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Vol. 5 Issue 45


Photography: Sujith Kurian Oommen


INSIDER’S NOTE Dear colleagues and friends, Welcome to this month's issue of the Insider where we go over what's hot and what's new at NBK! We've been on the roll with activities and happenings aplenty despite the challenging weather and sweltering heat! In this edition, we take you through the latest NBK news from our acclaimed presence at the Qatar Career Fair where our colleagues played a key role in representing our organization and its goals to the Qatar International Enduro event where Taun Ossen came in fourth place on a demo Kawasaki and with only minimal training! We also welcome two senior executives who joined our management board as COO and NBK Financial Services GM, Mr. Farroukh Abbas and Wolfgang Koehne respectively. Additionally, we would like to take the opportunity to announce the upcoming NBK Family Day which will be held for the second time and this year in collaboration with QAC. In the spotlight will be none other than our Head of Treasury Brian Tan who talks to us about business and leisure. And last but not least, we would like to thank everybody for their wonderful contributions to our Street question for the month where we explored the traits of a good leader and how he or she can bring success to any organization! So sit back and enjoy! NBK Insider Team


NBK IN THE NEWS The best and the brightest meet up with NBK staff at Qatar Career Fair Colleagues from various departments volunteered to support during the recently-held Qatar Career Fair which took place at the Qatar National Convention Centre and which saw in attendance scores of eager career-aspirers looking for the best opportunities that fit their skills and talents. NBK welcomed visitors and carried onsite interviews to pinpoint the best and brightest and impart with key knowledge of the business and the industry. Our colleagues gave presentations about our company, its history and legacy and distributed gifts to all attendees.


NBK IN THE NEWS Key Executive Appointments at NBK We would like to extend our warm

Additionally, we would like to wel-

welcome to Mr. Farrukh Abbas

come Mr. Wolfgang Koehne who

who has joined NBK Holding on

has joined NBK Financial Ser-

18th of April 2012 in the capacity

vices on 1st of April 2012 in the


capacity as General Manager,




reporting to the Chief Executive Mr. Farrukh has a total of 26

Officer, Mr. Ayman Al-Abbassi.

years professional work experi-

Farrukh Abbas

ence in Different business organi-

Mr. Wolfgang has a total of 20

zation in UAE, Malaysia, Pakistan

years professional work experi-

and Nepal.

ence in different business organization in France, Germany and

In his most recent position, Mr.

Italy. In his most recent position,

Farrukh was employed as Director

Mr. Wolfgang was employed as

of Abraaj Capital in Dubai.

Chief Operation Officer for Mercedes Benz Financial Services in France.

Tuan Ossen, a name highly recognized of Qatar International Enduro Event! Tuan Ossen, from Kawasaki, came in fourth at the Qatar International Enduro Event achieving fantastic results on a Demo KX450F Kawasaki and with only two sessions of training! The first round of the Qatar International Enduro was a resounding success. QMMF organized the event for the very first time in Qatar with a total of 31 participants divided into three categories: motorcycles E1, E1 and E3 and quads. A total of 10 different nationalities were represented with racers from Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Canada, Australia, France and the UK rallying for the coveted title. The event was held at Sealine with the first race kickstarting at 10.20 in a 7km track length.

Wolfgang Koehne


NBK IN THE NEWS A generation Ahead: The New ML -Class Takes SUV Experience to New Levels Members of the press have recently gathered at our showroom to get an up-close feel of the Third generation Mercedes-Benz M Class which was previously unveiled at the 2012 Qatar International Motor Show. The new ML brings together unparalleled standards in performance, looks, safety and fuel efficiency. The event saw in attendance our CEO Mr Ayman Al-Abbasi, NBK Auto GM, Mr Khaled Shaa'ban and other senior officials of our company. Khaled Shaa’ban, General Manager of NBK Automobiles who said: “From the moment we unveiled the new ML Class at the Qatar International Motor Show 2012, we saw considerable interest in this fantastic vehicle which combines, beautifully, the essence of luxury with the high performance a rugged driving experience requires.

