the    Black   community.   Participation   in  this   program  allows   students  the  opportunity  to   research   current   appellate  cases  and   assist   in   the   preparation   of  briefs  that   advocate  for  reforms  consistent  with  NBLSA's  initiatives.       White  Paper  Program NBLSA   will   continue   its   participation   in   government   regulatory   advocacy   through   the  White   Paper   Program.    White   papers   are   used   to   educate   and   advise   on   policies  or   legislation.  The  first   issue   NBLSA  will  be   addressing   will   be   revisions   to   Stand   Your   Ground   laws   in   continuance   of   our   efforts   in   seeking   #JusticeForTrayvon   and   similarly-­‐situated   people.   NBLSA   will   also   attempt   to   address   other  issues  as   they   arise.   If  you  would   like  to   assist  the   White  Paper  Program,  contact Public  Comments Public   Comments   are   also   used   to   ask   important   questions   and   send   comments   to   agencies   that   are   drafting   regulations.     Each   agency  must   be   responsive   to   these   comments   and   use   this   information   to   draft   a   comprehensive   regulation.     NBLSA   will   be   drafting   public   comments   on   behalf   of   the   organization   for   questions   important   to   our   communities   and   constituency.  

Advocacy Team Yvesner  Zamar National  Attorney  General

Shelton Marshall National  Directors  of  Social  Action

Vacant National Elections  Specialist

Jonathan Evans National  Judicial  Advocacy   Specialist  

Sydney Snow National  Legislative  Advocacy   Specialist

Tony Mitchell,  Jr. Congressional  Liaison

Cameron Williams MABLSA    Attorney  General

Candace Moore  

“Until the  great  mass  of  the   people  shall  be  filled  with  the   sense  of  responsibility  for  each   other’s  welfare,  social  justice   can  never  be  attained.” -­‐-­‐  Helen  Keller

Erick Harris

MWBLSA Attorney  General

RMBLSA Attorney  General

Rebecca Gregory   Dorian  Woolaston SRBLSA  Attorney  General

NEBLSA Attorney  General


Attorney General National  Hill  and  Government  Day NBLSA   coordinates   a   National   Hill   and   Government   Day   each   year   where   law   students   from   across   the   country  come  to  Washington,   D.C.  to  advocate  for  a  national  initiative  with  members  of  Congress   and   their   staff.    This   year,   NBLSA  members  have   the  opportunity  to   get   training   on   legislative   advocacy   in   order  to   prepare   them   to   meet   and   network   with   Capitol   Hill   staffers   to   advocate   on   reforms   in   higher   education.   National  Hill  and  Government  Day  will  take  place  in  the  Spring  of  2013.   Preparing  for  Legislative  Outreach One  of   our   goals   is   to  educate   our   membership   before   we   do   outreach  throughout  the  year.    The   following   are  programs  to  aid  in  this  effort: Introductory  Advocacy  Workshops  at  Academic  Retreats   NBLSA  will  take  the   opportunity  to  host  short  workshops  educating  our  members  on  the   advocacy  initiatives   for   the  upcoming  year.  In  addition  to   educating   members   on  the  issues,  they   will  also  be  informed   on  various   ways  that  they  can  be  the  change  they  would  like  to  see  in  the  their  communities.     Finding  our  Community  Voice After   training   from   the   National   Advocacy   Team,   we   are   asking   our   local   BLSA   chapters   to   go   into   their   communities  and   conduct  lobbying   workshops  with  at   least   one   local  community  organization.  Community   organizations  can  include   civic  clubs,  churches,  agencies,   etc.     Each   chapter  will  identify  a  focus  area,  present   the   lobbying  information/legislation   101   packets  that  will  be  distributed   to  each  BLSA  Chapter   and   help  the   organization   in   the  drafting,   sponsorship   and   filing   of   one  bill   during   their   state’s  spring   legislative  season.     These   chapters   will   be   acknowledged   at   National   Hill   and   Government   Day   and   on   our   national   website.     Each  program  must  be  approved  by  the  National  Advocacy  Team  prior  to  commencement  .    

“We have  also  come  to  this  hallowed  spot  to  remind  America  of  the   fierce  urgency  of  now.  This  is  no  time  to  engage  in  the  luxury  of   cooling  off  or  to  take  the  tranquilizing  drug  of  gradualism.  Now  is   the  time  to  make  real  the  promises  of  democracy.” Martin  Luther  King,  Jr.


Attorney General Five  Point  Plan   The  new  five  year  plan  has  five  issues  (Education,  Elections  &  Voting,  Criminal  Justice,  Environmental  Justice,  and   Rapid   Response)  which   the   organization  is  dedicated   to   advocating   over   the  next   five  years.  The  new  structure   gives  the  organization   time  to  build  a   brand   within   a  certain   issue  area  and   allows  us  to   truly   build   a  worthwhile   partnership  with  other  organizations.  Furthermore,  it  takes  time  to  educate  and  train  the  membership  on  issues. College  Access  &  Affordability  (Education) Americans,   especially   minorities,   are  currently  facing   daunting   financial   hardships   with   no   end   in   sight.   Young   people  are  enrolling  in   school  in  an  era  where  the   cost  of  education  is  rising  while  the  federal  grant  programs   are   shrinking.  In   order   to  pursue  higher  education,   one  is  forced   to   take   out  student  loans  to   cover  for  the  reduced   government  funding.   As  a  result,   minorities  are  now  dealing  with   an  immense   amount  of   student   debt  with   no   means  of  repaying  them   due  to  the  rising   unemployment   rates.  The  Nation’s   total  outstanding  student  loan  debt     surpassed  the  total  credit   card  debt   in  2010,  and  is  on   track  to  exceed  one  trillion  dollars     during  2012.   NBLSA  will   use  this   year  to   research  various  issues   that  plague   accessibility   and   affordability   to   higher  education   in  an  effort   to   prepare  NBLSA’s   recommendations  to  Congress  amidst  the  upcoming   reauthorization  of  the  Higher  Education   Act  in  2013.

Election Protection  &  Voter  Awareness In   2012,   the  next   President   and  Congressional  members   will   be   selected   to   lead   our   country.     In   the   midst   of   various  controversial   issues   that   loom   affecting   the   minorities  in   this   country,   it   is  as   important   as   ever   to   be   actively  involved  in   this   upcoming   election.  NBLSA  will   engage  in  various  activities   to  raise  awareness  amongst   the  membership  of  the   organization  and  possible   voters  at  large.  NBLSA   is  an  active  member  of  the   Democracy   Restoration  Act  Coalition   in  a  measure  to  assure  that  those  that  have  paid  their  debt  to  society  have  all  their  rights   restored.   In   addition   to   raising   awareness   about   the   issues  impacted   by  this   election,   NBLSA   will   be   active   on   Election   Day  in   conjunction  with  the  Lawyers’  Committee  for   Civil  Rights  to  ensure  that  our  the  rights   of   voter’s   are  not  infringed  upon.  

Envrionmental Justice Over   the   past   year,   NBLSA   has  been   part   of  a   concerted   effort  to   eliminate   health   and   socioeconomic   risks   to   achieve   better   living   conditions   across   the   country,   especially   in   minority   communities   which   are   disparately   impacted.  With   at  least  1.8  million  African  Americans   being   affected  by  hazardous  waste  facilities,  negligence  of   clean   air   and   water   policies   and   exposure   to   toxins,   we   will   focus   our   efforts   in   supporting   other   national   organizations  and  agencies  in  eliminating  this  disparate  impact.        

Criminal Justice Theodore   Shaw   said,   "Our   nation's   criminal   justice   policies   are   characterized   by   judicially   sanctioned   discrimination,   arbitrary   punishments   and   the   perpetual   ostracization   of   ex-­‐offenders—civil   death."   NBLSA   is   tasked  with  ensuring  that  less  people  face  this  civil  death.   Minorities,  especially  African-­‐Americans,  have  a  higher   likelihood  of  going  to  jail  and  facing  an  array  of   subsequent  disparate  effects.  In  order  to  combat   the  inequities  in   the   system,   NBLSA  is  actively  involved  with   a  coalition  to  restore  the  rights  of  those   that  have  paid  their  debt  to   society,   works   to   insure   those  that   are  wrongfully  convicted   receive   true   justice,   and   constantly  advocates  for   changes  in   the  decisions  or  law  that  would  lead  closer  to  equality.  NBLSA  is  an   active  member  of  the   Democracy   Restoration  Act  Coalition   in  a  measure  to  assure  that  those  that  have  paid  their  debt  to  society  have  all  their  rights   restored.   In   addition   to   raising   awareness   about   the   issues  impacted   by  this   election,   NBLSA   will   be   active   on   Election   Day  in   conjunction  with  the  Lawyers’  Committee  for   Civil  Rights  to  ensure  that  our  the  rights   of   voter’s   are  not  infringed  upon.  


Attorney General Five  Point  Plan  contin. Rapid  Response As   issues   are   always  arising   around   the   country  that   impact  NBLSA  and  its   constituents,  it  is   necessary  to   plan   to   address   these   pressing   matters.   In   order   to   make   sure   that   those   issues   are   addressed   even   if   they   are   not  within   one  of   our  advocacy  initiatives   is   to   have   rapid   response.   NBLSA   constantly   keeps   abreast   of   these   issues   affecting   the   minority   community  and  will  aggressively  tailor  a  plan  of  action   to   immediately   address   this   issues   as   they   arise   throughout  the  course  of  the  year. Please   contact  the  Attorney  General   at   if  you   would   like  to  be  involved  in  this   year’s  initiative   or  for  further  information.

Voter Awareness   &   Election   Protection   Programming NBLSA   supports   overall   increases   in   voter   participation,   as   it   is   one   of  the  most  instrumental   means   to   expressing   your   right   to   be   able   to   advocate.     This   year   we   will   be   working   with   The   Young   Professional   Voter.    We   will   conduct   voting   rallies  and  educational  forums   about  topics  such  as   redistricting   and   becoming   an   absentee   voter   to   increase   our   voice   as   we   quickly   approach   this   election   season.     NBLSA   is   partnering   with   the   Lawyers’   Committee,   Hip   Hop   Caucus,   and   other   organizations   focused   on   election   protection   to   ensure   that   disenfranchised   people   retain   their   right  to  vote.

A web   based   forum   about   the  Young   Professional   Voter  will   be  available   for   all  chapters   to  participate   in  discussions. Each   chapter   can   participate   and   engage   in   discussions  about     • Why    You  Should  Vote • Volunteering  as  Poll  Workers • Candidates  for  Local  Elections

Voter Registration NBLSA   will   not   be   registering   voters   this   election   year   as   a   result   of   the   ever-­‐changing   third   party   voter   registration   laws.   Nevertheless,   NBLSA   will   be   collaborating   with   organizations   that   focus   on   voter   registration   initiatives   to   increase   participation   in   absentee   voting   and   voter   registration   rallies.     This   will   require   participation   from   local   chapters   to   assist   in   educating   their   communities  about  voter  initiatives.  

If your   local   chapter   plans  to   invite  a   candidate   to   speak,   please   contact   the   Elections   Specialist   at  for  further  information.

Future Vote  Program This   program   will   help   to   increase   Voter   Participation   by   offering   education  as  well  as   rallies   and  programming  in  the  following  areas:

The Young  Professional  Voter Local   BLSA  Chapters   will   have   the   opportunity   to   partner   with   Community   Service   Organizations   to   host   events   about   bringing   awareness   to   the   importance  of  young  voters.     52

Social Action

Social Action CBC  |  2012  Campaign  Launch  for  Social  Media  in  #ACTION In   efforts   to   merge   the   grassroots   and   social   media   (i.e.   twitter,   facebook,   blogs),   we   are   launching   a   series   of   media   campaigns   targeted   at   bringing   national   awareness   to   NBLSA’s   grassroots   initiatives   in   the   areas   of   Access   to   Healthcare,   Educational   Opportunities,  and  Voter  Protection.   Access  to  Healthcare  Documentary The  Social   Action   team  will   collaborate  with   current  NBLSA   members   and  affiliated  organizations  to  create  a  documentary-­‐style   presentation   on   how   access   to   healthcare   is   imperative,   especially   for   those   with   pre-­‐existing  or  chronic  health  conditions.   Shelton  Marshall National  Director  of  Social   Action Florida  A&M  University  College  of   Law,  Class  of  2013

Voter Protection NBLSA  is  dedicated  to  ensure  individuals’  rights  are   not  infringed  upon.   This  year‘s  focus  will  be  the  disenfranchisement  of  convicted  felons  and   injustice   bias   in   the   justice   system.   During   the   month   of   October,   chapters   commit   to   (1)   service   on   Election   Day   as   a   volunteer   poll   worker  or   poll   monitor   and   (2)   one   or   more   of  the   following   ongoing   voter  protection  efforts:  voter  disenfranchisement  awareness/assisting   convicted   felons   in   a   manner   that   will   help   them   retain   their   right   to   vote,  or  forums  on  inequality  in  the  justice  system. Affordable  Care  Act NBLSA   believes   all   students,   and   Americans   generally,   deserve   equal   access  to  high   quality,   comprehensive,   and   affordable  healthcare.   The   recent   decision   by  the   Supreme  Court   of  the  Unites  States   to   uphold   the  Affordable  Care  Act   has  given   us  many  privileges  that   we  were  once   not   afforded.   It   is   our   goal   to   bring   awareness   to   how   this   historic   decision   has   impacted   society   by   having   townhalls   and   forums   to   discuss  its  effects.   Best  Practice  Manual The  best   practice  manual   encompasses  innovative  ideas/programs  that   local  chapters  may  implement  throughout  the  course  of  the  year.


