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GOAL: The goal of the Day of Action for Opportunity is to ensure visibility on the steps of the Supreme Court on the day of oral argument in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. We hope that you will work closely with us to recruit 1,000 people to stand unified for opportunity on October 10. It is our intent to recruit a gathering that reflects the diversity of America – as the outcome of this case affects all of us – with particular focus on students and young persons who will be most immediately impacted by the Supreme Court’s decision. We will have a staging location at the United Methodist Church to the west of the Supreme Court, where participants can pick up signs and get coffee, and for press to gather if we encounter inclement weather. Fisher will be the second case heard for the day, therefore we expect the lawyers to descend the Supreme Court steps between 11:30 AM and Noon—where we will have images ready for the press. RUN of SHOW: 6 AM: Place Holders at the Court 8:30 AM: Presser for parties to the case (1 lawyer, 1 affected student, 1 Supreme Court scholar) 8:30 AM- 11:00: AM Visibility (crowd building, speeches) 11:00 AM-NOON: HIGH POINT of VISIBILITY 1:00 PM: Rally Concludes SPEAKERS: Between 8:30 and NOON we are recruiting organizational and community leaders to address the rally participants. We are in the process of reaching out to our friends and colleagues who can fire up a crowd, as well as representatives from organizations that filed one of the 74 friends of the court briefs in this case. Diverse representatives from the following groups would be ideal:  

Traditional Civil Rights Leaders Asian-American Membership and Organizations


               

Latino Memberships and Organizations Racial Justice Organizations Scholastic/Educational Organizations Faith Leaders and Faith Based Organizations National Latino/Black/Asian Law Students Associations Undergraduate students (Regional and from TX) Military Leaders Intergovernmental Affairs Organizations Women’s Rights Groups Organized Labor Bar Associations National Association of Athletic Coaches Fortune 500 Company Representatives Members of Congress Medical School Associations Black and Hispanic MBA Associations

VISIBILITY: We are also eagerly recruiting organizations to take a leadership role in recruiting rally participants. For groups organizers, and leaders who are willing to mobilize en masse for Oct. 10, we will have daily mobilization calls. These calls will start on Monday, Oct. 1, until game day, and will be held daily at 9:45am ET for about 15 minutes (no more than 30 minutes if absolutely needed). To ensure the calls are concise, a daily agenda will be sent to participants after Monday’s call so that there can be an order for reporting mobilization progress. Please contact Alaina Beverly if your group would like to play a leadership role in the day of action and you would like access to the daily mobilization calls. Email subject: “MOBILIZATION” to


Informational Memo_ Day of Action for Opportunity Rally  

Informational Memo_ Day of Action for Opportunity Rally Memo