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July 2011 Issue 36

Happy 3rd year Anniversary NBK Insider!

July 2011 Issue 36

Insider’s Note Dearest NBK Family, One of our favorite initiatives at NBK has just turned three! A huge congratulation to every one of you who made it happen and kept our Insider newsletter going strong for three years running. A special thanks goes to the never-stopping and hard-working NBK PR team who saw the Insider grow and attract a very loyal readers' base year on year. The NBK Insider's third year anniversary coincides with our mid-year business results which have shown great accomplishments so far. A winning business is underlined by a stable leadership, strong performance and growing profits. This is exactly what has underscored the first half of this year owing to the investment we made to enhance our technological platform, our services and product range and our human capital. But most importantly, this all goes down to the efforts you have all committed to meet and exceed our expectations. Dearest NBK team - you are the engine that fuel-charges our growth and we encourage you to keep driving our successes. I would also like to take this opportunity to announce Mr. Ayman Al-Abbasi as our new CEO who will sail our ship towards greater horizons. Happy Anniversary Insider!

Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani Chairman

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK IN THE NEWS Mitsubishi Fuso Becomes First Japan Automotive Manufacturer To Receive ISO/TS 16949 Quality Certification In another breakthrough achievement, QAC celebrated the awarding of the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Certification to Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Japan. MFTBC is the first automotive manufacturer in Japan to obtain this certification in the scope of complete vehicle manufacturing process. Commenting on this distinguished achievement, Mr. Yann Lassade, General Manager of QAC said, "This certification is another milestone achieved by Mitsubishi, which further demonstrates the strength, dedication and superior manufacturing strength of the company. This determination for continuous improvement is what sets Mitsubishi apart from other manufacturers. Qatar market is being offered a number of good quality trucks and buses represented by esteemed dealers.

The quality of FUSO products, Canter truck and Rosa bus, together with high-quality services provided by Qatar Automobiles Company make our customers fully satisfied and do contribute to fact that Canter truck is the leader in commercial vehicle sales in Qatar." The ISO/TS 16949 is the international standard for quality management system for the automobile industry sector with very stringent requirements to satisfy global procurement standards for automotive parts in the auto industry based on ISO 9001. The requirements focus on prevention of failure, reduction of wastes and variation in quality. In addition, it is aimed at verifying a system for enabling continued improvements to provide products and services from a customer-oriented perspective.

QAC and NBKA Sponsors of the 6th Philippine Independence Golf Tournament In line with our continuous mission to adopt corporate social responsibility activities that benefit the different communities in the State of Qatar, the Group represented by QAC and NBK Automobiles sponsored the 6th Philippine Independence Golf Tournament held at the Championship Course of the Doha Golf Club on Sunday, June 13, 2011. With more than 72 participants, the full-day event was a resounding success. Participants and their families were able to enjoy a warm and familiar atmosphere filled with surprises and activities. The Tournament was followed by a lively dinner at the Golf Club during which NBKA and QAC representatives presented the first three winners with trophies and valuable gifts. A representative of the Philippine community thanked NBKA and QAC for their continuous support and their efforts in making this day a special and successful one.

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK IN THE NEWS Paul Maryan is a Master! Another feather in the cap – Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!! Our very own Paul Maryan got a big surprise party organized by the NBK staff for completing his Master’s degree from Liverpool.

Let the Good times Roll! Let us all congratulate Rashid Al Kuwari, a Qatari national for bagging the Qatar Jet Ski Championship winning title for the sixth year running. Rashid was riding the waves on an Ultra 300 hp Jet Ski from Kawasaki!

Abdulrahman Hassanein – a true artist at heart! Another congrats goes to our very own Abdulrahman Hassanein, for being named winner of the Qatar Photography Contest. The contest was organized by Qatar's Ministry of Environment and has received over 2,000 entries. It was held in conjunction with Qatar Environment Day 2011 under the theme “Sport and Environment”. Hassanein, from HR Department, is one of the winners among the 300 photographers who joined the contest. An exhibition was organized in Katara Cultural district showcasing the best entries from the competition.

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK IN THE NEWS Mercedes Accessories on SALE up to 30% And to all Mercedes-Benz lovers, don't forget your 30 per cent discount on all accessories – offer valid till July 24, 2011!

Special Day for NBK Staff – Showing our love to you NBK! Harley Davidson Qatar extends its offer of 25 per cent discount exclusively for NBK staff and families until 10th of July. Store opens from 10:30am to 8:00pm. Enjoy the ride!

Select now at Airport! Welcome to Qatar in style! The summer season is already in, a car rental desk to Select transportation solutions has been located at the new arrival terminal of DOHA International Airport, available 24/7!