Social Action

Social Action  Awards  

Oliver Hill  Social  Action  Award The  Oliver   Hill  Social  Action   Award   is  for   those  individuals   who   are  active  in   the  community,   advocating   on   behalf  of  social  justice  initiatives.  Oliver  White  Hill,  Sr.   was   a  civil  rights   attorney  from  Richmond,  VA.  In   1940,   Hill  won   his  first   civil   rights  case  in  Virginia,   and  in  1943,  he  joined  the   U.S.  Army  and  served  in  the  European   Theatre   of  World   War   II.   Five   years   later,   he   was   the   first   African   American   elected   to   the   Richmond   City   Council   since   Reconstruction.  Those  who   continuously   promote   equality   and   justice   for   all  mankind   should   apply.  In  addition,   the   award  will  recognize  an  individual  who  has  used  creativity  and   hard  work  to  successfully   implement  NBLSA's  national  initiatives. Requirements 1. BLSA  member  in  good  standing. 2. Must  have  participated  in  at  least  five  of  the  following  efforts:   •        Promoted  discussion  through  local  programming  designed  to  Strengthen  Equal  Opportunities  in     Education   by   working   with   organizations   such   as   the   Council   on   Legal   Education   Opportunity       (CLEO)   to   advance   minority   representation   in   the   legal   arena.   Each   program   should   be       pre-­‐approved  by  a  Regional  Director  of  Social  Action  or  an  Advocacy  Team  member. • Submission  of  ideas  of  ways   to  advocate  at  a  local  or  regional  level  for  the   NBLSA  Best   Practices   Manual  (must  be  in  final  format). • Attend   one  of  the   following:  National   Hill   and   Government  Day,  Regional  Lobby   Day  or  Regional   Conference,  or  a  National  Social  Action  event. • Promoted  Election  Protection  or   Participation   with   local  chapter   or   through  the  Respect  my  Vote!   Coalition   or  Voter  ID  Coalition   or  other  pre-­‐approved   coalitions  (please  notify  a   Regional  Director   of   Social  Action  before  beginning  work). • Promoted  Access  to   Healthcare  by  participating   in   social   action   programming   including  NBLSA’s   Dying   to   Live   Campaign,   Regional   BLSA   social   action   Healthcare   Awareness   programming   or   creating  other  pre-­‐approved  events  through  local  grassroots  organizations.


Social Action Oliver  Hill  Social  Action  Award  (continued) 3. Applicant  must  explain   how  his/her  actions   have  influenced  their  local  community,  in  550   words  or  less.    The   applicant  should  describe  events  that  have  occurred  throughout  the  year. 4. Applications   must   be   received   electronically   or   postmarked  by   February   15,   2013   at   11:59   p.m.   EST.   Applications  received  after  deadline  will  not  be  considered. 5. Award  recipient  must  be  present  at  the  National  Convention. The  Johnnie  L.  Cochran  Social  Consciousness  Award   The   Johnnie   Cochran   Social   Consciousness   Award   recognizes   social   ac2on   at   the   chapter   level.   Johnnie   L.   Cochran  dedicated  his  life  to  prac2cing  law,  aHer  being  inspired  by   Thurgood  Marshall  and  his  victory   in  Brown  v.   Board   of   Educa/on.   Cochran   felt   his   career   gave   him   an   opportunity   to   fight   for   equal   protec2on   as   he   challenged  inequality. When  Cochran  died  in  2005,  family  and  friends  proclaimed  they  "were  most  proud  of  the  work  he  did  on  behalf   of   those  in   the   community.”     He  "was   willing   to   fight   for   the  underdog,”   and  was  oHen  referred  to  as  “the   people's  lawyer."    In  fact,  many  described  him  as  the  Thurgood  Marshall  of  his  era. Each  year  NBLSA   chooses  a   chapter  who   illustrates   the   initiatives  and   programming   that   best   represents  Mr.   Cochran’s  life  work.    To  receive  The  Johnnie  Cochran  Social  Consciousness  Award  the  following  criteria  must  be   met: Requirements 1. BLSA  chapter  in  good  standing.   2. Must  have  participated  in  the  following  Social  Action  programs: • NBLSA’s  Social  Action  Town  Hall  (CBC  weekend)   or  National   Hill  and  Government  Day  2013  (chapters   120  miles   away  or   less  must  have   at  least  5  members  present  to  qualify  and   chapters  more   than  120   miles   away   must   have   at   least   2   members   present,   extenuating   chapter   circumstances   will   be   considered).   • Participation   at  a  regional  social  action  event  including  summits  and   forums  and/or   Regional  Hill  and   Government   Day  (chapters  120   miles  away  or  less  must  have   at  least  4  members  present  to  qualify  and   chapters   more   than   120   miles   away   must   have   at   least   2   members   present,   extenuating   chapter   circumstances  will  be  considered). • Election  Protection   or  Participation  Programming   through  the  Respect  my  Vote!  Coalition  or  Voter  ID   Coalition   or   other   pre-­‐approved   coalitions   (please   notify   regional   social  action   chair   before   starting   work). • Access   to   Healthcare   involvement   through   attending   and   actively   participating   in   social   action   programming   including   regional   social   action   healthcare   programming   or   creating   other   pre-­‐ approved   events   through   local   grassroots   organizations.   This   can   include   creating   pre-­‐approved   chapter  program  or   having  at   least  two  persons  per  chapter  on  the  NBLSA  Advocacy  Team  webinars   and  discussing  local  impact  when  appropriate.   • Voter   Participation   Programming   created   by   the   Regional   Advocacy   Team   and   Elections   Specialist   (specifically  a   program   geared   towards  combating   the   disenfranchisement   of  convicted   felons  or  the  Young  Professional  Voter). • Minimum   of  60   hours   of  community  service  (hours  must  be   verified  by  a  Regional  Director   of  Social   Action  and/or  Attorney  General  and  documentation  may  be  necessary  to  verify  hours).


Social Action Promote  or   rally  in   local  community  for  a  social  justice   initiative   with   pre-­‐approval   of   the   Regional   social   action   chair   and/or   attorney   general.   (e.g.   D.R.E.A.M.  Act)    This   can   include  a   local   chapter   rally   for   increased   voter   participation,   local   town   hall   meeting   to   discuss   efforts   to   increase   access   to   education,   promote   awareness   of   how  the   Affordable  Care   Act   affects   the   local  community  to  name  a  few. 3. Chapters   must   explain   how   their   social   conscious   initiatives   impacted   their  local  community,   in   600   words   or   less  (quality   pictures   are   highly   encouraged  in  email  format). 4. Applications   must   be   received   electronically   or   postmarked   by   February   15,   2013   at   11:59   p.m.   EST.   Applications   received   after   deadline  will  not  be  considered. 5. Award  recipient  must  be  present  at  the  National  Convention. •

Special Note:     A   chapter   applicant   and   an   individual   applicant   must   separately   meet   the   respective   requirements   for   the   two   awards.   Please   support   all  applications  with  pictures  and  proof  of  participation.    The  Regional   Social   Action   Chair,   if   possible   to   avoid   potential   conflicts,   should   approve   each  program.    However,  a  regional  advocacy  team  member   must  approve   the   information.     If   a   program   is   not   approved   properly,   it   will   not   count   towards   the   awards.   Please   send   the   Regional   Social   Action   Chair   a   description   of   three   to   five  sentences   at  least  five   days   before   the   program   for   confirmation.     If   you   have   any   questions   please   contact   the   National   Director  of  Social  Action  for  more  details.   Contact  Mr.  Shelton  Marshall  at  if  you  need  further   information. Regional  Social  Action  and  Grassroots  Work   The   regional   social   action   team   determines   the   grassroots   framework   and   develops   the   initiatives.   Events   include   regional   town   hall   meetings,   collaborating   with   non-­‐profit   organizations   and   community   organizers,   rallies,   and   education   on   national  initiatives,   amongst  others.    Your  regional   social  action   chairs  are   here  to   assist  your  chapter  in  community  building.  The   regions  will  primarily  focus  on  Engaging   Social   Media  to   bring   awareness  to   the   areas   of   Access   to   Healthcare   (i.e.   the   Affordable   Care   Act),   Voter   Protection,   and   Strengthening   Educational   Opportunities   for   minorities   in   the  legal  arena.        As  they  work  to  assist  the  National  Director  of  Social  Action,   they  are   your  first  point  of  contact   in  grassroots  work  and  for  the   2012-­‐2013   Social  Action  Awards.     Please  contact  your   regional  social  action  chair   about   implementing  community-­‐based  work  at  your  local  chapters.    

Social Action    Team Shelton  Marshall                                                   National  Director  of  Social  Action

Latosha Ellis MABLSA  Director  of  Social  Action

Candace Moore MWBLSA  Director  of  Social  Action

Alicia Tambe NEBLSA  Director  of  Social  Action  

Jared Gaither RMBLSA  Director  of  Social  Action

Lauren McAlpin SRBLSA  Director  of  Social  Action

Lauren Collins WRBLSA  Director  of  Social  Action


NBLSA Parliamentary  Procedure  

Plenary Rules Maintenance  of  Quorum Quorum  must  be   maintained  at  all  times   in   order  to   carry  on  the  business   of   the  session.  Accordingly,  once  plenary  begins,  each  delegate   will  be  required   to  sign  in  and  out   of  the   session,  so  that   a  proper  accounting   of  quorum  may   be  maintained. Proxy  Rules A  chapter   who  wishes  to  proxy  all   or   some   of  its   votes  must   (1)   be   in  good   standing  (2)  transfer  their   proxy  to   a  chapter  in   good   standing  (3)  complete   the  required   proxy  form  and   obtain   the   National   Director  of  Membership’s   signature   (4)   the   completed   form   should   be   presented   to   the   National   Recording  Secretary    for  tender.  All  proxies  must   be   completed  by  the  end   of   the  morning  session  of  plenary.  Once  proxied,  the  vote  is  relinquished   for  the   remainder  of  the  plenary  session  specified. Recognition  of  Speakers A   member   may   not   speak   unless   recognized   by   the   speaker.   If   a   member   speaks   out   of   turn,   they   will   lose   their   turn   at   the   microphone.   Once   recognized   the   member   must   introduce   themselves   for   the   record.   (Example:  Charles  Hamilton  Houston,  Howard  University.)

Nicole Morgan National  Parliamentarian Louisiana  State  University,  Class  of   2013

In order  to   remedy   the   “rush  to   the   microphone,”   NBLSA  will   employ   both   precedent   (number   of   times   a   speaker   has   spoken)   and   order   in   which   a   speaker   is   recognized.   This   system   facilitates   both   fairness   and   a   free   exchange  of  different  ideas  and  opinions  in  the  legislative  process. Decorum During   plenary,   certain   issues   may   be   controversial.   However,   in   order   to   conduct   the   business   of   NBLSA,   we   must   always   remember   to   maintain   decorum.   Each   member   shall   speak   with   respect   and   civility   when   addressing   the   body.   A   member   will   be   asked   to   leave   plenary   for   the   remainder  of  the  day  if  they  are  disruptive  to  the  plenary  session. Debate  Rules Debate   will   be   conducted   by   alternating   Pro/Con   statements   at   the   respective  microphones.  In  the  interest  of  time  and  fairness,  debate   time  will   be   limited   to   10   minutes.   Requests   to   extend   debate   time   shall   be   made   through   unanimous   consent   motions.   It   is   important   that   the   process   of   dealing  with  the  issues  the  body  wants  to  entertain   happens,  but   it  is  just  as   important   that   this   process   not   become   too   timely   with   respect   to   the   overall  conduct  of  the  sessions.  As  such  members  should  consider  what   is  to   be  said,   reflect  if  the  comment  is  necessary  (i.e.  has  someone   already  said   it,   will  this   further   the   goals  of  plenary),  and   then  make  a  decision   whether  or   not  to  speak. 57

NBLSA Parliamentary  Procedure   Vote Votes  will  be   caste  by  show  of   hands   of  the   delegates  present.   All  votes  will   be   approved   according   to   the   Constitution   and   Bylaws.   Constitutional   amendments  require  a  2/3   vote  and   Bylaws  require  a  simple  majority  vote.  If   an   amendment   is   presented   as   a   Constitutional   amendment   yet   fails   to   achieve   the   2/3   vote   required,   but   does   achieve   a   simple   majority,   the   amendment  does  not  pass. Roll  Call  Vote In   the  event   that   a   motion   is  too   close   to   recognize,  a  formal   roll  call   vote   may  be  required.  The  Recording  Secretary   will  use  the  current  sign-­‐in   sheets   to  solicit  the   vote   of  each  chapter.  An  immediate  tally  will  be   calculated  and   the  decision  announced  thereafter. Questions  and  Concerns Questions,  comments,  and  concerns  shall  be  directed  to  the  information   desk.  If  a  member  desires  to  file  a  grievance  that  will  also  go  to  the   information  desk.  All  grievances  will  be  handled  by  the  grievance   committee,  headed  by  the  Vice  Chair.

