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2:00PM – 5:00PM

Plenary Session I 3/7/13 Check-in @ 1:30PM 2:00PM Call to Order & Roll Call Officer Reports - General Executive National Chair National Vice Chair National External Chief of Staff National Internal Chief of Staff National Secretary National Parliamentarian National Convention Coordinator Floor Nominations Official Announcement of Candidates from the Floor Officer Reports - Regional Leadership Mid-Atlantic Regional Chair Midwest Regional Chair Northeast Regional Chair Rocky Mountain Regional Chair Southern Regional Chair Western Regional Chair Officer Reports - Finance Team National Treasurer National Financial Secretary National Director of Corporate Relations Officer Reports - Advocacy Team National Attorney General National Director of Social Action

Officer Reports- Communications Team National Director of Communications National Director of Public Relations National Director of Membership National Historian General Session Advocacy Adjournment

Plenary Session II 9:00AM - 12:00PM

3/8/13 Check-in @ 8:30am 9:00AM Call to Order & Roll Call Officer Reports - Programming Team National Director of Programming & Pre-Law Division National Director of Community Service National Director of International Relations National Director of Alumni Affairs & Development National Director of Career & Education Development Officer Reports Competitions Team National Director of FDMCC National Director of INC National Director of TMMTC Internal Business and Updates Constitution and Bylaws Amendments General Session: Professionalism


Plenary Session III 02:00PM - 05:30PM

3/8/13 Check-in @ 1:30PM 2:00 PM Call to Order & Roll Call National Elections(Floor Speeches) Rules and Decorum National Director of Community Service National Director of Programming National Director of TMMTC National Attorney General National Secretary National Director of FDMCC

Adjournment Plenary Session IV 9:00AM – 12:30PM

3/9/13 Check-in @ 8:30AM 9:00AM Call to Order & Roll Call National Treasurer’s Report National Financial Report National Elections (Floor Speeches) Reiteration of Rules and Decorum National Treasurer National Vice Chair National Chair Speeches and Debate Election Instructions Delegate Voting


2013 Plenary Schedule  

2013 Plenary Schedule

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