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK IN THE NEWS Fighting the heat with cooler offers Mitsubishi Motor’s ad consisted of a campaign that is valid till the end of July 2011; which states that for every brand new Mitsubishi car purchased during this month, their clients would benefit from: Free Ziebart tinted glass Free registration Free 1 year comprehensive insurance Free 4 years warranty It is with such offers and campaigns that people seem to have an extra incentive to face the heat of every summer; which would cool them off in these high temperatures.


General Sales Manager Samuel Sidan , 4th from left, with his staff from Heavy Equipment

Hussein El Shahat

Jihad Bachir

Wael Mostafa Hamouda

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK IN THE NEWS NBK Travel Sizzling Summer Promotions you can’t resist!

July 2011 Issue 36

HR NEWS TRAINING PROGRAMS The Human Resources Department (Training and Development) rolled out a further 7 training programs and 1 workshop June 1st - June 30th for a total of 77 staff. These included the following: One ‘Perfect Executive Assistant / Executive Secretary’ course over 4 mornings, designed and delivered by one of NBK’s Certified Trainers, Jonineth Cabague, attended by 9 staff. One ‘Leading High Performance Teams’ program over 2 days, designed and delivered by Head of Training and Development, Lance Rooney, attended by 10 employees. One ‘Interpersonal and Communication Skills’ course over 2 days, designed and delivered by another of our Certified Training Team for the 2nd time, Conchita Ponce, attended by 7 staff. One ‘Customer Focused Management’ program over 2 days, also designed and delivered by one of Certified Trainers, Hussein Abdullatif, attended by 8 employees. One ‘Social Media Marketing’ course over 2 days, designed and delivered by yet another of our Certified Trainers, Rami Mansour, attended by 9 staff. One ‘Customer Service for Retail’ program over 2 days, designed and delivered by HR’s final Certified Trainer, Kamal Suliman, attended by 5 staff. One ‘Telephone Skills’ course over 1 day, also designed and delivered by Jonineth Cabague, attended by 12 staff. One half-day ‘New Hire Orientation’ workshop delivered by another of NBK’s Certified Trainers, Lucya Abraham, attended by 17 staff.

July 2011 Issue 36

Since last month’s HR news item, the remaining 3 from our team of 10 Certified Trainers have been ‘in action’ designing and delivering their own specialist programs. These included Mr. Hussein Abdullatif, Mr. Rami Mansour and Mr. Kamal Suliman, and I am very pleased to announce that the high standards of training set by the previous 6 Certified Trainers have been maintained in June with the delegate feedback to their programs averaging 80% in the ‘Highly Recommended’ category and 20% in the ‘Recommended’ category. Not one of them received a single ‘Not Recommended’ evaluation, and the HR Department continues to be extremely proud of all our Certified Trainers for their dedication and commitment to excellence. This is not only having a hugely beneficial effect on NBK staff, but making training and development extremely cost-effective for our company.

By: Lance Rooney

In The Spotlight

July 2011 Issue 36

Captain on Board

July 2011 Issue 36

In The Spotlight This month we speak to our CEO Mr. Ayman Al-Abbasi. A captain with a league of NBK stars on board his ship, Mr. Al-Abbasi has sailed through the waves to take NBK to new success horizons every year. Mr. Al-Abbasi speaks to us about work and life sharing inspiring words and wisdoms.

Can you please tell us a bit about your professional path so far? Tough to summarize! As CEO, I represent NBK in all the social and business activities and events and I lead the Management team with the responsibility of setting our overall goals, maintaining strong achievements in addition to crafting the vision, mission and strategy for the company. Prior to being appointed CEO in September 2010, I held the position of Chief Financial Officer of NBK and before that I was the CFO of AlBayan Group in KSA, a Senior Financial Controller at Aramex International Limited in Jordan and a Senior Auditor and Regional Manager of Ibrahim Abbasi & Co in Jordan. As new CEO to NBK, what are your new tasks and responsibilities? Many exciting and challenging ones but most importantly I have to see that our company's new strategy and vision are implemented by focusing on operation, strengthening them and creating independent ones which are already mature.

July 2011 Issue 36

How do you describe or see our culture at NBK? We have great heritage at NBK which we need to leverage on. We also boast a strong professional code of conduct and mutual respect among each other with focus on goals and performance.

You have held key positions in various countries around the world. What is the best and toughest thing about working in Qatar? Qatar's economy is full of opportunities and challenges which make work atmosphere more demanding but definitely much more enjoyable for me!