Parliamentarians Nicole Morgan National  Parliamentarian

Aaron Gober-­‐Sims MABLSA  Parliamentarian

Alison Weitzer MWBLSA  Parliamentarian

Catherine Nampewo NEBLSA  Parliamentarian

Megan Sheffield RMBLSA  Parliamentarian  

Pavielle Bookman SRBLSA  Parliamentarian

Irene Williams WRBLSA  Parliamentarian


NBLSA Chapter  Documents  

Chapter Constitution  &  Bylaws A   Constitution   and   Bylaws   provides   the   direction,   leadership   and   cohesiveness   to   achieve   chapter   goals.   All   chapters   must   have   a   current,   electronic   version   of   their   Constitution   and   Bylaws   on   file   with   NBLSA,   as   well  as  copies  of  the  Affiliation  Agreement  signed  by  chapter  leadership. Below  is  a  listing  of  the  required  elements:   • NBLSA’s  Statement  of  Purpose • Non-­‐Discrimination  Membership  Statement   • Explanation  of  National  and  Local  Dues  Structure   • Officer  and  Committee  Descriptions   • Officer  Elections  and  Terms NBLSA   National   and   Regional   Parliamentarians   are   available   to   help   Chapters  draft  or  improve  their  governing  documents. Chapter  Affiliation  Agreement The  NBLSA  chapter  affiliation  process  is  straightforward.  To  be  affiliated  with   NBLSA,   a   new   Chapter   must   submit   to   the   NBLSA   National   Director   of   Membership: •  A  completed  and  signed  charter  application.   • A  copy  of  the  Chapter’s  proposed   governing  documents  (e.g.,  Constitution   &  Bylaws). • A  roster  of  the  chapter’s  charter  members. • A  completed  and  signed  chapter  affiliation  agreement. Chapter  affiliation  will  be  approved  by  the  NBLSA  Executive  Board. Local  Leadership Whether  you   are   beginning   to  structure  your  chapter   or  looking  to   revitalize   your   chapter,   a   strong   and   cohesive   leadership   structure   ensures   your   chapter   meets   its  goals.   NBLSA   recommends   at   a  minimum,   the   following   three   positions:   President,   Secretary,   and   Treasurer.   Due   to   chapter   size,   chapters   have  the   discretion   to  determine   if  the   same  person  can   hold   these   offices.


NBLSA Financial  Overview  

Financial Overview The   National   Black   Law   Students  Association   (NBLSA)  is   a   501(c)(3),   non-­‐ profit   organization,   and   is   exempt   from   federal   income   tax.   The   501(c)(3)   designation   is  specifically   reserved  for   organizations  operated   exclusively   for   religious,   charitable,   scientific,   testing   for   public   safety,   literary,   or   educational  purposes. For  tax  purposes,  chapters  are  legally  distinct  from  NBLSA.  NBLSA  does  not   manage   chapter   bank   accounts,   direct   chapter   fundraising   efforts,  approve   chapter   budgets   or  expenditures,   or   otherwise   financially  govern   chapters.   Moreover,  while  each   chapter  agrees  to  operate  in   accordance  with  NBLSA’s   Constitution   and   Bylaws,  policies,   and  purpose,  NBLSA  does  not  determine   the  specific  programs  chapters  undertake.

Eleanor Curry National  Treasurer South  Texas  College  of  Law,  Class   of  2013

This section   is   not  intended   to   be  financial,  tax,  or  legal  advice   and  should  not  be   construed  as   such.  Please   consult  with  a   tax   preparer,   attorney,   or   your   university   to   determine   the   best   course   of   action   for   your   chapter.

Because chapters   are   separate   legal   entities,   chapters   do   not   fall   within   NBLSA’s   501(c)(3)   designation.   Each   chapter   is   responsible   for   its   own   finances   and   federal   and/or   state   reporting   obligations.   Although   chapters   may   still   independently   qualify   for   federal   tax   exemption,   they   are     responsible  for   seeking  it.   In   addition,  just   as  NBLSA  meets  the  IRS  federal   tax   filing   requirements   for   NBLSA   (both   National   and   each   of   the   six   Regions),   chapters   must   meet  the   requirements   by   (1)  filing   tax   returns  on   their   own,   (2)   filing   their   returns   under   their   law   school,   or   (3)  filing   their   returns  under  their  university.   The  Relationship  between  NBLSA  National,  Regions,  and  Chapters Chapters   are   separate   legal   entities   from   NBLSA,  but   are   affiliated   with   NBLSA.  If   they  choose,  chapters  must   independently  qualify  for   federal   tax-­‐ exempt   status.   Chapters   may   not   under   any   circumstances   use   NBLSA’s   federal  tax  identification  number. National   and   each   of   the   six   (6)   Regions   comprise   NBLSA,   a   501(c)(3)   non-­‐profit   organization.   The   NBLSA   Executive   Board   oversees   and   manages  the  fundraising,  bank  accounts,  contracts,  and  governance.


NBLSA Financial  Overview   Federal  Tax  Status  –  A  Primer In   order  to   qualify   as  a   tax   exempt   organization   (i.e.,  exempt   from   Federal   taxation  under  Internal   Revenue  Code  (IRC)  Section   501(a)),  an  organization   must   generally   be   a   type   of   organization   described   in   IRC   Section   501(c).   Organizations   that   meet   the   requirements   of   IRC   Section   501(a)   are   generally   exempt   from   federal   income   taxation.   In   addition,   charitable   contributions  made   to  some   section   501(a)  organizations   by  individuals  and   corporations   are   deductible   as   charitable   contributions   under   IRC   Section   170. Because   chapters  must  operate   in   accordance  with  NBLSA’s  purpose,  chapters   will  likely  qualify  for  exemption  as  a  charitable  organization  501(c)(3).

In order   to   support   its   entitlement   to   this   exemption,   every   organization   should   have   a   written   Constitution,   Bylaws,   and/or   Article   of  Association,   which  would  typically  include  the  following  basic  information: 1. The  name  and  purpose  of  the  chapter; 2. A   description   of   the   chapter’s   activities   in   terms   that   indicate   its   tax-­‐exempt   character; 3. A  description  of  the  chapter’s  membership  (e.g.,  how  does  someone  become  a                member?); 4. A  list  of  officers  and  a  description  of  how  officers  are  chosen; 5. An  indication  of  how  and  for  what  purposes  the  chapter  disburses  its  funds; 6. A   dissolution   provision   stating   that   if   the   chapter   dissolves,   its   assets   will   be   distributed  to  NBLSA  or  to  some  other  designated  tax-­‐exempt  organization.

501(c)(3) Restrictions:   An   absolute  requirement  for  federal   tax  exemption   under  IRC  Section   501(c) (3)  is   that   none   of   the   chapter’s  net  income   or   profits   can   be  of  use   to   the   benefit   of   private   interests.   Further,   an   organization   exempt   from   taxation   under   IRC   Section   501(c)(3)  is   limited   in   its   ability   to   attempt   to   influence   legislation   and   is  prohibited   from   intervening   in   a  political  campaign   for  or   against  any  candidate  for  public  office. Obtaining  Federal  Tax  Exempt  Status The   benefits  of  501(c)(3)   status  include   exemption   from   federal  income  tax   and   eligibility   to   receive  tax-­‐deductible  charitable  contributions.    To  qualify   for   these  benefits  chapters  must   file   an  application   with   and   be  recognized   as  exempt  under   IRC  Section   501(c)(3)  by  the  IRS  if  the  contribution   will   be   accepted  in  the  name  of  the  organization.

Financial Team Eleanor  Curry National  Treasurer

LaBrae McMillan National  Financial  Secretary

Simone DeLerme MABLSA  Treasurer

Ogochukwu Anokwute MWBLSA  Treasurer

Clais Daniels-­‐Edwards NEBLSA  Treasurer

Idris Akinpelu RMBLSA  Treasurer

Laura Smittick-­‐James SRBLSA  Treasurer

Adrienne Holland WRBLSA  Treasurer

Chapters who   wish   to   achieve   exemption   under   501(c)(3)   with   Gross   Receipts  of  Less  than  $5,000  Per  Year Chapters  that   normally  gross   receipts   of   less  than  $5,000   per   year  (see  gross   receipts  test   below)  and   which   are   organized   and   operated   exclusively   for   tax-­‐exempt   purposes  will   generally  be  recognized  as   tax   exempt  under   IRC   501(a)   without   applying   to   the   IRS   for   approval   of   IRC   Section   501(c)(3)   status. 61

NBLSA Financial    Overview Chapters  who  wish  to  achieve  exemption  under  501(c)(3)  with  Gross  Receipts  of  More  than  $5,000  Per  Year Chapters  that  normally  gross  receipts  of  more  than  $5,000  per  year  (see  gross  receipts  test  below)  and  which  are   organized  and  operated  exclusively  for  tax-­‐exempt  purposes  must  formally  request  recognition  of  exemption  by   filing  a  IRS  Form  1023,  in  order  to  be  recognized  as  an  entity  exempt  from  federal  income  taxes.   Gross  Receipts  Test For  purposes  of  501(c)(3)  test  outlined  above,  gross  receipts  are  not  more  than  $5,000  if:  

i) during the  chapter’s  first  taxable  year,  the  chapter  received  gross  receipts  of  less  than  $7,500;   ii) during  its  first  two  taxable  years,  the  aggregate  gross  receipts  received  by  the  chapter  are  $12,000  or  less;  and   iii) if  a  chapter  has  been  in  existence  for  at  least  three  taxable  years,  the  aggregate  gross  receipts  received  by  the  chapter  

during the  immediately  preceding  two  taxable  years  plus  the  current  year  are  $15,000  or  less.

Annual IRS  Filing  Requirements

Chapters recognized   as   tax   exempt   under   IRC   Section   501(c)(3)   are   required   to   file   an   annual   information   return.    The  type  of  annual  filing  is  determined  by  the  organization’s  annual  gross  receipts  and  assets. Chapters  with  annual  gross  receipts  of  less  than  $25,000  per  the  year: Chapters   with   gross  receipts  that  are  not  normally  more  than  $25,000  per   year   (see  gross  income  test  below)   must   electronically   submit   IRS   Form   990-­‐N,   also   known   as  the  e-­‐Postcard,   annually   (unless  the  organization   chooses  to   file  a  complete  Form  990   or  990-­‐EZ).    The  e-­‐Postcard  is  due  by  the  15th  day  of  the   5th   month  after   the  close  of  the  chapter’s  tax  year. Chapters  with  annual  gross  receipts  more  than  $25,000  per  the  year: Chapters  with  annual  gross  receipts  more  than  $25,000  per   year  (see   gross  income  test   below)  must  file  the  IRS   Tax  Return  Form  990-­‐EZ  or  Form  990  annually  with  the  IRS.   We  strongly  encourage  the  few  chapters  in  this  position  to  contact  their   respective  law  school  foundation  office   to  determine  how  to  best  meet  the  IRS  filing  requirements. Chapters  that  are  not  formally  granted  federal  tax  exempt  status: Chapters  that  are  not   formally  granted   federal  tax   exempt  status   through  the  filing  IRS  Forms  1023,  but  that   are   recognized   as   tax   exempt   (because   their   annual   gross   receipts   are   not   more   than   $5,000   and   they   are   organized   and   operated   exclusively   for   tax   exempt   purposes)   should   contact   the   IRS   Account   Services   Unit   prior  to   the  initial  e-­‐Postcard   filing  at  (877)-­‐829-­‐5500  to  request  the   IRS  to   set  up  the  organization’s  account  to   allow  filing  of  the   e-­‐Postcard.      Organizations   that  received  formal  IRS  approval  of  exempt  status  do  not  need   to  contact  the  IRS  prior  to  filing  the  e-­‐Postcard. Further  information  on  Form  990-­‐N  (E-­‐Postcard)  can  be  found  at:,,id=177782,00.html

Gross Income  Test A  chapter's  gross  income  is  considered  normally  to  be  in  excess  of  $25,000  if  the  chapter  is:   • up  to  a  year  old  and  has  received,  or  donors  have  pledged  to  give,  more  than  $37,500  during  its  first  tax  year;   • between   one  and   three  years  old  and   averaged   more  than  $30,000   in   gross   receipts   during  each  of  its  first   two  tax  years;  or,   • three  years   old   or  more   and   averaged   more  than   $25,000   in   gross  receipts   for   the   immediately  preceding   three  tax  years  (including  the  year  for  which  the  return  would  be  filed). Further  instructions  on  which  form  to  file  can  be  found  on  the  Internal  Revenue  Service’s  website  at,,id=184445,00.html.


