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The Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  at  least  three  weeks  before  the  first  day  of  your  regional   convention:   MABLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  February  13,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   January  16,  2014.   MWBLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  February  6,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   January  9,  2014.   NEBLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  January  23,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   January  2,  2014.   RMBLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  January  15,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   December  19,  2013.   SRBLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  January  30,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   January  23,  2014.   WRBLSA:  the  regional  convention  begins  on  January  9,  2013.  For  all  chapters  within  that  region,  the   Chapter  of  the  Year  Application  is  due  NO  LATER  THAN   December  26,  2013.   Answer  the  following  questions  in  a  separate  Word  document:   Socio-­‐political   Awareness   35  points  

National Attorney  General  Activities  (15)   • CBC  Weekend  Participation  (3)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  this  program?   If  so,  please  describe   what  activities  your  members  attended.   • Hill  &  Government  Day  (2)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  this  program?  If  this  application  is   submitted  prior  to  Hill  &  Government  Day,  does  your  chapter  plan  to   participate  in  this  program?    Please  elaborate.   • Other  Activities  (10)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  the  Charles  Hamilton  Houston   Leadership  Development  Retreat?   Please  elaborate.  

Did your  chapter  participate  in  Congressional  Kids  Day?   Please   elaborate.   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  any  other  National  Social  Action   events?   Please  elaborate.   Chapter/Regional  Sponsored  Social  Action  Activities  (20)   • Regional  Sponsored  Social  Action  Activities   o Did  your  region  sponsor  any  regional  social  action  activities?    If  so,   did  your  chapter  participate  in  them?   Please  elaborate.   • Chapter  Sponsored  Social  Action  Activities   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  any  voters'  rights  or  voter  education   initiatives?   Please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation   concerning  this  event,  if  applicable.   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  other  social  or  political  awareness   events?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation   concerning  this  event,  if  applicable. o

Community Service   60  points

National Community  Service  Initiatives  (30)   • Youth  Empowerment  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  programs  or  events  concerning  Youth   Empowerment?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant   documentation  concerning  this  event,  if  applicable.   • Prison  Reform  &  Prisoner  Rehabilitation  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  programs  or  events  concerning  Prison   Reform  and/or  Prisoner  Rehabilitation?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and   attach  any  relevant  documentation  concerning  this  event,  if  applicable.   • Human  Rights  Awareness  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  programs  or  events  concerning  Human   Rights  Awareness?    If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant   documentation  concerning  this  event,  if  applicable.   • Road  to  50:  An  Evolving  Legacy  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  programs  or  events  concerning   our  National  theme  “Road  to  50:  An  Evolving  Legacy”?  If  so,  please   elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation  concerning  this   event,  if  applicable.   • MLK  Day  of  Service  (2)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  an  MLK  Day  of  Service  event?    If  so,   please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation  concerning   this  event,  if  applicable.   • Founder’s  Day  of  Service  (3)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  a  Founder's  Day  of  Service  event?   If   so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation  concerning   this  event,  if  applicable.   • National  Convention  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  members  attend  the  2013  National  Convention   Community  Service  event?   If  so,  please  list  their  names.   Regional  Community  Service  Activities  (30)   • Regional  Service  Activities   o Did  your  region  sponsor  any  regional  community  service  activities?

If so,  did  your  chapter  participate  in  them?   Please  elaborate. Pre-­‐Law   Pre-­‐Law  Division  (25)   Division/Alumni   • Pre-­‐law  programming o Did  your  chapter  host  any  pre-­‐law  activities?   If  so,  please  elaborate   Relations   40  points and  attach  any  relevant  documentation,  if  applicable.   o Does  your  chapter  actively  participate  with  a  BLSA  pre-­‐law  division?   If  so,  how  many  members  does  the  division  have?  

Education and   Career   Development   40  points

Regional Programming   12  points

Alumni/Community  Relations  (15)   • Alumni  Participation   o Did  BLSA  alumni  from  your  chapter  (or  local  attorneys)  attend  any  of   your  events?  If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  an  alumni  impact  letter.     &  Career  Development   Education     • Academic  Programming  (10)   o Did  your  chapter  provide  any  academic  programming  for  members?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation,  if   applicable.   • 1L  Support  (10)   o Did  your  chapter  host  events  or  implement  programs  geared   towards  1L  support?    If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant   documentation,  if  applicable.   • Professional  Career  Events  (10)   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  professional  career  events  for  members?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation,  if   applicable.   • BLSA  Membership  Recruitment  (10)   o How  many  new  members  did  your  chapter  enroll  this  year?   (note:   a  new  member   is   an   individual   who   has  never   been   registered  for   BLSA   in  any  previous   years  and   who  paid   membership   dues  this  year)   Please   provide  a  list  of  new  members  and  a  separate  list  of  new  1L  members. Regional  Programming   • Job  Fair  Participation  (3)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  your  region's  job  fair?   Please  list  the   names  of  the  members  who  attended.   o Did  any  members  of  your  chapter  attend  another  region's  job  fair?   Please  list  the  names  of  the  members.   • Academic  Retreat  Participation  (3)   o Was  your  chapter  represented  at  a  regional  or  sub-­‐regional   academic  retreat?  Please  list  the  names  of  any  members  who  attended.   • Competition  Participation  (3)   o Are  any  members  of  your  chapter  participating  in  any   regional/national  competitions?   Please  list  which  competitions  and  the   names  of  the  members  registered.   • Regional  and  Intraregional  Participation  (committees,  sponsorship,  etc)  (3)   o Do  any  members  of  your  chapter  serve  on  the  regional  board,   regional  committees,  or  sub-­‐regional  committees?  Please  list  their

