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December 2010 Issue 30

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All for 2022!

Insider’s Note

Dearest NBK family, How time flies! It feels like it has only been yesterday that I have written to you about our hopes and expectations for the year 2010 and here I am happily greeting you one by one on the occasion of the end of a tough yet challenging year and the welcoming of new brighter beginnings with a, hopefully, joyful decade. 2010 has been a true roller coaster ride. Full of ups and downs, it has put all of our efforts to the test and we have strongly stood up for it weathering off its difficulties and shoring up our accomplishments. Our outstanding achievements have nurtured our pride but have also taught us to humbly and eagerly seek innovate venues for success while the obstacles we faced have accentuated our resilience, determination, perseverance and high spirit. It is for these reasons amongst a million others that I congratulate and than you all for you have been at the crux of our triumphs leading a grand ship which needed hands of steel to stear it and you have all done it exceptionally well! As we close twelve months of hard-work, we are also rewarded with excellent news that shed the light on ambitious horizons for expansion and growth. Qatar, this small peninsula of the Gulf, has won the honor of hosting the world's most beautiful game and sports' biggest tournament, the FIFA World Cup, for the very first time to the Middle East region. Our beloved nation has brought home what the Arab world has been very eager to welcome to its midst. Additionally, it has cemented its image as the globe's largest LNG producer hitting an illustrious LNG production metric of 77 million tons! To that effect, we are all expected to walk hand-in-hand and join Qatar's league of partners that are aiming at accomplishing a great vision for the future! I sincerely thank you, our stars, times and again for your unfaltering commitment and solid belief in NBK and I wish you and your loved ones a superb start to a new year! All the best ,

Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled Al-Thani

December 2010 Issue 30

NBK IN THE NEWS NBK Auto introduces the new Mercedes-Benz R-Class; A King Amongst Family NBK Automobiles has recently unveiled the 2010 face-lifted R-Class. The new R-Class Chrome, Sports or AMG package is the "crème de la crème" of family vehicles designed to provide the best of leading-edge technology, safety and first-class travel to one's nearest and dearest.

The R-Class makes room for cutting-edge specs such as the environment-friendly "BlueEFFICIENCY" technology, the latest passive and active safety measures, flexible space concept and generous dimensions for the comfort of up to seven passengers, multimedia and assistance systems and climate control options amongst others.

Mercedes invited Park House School Park House School stopped by for a visit of NBK Automobiles premises with Tarek Habbal and his team gave them an overview of the business, a presentation of the company and wrapped it all up with a little quiz to test the genius businessman within! A gamut of prizes and awards were distributed – what a great way to end the year!

NBK IN THE NEWS Projects Promotion Medical Equipment joined Qatar Health 2010 Exhibition Qatar Health is one of Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) and the State of Qatar’s most vibrant healthcare projects to date. This premier healthcare congress and exhibition, which second edition took place this year between December 10 and 15, has showcased advances in healthcare research and technology, and provided an international forum for the exchange of expertise between healthcare professionals. The exhibition covered 16 different tracks with the participation of more than 110 internationally renowned speakers. The tracks were designed to shed the light on a wide variety of healthcare disciplines that include research, medical, scientific, clinical, administration and management topics. Most of the tracks targeted doctors, nurses and allied health professionals as well as students who are working towards a professional career in the healthcare sector. Projects Promotion Medical participated in the same with 150 Sq.m. They presented the latest technology of their equipments such as :Hill Rom beds / Liko Lifting, Herman Miller furniture, Nemschoff sofa, Medmark for case works & Dental, Enraf-Nonius for Physiotherapy equipment, Airsep for respiratory, Tape Concept – Sports and rehabilitation tape.

Medical Equipment hold various activities like workshops for different physiotherapists and Nurses from Hamad Medical Hospital and Al-Amal Hospital. Some of the lectures however, such as a general information lecture on plastic surgery, were also of appeal to the general public.

New Employee Orientation Eleven new employees of our organization attended the New Employee Orientation Program held on 02nd Dec 2010 at NBK auditorium, main office.