NBK Ready Mix Garnered Awards on ISO Certification and QSC On April 2, 2012 , NBK Management and staff have celebrated the ISO 9001:2008 Certification and Qatar Standards certifications (QSC) . Both awards were received on March 2012 . Both awards are significant to the concrete industry as they reflect top quality control, operation efficiency , quality offering and outstanding service . Both awards shall be catalyst for further attestation of NBK Ready mix as a quality concrete supplier in Qatar and approval for major governmental projects . NBK Ready Mix management would like to acknowledge their thanks for the NBKRM Board Support and the special efforts by the Quality assurance department at NBK for their valued efforts towards the ISO project .

The new ML Class is, in all meaning of the word, a generation ahead taking the SUV experience to an entirely new level.”

Amazing fun planned for our families this Friday! Friday, May 4 will be a day dedicated to full-time fun with our families and friends. This week, we'll be preparing for our annual NBK Family Day in collaboration with our colleagues at QAC and we'll be expecting no less than 700 people! Kids will be in for special treats and games. This is the second Family Day in a row and we're looking forward to this year's event with its new cool activities for everyone so get ready!



By Lance Rooney, Head of Training & Development

HR Training and Development Delivers Eight Different Programs In April 2012 HR Training and Development continued with the implementation of our March 1st-June 30th Training Calendar with a combination of eight new and established programs in April which included the following: A 1-day ‘Excel Intermediate’ program designed and delivered by Ms. Miraflor Morales (NBK Fashion Merchandiser Controller and newly Certified Trainer) attended by 8 staff. A 2-day ‘Key Account Management’ course delivered by one of our external training providers, Spearhead Training, attended by 12 employees. A 2-day ‘Supervisory Skills for 1st & 2nd Level Supervisors’ program designed and delivered by Head of Training and Development (HoT&D), Mr. Lance Rooney, attended by 10 staff. A 2-day ‘Negotiation Skills’ course designed and delivered by another newly Certified Trainer, Michelin Fleet Sales Manager, Mr. Sameer Malgundkar, attended by 6 employees.

A 1-day ‘Counselling Skills for Better Work Performance’ program designed and delivered by Ms. Leah Rosello, Executive Secretary and Certified Trainer, attended by 10 staff. A 2-day ‘Bid (Tender) Management’ course delivered by Spearhead Training, attended by 12 employees. HR (Training and Development) looks forward to continuing to serve the training needs of all our customers for the remainder of this Training Calendar, May-June 2012. We request all staff to refer to pages 11-15 of the February issue of the Insider magazine for nomination procedures. We also encourage all managers to nominate themselves or team members for the upcoming courses based upon their present or future job performance needs and take advantage of extremely cost effective and high quality training, especially when delivered by the HoT&D and Certified Training Team.

A 2-day ‘Emotional Intelligence’ program designed and delivered by Ms. Annalize Yenko, SAP Technical Trainer and newly certified trainer, attended by 8 staff. A 2-day ‘Interviewing Skills for Recruitment and Selection’ course designed and delivered by HR Officer: Recruitment and Certified Trainer, Ms. Jonineth Cabague, attended by 7 employees.

NBK staff during the Emotional Intelligence Training

NBK staff with the facilitator of their ‘Arab Women Above and Beyond’ program, Ms. Abir Zahra, from Bbusinesss

NBK staff having just completed a teamworking activity.


In The Spotlight

This month we speak to one of our Finance and Accounts guru, Brian Tan of our Treasury department! And yes folks, Brian has much more on his mind than a stellar track record in the industry and in this issue Brian takes us through his professional journey and talks to us about his favorites in both business and leisure!


Brian Tan On Business and Leisure You worked extensively in Malaysia and now you're in Qatar - how's that different from your home country in terms of business and lifestyle?

How do you ensure that quality, transparency, ethics and internationalism in standards are maintained throughout your department?