NBLSA Financial  Overview   NBLSA’s  Federal  Employer  Identification  Number  (FEIN  or  TIN) Chapters  are  not  permitted  to  use  NBLSA’s  FEIN  for  any  purpose.  Any   chapter   that   files   information   or   tax   returns   (e.g.,   Form   990-­‐N)   and/or   opens   a   bank   account   is  required  to  have  an   FEIN.   Chapters  that   do   not  have  an   FEIN,  such  as   newly  chartered   chapters,   can   apply   for   an   FEIN   by   completing   IRS  Form  SS-­‐4   online,   by   telephone,   by   fax   or   by   mail.     To   avoid   issuance   of   multiple   FEINs,   chapters   should   check   their   records   to   verify   that   an   FEIN   was   not   previously   issued. When   completing   the  Form  SS-­‐4,  requests  a   name   and   SSN   for   the  responsible   party   (e.g.,   the   chapter   president   or   treasurer).   Because   chapter   leadership   changes   annually,   we   recommend   that   the   chapter   update   the   contact   information  associated  with  the  FEIN  on  a  regular  basis. NBLSA   keeps   a   record   of   all   chapter   FEINs   and   requires   Chapter   FEIN’s   be   provided  immediately   upon   receipt  from  the  IRS.  Once  your  chapter  is   assigned  a   FEIN,  please  send  an  email  containing  your  FEIN  to Again,   please   use   the   Chapter’s   FEIN   to   manage   the   chapter’s   banking   relationship.   Under   no   circumstances   should   an   individual’s   social   security   number  be   used  to   obtain  or  maintain   a  chapter  bank  account.  The   IRS  may   treat   the  funds  in   the   account  as  part   of  that   individual's  assets  and  any  earnings  on  the   account  will  be  deemed  earnings  of  the  individual  for  income  tax. Record-­‐keeping Chapters  must   maintain   complete  financial  records   for   at  least  six   years.  Failure   to   maintain   proper  records  will  make   it   difficult  to  substantiate  to  tax  authorities   that  the  chapter  does  not  owe   taxes,  interest   and  penalties  for  prior  years.  Please   check  with  your  university  to  see  if  it  can   retain  copies  of  your  financial  records   for   safekeeping  since  chapter  leadership  changes  annually. Public  Disclosure  Requirements   Chapters   must,   during   the   three-­‐year   period   beginning   with   the   due   date   (including  extensions,   if  any)  of   the  Form  990   (or   Form   990-­‐EZ),  make  its  return   available  for  public   inspection  upon  request.   The  entire  information   return,   with   the   exception   of   the   schedule   of   contributors,   must   be   made   available.   In   addition,   certain   other   information,   including   the   Form   1023,   must   be   made   available   for   public   inspection.   Inspection   must   be   permitted   during   regular   business  hours  at  the  chapter's  principal  office.   Again,   we   strongly   encourage   chapters   in   this   position   to   contact   their   respective   law   school   foundation   office   to   determine   how   to   best   meet   filing   requirements.


NBLSA Financial  Overview  

Budgeting in  the  Short-­‐Run

For chapters   that   have   never   organized   their   finances,   this   section   offers   guidelines   on   how   to   calculate   expenses. Calculating  Expenses The   first   step   in   calculating   annual   expenses   is   to   estimate   the   costs   of   your   chapter’s   planned   activities,   publications,  office  supplies,   and  other  items.  We  recommend  using   a  spreadsheet  to  track  this  information  and   building  your  expenses  by  event  or  program.   An  example  is  below: Activity       Welcome  Back   Event  for     Members          

Cost   $100     $5     $15   $120


Description Pizza Plates Soda                          

In this  example,   the  total   cost  of  the  welcome   back  event  is   $120.  Determine  the  estimated  costs   for  all  of  your   programs  and  then  summarize  the  costs.  The  total  will  be  the  expenses  for  your  chapter’s  annual  budget. Performing  Revenue  Projections The   next  step   is  to   determine  whether  adequate  funding  exists  to   cover   planned   expenses.  The  revenue  portion   of  a   chapter’s  budget   will  be   a  combination  of  your   current  bank  account  balance,   local   dues  (if  applicable),  and   the  revenue  you  will  receive  from  fundraising.  Below  is  a  straightforward  formula  for  calculating  revenue  to determine  your  chapter’s  one-­‐year  fundraising  goal.  In  this  example,  the  chapter’s  total  expenses  are  $1,000. Fundraising  Goal       $1,000  (expenses)       -­‐          700  (current  funds)     $        300  (fundraising  goal)  

Revenue Calculation $100  (bank  balance) $300  (local  dues) $400  (current  funds)

Preparing a  Budget Chapters  that  are   able  to  meet   their   annual   expenses,  may  be  ready  for   advanced   budgeting   and   planning.   In   addition   to   covering   only  specific   programming,   short-­‐term  expenses,   chapters  may  want   to   set   a  fundraising   goal  that  allows  for  a  financial  cushion.  You  might  consider  putting  these  funds  in  an  interest-­‐bearing  account.   Another  consideration   is   chapter  growth.  Chapters  that   wish   to  expand  their   activities,  increase   the   number   of   chapter  members  who   attend   national  meetings  or  purchase   equipment  (e.g.,   cameras,  signage,  .etc)  need  to   plan   for  these  expenses  and  identify   new  sources  of  funding.  Chapters  should  formulate  their  budgets  after  their   annual  programs  have  been  set  to  ensure  that  chapter  finances  are  in  line  with  chapter  programs. Please  contact  your  Regional  Treasurer   for  a   chapter  budget  template.  Please  contact  if  you   have  any  other  questions.


Corporate Relations

Fundraising Overview As   the   largest   student-­‐run   nonprofit   organization,   our   success   greatly   depends   on  the  generosity   of  corporate   sponsors.    Monetary  support  and   in-­‐ kind   donations   enable   us   to   execute   our   yearly   programming   initiatives   throughout  the  nation  and  abroad. In   turn,  sponsorship  highlights  companies,  law  firms  and   other  organizations   ongoing   commitment   to   diversity   in   the   legal   profession   while   advancing   them  as  industry  leaders  and  agents  of  positive  social  change.  

Alyssa ‘Lee”  Locus National  Director  of   Corporate  Relations Loyola  Chicago  University   School  of  Law,  Class  of  2013  

The end  goal  of  corporate  relations  is  to  raise  funds,  and   corporate   sponsors   are   most   responsive   to   mutually   beneficial   partnerships   that   support   their   business   priorities.     Both   current   and   potential   sponsors   desire   to   gain   meaningful   exposure   to   our   stellar   law   students   to   increase   minority   recruitment,   build   brand   awareness   and   loyalty,   introduce   products   and   services,   enhance   commitments   to   diversity,   promote   community   advancement  and  network. To  effectively  generate  corporate  funding  for  your  chapter:   • Prioritize  a  list   of  potential  sponsors  and  research   to  learn  more   about   the  types  of  organizations  that  they  usually  support. • Illicit   the   sponsor’s  primary  objectives  through  introductory  emails  and/ or   telephone   calls,   and   ensure   your   chapter   is   able   to   meet   the   potential  sponsor’s  expectations  of  success. • Present   your   sponsorship   offering   in   way   that   illustrates   measurable   benefits  for   the   sponsor,   and  follow-­‐up   to   ensure  the  sponsor   receives   the  most  from  the  benefits  offered. • Finally,  remain   focused  on  strengthen  the  relationship  with   the   sponsor   throughout  the  year  with  ongoing  communications. Only   chapters   who   have   obtained   501(c)(3)   tax-­‐exempt   status   are   able   to   solicit  direct   sponsorship   using  tax-­‐deductibility   as  a  benefit.     Chapters  who   are   not   501(c)(3)   chapters   but   who   wish   to   offer   the   benefit   of   tax-­‐ deductibility   may   coordinate   a   joint-­‐fundraising   program   with   NBLSA.     If   you   wish  to  learn  more   about  this  option,  please  contact  your  Regional  Chair   for  additional  guidance. Chapters   with   multiple   sponsorship   opportunities   should   consider   developing   a   customized   sponsor   guide   that   offers   a   brief   description   of   each   opportunity   along   with   the   cost   of   the   sponsorship   and   chapter   photography.   There  are  many  tools,  resources  and  example  sponsor  guides  available  to  help   you  succeed  in  raising  corporate  funds.  For  additional  information  and   questions,  please  contact  the  National  Director  of  Corporate  Relations  at,  a  National  Corporate  Relations  Specialist  or   your  Regional  Director  of  Corporate  Relations.


Corporate Relations   National  Corporate  Relations  Specialists Avalon  Paul   National  Corporate  Relations  Specialist Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of   Law,  Class  of  2014

Tamara Titre National  Corporate  Relations  Specialist Michigan  State  University    School  of   Law,  Class  of  2014

Regional Corporate  Relations  Directors Ernest  Hammond,  III

Walter Booth

Joshua Williams

MABLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations  

SRBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

SRBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

Ndidi Okeagu

Chanel Rowe

Dominque Hinson

MWBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

SRBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

RWBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

Tiffany Davis

Clementine Uwabera

Warren Henderson

NEBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

Roosevelt Donat NEBLSA  Director  of  Corporate   Relations

SRBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations

WRBLSA Director  of  Corporate   Relations  

Sonye’ Randolph SRBLSA  Director  of  Corporate   Relations


National  Convention

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Mid-­‐Atlantic Region

Mid-­‐Atlantic Region The  Mid-­‐Atlantic  Region  (MABLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the   following  states:  Delaware,  Maryland,  New  Jersey  (southern),  Pennsylvania,   Virginia,  West  Virginia,  and  the  District  of  Columbia.


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region Greetings  MABLSA  Family! As  I  extend  this  warm  and  heartfelt  greeting  to  you  all,  it  is  my  sincerest  hope   that  this  letter  finds  each  of  you  at  peace,  happy  and  well.    I  am  excited  to   serve  you  as  the  2012-­‐2013  Mid-­‐Atlantic  Chair  and  I  look  forward  to  working   with  you  to  make  this  year  a  rousing  success.     The  theme  for  the  region  this  year  is  “MABLSA  Strong:    Excellence  in  Action.”     The  MABLSA  Executive  Board  decided  on  this  theme  because  it  neatly   encapsulates  all  that  we  seek  to  do  for  the  region  this  year.    To  highlight  the   strong  tradition  of  excellence  of  the  region,  we  will  kick  off  our  “Did  You   Know?”  series  which  will  bring  you  snapshots  of  the  history  of  the  region  and   its  accomplishments.    In  order  to  equip  our  members  with  the  requisite  tools   to  excel  in  their  academic  and  professional  pursuits,  our  inaugural   professionalism  expo  and  annual  Academic  Retreats  are  planned  to  take   place  in  the  fall.    Finally,  we  will  demonstrate  our  commitment  to  excellence   in  the  communities  around  us  by  implementing  important  and  timely   community  service  and  advocacy  initiatives,  including  the  publication  of   MABLSA’s  guide  to  advocacy.     MABLSA  Theme: MABLSA  Strong:  Excellence  in   Action   MABLSA  Vision: To  unite  the  region  through   vibrant  and  poignant   programming  and  initiatives   in  order  to  serve  as  advocates   of  change,  foster  and   encourage  competency  and   excellence,  and  equip  our   members  with  skills  that  will   enhance  their  professional   and  personal  development.    

We hope  to  excel  in  all  that  we  do.    We  also  hope  that  all  that  we  do  will   contribute  to  the  organization’s  longstanding  legacy  and  tradition  of   excellence.   I  enjoy  receiving  emails  and  love  to  hear  from  members.    Please  do  not   hesitate  to  reach  out  to  me,  or  any  of  the  MABLSA  Executive  Board   members,  with  any  questions,  comments,  suggestions,  concerns  or  just  to   say  hello.    I  look  forward  to  meeting  you  all  over  the  course  of  the  next  year!