HR NEWS Performance Management Workshops NBK’s Human Resources Department, Training and Development, rolled out a series of Performance Management workshops for all strata of our management team from GM Level, down to Supervisory level, throughout the month of December. The one-day workshop was attended by +/- 120 of our management team, was designed by our Head of Training and Development, Lance Rooney, and was delivered simultaneously by Lance and our HR Generalist, Lucya Abraham. The first workshop session relaunched the current Performance Management Program (PMP), focusing on the benefits of performance management to NBK. The workshop also included a 10-step process for effectively managing employee performance from the Performance Plan, through the Appraisal process, to the Performance Development Plan; and then re-introduced the participants to the tools which support performance management during the 6-month review period i.e. the Coaching Library which enables managers to provide under-performing employees with useful strategies to improve their performance and the Events Log which allows managers to record outstanding and poor performance as it happens so that performance is easily remembered come June and December. Finally, and most importantly, delegates were trained how to write Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic and Timebound (SMART) Goals for their own Business Units which were recorded and then passed on to the managers reporting to them on the next round of workshops, and so on down the managerial chain.

NBK General Managers at their Performance Management Workshop: From L to R: Bassim Khamis (Travel and Tours), Abdel Kader Ghalaieeny (Powered Sports), Akram Orabi (Real Estate), Nancy Saad (Fashion), Kamel Irani (Projects Promotion), Yann Lassade (QAC), George Shammas (Prime Food and Beverages), and program designer and facilitator Lance Rooney (Head of Training and Development).

NBK managers at their Performance Management Workshop with their facilitator, HR Generalist, Lucya Abraham (far right).

These SMART Goals were written in draft form and will be agreed upon and finalized by managers and their subordinates before the next review period so that all are accountable for goal accomplishment. The second session provided attendees with the leadership skills necessary to support performance management, for without effective leadership, the PMP is like having the highest quality Mercedes Benz sitting in a garage without any petrol to run it. Therefore, managers received training in the Situational Leadership model to enable them to delegate tasks to the employees whom they supervise, both when setting SMART Goals at the beginning of the review period and when delegating tasks as they arise

When asked to comment on the importance of performance management, Lance said “I cannot emphasize enough its value in focusing employee work activities towards organizational goals, raising staff motivation levels and ultimately improving productivity. With support from all levels within NBK, there is no limit to what we can achieve as we head towards Qatar 2022.�

In The Spotlight

Up Close and Personal with Issam This month, we speak to one of our top stars at NBK, our advisor to the Chairman, Issam Jaradat. Issam joined us in 1979 (– yes he's a veteran!) bringing over a wealth of expertise in administration and management. With vast experience in previous posts as Office Manager to the Minister of Economy and Commerce, the late Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani and Oil & Gas companies, he helped establish NBK’s Administrative Department setting HR rules, regulations and overall organizational policies. With a deep-rooted knowledge of the local community, Issam played a major role in managing change and leading through numerous business success milestones. So who's Issam? And what does he do when he's not bound to his desk?!

December 2010 Issue 30

Can you tell something about yourself? I am a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian origin. I grew up in Silat Al-Harithya near Jenin (Palestine) till I was 16 years of age. I completed my secondary education at Jenin. Thereafter I made courses in Management and Office Practice at UNRWA Vocational Training Centre and the University of London and lately earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I moved to Qatar in the early sixties and joined Shell. I got married in 1967 and was gifted with 3 boys and a girl – my angels and my joy in life! I’m now a grandfather of two boys and one girl – and the joy keeps on growing! How did you start your career? What helped you reach this position? I am a self-made man. What I don’t know hurts me; therefore I am always a knowledge seeker. If I achieved a degree of success in life it is probably due to my knowledge-seeking attitude and commitment to work, which are integral parts of success. My career started with Oil Companies working in the

administrative field. The turning point happened when I joined the Qatari Government in the capacity of Manager, at the office of the Minister of Economy and Commerce with the then late Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al-Thani, founder of NBK and a great visionary. This was my first step in the door towards NBK and in 1979 I joined this esteemed team as token of appreciation from the late Sheikh Nasser, believing I could be an asset to NBK – just as he and his family consider each and every one of us.

Besides I am entrusted to overlook the corporate departments such as HR, Administrative Services etc. I am also tasked with signing contracts, correspondences and documents related to staff services and commercial documents issued by the Subsidiaries addressed to the Government departments and Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, as a member of the Executive Committee, I contribute regularly to the Committee meetings where top executive issues are debated, discussed and approved.

I held the post of Administration Manager for several years, General Manager to one of NBK Subsidiaries, VicePresident (Operations) and currently Advisor to the Chairman.

The major challenge I faced during the past decade is how to maintain a sustainable platform for success for NBK and how to achieve operational and financial stability in a volatile and tough competitive market.

As Advisor to the Chairman, what are your major duties and responsibilities? Was there any major challenge you had while working in the company? In my capacity as Advisor to the Chairman, I am continuously faced with major responsibilities. I work on job assignments referred to me by the Chairman.