In Asia, everything is so fast paced that business is strictly business, leaving little time for personal relationship. I find business here in Qatar is more personal, and more people friendly in many ways. That is quite a pleasant change for me. As for lifestyle, it takes a little adjustment in the first few months but we gradually appreciate the way of life here. No single place is ever completely perfect in every aspect, so in that sense, we embrace the diversity Doha has to offer, which is rich and enjoyable in many areas.

I think these are moving targets, as the world and marketplace keep changing, what was good enough yesterday may not be the same anymore today. So it is an on-going process to keep up. I learnt from my mentor many years ago the key is to try to like what you are doing, then in the process keep learning, keep working and keep giving your best shot and hopefully eventually becoming good at what you do. That is the quality standards I strive for myself.

NBK is home to a truly multinational culture, did this help you in your transition from Malaysia to the Arab world?

“The key is to try to like what you are doing, then in the process keep learning, keep working and keep giving your best shot and hopefully even-

I am quite used to multinational culture and background, having spent much of my working life in shipping and offshore services sectors, where the international nature of the industries usually require interactions with many people from different parts of the world. In fact, my last workplace has 22 nationalities. I am also quite fortunate that my work has taken me to many places, some of which not quite the typical destinations for instance, including West/Southwest Africa and Central Asia. So I guess these experience help me as well to appreciate diverse cultures, opinions and adapt. Apart from the extensive theoretical and practical experience for one to be Head of Treasury, what are the personality traits that are required to handle such a key position in a diversified organization such as NBK? I think it helps to be a detailed person, inquisitive in some ways and of course, like to work with numbers. But as in any organization including NBK, Treasury doesn’t function alone, it can only be effective with the cooperation and support from colleagues across the businesses and support departments.

Teamwork is highly significant for any department to function productively - does this apply to Treasury? Absolutely. Treasury is only part of financial functions to the overall Finance, which is a subset of Finance being part of the larger NBK. Many need to come together, do their parts and move in sync, if the organization is to function well, make progress and be successful in the long term. And now more on the lighter side, how do you spend your free time? I enjoy the simple things, a good book, nice music on iPod, good coffee, good food. I can pass time with a book in the sun for an afternoon. I also enjoy walking, which in the cooler months, I quite enjoy taking a walk to office, since I am less than a kilometer away. I also play tennis with my wife sometimes, the stake is high as whoever loses usually has to cook for a week!


In The Spotlight Do you do a lot of reading and if so what is your favorite book? There are too many to mention. To me, a good read is one that stimulates the mind, get the imagination going, creativity flourishing to prompt appreciation of certain subjects and further thinking in certain areas. I have a habit of cross reading several books at the same time, usually a mixed of novel, contemporary and some fairly serious & boring technical stuff. I am now juggling a medical thriller, re-reading Mohamed El-Erian’s “When Markets Collide” and an account of the Chinese Three Kingdom era. I find that less demanding intuitively, so inherently more relaxing. Latest best movie you watched? This is even harder than the favorite book question, since I watched so many movies and quite a lot of them are very good in their own categories. I watch a bit of everything, so while I enjoy The King’s Speech, I am equally thrilled by Avatar, Dark Knight, Frodo & friends, occasionally even the penguins in the animation of Madagascar. In my book, I see Sean Penn as one great & probably underrated actor, so while not so recent, I enjoy watching him many times in “I am Sam”, “Mystic River”, “Harvey Milk”. He is quite a remarkable and talented actor to me. Favorite hobby? Scuba diving. After so many dives, the same thrill I get each time I see a manta ray, hammerhead or the powder-blue surgeonfish or lobster in the cave. It is quite amazing how limited we know about the vast ocean and how little we have seen its marine life. Part of that fun is we enjoy travelling as well, as usually the best dive sites co-exist with nature and diving trips typically bring us to some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer. Last message? We are indeed very grateful for the opportunity to come out here to Qatar and this part of the Middle East, to be able to experience the cultures and diversity at this stage of our life journey. Of course, the professional & work challenge adds to the overall experience as well. We are grateful to the company for affording us that. It has been quite an eventful and great 11 months for us. And this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my colleagues at NBK Group, who extend their welcome, support and cooperation generously to make sure the transition and settling in is much easier than it would otherwise be. There is a Chinese saying that we rely on our family when we are home, and on our friends when we are outside. I think the further one travels from home, the more it helps to appreciate that perspective and realize how fortunate we have been with the friends we have here in Qatar.