What is the one thing that makes you One important management lesson you really proud to be part of NBK? keep in mind: Because it is Listen more than Nasser Bin you talk. Khaled in itself When you have a team of proand the value the Now, let’s go a bit name carries as fessionals who are fully aware of personal here. Can a person and as their duties and mission then the you tell us some of a business! your favorites? Fatask is totally manageable. vorite book, music, NBK has reAyman Al-Abbasi country? cently underBook: The Jesus gone some Papers., Music: Pop, management Country: Germany change procedures. How challenging it is to lead manWhat is your favorite leisure activity? agement change and how beneficial it is Swimming to an organization? It is challenging, that’s true but also very reHow do you manage a healthy work and warding on an organization level. When you life balance? have a team of professionals who are fully I make sure to hit the gym as often as possiaware of their duties and mission then the ble! task is totally manageable.


Where is our Group heading in the future? We are heading only to a new success story! But again, this can only happen by focusing on our operations, core businesses such as Automobiles and contracting, incubating and transforming any underperforming business. And finally we need to ensure that the support functions are performing up to expectations.

Who is your role model? The Prophet: Mohammad.

July 2011 Issue 36

Special Report

And the Survey Says...

On the occasion of our 3rd year anniversary, we have conducted a quick survey to check what you think about our Insider and to see how we can make it better for you! We also share some of our findings and we're glad to know that most of you are very much interested in our newsletter and finding it somewhat relevant for our small family, here at NBK. And for those of you who would like to get more out of it, rest assured as we'll be doing our best to exceed all expectations! 1. What is your level of interest in the NBK Insider newsletter? Response Percent

6. Please rate your satisfaction with the following parts of our newsletter.

High Interest (Read regularly, cover to cover) 50.7% Medium Interest ( Skim for articles of interest) 43.3% Low Interest (Read occasionally) 4.5% No interest 1.5% 2. How important to you is the regular newsletter sent by the Public Relations Department? Response Percent

In the News (Very Satisfied) In the Spotlight (Satisfied) NBK Street (Somewhat Satisfied) Health News (Very Satisfied) Get Inspired (Satisfied) Lilfe in Motion (Satisfied)

Very Important Somewhat Important Not Very Important Not at all Important

52.2% 38.8% 6.0% 3.0%

3. How relevant do you find the information in the newsletter? Response Percent Very Relevant Somewhat Relevant Not Very Relevant Not at all relevant

38.8% 50.7% 7.5% 3.0%

4. How satisfied are you with the layout of the newsletter? Response Percent Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied

36.4% 30.9%

Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied

29.1% 1.8% 1.8%

5.How satisfied are you with the overall content? Response Percent Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied

30.9% 30.9% 23.6% 12.7% 1.8%

Response Percent 37.7% 33.3% 44.2% 40.0% 35.3% 45.1%

7. How satisfied are you with the practicality and helpfulness of the information presented in the newsletter? Response Percent Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied

18.9% 62.3% 7.5% 3.8% 7.5%

8. When do you prefer to receive the newsletter? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Doesn’t Matter

Response Percent 15.1% 0.0% 1.9% 5.7% 30.2% 47.2%

9. Overall, how would you rate the NBK Insider? Excellent Very Good Average Below Average Poor

Response Percent 17.0% 58.5% 20.8% 1.9% 1.9%

July 2011 Issue 36

NBK Street “Half year through 2011 already, what else do you think you can do to contribute in the company’s growth?” Abner Rama Sales Supervisor—NBK Auto “The best thing I can contribute for the company’s growth is that we have to learn minimize the expenses, we must practice how to recycle. … and also, As a sales personnel I have to try my very best to meet the customer’s satisfaction.”

effective market research & ending by caring for each customer we bring to the company. I can help the company by making sure I’m at 100% performance for all those ways. It feels great at the end when we achieve our goals.”

Lance Rooney Head of Training & Development

Mohd. I. Chowdhury Banking Relations Department –Manager.

“The first 6-month Training Cycle (January-June) has now come to an end and during this timeframe HR (Training and Development) rolled out 22 different training programs, 35 in total, attended by 371 NBK employees.

“First of all be it known to all of us that NBK is a legacy of prestigious conglomerate, one of the most popular names at home and abroad. There had been tremendous growth in NBK in the past. It was the result of the contributions of all the staff members of NBK group as a whole in the various sectors of commercial and financial activities without any exception.