o o

names. Do  any  members  of  your  chapter  serve  on  the  national  board?   Please  list  their  names.   Has  your  chapter  participated  in  any  regional  events  not  otherwise   accounted  for  anywhere  on  this  application?    If  so,  please  elaborate.

International Relations   12  points

International Outreach   • NBLSA  C.A.R.E.S  International  Service  Trips  (1)   o Did  any  of  your  members  submit  applications  for  the  NBLSA   C.A.R.E.S  International  Service  Trip?    If  so,  please  list  their  names.   • World  AIDS  Day  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  implement  a  program  for  World  AIDS  Day  (Dec.   1)?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and  attach  any  relevant  documentation,  if   applicable.   Did  your  chapter   participate  in   any  other   initiative   to   raise   awareness  about  HIV/AIDS?    If  so,  please  elaborate.   • International  Law  Weekend  (1)   o Did  any  members  of  your  chapter  participate  in  International  Law   Weekend?   If  so,  please  list  their  names.   • Book  Drive  (5)   o Did  your  chapter  participate  in  the  international  book  drive?   If  so,   how  many  books  were  collected?    How  much  money,  if  any,  was  raised?

Social Events   5  points

Social Events   • Parties,  mixers,  etc.   o Did  your  chapter  host  any  social  events?   If  so,  please  elaborate  and   attach  any  relevant  documentation,  if  applicable.

Participation 30  points

Participation: • Regional/National  Board  Membership  (5)   o Is  someone  from  your  chapter  on  the  Regional/National  Executive   Board?  If  so,  please  submit  a  list  of  names.   • Participation  Criteria   o Did  your  chapter  meet  the  following  participation  criteria?   Please   list  the  names  of  the  events  your  chapter  participated  in  that  pertain  to   each  category.   Also  include,  the  maximum  number  of  participants   allowed  for  each  event  and  the  actual  number  of  individuals  in   attendance.   Social  Action  (5):   Large  chapters:  at  least  3  activities   Medium  chapters:   at  least  2  activities   Small  chapters:  at  least  1  activity   Community  Service  (10):   Large  chapters:    at  least  8  activities   Medium  chapters:  at  least  5  activities   Small  chapters:    at  least  2  activities   Pre-­‐Law  (5):   Large  chapters:  at  least  3  activities

Medium chapters:  at  least  2  activities   Small  chapters:  at  least  1  activity   Education  &  Career  Development  (5):   Large  chapters:  at  least  3  activities   Medium  chapters:  at  least  2  activities   Small  chapters:  at  least  1  activity   Note  on  chapter  size:  Small  chapters:  less  than  20  members;  Medium  chapters:  20-­‐   40  members;  Large  chapters:  more  than  40  members


Other considerations

Discuss any  additional  information  about  your  chapter  and/or  programs  you  would   like  to  bring  to  the  attention  of  the  selection  committee.  (800  words  or  less)


NBLSA was  founded  upon  principles  such  as  justice,  equality,  and  service.    How  has   your  chapter's  programming  contributed  to  each  of  these  principles?  How  has  your   chapter's  programming  empowered  BLSA  members  and  members  of  your   community  at-­‐large?   (500  words  or  less)

Calendar of   Events

Please attach  your  chapter's  2013-­‐2014  Calendar  of  events.   (Please  be  reminded  that  events  that  occurred  during  the  2012-­‐2013  school  year   after  national  convention  took  place  can  be  included  in  your  scrapbook,  can  only  be   reported  elsewhere  with  preapproval  from  the  National  Director  of  Community   Service.

I have  read  the  application  thoroughly  and  I  agree  to  abide  by  the  terms  as  set  forth  by  my  respective   regional  selection  committee  and  the  national  selection  committee.  I  affirm  that  the  information   provided  herein  is  correct  and  truthful  and  I  agree  that  if  the  provided  information  is  found  to  be  false,   this  application  will  be  immediately  disqualified.   Signature  of  Chapter  President  (can  be  typed)_/s/    

Email your  COY  Application  to  your  Regional  Director  of  Community  Service  and  the  National  Director  of   Community  Service  at  before  the  due  date.  The  contact  information  for   your  Regional  Director  of  Community  Service  can  be  found  at   Your  COY  scrapbooks  will  be  submitted  at  your  regional  convention  

Chapter of the Year Application