NBK Street Having the traits of a good leader brings success in any organization, what do you think are the best qualities of a leader? Adel Hajjaj,MBA General Manager NBK Ready Mix

Lance Rooney Head of Training and Development

Today's business leader recognizes ; The most important organization capabilities and concurrent disabilities aren't necessarily embodied in the most visible processes, like logistics, development, manufacturing, or customer service. In fact, they are more likely to be in the less visible, background processes that support decisions about where and how to invest resources

There are many qualities needed in the outstanding leader. These include having good inter-personal skills, honesty and integrity, and being fair, appreciative and humble to name but a few. But if I had to select just one quality that I think all leaders should possess it is to be inspirational because when a leader inspires his or her team, they become followers. Two quotes illustrate my choice. The first is an old Chinese proverb: “It is not the cry but the flight of the wild bird that leads the flock to follow.” Managers who shout and scream, and who rule by fear and intimidation, will never achieve their departmental goals and will always be despised by most people in their team. Managers should rather be positive role models by demonstrating this final quotation “A great leader is someone who takes the team to places that they would be too afraid to go to on their own”. (Rosalynn Carter)

A leader translates this awareness to his team and in lots of ways he/she develops more leaders !

Abner Rama Sales Supervisor Mercedes-Benz Parts Department For me a best quality of a leader, if he understand the need of his subordinates…A good leader must be a good follower.

Nelson C. Javier Kawasaki Service Center A good LEADER is simply a GOOD LISTENER..knows how to stand up for what he / she believes in and never hides from someone else's back..listening to others opinion will give a lot of options.”


NBK Street Nazir Hussain Inventory Manager Mercedes-Benz Parts Department If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

Mohammad Nader Accounts NBK Holding When the best leader's work is done the team say, "We did it ourselves." If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Should be organized & honest person. Trustworthy. Self Aware and Insightful About Your Impact On Others. Love To Learn, Grow, Expand. Have High Self Worth and Self Esteem. Are Excited By Life.

Maen Qadoumi Sales Manager Select Transportation Solutions A great leader is the one who Lead by Example . Should have a great Vision with Excellent Communication skills with his employees by listing carefully and attentively. Also to be a great motivator to his staff .

Phayas Abdulrahiman Sales Consultant Mercedes-Benz Class Leasing and Rental In my point of view, in a gathering of people, the "coolest yet most responsible" guy deserves to lead them. He/ she won’t explode out of any situation of pressure or ambiguity; at the same time, will be the best capable one to bring the crowd out of the problem. A good leader should be good at building relationships and he shouldn't be a failure in respecting other's individuality. Being proactive to lead the way to excellence should be his facade.

John Jacob Internal Audit NBK Holding A Good leader is one Who dares to make the first move Who is able to translate vision into reality Who is able to sense the winds of change and points in the right direction Who inspired and motivates his people Who develops people—Add Who develops leaders—multiplies Who is able to keep cool under pressure Who is a man of actions not just words Who gives hopes to other Who appeals to the hearts of his people not their mind Who is man of integrity LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IS A LIFETIME JOURNEY ….


NBK Street Suresh Menon General Manager - Qatar United Car Rental The two most important traits of a good leader are: Being a good listener and Leaving the ego at home.