Wishing you  only  the  best,

Victoria Walker 2012-­‐2013  Mid-­‐Atlantic  Chair National  Black  Law  Students  Association George  Mason  University,  JD/MPP  Candidate  2014 Mid-­‐;  202-­‐643-­‐BLSA  


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region  Executive  Board

Victoria Walker

Gobriella Davis

MID-­‐ATLANTIC CHAIR George  Mason  University  School  of   Law

Yvonne Baker VA  SUB-­‐REGIONAL   DIRECTOR William  and  Mary  School  of    Law

Cameron Williams ATTORNEY  GENERAL University  of  Baltimore   School    of  Law

VICE-­‐CHAIR William &  Mary  School  of  Law

Naoka Clyburn SECRETARY

Simone DeLerme TREASURER

University of  Baltimore  School  of   Duquesne  University  School  of  Law Law

Lanre Kukoyi

Tiffany Fountaine

Jazamin Stallings




Duquesne University  School  of    Law UDC  David  A.  Clarke  School  of  Law Earle  Mack  School  of  Law  at  Drexel

Latosha Ellis SOCIAL  ACTION  University  of  Richmond   School  of  Law

Difie Osbourne DIRECTOR  OF   PROGRAMMING William  and  Mary  School  of     Law

Rosa Parks DIRECTOR  OF   COMMUNITY  SERVICE Earle  Mack  School  of    Law  at   Drexel


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region  Executive  Board

Stacia Harrison

Preston Smith

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS University  of  Maryland  Frances   King


LieAnn Van-­‐Tull

Stephanie Johnson

Heather Bennett


Duquesne University  School  of    Law

Jasmine Williams

Erica DuPree

CHIEF OF  STAFF Howard  University  School  of  Law

PARLIAMENTARIAN University of  District  of  Columbia   David  A  Clarke  School  of  Law  

Antrell Tyson

DIRECTOR OF  MEMBERSHIP   DIRECTOR  OF  PRE-­‐LAW  DIVISION Pennsylvania  State  University   University  of  Richmond  School  of   School  of  Law   Law  

Barbara Stansil MOCK  TRIAL  DIRECTOR William  &  Mary  School  of   Law

Earnest Hammond CORPORATE  RELATIONS   SPECIALIST Washington  &  Lee  School  of  Law

Joshua Cox DIRECTOR  OF  ALUMNI   AFFAIRS University  of  Pennsylvania

Antwan Williams FINANCIAL  SECRETARY Regent  University  School  of   Law


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region  Executive  Board

Amaka Okagbue CORPORATE  RELATIONS   SPECIALIST George  Washington  University   School  of  Law

Michelle Winter  

MOOT COURT  SPECIALIST American  University  Washington   College  of  Law  

Lisette Burton

Amanda Baker  

Justin Clayton



ADVOCACY SPECIALIST American  University   Washington  College  of  Law  

University  of  Maryland  School   of  Law    

American University   Washington  College  of  Law  

Dean Christmon JOB  FAIR  SPECIALIST University  of  Baltimore


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region

Calendar of  Events June  2012 15          

Mid-­‐Atlantic Happy  Hours Pittsburgh,  PA Philadelphia,  PA Washington  DC Richmond,  VA

February 2013 13-­‐17   45th  Annual  Mid-­‐Atlantic  Regional      


Pittsburgh, PA  |  Omni  William  Penn  Hotel

July 2012 22    


Land the  Job:  Mock  Interviews/  Interview   Preparation  Session  |  Washington,  DC   Mid-­‐Atlantic  Happy  Hours Pittsburgh,  PA Philadelphia,  PA Washington  DC Richmond,  VA

August 2012 17-­‐19   Mid-­‐Atlantic  Job  Fair  &  Leadership  Retreat    

Bethesda, MD  |  Doubletree  Hotel 8120  Wisconsin  Avenue,  Bethesda,  MD

September 2012 8      

Mid-­‐Atlantic Academic  Retreat   Washington,  DC  |  Patton  Boggs  LLP Philadelphia,  PA  |  

October 2012 6  

Pre-­‐Law Division  Law  Camp


Pre-­‐Law Division  Law  Camp Pittsburgh,  PA Baltimore,  MD Richmond,  VA


26th Annual  AIDS  Walk Washington  DC


Philadelphia, PA  

Please be  sure  to  visit  our  website mablsa  for  the  most  up  to  date  event  calendar.   Existing  programming  will  be  updated  and  new   programming  will  be  added  throughout  the  year.  


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region


!"# DATE


February 13-17, 2013

Contact Info: Website:

Omni William Penn Hotel

Registration Opens September 1st


530 William Penn Place Pittsburgh, PA 15219



Striving to Balance since 1968


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region


Mid-­‐Atlantic Region

MABLSA Chapters American  University  Washington  College  of  Law Appalachian  School  of  Law Catholic  University  of  America  Columbus  School  of  Law Duquesne  University  School  of  Law Earle  Mack  School  of  Law  at  Drexel  University George  Mason  University  School  of  Law George  Washington  University  Law  School Georgetown  University  Law  Center Howard  University  School  of  Law Pennsylvania  State  University  The  Dickinson  School  of  Law Regent  University  School  of  Law Rutgers  University  School  of  Law  -­‐  Camden Temple  University  Beasley  School  of  Law University  of  Baltimore  School  of  Law University  of  Maryland  Francis  King  Carey  School  of  Law University  of  Pennsylvania  Law  School University  of  Pittsburgh  School  of  Law University  of  Richmond  School  of  Law University  of  District  of  Columbia  David  A.  Clarke  School  of  Law University  of  Virginia  School  of  Law Villanova  University  School  of  Law Washington  &  Lee  University  School  of  Law West  Virginia  University  College  of  Law Widener  University  School  of  Law  -­‐  Delaware Widener  University  School  of  Law  -­‐  Pennsylvania William  &  Mary  Law  School


Midwest Region

Midwest Region The  Midwest  Region  (MWBLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the  following   states:  Illinois,  Indiana,  Iowa,  Kansas,  Kentucky,  Michigan,  Minnesota,   Missouri,  North  Dakota,  Ohio,  South  Dakota,  and  Wisconsin.


Midwest Region Greetings  to  the  Mighty,  Mighty  Midwest  Region! I  write  to  you  with  excitement  and  gratitude  for  the  opportunity  to  serve  as  your   Regional  Chair.    Having  served  on  the  MWBLSA  Executive  Board  for  the  previous   two  years,  I  have  been  blessed  to  experience  the  unique  educational  training,   leadership  development,  and  camaraderie  that  MWBLSA  has  to  offer.    My  hope   is  that  with  the  leadership  of  this  year’s  Executive  Board,  your  law  school   experience  will  be  enriched  and  your  memories  of  this  wonderful  organization   will  last  a  lifetime.

MWBLSA Theme: Combat  Complacency.  Evoke   Excellence.   MWBLSA  Vision: MWBLSA  aspires  to  provide   opportunities  for  its  members  to   interact  with  leaders  in  the  legal   community  and  to  receive   instruction  in  the  areas  of   academic  achievement,  financial   empowerment,  and  career   advancement  in  conjunction   with  work-­‐life  balance  and  civic   engagement.  It  is  the  goal  of   MWBLSA  to  provide  resources   that  will  enable  our  members  to   not  just  be  successful  in  their   professions  but  also  to  be   successful  as  people.

The regional  theme  for  this  year  is  “Combat  Complacency.  Evoke  Excellence.”    As   law  students,  we  have    a  unique  opportunity  to  significantly  impact  many  lives   and  many  different  aspects  of  society.    While  it  is  not  necessary  that  we  each  be   passionate  about  the  same  things,  we  must  each  make  it  our  responsibility  to  be   passionate  about  something.    Successful  academic  and  extracurricular  careers  in   law  school  are  a  part  of  the  journey,  not  the  destination.    If  you  haven’t  already,   decide  this  year  that  you  combat  complacency  within  yourself  and  amongst   others.    Take  the  time  to  carefully  envision  your  lasting  impact  on  this  world.     Then  consistently  pursue  that  vision  with  excellence!     MWBLSA  is  continually  evolving  and  strengthening  its  might.    I  would  like  to   extend  a  warm  welcome  to  Nebraska,  whose  BLSA  chapters  are  new  to  the   Midwest  region  this  year.    We  will  also  be  refining  our  funding  and  programming   strategies  so  that  membership  in  NBLSA  is  more  rewarding  now  than  ever   before.    Chapter  leaders  can  look  forward  to  unprecedented  leadership   development  and  assistance  with  implementing  regional  and  national  initiatives.     General  body  members  can  look  forward  to  new  and  innovative  ways  to  prepare   for  their  legal  careers.    All  members  can  look  forward  to  a  growing  sense  of   community  as  we  learn  new  ways  to  use  technology  to  effectively  engage  as   many  of  you  as  possible. The  MWBLA  Executive  Board  is  an  extremely  talented  group  of  individuals  who   are  dedicated  to  producing  nothing  but  the  best  for  the  Mighty  Midwest  Region.     They,  as  well  as  you,  continue  to  inspire  me  think  big  and  work  tirelessly  towards   a  remarkable  year  for  MWBLSA.    We  invite  you  to  be  in  close  touch  and  actively   involved  in  our  initiatives  this  year. In  MWBLSA  Love, Aisha  N.  Smith University  of  Wisconsin  Law  School Midwest  Regional  Chair,  2012-­‐2013 National  Black  Law  Student  Association


Midwest Region  Executive  Board

Aisha Smith MIDWEST  CHAIR University  of  Wisconsin     School  of  Law

Darnell Martemus   SUB-­‐REGIONAL  DIRECTOR   Cleveland-­‐Marshall  College  of  Law  

Dorian George

Jenee Gaskin

Michigan State  University  College   of  Law

Loyola University  Chicago   School  of  Law  


Rasheda Armstrong

SUB-­‐REGIONAL DIRECTOR Valparaiso  University  Law  School

Candace Moore

Aminta Moses



Loyola University  Chicago   School  of  Law

Indiana  University  Maurer  School  of   Law


Lavell Payne CHIEF  OF  STAFF

Ogochukwu Anokwute TREASURER University  of  Wisconsin    Law   School

William Santilus CHIEF  OF  STAFF

University ofAkron  School  of  Law

Michigan State  University  College   of  Law

Rosanna Cochran

Ndidi Okeagu

DIRECTOR OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE Thomas  M.  Cooley  Law  School

DIRECTOR OF   CORPORATE  RELATIONS Michigan  State  University  College  of   Law  


Midwest Region  Executive  Board

Olabisi J.  Ogboye

Jalyn Parks

Shakiva Wade  

Michigan State  University  College   of  Law    

DIRECTOR OF  EDUCATION  &   CAREER  DEVELOPMENT Cleveland-­‐Marshall  School  of  Law



Dominique Taylor

Cheng Yu-­‐Hou



Onyinye Ezeh DIRECTOR  OF   COMMUNICATIONS Michigan  State  University  College  of   Law  


Indiana University  Maurer  School  of   Law


Thomas  M.  Cooley  School  of  Law  


University of  Cincinnati  College  of   Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of  Law   Law

Marc Davis

Dennis Hickerson-­‐Breedon

Samuel Jackson




Ohio Northern  School  of  Law

Hamline University  School  of  Law

DePaul College  of  Law

Dominique de  Vastey CHIEF  EDITOR  OF  MIDWEST   LAW  JOURNAL Washington  University  in  St.   Louis


Midwest Region  Executive  Board

Kayla Griffin ACADEMIC  RETREAT   COORDINATOR Valparaiso  University  Law  School

Evangeline White DIRECTOR  OF  ALUMNI   AFFAIRS Indiana  University  Maurer  School     of  Law  


Midwest Region

Calendar of  Events June  2012  

22-­‐24  6th  Annual  Joint  Leadership  Retreat  

Detroit, MI  |  Aloft  Dallas  Downtown  


Alumni Reception    

6-­‐10 MWBLSA  Regional  Convention    

St. Louis,  MO  |  The  Hilton  St.  Louis

September 2012   12    

Indianapolis,  IN 14-­‐16   Academic  Retreat   Indianapolis,  IN        

October 2012   5  

Alumni Reception

Kansas City,  MO

Kansas City,  MO

5-­‐7 Academic  Retreat

February 2013

Please be  sure  to  visit  our  website  for  the  most  up  to  date  event   calendar.  Existing  programming  will  be  updated  and  new  programming  will  be  added   throughout  the  year.


Midwest  Region


Midwestern Region

MWBLSA Chapters Capital  University  Law  School     Case  Western  University  School  of  Law Chicago-­‐Kent  College  of  Law     Cleveland-­‐Marshall  College  of  Law Creighton  University  College  of  Law   DePaul  University  College  of  Law Drake  University  Law  School     Hamline  University  School  of  Law Indiana  University  School  of  Law  -­‐     Indiana  University  School  of  Law  -­‐ Bloomington         Indianapolis Loyola  University  Chicago  School  of  Law   Marquette  University  Law  School Michigan  State  University  College  of  Law   University  of  Nebraska  College  of  Law Northern  Illinois  University  College  of  Law   Northwestern  University  School  of  Law Notre  Dame  Law  School       Ohio  Northern  University  Pettit  College   Ohio  State  University  Law  School     of  Law Saint  Louis  University  School  of  Law   Salmon  P.  Chase  College  of  Law  (NKU) Southern  Illinois  University  School  of  Law   The  John  Marshall  Law  School  -­‐ The  University  of  Akron  School  of  Law   Chicago The  University  of  Chicago  Law  School   Thomas  Cooley  Law  School-­‐-­‐Auburn Thomas  Cooley  Law  School-­‐-­‐Grand  Rapids   Hills Thomas  Cooley  Law  School-­‐Lansing   University  of  Cincinnati  College  of  Law University  of  Dayton  School  of  Law   University  of  Detroit  Mercy  School  of University  of  Illinois  College  of  Law     Law University  of  Iowa  College  of  Law     University  of  Kansas  School  of  Law University  of  Kentucky  College  of  Law   University  of  Louisville  Brandeis  School University  of  Michigan  Law  School     of  Law University  of  Minnesota  Law  School   University  of  Missouri-­‐Kansas  City University  of  Missouri-­‐Columbia  School   of  Law  of  Law University  of  North  Dakota  School  of  Law     University  of  South  Dakota  School  of   University  of  St.  Thomas  School  of  Law   Law University  of  Wisconsin  School  of  Law     Valparaiso  University  School  of  Law Washburn  University  Schol  of  Law       Washington  University  in  St.  Louis     Wayne  State  University  Law  School   School  of  Law  


Northeast Region

Northeast Region The  Northeast  Region  (NEBLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the  following   states:  Connecticut,  Maine,  Massachusetts,  New  Hampshire,  New  Jersey   (northern),  New  York,  Rhode  Island,  and  Vermont.