But this has always been a responsibility shared by all and shouldered by top management as a whole. How would you describe working with Sheikh Nawaf? Working for HE the Chairman & CEO Sheikh Nawaf is an extension for working with his father the late Sheikh Nasser (God Bless his Soul).

Working for Sheikh Nawaf is really a great honor. His charming personality and deep vision leaves no one room but for respect and learning. What are we expecting in year 2011? Year 2011 is a year of optimism. Qatar's relentless efforts have secured the honor to host the World Cup in 2022, the world's biggest sports tournament for the very first time in the Middle East! This requires heavy spending by the Government all through the coming decade where the local economy is expected to sustain double digits and the whole region will benefit out of that with an expected series of projects worth over USD 60 billion! Let’s go on a lighter side, how do you spend your spare time? Actually, I spend most of my time after working hours at home. I am a family-dedicated person! I am a big fan of the daily news and political commentaries on TV. I also love watching documentaries. Being fond of Arabic and English literature, I read stories and poems of old and contemporary writers and poets – a true bliss! Where does your family usually go during weekends? We make sure to always spend great quality time together whether dining or cruising outside – my family is my haven and I make sure to treat it as such. You’ve been to many countries. Which country do you love most and why? I’ve been to many countries all over the world. I loved Austria the most! Its weather, its friendly

people and the serenity in the outskirts of the beautiful Alps are simply mind-blowing! What is the most important advice you can give to the NBK staff? It's neither cash nor buildings that make up the lifeblood of any enterprise. It is human capital. So guys, you work for a company that is deeply rooted to the fabrics of Qatari market offering the most iconic and prestigious gamut of products and services. The owners are noble and generous and they deserve your utmost loyalty. So take care of the boat you are sailing in! Happy New year to all of you!

HR NEWS 7 Secrets to Increasing Productivity at Work

There are many benefits to becoming more efficient and increasing productivity at work. In addition to making you feel better about your job it will make you a more valued employee. That means job security. But learning how to become more productive at work is not easy if you don't do it the right way. Here are the seven secrets to increasing productivity at work. 1. The first secret to increasing productivity is to love what you do. If you enjoy your work and are passionate about it the amount of work you will complete will be off the charts. If you are having a hard time with what you are doing consider talking to your supervisor and see if changes can be made that will make you feel better about what you are required to do. 2. Complete the most difficult tasks in the morning. Generally, everyone is at their best in the morning. We are refreshed-it is a new day. It is always best to tackle the toughest jobs early in your work day, that way you do not have to dread them and keep putting them off all day long. 3. Make a list of what you need to accomplish that day. If you want to get lots done each day you need to have a road map. Start the day off and take a couple minutes to write down each task that needs to get done. Put the most difficult ones and the most important ones at the top of the list. As you go through your day cross off each task as you complete

them. This will motivate you to keep accomplishing more. 4. Take short breaks throughout the day. It is impossible to work at your peak for hours on end. We get tired, our mind gets fatigued and our bodies get stiff. To avoid this and keep your productivity at its highest, every hour to hour and a half take a quick break. Whatever your job is, walk away from it for just a few minutes. This will clear your mind and refresh your body. After a short break get right back to work and you will be amazed how this increases the level of your work output and even creativity. 5. Organize your work area. No matter what your job is, if the area you work in is orderly you will get more done. Everything should have a place and you should know where to find it. Take a little extra time and get your work area organized and you will find how this will increase productivity and work efficiency dramatically

6. Avoid Multitasking. This may come as a surprise, because most busy productive people all seem to be doing more than one thing at a time. However, research has shown that multitasking is not as productive as focusing on one task at a time. 7. Avoid Distractions. If it very easy to be distracted when we are working. Allowing yourself to be distracted and get involved in anything that takes you away from your work can be the biggest problem with trying to become productive. Following these seven secrets to increasing productivity will help. Give them a try today and you will become a more valued employee. It could be just what is needed to secure your job. Another way to increase productivity is to have a work environment and furniture that makes you feel good. Having a pink computer chair can be a big productivity booster for many office workers.


Our GMs speak it up! - What they thought of 2010 and what they envision for 2011!

SPECIAL REPORT Kamel Irani General Manager Projects Promotion

1. What important role did Projects Promotion play this year? "Nasser Bin Khaled Projects Promotion played a major role in 2010 representing prominent international suppliers in the state of Qatar providing innovative products and services in different development projects and achieving some exceptional milestones. As a result, Bosch retail business increased by 15% in 2010 compared to 2009 and we also bagged an outstanding project worth 4.8 Million QAR at The Pearl-Qatar Bio Medical division improved and developed their existing services such as sales, consultancy and after-sales and secured new markets and opportunities by adding innovative lines of equipments e.g. Nurse Call and AP from Hill-Rom.