Ghufran Sadran CRM Executive Mercedes-Benz Marketing Department A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. A good leader “walks the talk” and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for other The leader needs to be seen to be part of the team working towards the goal. Good leaders are tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose. Storms, emotions, and crises come and go and a good leader takes these as part of the journey and keeps a cool head, Also he/ she not only maintain high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas

Ihab Noshy Kazem MTU Senior Filed Service Technician – Mechatronics I think, and also through my experience, successful leader must be very organized and has a plan of actions with global references to be compatible with the development of the company which operates according to the ability of his staff on the implementation of this plan and all the pre - mentioned must be a want of success really. And has a target he wants to achieve and not just the number of hours of sitting on the desk.

Do or Suffer….. !!! How many suffer from poor performance by their team members. This can be demotivating and frustrating for all concerned, so here listed 10 ways that you can get better performance, not only from your team, but also yourself. 1) Set Expectations One of the most significant blocks to effective performance is a lack of clarity about ‘what is expected of me’. It is crucial to check understandings and challenge assumptions about roles, objectives, responsibilities and standards. 2) Understand how you need to approach them Different members of your team will respond to different approaches. Consequently, in order to get the best out of everyone you will need to take a different approach with different people. 3) Continuous Approval Let people know that you approve of the direction they take when they make decisions. If you have to correct someone, make sure you help them understand it’s the behavior you are critical of, not the person. That leads onto… 4) Emphasize the Good Points To get the best from your team, maximize the use of praise and positive reinforcement – catch them doing something right. Focus on what you want your team members to achieve rather than what you don’t want them to do. 5) Offer Support while Challenging Them Ensure that you provide an appropriate level of challenge and support for each member of your team. Underperformers often report being too stressed – i.e. too much challenge or not enough support, or they are too bored – i.e. too much support and not enough challenge.


6) How we keep them Involved Maximize the involvement of your team members in all aspects of managing their performance. This is particularly important in objective/ target-setting, monitoring their own level of performance, creating their own measures of performance and giving each other feedback. 7) Maintain High Visibility Wherever and whenever possible, create visible and visual records of targets and progress towards them. This will retain focus on team members’ achievements. 8 ) Create Quality Feedback This is the principle tool used every day by successful performance managers. Take advantage of every opportunity informally (and occasionally even formally) to give feedback to your team members as to how they are doing. Remember the first rule of performance management – no surprises! 9) Celebrate the Successes Find ways to celebrate individual and team successes. Milestones towards a longer-term goal could provide a means of doing this (e.g. monthly/quarterly targets as well as for individual events). Ensure that the reward is proportionate to the achievement. 10) Maintain Simplicity Use simple processes that everyone will understand, simple measures that are clear to all, simple language when giving feedback, simple pictures to illustrate performance against targets. Simplicity breeds clarity. Shared by:

Dothodana Manoj Ellepola Supervisor BOSCH Automotive



Houssam Cherif

Adnan Salim

Alaa Manasski

Rana Araf

Mohammad Abdulhak

Khaled Hassan


NBK Fashion New season. New collection. This summer, ZAI brings you the hottest collection from brands you love. First on the list is Carlos Miele -always show inspiration from different types of women like cosmopolitan, sophisticated and independent. The Spring-Summer 2012 Collection is all about fluid lines, tropical colors and digital prints.

The Spanish fashion label, Armand Basi, has also arrived. The collection includes a wide range of soft tailoring and casual weekend perfect for the young, urban independent man and woman who are after comfort, quality and style. Antonio Marras is making a comeback through its SpringSummer 2012 Collection with contrasting mix of prints and floral details in a watercolor-based and vintage fabric. You can mix and match floral top and trousers to add life to your summer.

One of Zai’s newest brands is Pascal Millet - designer, who has always loved playing with material. Making different styles like bursts of laughter and carefully finishing off all his models with braid and fine stitching in the pure respect of couture tradition.

Another new brand is Sonia by Sonia Rykiel the “Queen of Knits”. She proved that knitwear can follow any trend. For her Spring-Summer 2012 Collection, you will find a burst of colors perfect for everyone’s summer.