Northeast Region Dear  NEBLSA, It  is  truly  an  honor  to  be  serving  as  the  Regional  Chair  of  the  notable  Northeast   Region!  As  a  member  of  this  illustrious  organization,  and  now  a  leader,  serving  on  the   Regional  Board  and  the  National  Board  for  the  2012-­‐2013  year,  I  am  looking  forward   to  doing  the  work  of  NBLSA.  NEBLSA  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  all  regions   developing  innovative  programming,  promoting  academic  excellence,  and  fostering   community  service  among  all  of  its  members.  This  year,  like  the  years  before,  will  be   no  different. NEBLSA  is  dedicated  to  continuing  to  grow  and  develop  in  this  ever-­‐changing   organization  and  world.  Building  on  last  year's  theme  of  "NEBLSA:  United  we  Climb,"   our  theme  for  this  year  is  "Onward,  Upward,  Progressing  Forward!"  Our   programmatic  structure  will  center  on  increasing:  professionalism,  academic   preparedness,  and  fostering  community  among  members  of  the  region.  While  the   region  has  always  been  committed  to  helping  to  develop  social  engineers,  and  will   continue  to  support  this,  the  region  also  hopes  to  renew  students’  commitment  to   their  community  and  the  greater  organization.

NEBLSA Theme: Onward,  Upward,  Progressing   Forward!

Vision: NEBLSA  members  still  

need support  in  key  areas  but  need   to  be  able  to  evolve  in  a  forever-­‐ changing  world.  The  NEBLSA  team   hopes  to  provide  programming  to   strengthen  members’  academic  and   professional  preparedness  while   giving  them  skills  to  adapt  to   changes  in  the  legal  community.  We   also  recognize  that  we  have  to   redefine  what  it  means  to  be  a   Black  law  student  and  incite   community,  dedication,  and  loyalty   in  all  the  members  of  the  region.  

Mission: We  will  increase  professionalism,   academic  preparedness,  and   community  among  members  of   the  NEBLSA  community  through   insightful  and  effective   programming  initiatives.  

NBLSA was  founded  in  the  Northeast  region  in  1968  at  New  York  University  School  of   Law.  Forty-­‐four  years  later,  NEBLSA  supports  33  chapters  and  more  than  1,100   members.  Former  NEBLSA  members  include  countless  esteemed  attorneys,   successful  executives,  general  counsels,  senators,  congressmen,  Supreme  Court   justices,  attorney  generals,  and  a  president  of  the  United  States. Our  events  and  programming  for  the  year  will  prove  to  be  beneficial  to  our  members   and  alumni.  We  will  have  professional  development  events,  academic  preparation   and  mentoring,  networking  opportunities,  and  new  initiatives  that  will  bring  our   membership  together  in  innovative  ways.  We  will  begin  with  our  Summer  Happy   Hour  Series,  which  promises  to  be  a  welcome  networking  opportunity  for  all  NBLSA   members  and  alumni  in  the  Northeast  Region  for  the  summer.  Our  Annual  Job  Fair   and  NEBLSA  Leadership  Retreat  will  be  held  at  New  York  Law  School  in  New  York,   NY.  We  will  continue  the  year  with  alumni  receptions,  CBC  weekend,  networking   events,  community  service  events,  advocacy  events,  mentoring  programs,  many  sub-­‐ region  specific  events,  and  the  annual  regional  convention,  which  will  take  place  in   Cambridge,  Massachusetts  on  January  23-­‐27,  2013. For  updates  regarding  our  region,  programming,  and  events,  visit neblsa.  On  our  website  you  will  find  important  information  such  as  a  link  to  the   Members  Google  Group,  our  Twitter,  Tumblr  and  Facebook  pages,  which  will  contain   additional  NEBLSA-­‐related  information,  event  specific  information,  and  contact   information  for  the  entire  NEBLSA  Executive  Board.  Please  be  sure  to  check  our   website  throughout  the  year  to  stay  informed.  If  at  any  point  you  have  suggestions,   questions,  and/or  concerns,  please  do  not  hesitate  to  contact  me  at Thank  you  again  for  electing  me  to  serve  as  your  Chair! BLSA  love, Bomopregha  A.  Julius Northeastern  University  School  of  Law Northeast  Region  Chair,  2012-­‐2013 National  Black  Law  Student  Association


Northeast Region  Executive  Board

Bomopregha Julius NORTHEAST  CHAIR

Northeastern University  School  of  Law

Sydelle Exantus CNNE  SUB-­‐REGIONAL   DIRECTOR Boston  University  School  of   Law

Brandon Greene ATTORNEY  GENERAL Boston  University  School  of  Law  

Byron Conway VICE-­‐CHAIR

Boston University  School  ofLaw  

Catherine Nampewo PARLIAMENTARIAN Boston  College  of  Law

Alicia Tambe DIRECTOR  OF  SOCIAL  ACTION   Northeastern  University  School  of     Law  School

Desiree Murphy SECRETARY/DIRECTOR  OF   COMMUNICATIONS Northeastern  University  School  of  Law  

Clais Daniels-­‐Edwards TREASURER Seton  Hall  School  of  Law

Shantal Sparks

Anita Mitchell


UPSTATE NY  SUB-­‐REGIONAL   DIRECTOR Syracuse  University  College  of  Law

Morgan Gray DIRECTOR  OF   PROGRAMMING Suffolk  University  Law  School

L. Alisyn  Daniel DIRECTOR  OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE Northeastern  University  School  of   Law


Northeast Region  Executive  Board

Tiffany Davis DIRECTOR  OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Cornell  University  Law  School  

Asia-­‐Sierra Millette DIRECTOR  OF  PRE-­‐LAW   DIVISION Roger  Williams  University   School  of  Law  

Roosevelt  Donat DIRECTOR  OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Rutgers  University  School  of  Law-­‐

Danielle Burckson DIRECTOR  OF  ALUMNI   AFFAIRS Suffolk  University  Law  School


J. Alanna  Pittard

Jalese Grays

Chelsea Johnson

Chris Ellis  Jr.

JOB FAIR  COORDINATOR   DIR.  OF  ED.   New  York  Law  School

CONVENTION COORDINATOR Northeastern  University  School  of   Law



Boston University  School  of  Law  

Rutgers University  School  of  Law-­‐ Newark

James Olaleye HISTORIAN Vermont  Law  School


Northeast Region

Calendar of  Events June  2012   7    

Summer Happy  Hour  Series:  NY  Metro     Sub-­‐Region   11     Student  Registration  Opens  for  the     NEBLSA     Job  Fair 16     Student  Bidding  Begins  for  NEBLSA  Job     Fair 22-­‐24   6th  Annual  Joint  Leadership  Retreat  Detroit,     Michigan|  Detroit  Marriott  at  the     Renaissance  Center

July 2012   2    



NEBLSA Job  Fair  Bidding  and  Registration   Ends Summer  Happy  Hour  Series:  NY  Metro   Sub-­‐Region Summer  Happy  Hour  Series:  Combined   Northern  New-­‐England  Sub-­‐Region   Boston,  MA  |  Daryl’s  Corner  604  Columbus   Avenue,  Boston,  MA  02118

August 2012   9-­‐11   NEBLSA  Job  Fair/  Leadership  Retreat

New York,  NY  |  New  York  Law  School

September 2012   7    



Combined Northern  New  England     Welcome  Back  Social   Boston,  MA  |  Red  Fez,  222  Washington   Street,  Boston,  MA  02118   NY  Upstate  Welcome  Back  Social  Event Location  TBD NY  Metro  Welcome  Back  Social  Event   Location  TBD Academic  Retreat  1 Syracuse,  NY  |  Syracuse  University  School  of   Law

October 2012   6  

NEBLSA Academic  Retreat  2   New  York,  NY  |  Fordham  University  School  of   Law          

January 2013

23-­‐27 NEBLSA  Regional  Convention


Cambridge, MA  |  Hyatt  Regency  Cambridge,   575  Memorial  Drive, Cambridge,  Massachusetts,  USA  02139 NY  Upstate  Sub-­‐Region  Alumni  Mixer Location  TBD

February 2013  



NY Metro  Speed  Networking  Event  |  Location   TBD NY  Upstate  Sub  Region  Ice  Skating Syracuse,  NY  

March 2013 30    

NY Upstate  Sub  Region  Event”  Know  your   Rights  Campaign  Location  TBD

April 2013 6  

NY Upstate  Sub-­‐  Region  Social  Mixer Albany,  NY

Please be  sure  to   visit   our  website  at neblsa   for   the   most   up   to   date   event   calendar.   Existing   programming   will   be   updated   and   new   programming  will  be  added  throughout  the  year.  

Visit for updates


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6;',,)!"#"&>;)*'?@:$A#") 575 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (617) 492-1234 Annual Competitions | Chapter Awards | Community Service | Networking | Professional Development | Workshops | Regional Board Elections | and More.

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Northeast Region

NEBLSA Chapters Albany  Law  School Benjamin  N.  Cardozo  School  of  Law Boston  College  Law  School Boston  University  School  of  Law Brooklyn  Law  School Columbia  Law  School Cornell  University  Law  School CUNY  School  of  Law  at  Queens  College Fordham  University  of  Law Franklin  Pierce  Law  Center Harvard  Law  School Hofstra  University  School  of  Law Massachusetts  School  of  Law New  England  School  of  Law New  York  Law  School New  York  University  School  of  Law Northeastern  University  School  of  Law Pace  University  School  of  Law Quinnipiac  University  School  of  Law Roger  Williams  University  School  of  Law Rutgers  University  School  of  Law  -­‐  Newark Saint  John's  University Seton  Hall  University  School  of  Law Suffolk  University  Law  School Syracuse  University  College  of  Law Touro  Law  Center University  at  Buffalo  Law  School University  of  Connecticut  School  of  Law University  of  Massachusetts-­‐Dartmouth Vermont  Law  School Western  New  England  College  School  of  Law Yale  University  College  of  Law  


Rocky Mountain  Region

Rocky Mountain  Region The  Rocky  Mountain  Region  (RMBLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the   following  states:  Colorado,  Idaho,  Montana,  Nebraska,  New  Mexico,   Oklahoma,  Texas,  Utah,  and  Wyoming.  


Rocky Mountatin  Region Greetings  RMBLSA! I   am  humbled  and  honored   at   the   opportunity  to   lead  RMBLSA  to  strive   for   balance   and   change   during  the  upcoming  2012-­‐2013   year.  The   strategic  outlook  for  2012-­‐2013   will  focus   on  the   marketability  of  members  to  the  ever-­‐changing   legal  environment   in   addition  to  being  advocates  for  social  change. As  we  approach  the  2012-­‐2013  year,  the  RMBLSA  board  and  myself  are  ecstatic  at  the   endless  opportunities  that  are  upon  us.  The  RMBLSA  theme  for  2012-­‐  2013  is   “Purpose,  Passion,  and  Persistence.”  Continuing  to  build  on  the  foundation  laid  by  the   tireless  efforts  of  the  RMBLSA  predecessors,  this  year’s  theme  strives  to  encompass   RMBLSA’s  commitment  to  leadership  and  professional  development.  Furthermore,   RMBLSA  will  utilize  resources  to  provide  extensive  opportunities  that  mold   exceptional  legal  professionals  as  we  continue  to  strive  for  balance  and  diversity  in   the  legal  profession.    

RMBLSA Theme/Vision:

Purpose, Passion,  and   Persistence.

