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Year 2—Issue 16 October 2009

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e’d like to take this opportunity to share with you all that Qatar needs our help and support today more than ever.

As you may know, the country has signed up for the race to bring home the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

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To have the ‘beautiful game’ staged in Qatar is to draw the world’s attention to the whole Arab world and to propel an image of a forward looking state that is bringing populations and cultures from across the globe together under the FIFA flag “For the Game, For the World”. The name of our organization has been long associated with the best in sports and to that effect, Qatar is counting upon each and every one of you to be the ambassadors of this bid and to help spread the word nationwide.

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To host the World Cup in Qatar would bring the most historic sports game ever for the very first time to the Middle East. To host the World Cup in Qatar will offer a unique opportunity to football fans to enjoy the true Arabian hospitality, tradition and heritage amidst spectacular venues and cities. Qatar is known for its dynamism, its passion for football and its investment in the Sports industry in general and the country is now looking to set another benchmark working towards achieving greater unity and understanding between peoples from every continent and showcasing the real image of the Middle Eastern region. So let’s all wish the bidding committee of the 2022 World Cup the best of luck as the decision will be taken in December 2010!

NBK PR Department


Issue 16 - October 2009

NBK Insider

NEWSBulletin INJAZ al-Arab INJAZ al-Arab is an organization that aims to harness the mentorship of Arab business leaders to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among Arab youth. Operating in 12 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region, INJAZ al-Arab is a confederation of national operations collaborating with corporate volunteers and Ministries of Education to provide experiential education and training to Arab youth in work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. On September 15, INJAZ held a presentation at the auditorium to encourage and recruit volunteers for the coming school term. Several employees have attended and our very own Zulfa Al Disi and Anna Bou Diab of the Quality Assurance Team expressed their intent to volunteer. Feel free to contact the Human Resources Department for more information about INJAZ and their volunteer program.

N a s se r Bi n K haled Au to m o b i l e s— Mercedes-Benz sponsors QTF-Intercon Tennis Open Tournament NBK Automobiles—Mercedes-Benz is sponsoring the second Qatar Tennis Federation and InterContinental Doha Open tennis tournament which is being held from October 1-14, 2009 at the Intercontinental Doha Hotel and Qatar Tennis Federation. The tournament is open to both men and women and is held in the singles and doubles categories, men’s veterans’ singles and doubles, mixed doubles as well as boys and girls under-18, under-14, under-12, and under-10 age-groups.

NBKS open “Station” in Musheireb NBKS (Services) has recently celebrated the opening of the brand new renovated (Doha Petrol Stations) under the name of “Station” at Musheireb Area. The new Station offers an all-in-one-shop stop for customers to include gas station, shopping center called Lemar, quick service center called Servobil as well as the accessories shop Zein.

Issue 16 - October 2009

NBK Insider

NEWSBulletin Qatar Automobiles Company strengthens customer support with modern service centre Qatar Automobiles Company (QAC), the exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi Motors and Fuso Trucks and Buses in Qatar, has unveiled new customer-oriented initiatives aimed at enhancing the after-sales service support to customers. Among key initiatives is a new service centre to be opened shortly at Street 41 of the Industrial Area, which can service up to 100 cars daily. Further building on QAC’s reputation as an award-winning automobile dealer, the new service centre will be complemented by a lifetime warranty on all Mitsubishi vehicles. These initiatives are in line with QAC’s commitment to further strengthen the customer experience and build lasting bonds with customers.

NBK Prime Ride’s new BRABUS SL! The First NBK Prime Ride Full BRABUS SL rocket engine with 730 hp has arrived in Doha but for those wants it, dream-on because it has been sold!

NBK Insider

Issue 16 - October 2009

NBK Family Round-Up!