International Projects won several worthy projects for supply and installation of Telecommunication towers and equipment for the Qatari Armed Forces and Security systems for Lagoon Energy. NIC took part in the construction of the New Doha International Airport Project for Environment Monitoring Systems in addition to working alongside ASHGHAL. NIC also enhanced commendable social relations with key clients such as the Municipality [of what?], Qatar University and Qatar Petroleum." 2. What’s your goal for Projects Promotion for 2011? "Following our outstanding achievements in 2010, Projects Promotion looks forward to reaching higher metrics. We aim at increasing profitability throughout our units with Bosch focusing on wholesales and retail, Medical Division working hard towards winning the ISO 1. How is NBK Travel doing so far in the market? "Within a short span of time, we were able to achieve considerable market share and a strong image and presence in addition to valuable relationships with various airlines."

Bassim Khamis Manager NBK Travel & Tours

2. What do you think of the recent World Cup 2022 win? Will it create greater demand if so, how do you plan to manage? "A World Cup in Qatar will definitely change the aesthetics of the country. Qatar is an emerging market - though now considered as the fastest growing economy given the recent 77 million tons of LNG milestone - with a wide range of business and investment opportunities, particularly for the travel industry. The year 2011 would be a break-

accreditation, International Project improving its sales of Eubiq Power Products, NIC tendering for the Agriculture Department, Public Health Department and Ministry of Environment for Seeds, Insecticides, and Pesticides & Lab Equipment. Our main ESP was and will always be “Employees, Service and Profit “! – And therefore, enhancing Human Capital is greatly significant! We have several training, coaching and education plans in store in order for our pool of talent to keep up with the latest technologies on the market." 3. What’s your personal resolution for 2011? Get fit and eat healthy food. Spend more quality time with the family.

through compared to 2009 when we really saw ourselves taking baby steps and 2010 in recession. 2011 is the year of opportunities and we are ready to grab it with full swing!" 3.What’s your personal resolution for 2011? "To achieve a minimum growth of 40% this year. The team will work hard!"

Yann Lassade General Manager Qatar Automobiles Company

1. You joined NBK in February of this year, a time when everyone is still feeling the crisis, what did you do to sustain the business? "First and foremost, it is very important to sustain the success business that is by restructuring the organization in terms of facilities & human resources, maximizing efficiency and productivity of staff, rationalizing margins and reducing stock levels.

dissatisfied customer cases until bringing case to a satisfactory end. And last but not least, we'll include CSI score targets in bonus and incentive schemes for all employees at QAC.

3. What’s your personal resolution for 2011? Personally, my work-family life balance takes priority besides improving my serve in Tennis!"

2. The CSI scores for 2010 have increased compared to last year? What's the reason behind the success? On a CSI front, we'll work to modify the CRM department's reporting structure, grant CRM higher authority levels, carry a weekly analysis of the CSI reports between GM, Sales, and After-sales and CRM Managers in addition to follow-ups on

1. How were Spyker, Koenigsegg and the rest of the NBK Prime Ride's brands and services welcomed in Qatar? Were clients and prospects enthusiastic about Prime Ride's personalized automotive services and the unique, mind-blowing product line showcased at the showroom? "The Prime Ride brands have been received quite nicely, especially the BRABUS and Koenigsegg." 2. Were clients and prospects enthusiastic about Prime Ride's personalized automotive services and the unique, mind-blowing product line showcased at the showroom? "Many of our clients were pleased with the personalized service which we have provided them with, especially the delivery and pick-up of their vehicles for various services and repairs." 3. What are your ahead? "We are planning to approach to include scribing what we do ing."

plans to turbo-charge the New Year re-design our marketing and promotional simpler and more focused messages debest i.e. modification and engine upgrad-

4.What’s your personal resolution for 2011? "I would like to be committed to a dedicated and flawless diet plan to be healthy and fit – good luck for myself!"

AbdelKader Ghaleeiny General Manager Prime Ride and Powered Sports

December 2010 Issue 30

NBK STREET “What’s the biggest accomplishment you’ve done in 2010?” Abner Rama Sales Supervisor NBK Automobiles One of the biggest accomplishments I’ve done at work are doing tenders to our major customers (like the Ministry of Agriculture mechanical engineering department) and NBK got rewarded! Second is, I was never absent from work.