RMBLSA will  implement  programming  that  will  provide  members  with  a  competitive   advantage  among  other  law  students  and  legal  professionals.  The  annual  RMBLSA   Recruitment  Conference  at  the  University  of  Houston  Law  Center  will  offer  members   the  opportunity  to  interview  and  interact  with  distinguished  employers  throughout   the  region.  The  Academic  and  Leadership  Retreat  will  focus  on  providing  members   programming  geared  towards  professional  and  leadership  development,  academic   preparation,  and  networking.    In  addition,  RMBLSA’s  passion  for  social  action  will  be   evident  in  the  various  advocacy  initiatives,  community  service  events,  and  mentoring   programs.    Furthermore,  this  year’s  44th  Annual  Regional  Convention  will  take  place   January  15-­‐19,  2013  in  Dallas,  Texas.   Effective   communication   between   the   RMBLSA   executive   board   and   the   members   will  be  essential  to  the  progression  of  the  region.  For  informational  updates  regarding   the   region,   events,   and   other   various   opportunities,   please   visit rmblsa,   periodically.   Additionally,   look   to   the   RMBLSA   Facebook,   Twitter,   and   LinkedIn  pages   as   we   disseminate   information  through   social  media.  If  you  have   any   questions,   concerns,   or   suggestions,   please   do   not   hesitate   to   contact   me   at   Once  more  thank  you  for  placing  your  confidence  in  me  to  be  your  Regional  Chair.  I   look  forward  to  an  eventful  year  and  am  elated  to  SERVE!!! In  RMBLSA  Service, Chukwudi  Egbuonu Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law,  Juris  Doctorate  Candidate  2013 RMBLSA  Chair,  2012-­‐2013 National  Black  Law  Students  Association


Rocky Mountain  Executive  Board

Chukwudi Egbuonu

Dominique Ross

Johali Muzaliwa



Idris Akinpelu

Thurgood Marshall  School  of  Law

University of  Houston  

University of  Texas  at  Austin

ROCKY MOUNTAIN  CHAIR Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law

Erick Harris

Jared Gaither



Oklahoma City  University





Julia Gandara   DIRECTOR  OF   COMMUNICATIONS South  Texas    College  of  Law

Shanisha Smith   DIRECTOR  OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law

University of  Oklahoma  




Tiffany Myers   DIRECTOR  OF  MEMBERSHIP South  Texas    College  of  Law





Dominique Hinson

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS South  Texas  College  of  Law


Johnathon Jackson DIRECTOR  OF  ALUMNI  AFFAIRS Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law


South Texas  College  of  Law


Rocky Mountain  Executive  Board

Dyan Owens

Andrew Wilkerson



Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Thurgood Marshall  School  of  Law


Thurgood Marshall  School  of  Law

Megan Sheffield PARLIAMENTARIAN University  of  Texas  School  of  Law

Jacques Leeds HISTORIAN Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law


Rocky Mountain  Region

Calendar of  Events July  2012 6-­‐7  

RMBLSA Joint  Retreat

August 2012 10-­‐11   Recruitment  Conference        

September 2012 7-­‐8    

RMBLSA Academic  and  Leadership  Retreat

January 2013 15-­‐19   RMBLSA  44th  Annual  Convention

Please be  sure  to  visit  our  website  at rmblsa  for  the  most  up  to  date  event   calendar.    


Rocky Mountain  Region


Rocky Mountain  Region

Rocky Mountain Region of National Black Law Students Association

44th Annual Regional Convention

Crowne Plaza Downtown Dallas January 15-19, 2013 Dallas, Texas


Rocky Mountain  Region

RMBLSA Chapters Brigham  Young  University  J.  Reuben  Clark  Law  School   Oklahoma  City  University  School  of  Law South  Texas  College  of  Law Southern  Methodist  University  Dedman  School  of  Law St.  Mary's  University  School  of  Law Texas  Tech  University  School  of  Law Texas  Wesleyan  University  School  of  Law The  University  of  Texas  School  of  Law Thurgood  Marshall  School  of  Law,  Texas  Southern  University University  of  Colorado University  of  Denver  Sturm  College  of  Law University  of  Houston  Law  Center University  of  Montana  School  of  Law   University  of  New  Mexico  School  of  Law University  of  Oklahoma  College  of  Law University  of  Tulsa  College  of  Law


Southern Region

Southern Region The  Southern  Region  (SRBLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the  following   states:  Alabama,  Arkansas,  Florida,  Georgia,  Louisiana,  Mississippi,  North   Carolina,  South  Carolina,  Tennessee,  and  Puerto  Rico.  


Southern Region

Greetings SRBLSA  Family! It  is   a   pleasure   and   honor  to  serve   as   Regional  Chair   of   the   Sophisticated   Southern   Region   of  the  National   Black  Law   Students  Association.    SRBLSA  is  near  and  dear  to   my   heart.    Through   NBLSA  and  SRBLSA,  I  have  grown  as  a   law  student,  community   advocate,  and   leader.     I’ve   learned   so  much   through   my   service   in  NBLSA  and   I   am   honored   to   give   back   to   this   great   organization.     This   year   we   have   a   total   of   30   executive  board  members  who  are   excited  to  serve  our  membership.    Our   main  goal   this  year  is   to  expand  SRBLSA’s   brand   through   membership  engagement,  fundraising   efforts,  and  community  outreach.    As   a   region,  we  want  to  not  only   serve   as   a  voice   for  Black  law  students,  but  as  a  voice  for  our  generation.    

SRBLSA Theme: The  YBE  Movement:  Young,   Bold,  &  Empowered.    

Our theme  this  year  is  “The  YBE  Movement:  Young,  Bold,  &  Empowered.”  Come  join   our  movement  as  we  enhance  our  leadership  skills  as  young  and  bold  leaders  of  the   South.    We  plan  to  empower  our  community  in  two  ways:  (1)  Educating  our  Youth,   and  (2)  Educating  our  Community.    We  plan  to  empower  our  youth  by  educating  them   on  the  importance  of  civic  engagement  and  assisting  in  their  academic/career   planning  while  encouraging  diversity  in  the  legal  profession.    We  will  also  stay  abreast   on  educational  issues  affecting  us  as  law  students.  We  plan  to  empower  our   community  by  educating  them  on  the  laws  impacting  the  region  including  voter  ID   laws,  healthcare  issues,  and  environmental  justice  issues. This   year’s  programming   will  also  focus  on  enhancing   the   academic   and   professional   development  of  our   members.    SRBLSA   members   will   be   given  the   opportunity   to   write-­‐on   to   the   SRBLSA   Law  Journal.  This   summer  we   will  host   our   1st   Annual  YBE   Movement   Summer   Happy   Hour  Series   in   which   SRBLSA   members   will   be   able   to   meet   other  students   and   attorneys   and   share   stories   of   their   summer  experiences.     Our  Job  Fair  and  Leadership  Retreat   will  be  held  in  Greensboro,  NC  at  Elon  University   School   of   Law   with   the   assistance   of  Charlotte   School   of   Law.     We   will   host   five   academic  retreats   through   out  the   region  in  Columbia,  SC,  Orlando,  FL,   Memphis,  TN,   Baton  Rouge,   LA,  and  Atlanta,  GA.     At   the   end  of  the   fall   semester,  we  will   host  our   Regional  Day  of  Service   in  which  all  SRBLSA  chapters  will  participate  in  a  community   service  project  on  October   27th,   commemorate  World  AIDS  Day  on  December  1st,  and   honor  Dr.  Martin  Luther  King  on  January  21st. SRBLSA’s  45th  Regional  Convention  will  be  January  30-­‐February  3,  2013  in  Nashville,   TN  aka  “Music  City”  at  the  Doubletree  Hilton  Nashville  Downtown.    This  year,  we  look   forward  to  revamping  our  regional  programming  to  include  professional   development  workshops,  panel  discussions  on  the  civil  rights  movement,  and  a  pre-­‐ law  workshop  series  for  the  undergraduates  in  Nashville,  TN  while  increasing  the   number  of  participants  in  our  annual  competitions.     Thank   you  for  your  dedication,  support,  and  investment  in  SRBLSA.  This  year  is   sure   to  be  a  monumental  and  groundbreaking  year   as  we  continue  to  serve  you.    Feel  free   to   contact   me   at   if   you   have   any   questions,   comments,   concerns,  or  suggestions. In  SRBLSA  Love,           Charlyn  M.  Stanberry,    M.P.A. Florida  International  University  College  of  Law   Southern  Regional  Chair,  2012-­‐2013


Southern Region  Executive  Board

Charlyn Stanberry SOUTHERN  CHAIR Florida  International   University  School  of  Law

Jayniece Higgins SUB-­‐REGION  1  DIRECTOR University  of  Memphis  School  of   Law  

Juanita Holsey  

Tamorra Buchanon VICE  CHAIR Mercer  University  School  of   Law

Dominique Lang  Verner SUB-­‐REGION  2  DIRECTOR Louisiana  State  University  School  of   Law

Dorian Woolaston



Mercer University  School  of  Law

Louisiana State  University  College   of  Law

Brandon Fisher SECRETARY North  Carolina  Central   University  School  of  Law

Travis Ellis TREASURER North  Carolina  Central   University  School  of  Law

Lamar Fyall SUB-­‐REGION  3  DIRECTOR University  of    South  Carolina  

SUB-­‐REGION 4  DIRECTOR Florida  A&M  University  Law  Center



John Marshall  Law  School-­‐ Atlanta

Whitney Baldwin

Ruth Tisdale   Wake  Forest  University  School  of   Law


Southern Region  Executive  Board

Miaya McCray

DIRECTOR OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE University  of  Florida  Levin  College  of  Law

Sonye’ Randolph

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS North  Carolina  Central  University   School  of  Law

Veronica Williams  

Chanel Rowe

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Florida  International  University  

Clementine Uwabera

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Florida  State  College  of  Law

Walter Booth  

DIRECTOR OF  CORPORATE   RELATIONS Mercer  University  School  of  Law  

Joshua Williams


Lauren Duncan Jasmin  Hughes COMMUNICATIONS  SPECIALiST DIRECTOR   O F   C OMMUNICATIONS Southern  University  Law  Center   Louisiana  State  University  College  of   Mercer  University  School  of  Law Law


DIRECTOR OF  MEMBERSHIP Samford  University  School  of   University  of  South  Carolina  School  of   Law Law

Ashely Washington JOB  FAIR  COORDINATOR Charlotte  School  of  Law

Karima Grady   JOB  FAIR  COORDINATOR Elon  University  School  of   Law


Southern Region  Executive  Board

LaToyia Trotter CONVENTION  COORDINATOR University  of  Tennessee-­‐Knoxville   College  of  Law

Courtnee Reid


Stacy Reid-­‐Monroe

Sharee Tumbling

LAW JOURNAL  EDITOR  IN  CHIEF MOOT  COURT  DIRECTOR Vanderbilt  University  School  of   Charlotte  School  of  Law John  Marshall  Law  School-­‐Atlanta Law

Reshonda Thompson

Ashley Barnett

Breauna Peterson

Tenee Johnson


MOOT COURT  DIRECTOR John  Marshall  Law  School-­‐ Atlanta

MOOT COURT  DIRECTOR Samford  University    School  of   Law  

HISTORIAN Faulkner University  School  of     Law

Louisiana State  University   College  of  Law


Southern Region

Calendar of  Events


October Chapter  Presidents Conference  Call

June 2012


Academic Retreat Atlanta,  GA  |  Sub-­‐Region  5


SRBLSA Founder’s  Day/Regional  Day  of   Service


       SRBLSA  Law  Journal  Application  Deadline  

July 2012 27        


“The YBE  Movement”  1st  Annual  Happy   Hour  Summer  Series     Birmingham,  AL  &  Atlanta,  GA

August 2012   17      


“The YBE  Movement”  1st  Annual  Happy   1st  Annual  Happy  Hour  Summer  Series   Nashville,  TN  &  Miami,  FL  

Greensboro,  NC  |  Elon  School  of  Law  

September 2012   16      





September Chapter  Presidents   Conference  Call CBC  Weekend   Washington,  DC  

Academic Retreat Columbia,  SC  |  Sub-­‐Region  3 USC  School  of  Law  

October 2012   5-­‐6      


Academic Retreat Orlando,  FL  |  Sub-­‐Region  4 FAMU  College  of  Law    


Academic Retreat Memphis,  TN  |  Sub-­‐Region  1 Memphis  School  of  Law  


Academic Retreat Baton  Rouge,  LA  |  Sub-­‐Region  2 LSU  College  of  Law




November 2012   4    

SRBLSA Convention  Preview   Conference     Call


Kozyak Minority  Mentoring  Annual  Picnic

24-­‐25        SRBLSA  Job  Fair/Leadership  Retreat  

December 2012 1    

SRBLSA World  AIDS  Day  Commemoration


January Chapter  Presidents  Conference  


SRBLSA MLK  Day  of  Service

30-­‐ 3    

SRBLSA 45th  Regional  Convention Nashville,  TN

          January  2013    

February 2013   17      

February Chapter  Presidents  Conference  

March 2013 6-­‐10    

NBLSA 45th  National  Convention Atlanta,  GA

Please be  sure  to  visit  our  website  at srblsa  for  the  most  up  to  date  event  calendar.  