HR is now in the process of compiling our next Training Cycle and I believe it can contribute to NBK’s growth in two ways. Firstly, we will be looking to offer some new, high priority programs, such as Project Management, which were not covered in the first cycle. Secondly, and more importantly, we have been considering for the past 6 months an English Language Skills Development solution which is both practical and cost-effective for our company. As the international language of business and communication, it is vital that our staff have high English proficiency in order to provide the best service to our customers and communicate effectively with our colleagues. Whatever training we offer at HR, we continue to guarantee the highest quality programs at the lowest cost to all our internal customers, accompanied by the most relevant measurements of training impact so that all can clearly see the huge Return On Investment that training brings to operations. As we head into the second half of this year, we look forward to serving your needs in the same outstanding way that we have done so far this year.” Wael Khairy Sales Engineer—Heavy Equipment “There will be a huge booming in Qatar construction market soon. As a sales engineer, I’m here to help putting NBK Heavy Equipment Division as a top dealer in Qatar. There are many ways to achieve this, starting from the

Since approximately more than one and half years both American and European countries had been suffering from economic constrains owing to various reasons. Slow down in business were seen around the world. As a result, all of us are required to work heart and soul to sustain NBK’s existing growth and promote growth for a brighter future. Economic recovery in USA & Europe has started with the exception of Greece and a few other countries. Past experience and new opportunities are expected to boost up NBK growth in future to the satisfaction of all concerned. It is tremendously joyous news that the state of Qatar has recently been declared the richest country of the world. Billions of dollars are going to be spent on infrastructure developments on the state of Qatar in order to present before the world the glamorous World Cup Soccer Tournament in 2022. Qatar is already humming with huge on going development works. There will be innumerable profitable business opportunity for NBK now and in the future. We feel NBK is already in touch with top level international consultants in order to obtain advance information about the possibility of joint ventures with foreign business conglomerates. Where there is a will there is way. Industry is the mother of good luck. In this way we all NBK Staff are contributing and will contribute to the growth of NBK from our respective fields of activities.”

July 2011 Issue 36

July 2011 Issue 36


Ruwani Weeraje

P.V. Paskaran

Alaa Hassan

Mohamed Alam

Mustafa Habbab

Atef Sobhi

Service Center

Manager of the Month Alistair Cook


CV Service

APRIL Mohd. Suleiman

Krishna Perera

Adrinao Robles

Jose Quadros

Parts Department

Jijo Raj A.B.

Remigio Marcelo

Mehmat Guzel

PC Service

July 2011 Issue 36


Manager of the Month Tarek Habbal


Samer El Chafie

Mustafa Habbab

Virgilio Ramirez

Hesham Ali Saif

Rochi Saadellah

Tazuddine Mizan

Service Center

George Dei

K.G. Dharanan

Alejandro Norboneta

Hazrat Qureshi

Jpseph Annang

Raul Aguilar

Mohamed Risnan

Mohamed Risnan

Manager of the Month Vernon Robert Hartland Mohamed Riswan

Mohamed Zubair

Ronnie Villegas

July 2011 Issue 36


Mohammed El Qaissi

Joseph Juco Bondoc

After Sales

Chakra Bahadur Hamal

Shijeki Nishi , Taiki Onure, Moataz Dwidri, Yann Lassade and Ihab El-Feky

Haytham Ebef (FUSO)

Zaher Janbeh (Retail)

July 2011 Issue 36

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July 2011 Issue 36

Health News k. “If you sic ext, e k a m n dry can chiefs in the g n n u i la h s n r Wa andke es, eve ar,” Dr. ight. Y ne load and h our underwe least R y r d in o Laun s in y nd at Wash ndergarments e in what wa load, a t germs in t s la e u s u your no underwear th gar to clear o the dryer you do g in w r blo dry to h vine e you you’re s. Mak hot cycle wit washed laun sh can start e t o n a e wa run a move Gerb month, o be sure to that survive th a e c n ls o A erms chine. sible. G s o the ma p s kly a as quic g quickly. in flourish ne Machi

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breeding grounds for The same goes fo r the rubber cushion ing that surrounds most refrigerator do ors. mold and mildew.

July 2011 Issue 36

Life In Motion NBK’s secret to a good relationship? Get-together for some lunch out or dinner with your colleagues!

July 2011 Issue 36

May Sheqem in Amsterdam,,Netherlands

Tarek Habbal in Niagara Falls, Canada

Sportsman Hani Zaabalawi received two awards from Bowling Tournament

George Delfino in Copenhagen, Denmark

Wissam Labban’s Let the Good times roll!

…. and another from the Football Tournament. Kudos Hani! Matthew Benedict at 4 monthold. Michelle Bondad’s healthy and cute baby boy

Powered Sports Gnanavel Natesan’s new born girl baby “TANISHA” naming day ceremony photo which was celebrated on 12/06/2011 in Chennai, India. Please email us with your thoughts and comments at

July 2011 Issue 36


NBK Insider July 2011 issue  
NBK Insider July 2011 issue  

It's NBK's 3rd Year Anniversary! Let's look at what's inside this month's issue.