Mohammed Sadeq General Manager Q-ACICO The biggest accomplishment we have done in 2010 is that we managed in spite of the current market situation we are still surviving. May N. Sheqem Business Manager NBN Holding Completing half of my second master’s degree with just a few months of rest between the first degree and the second degree.

Mustafa Alim Nur Store keeper Zein Automotive "I could say that the best ever accomplishment I have done in my life is when I donated blood for the first time since I was able to save a life!"

Conchita Ponce PR Assistant NBK Holding If there is one thing I’ve considered my biggest accomplishment is the fact that I was able to control the use of my credit card!No more impulse buying, no more unnecessary spending and most of all no more guilt feelings.

December 2010 Issue 30


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December 2010 Issue 30

Get Inspired

Some Year End

As we rapidly approach the end of another year it is important to not only begin to plan for the upcoming year, but to also take some time to reflect back on the last 12 months. They often say that in order to know where you are going you need to take a look at where you have been.



- One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is that you are far more effective in your life when you enjoy what you are doing. To be able

The following are a few thoughts to keep in mind as

to get up everyday with a true sense of enthusiasm

you take a look back and begin to take a glimpse

for what needs to get done makes doing it a pleas-


ure, not a chore. There will always be unpleasant

- No matter what you do in life you need to have

tasks that you have to do, but never stop striving to

a plan. The other day I heard former NFL player

gear your energy towards the things in life you en-

and head coach Herm Edwards say that "a goal

joy the most.

without a plan is just a wish." We all want to do bet-

- While reflecting on the past can be a positive

ter in our business and our personal lives but with-

experience, dwelling upon it is a waste of time.

out a clear cut strategy to actually achieve this, it

Getting caught up in things that cannot be changed

really is nothing more than a wish.

will only sap the energy that can be applied toward

- Create accountability for not just those

things that you are able to change. We need to use

around you, but yourself as well. To me one of

the past as a tool for understanding what has

the greatest motivators in life is a mirror. If you can-

worked and what has failed. Resist the temptation

not look yourself in the eye, then who else in this

to use it as a crutch or an excuse.

world can you? While nobody is perfect, we can still strive for perfection. In order to do this you

- The most important thing I rely upon on a daily basis is my faith. Primarily, faith in God and

have to be willing to make an honest assessment

faith in myself to try and listen to what he is telling

of yourself and also be willing to change the things

me. Your life is very simply a series of roads. Each

about yourself that are getting in the way of your

crossroad in your life is a decision. Each decision


you make is another road you go down. Your goals are your destination and your faith is your GPS.

December 2010 Issue 30

Health News What's your

y eating a d i ho l

Eggnog, Gingerbread cookies. Pecan pie. It's the stuff that holiday dreams are made of. When it comes to seasonal eats, how much do you really know? See how you fare with this holiday food quiz.



1. Which holiday drink boasts a whopping 230 calories per cup? a) hot chocolate b) eggnog c) Irish coffee 2. An average size candy cane has how many calories? a) 200 b) 75 c) 55 3. The holiday spice known for its fat-burning properties is: a) cinnamon b) nutmeg c) cloves 4. Ho, ho, holy cow! Which dessert has the most fat per serving? a) 1 slice of pumpkin pie b) 1 slice of fruitcake c) 1 slice of pecan pie 5. These 3 calorie-rich foods are commonly eaten at Hanukkah: a) sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and chocolate chip cookies b) cheese, potato latkes and sufganiyot (doughnuts) c) turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing 6. Cracking nuts is a holiday tradition in many homes. The nut lowest in fat is: a) chestnuts b) walnuts c) almonds 7. Your holiday spread can stay out safely for how long? a) 30 minutes b) 2 hours c) all night 8. This popular low-cal New Year's food is said to bring good luck: a) black-eyed peas b) apricots c) Mozzarella cheese 9. Many of the foods associated with Hanukkah are: a) fried b) baked c) broiled 10. This high-fat bird is most commonly associated with Christmas dinner: a) turkey b) goose c) pheasant Answers: 1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. c, 5. b, 6. a, 7. b, 8. a, 9. a, 10. b

December 2010 Issue 30

Life in Motion


- Ibrahim Alkhawaldeh’s new joy!

Jamal Sidani Grandiose Wedding @ Beirut, Lebanon

“NBK Finance Ladies opt for safari fashion”

My first rainy day in Doha, Qatar on November 2010 - George Delfino (NBK Automobiles) Our CFO, Mr. Volker Schmidt, surrounded by beautiful ladies of NBK on the occasion of his birthday on 29th December 2010.

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