Feel free to drop by at ZAI any day. Salwa Road. Tel: 44092600.


Succeed At Work How to Deal With a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters Some people exude negativity. They don’t like their jobs or they don’t like their company. Their bosses are always jerks and they are always treated unfairly. The company is always going down the tube and customers are worthless. You know these negative Neds and Nellies – every organization has some – and you can best address their impact on you via avoidance. On the other hand, sometimes normally positive people are negative. Some of the time, too, their reasons for negativity are legitimate. You will take a completely different tack with these occasionally negative people. We’ll deal with both of these varieties of negativity from people. Tips for Dealing With Occasional Negativity Listen to the employee or coworker’s complaints until you are certain that they feel heard out and listened to. Sometimes people repeat negative sentiments over and over because they don’t feel like you have really listened to them. Ask questions. Clarify their statements. Make sure you have actively listened. Decide if you believe the employee or coworker has legitimate reasons for their negativity. If you decide affirmatively, ask if they’d like your help to solve the problem. If they ask for help, provide advice or ideas for how the coworker can address the reason for their negativity. Short term advice that points a person in a positive direction is welcome. But, your role is not to provide therapy or counseling. Nor, is your role to provide comprehensive career advice or long term recommendations. Point the coworker to helpful books, seminars, or the Human Resources Department to solve their problem. Know your limits when advising coworkers. Sometimes, the coworker just wants to complain to a friendly, listening ear; they don’t want your advice or assistance to ad dress the situation. Listen, but set limits so the coworker does not overstay or over-talk his or her welcome. Long term complaining saps your energy and positive outlook. Don’t allow that to happen. Walk away. Tell the coworker you’d prefer to move on to more positive subjects. If you listen to the coworker’s negativity, and decide the con cerns are not legitimate, practice personal courage and tell them what you think. Tell the coworker you care about their concern and about their happiness at work, but you disagree with their assessment of the situation. Back gracefully out of additional conversations. The coworker will attempt to appeal to your sym pathetic nature, but if you believe the negativity is unwarranted, don’t spend your time listening or helping the coworker to ad dress the negative feelings.

You will only encourage long term and growing negative feelings and, potentially, behavior. You will set yourself up as a negativity magnet. Constant negative interactions will eventually permeate your interaction with your workplace. Tips for Dealing With Negative Coworkers Deal with genuinely negative people by spending as little time with them as possible. Just as you set limits with the coworkers whose negativity you believe is baseless or unwarranted, you need to set limits with genuinely negative people. Causes of their long term negativity are not your concern. Every negative person has a story. Don’t impact your positive outlook by listening to the stories, or reviewing the history and the background about the grievances purported to cause the negativity. You reinforce the negativity; negativity is a choice. Negativity mongers need a new job, a new company, a new career, a new outlook, or counseling. They don’t need you. Deal with negative coworkers in these ways. Avoid spending time with a negative coworker. If you are forced, through your role in the company, to work with a negative person, set limits. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into negative discussions. Tell the negative coworker, you prefer to think about your job positively. Avoid provid ing a sympathetic audience for the negativity. Suggest the negative person seek assistance from human re sources or their supervisor. If all else fails, talk to your own supervisor or human re sources staff about the challenges you are experiencing in dealing with the negative person. Your supervisor may have ideas, may be willing to address the negativity, and may ad dress the issue with the negative person’s supervisor. Persis tent negativity, that impacts coworkers’ work is a work be havior that may require disciplinary action. If negativity among employees in your company is persistent, if the issues that warrant negativity are left unaddressed, and the negativity affects your ability to professionally perform your work, you may want to consider moving on. Your current culture will not support your desired work environment. And, if no one is working to improve a work culture that enables negativity, don’t expect the culture to change any time soon.

NBK Insider April 2012  
NBK Insider April 2012  

In this edition, we take you through the latest NBK news from our acclaimed presence at the Qatar Career Fair where our colleagues played a...