Southern Region

Regional Community  Service  Program  Initiatives  &  Regional  Attorney  General  Initiatives This  year  the  Sophisticated  Southern  Region  of  the  National  Black  Law  Students  Association  strives  to   meet  the  challenges  of  the  African-­‐American  community  by  implementing  the  following  initiatives:   SRBLSA  Education  Initiative Through  a  series  of  programming  initiatives,  SRBLSA  chapters  will  educate  our  youth  by  creating   workshops  to  teach  them  about  the  importance  of  civic  engagement.    The  workshops  will  also  teach   them  about  their  civil  rights  and  help  prepare  them  to  become  valuable  members  of  their  community.     SRBLSA  chapters  will  also  assist  in  their  academic  and  career  planning  through  a  series  of  pre-­‐law   division  workshops  and  law  camps  that  will  encourage  diversity  in  the  legal  profession.  Additionally,   SRBLSA  chapters  will  stay  abreast  of  educational  policies  affecting  us  as  law  students  and  participate  in   town  hall  discussions. SRBLSA  Election  Year  Initiative SRBLSA  seeks  to  help  prepare  the  community  for  the  upcoming  election  season  by  creating  workshops   to  educate  the  community  on  the  following  issues: •

Voter ID  Laws

Voting through  Absentee  Ballots

Legislation affecting  the  Region

SRBLSA Community  Service  Program  Initiatives   This  year,  SRBLSA  will  focus  on  community  service  projects  geared  toward  a  variety  of  issues,   specifically  youth  empowerment  and  prison  reform/prisoner  rehabilitation.     SRBLSA  chapters  will  participate  in  Adopt-­‐a-­‐School  and  mentoring  programs  such  as  Big  Brother/Big   Sister  and  YMCA  in  which  they  teach  youth  about  civic  engagement  and  voter  awareness,  serve  as   tutors  and  mentors  to  students,  and  inform  them  on  the  importance  of  having  self-­‐esteem,  living  a   healthy  lifestyle,  and  academic  success. SRBLSA  chapters  will  also  participate  in  community  service  projects  geared  towards  combatting  felony   disenfranchisement  by  engaging  in  prisoner  rehabilitation  such  as  the  Innocence  Project,  felony   disenfranchisement  programs,  and  juvenile  education  programs.    SRBLSA  Community  Service  Areas  of  Focus • Youth  Empowerment •

Prison Reform/Prisoner  Rehabilitation  

Human Rights  Awareness


Southern Region

Regional Convention  Dates,  Registration  Deadlines  and  Location   SRBLSA’s  45th  Regional  Convention—SRBLSA  Invades  Music  City! January  30-­‐February  3,  2013 Nashville,  TN Registration  Opens:  October  1,  2012


Southern Region

SRBLSA Chapters Ave  Maria  School  of  Law Barry  University  -­‐  Dwayne  O.  Andreas  School  of  Law Belmont  University  College  of  Law Birmingham  School  of  Law Campbell  University  School  of  Law Charleston  School  of  Law Charlotte  School  of  Law Duke  Law  School Elon  University  School  of  Law Emory  University  School  of  Law Faulkner  University-­‐-­‐Thomas  Goode  Jones  School  of  Law Florida  A  &  M  University  College  of  Law Florida  Coastal  School  of  Law Florida  International  University  College  of  Law Florida  State  University Georgia  State  University  College  of  Law John  Marshall  Law  School-­‐  Atlanta Louisiana  State  University  Law  Center Loyola  University  New  Orleans  College  of  Law Mercer  University  School  of  Law Miles  Law  School Mississippi  College  School  of  Law Nashville  School  of  Law North  Carolina  Central  University  School  of  Law Nova  Southeastern  University  Law  Center Samford  University  Cumberland  School  of  Law Southern  University  Law  Center St.  Thomas  University  School  of  Law Stetson  University  College  of  Law Tulane  University  Law  School University  of  Alabama  School  of  Law University  of  Arkansas  at  Fayetteville University  of  Arkansas  at  Little  Rock University  of  Florida  Fredric  G.  Levin  College  of  Law University  of  Georgia  School  of  Law University  of  Memphis University  of  Miami  School  of  Law University  of  Mississippi  School  of  Law University  of  North  Carolina  School  of  Law University  of  South  Carolina  School  of  Law University  of  Tennessee  College  of  Law Vanderbilt  University  Law  School Wake  Forest  University  School  of  Law





Western Region

Western Region The  Western  Region  (WRBLSA)  is  comprised  of  the  chapters  in  the  following   states:  Alaska,  Arizona,  California,  Hawaii,  Idaho,  Nevada,  Oregon,  and   Washington.  


Western Region Dear  Mighty  WRBLSA!   My  name  is  Christopher  M.  Sanders  and  I  am  honored  and   humbled  to   serve   as   your   Western   Region   Chair   of   the   National   Black   Law   Students   Association   (NBLSA)   for   the   2012-­‐2013   year.   This   year   our   theme   involves   proactively   engaging   in   our   members   and   their   diverse   communities   as   we   press   towards   the   mark   of   excellence.   From   our   sub-­‐region   focused   programming   and   service   events  to  our  Regional  Job  Fair   and  Convention,  our   priority  will  be   focused   on   drawing   in   our   members   and   their   communities   while  we  continue   to  push  WRBLSA  upwards  and  towards   excellence.    Please   join  us!

WRBLSA Vision: 1.  Increase,  support  and   advance  programming  on  the   sub-­‐regional    level    thereby   encouraging  chapters  to  work   with  each  other  while   providing  the  chapters  and   communities  with  locally   accessible  resources. 2.  Engaging  with  WRBLSA   Members  in  achieving   excellence  professionally,  in   the  classroom,  and  in  our  our   lives.

Proactive engagement  must  include   an  effective   strategy   to  meet  the   needs   of   the   Mighty  Western   Region.   WRBLSA   plans   to   meet   these   needs   through  sub-­‐region   focused   programming.  Additionally,   we   hope  to   use   this   sub-­‐regional   programming   to   continue   to   press   towards   the   mark   of   excellence  in   the   classroom,   in   job   interviews,   with   our   communities  and   in   competitions.   Whether   it’s   through   our   pre-­‐law   or   service   oriented   programming   or   through   WRBLSA’s   networking   events,   WRBLSA   hopes   to   engage   with   our   communities   and   press   towards   the   mark   of   excellence   through  our  programs.   Proactive   engagement   and   excellence   also   means  a  commitment   to   providing   value   and   opportunities   for   our  WRBLSA   members.   For   example,   this   year  our  Annual  Job   Fair   will   be   located   at   the  UCLA  School   of   Law  on   August   4,   2012   and   will   provide   members   an   opportunity   to   find   legal   employment.   Additionally,   our   Regional   Convention   will   take   place   in   Los   Angeles,   California   at   the   Kyoto   Grand   Hotel   from   January   11-­‐15   and   will   include   networking   opportunities   and   panels   on   topics   like   professional   development   and   entertainment   law.   Perhaps   most   importantly,   WRBLSA   will  have  sub-­‐region  focused  programming   in  all  three  sub-­‐regions  including  a   WRBLSA   Leadership   Retreat   in   the  Northern   California   Sub-­‐Region,  a   board   meeting   in   Las   Vegas,   and   service,   networking   and   pre-­‐law   events   in   the   Pacific  Northwest.   Please   join   us   as   we   proactively   engage   our   communities   and   press   towards   the   mark   of   excellence.   You   can   learn   more   about   the   upcoming   schedule   and   events   by   visiting   our   website   at  You   may   also   contact   me   directly   at   any   time   with   questions,   concerns,   comments,  or  ideas  at Kind  Regards, Christopher  M.  Sanders Seattle  University  School  of  Law Western  Region  Chair,  2012-­‐2013 National  Black  Law  Students  Association


Western Region  Executive  Board

Christopher Sanders WESTERN  CHAIR Seattle  University  School  of  Law


Irene Williams PARLIAMENTARIAN UC  Davis  School  of  Law

Trecinna Lankford-­‐Abundis VICE  CHAIR/  MOOT   COURTDIRECTOR   Humphreys  College  of  Law  

Temica Smith NORTHERN  CALIFORNIA   SUB-­‐REGIONAL    DIRECTOR Humphreys  College    of  Law

Anthony Culpepper DIRECTOR  OF  MEMBERSHIP University  of  San  Francisco  School   of    Law

Adrienne Holland TREASURER Pepperdine  School  of  Law

Lauren Collins DIRECTOR    OF  SOCIAL   ACTION UC  Hastings  College  of  Law

Alisha Trotter DIRECTOR  OF  PRE-­‐LAW   DIVISION Seattle  University    School  of  Law

Ashley Ray NORTHWEST    SUB-­‐REGIONAL   DIRECTOR University  of  Idaho  College  of  Law

Nicole Bates DIRECTOR  OF  COMMUNITY   SERVICE  UC  Hastings  College    of  Law

Beverly Ozowara DIRECTOR  OF   COMMUNICATIONS Loyola    Law  School  Los  Angeles


Western Region  

WRBLSA Regional Initiatives 1. More  of  Us  in  Law  School   Through  a  series  of  special  pre-­‐law  programs,  events,  and  activities,  WRBLSA  seeks  to   engage  our  prospective  members  to  get  more  of  us  in  law  school.      This  initiative  will  include   programming  at  the  WRBLSA  Regional  Convention  in  L.A.,  programming  in  conjunction   with  our  regional  board  retreat  in  San  Francisco,  and  a  stand-­‐alone  event  in  Seattle,  WA. 2.  Engagement  in  Excellence  and  Professionalism WRBLSA  challenges  each  member  chapter  and  board  member  to  strive  for  excellence  and   professionalism.  Stemming  from  WRBLSA’s  theme  of  “proactively  engaging  in  our   communities  and  pressing  towards  the  mark  of  excellence,”  WRBLSA  plans  to  make  this   initiative  a  priority  in  every  bit  of  WRBLSA’s  programming.  Specifically,  WRBLSA  will  have   programming  on  professionalism  within  and  around  the  workplace,  academic  excellence,   and  leadership  at  our  regional  convention  and  in  conjunction  with  our  two  joint  board   meetings. 3.  A  More  Effective  WRBLSA Given  the  diversity  and  geographic  nature  of  the  Western  Region,  it  is  critical  that  WRBLSA   focus  its  programming  through  the  region’s  three  sub-­‐regions:  the  Northern  California  sub-­‐ region,  the  Southern  California  sub-­‐region,  and  the  Northwest  sub-­‐region.   At  the  two  in-­‐person  board  meetings,  in  Las  Vegas  and  in  San  Francisco,  we  will  have   coordinated  programming  for  our  members  including  networking  events  with  our  local   chapters  in  the  area,  lectures  and  discussion  panels,  community  service  events  and  events   in  conjunction  with  our  Pre-­‐Law  division.


Western  Region

Kyoto Grand Hotel 120 South Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Southern Region

Calendar of  Events July    2012   14-­‐15    

Regional Board  Meeting  &  Networking  Event Las  Vegas,  NV

August 2012   4      

WRBLSA Job  Fair     Los  Angeles,  CA

October 2012    

Regional Board  Retreat  and  Academic  Retreat San  Francisco,  CA


November 2012    


Pre-­‐law Day   Seattle,  WA  

          January  2013   9-­‐13        


WRBLSA Regional  Convention Los  Angeles,  CA  

March 2013 6-­‐10    

NBLSA 45th  National  Convention Atlanta,  GA

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Western Region

WRBLSA Chapters Arizona  State  University  School  of  Law California  Western  School  of  Law Humphreys  College  Laurence    Drivon  School  of  Law JFK  School  of  Law Lewis  &  Clark  Law  School Loyola  Law  School Pepperdine  University  School  of  Law Phoenix  School  of  Law San  Francisco  Law  School Santa  Clara  University  School  of  Law Seattle  University  School  of  Law Southwestern  School  of  Law Stanford  Law  School Thomas  Jefferson  School  of  Law Trinity  Law  School UC  Berkeley  Boalt  Hall  School  of  Law UC  Davis  School  of  Law UC  Hastings  College  of  Law UCLA  School  of  Law University  of  Arizona  School  of  Law University  of  Hawaii  William  S.  Richardson  School  of  Law University  of  Idaho  College  of  Law University  of  LaVerne  College  of  Law University  of  Nevada,  Las  Vegas  William  S.  Boyd  School  of  Law University  of  Oregon  School  of  Law University  of  Pacific-­‐-­‐McGeorge  School  of  Law University  of  San  Diego  School  of  Law University  of  San  Francisco  School  of  Law University  of  Southern  California  Gould  School  of  Law University  of  Washington  School  of  Law Western  State  University  College  of  Law Whittier  Law  School


National Black  Law  Students  Association Striving  for  Balance  Since  1968

Contact Kendra Brown National  Chair National  Black  Law  Students  Association (202) 618-­‐2572 Janea  Raines National  Director  of  Membership National  Black  Law  Students  Association


2012-2013 NBLSA National Handbook  

The NBLSA National Handbook is an integral guide to all of NBLSA and to highlight important advocacy efforts, programming, and regional and...

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