NBK Insider wishes a Happy Birthday to: Heavy Equipment QAC Bosch Automotive NBK Auto NBK Holding QAC Bosch Automotive Intech Heavy Equipment Intech QAC Bosch Automotive Quiksilver NBK Auto NBK Auto Ziebart Station Class Leasing Michelin NBK Trading Class Leasing NBK Holding QAC Lina's Cafe NBK Trading Class Leasing Intech Services ZAI NBK Auto Intech QAC NBK Holding Lina's Cafe QAC Class Leasing Class Leasing Station NBK Trading NBK Trading NBK Holding NBK Auto Intech QAC QAC Heavy Equipment Station NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Holding NBK Real Estate NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Holding NBK Holding NBK Holding NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto

Ala'a Jaradat Allan paul Chavez Waleed Morsy Koronchige Premarath Amer El Khatib Ammar Al-Ali Aileen Fernandez Nagendra Chaudhari Jerry Lorente Ermanto Darsim Iqbal Husaini Nalin Wickremarachchi Glenn Ragudo Mahmoud Barakat Bader Al-Ashki Indika Arachchige Fatma Eid Paulicarpio Lusterio Norman Cruz Prabath Welikalage Don Allanoden Manding Mansour Elzein Lachuman Giri Jenyfer De Castro Ibrahim Alkhawaldeh Roilan Gonzales Sunil Gautam Enrico Ramirez Calderon Erika Dela Cruz Fadi Yousef Al-Arab Nishad Maddu Nathu Gurung K. V. Abdurahiman Abdul Satar Mansuri Rowena Bernal Noel Bautista Jayson Enriquez Al Gallenero Cerbas Thushar Arachchige Noor Mohamed Edelvise Villados Walayat Shah Mohammed Habib Momin Birendra Thakuri Ulysess Larano Christine Santos Idris Swaleh Ndimu Atip Atip Prempan Nichikkada Hamza Shashi Baddegama Ali Neya z Mir Said Gul Ghazi Trad Al Abas Sajeendran Chandran Mohammad Abu Hijleh Dad Mohd Gul Mohd Victor Thilagaraj Ayman Fayez Dawoud Ahmad Mahmoud Jaber Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad Ali Mohamad Sharif Mohamad Al-Qadi Fazal Malik Abdul Malik Rahim Bakhsh Dad Mohd Nazir Hussain Fakir Hussain Bassel El-wazir Aftab Ahmad Said Mohammad Jamil Khan Khilwat Khan Mohamad Al halabi Kamal Ismail Ismail Saif Fares Ahmad Alousi

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NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto QAC Salwa NBK Holding NBK Trading NBK Holding NBK Holding NBK Holding NBK Trading NBK Holding NBK Holding Intech Intech Silver Cafe NBK Auto NBK Holding NBK Holding NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Auto Lina's Cafe Heavy Equipment NBK Trading Class Leasing NBK Real Estate NBK Holding QAC Duhail NBK Trading NBK Carpentry Class Leasing Heavy Equipment Intech NBK Carpentry Bosch Automotive NBK Real Estate QAC Michelin NBK Auto Heavy Equipment ZAI Class Leasing NBK Holding NBK Auto QAC NBK Auto QAC Intech NBK Auto Silver Cafe NBK Holding NBK Auto QAC Salwa NBK Auto NBK Auto QAC NBK Holding QAC Silver Cafe NBK Auto Assouline Gulf NBK Auto QAC PDI NBK Real Estate NBK Auto ZAI Fashion

Abdul Moein Al-Madani Rodolfo Devera Mohamad Abul kair Rosemarie Calimbas Hatem Hamad Mahmoud Isfa Al-safadi Khalid Subhi Ibrik Osama Mohd Abdel Hafez Omar Rahman Abdul Azi z Bilal Fayez Norse Sharif El-farra Adel Hajaj Mohammad Karim Azam Salem Ali Hussein Waryadi Bin Dauri Tendi Sherpa Zake Ian Estacio Muththettpurage Pashpasiri Dad Mohammad Raissi Halvadar Khan Baji Dillmorad Noor Mu zamel Sh Sultan Sha Khidmat Sh Sajankhan Abdulrahma Ghoram Dad Mohamm Niaz Moham Sohel Shikder Nestor Villano Ibon Charles Liu Didarul Alam Rommel Perfania Edward Linus Ferrer Samah Maqboul Ashok Chaudhary Mohamed Sulaimalebbe Allan Vitug Mohamed Ebrahim Mohammad Sanaullah Manu John Ishara Mudiyanselage Romel Dagohoy Mohammad Al Qaisi Jose Damasco Jeremias D Barro Fouad Hijazi Samah Mohamed Edgardo Pablo Abdul Rahman Tamaa Leopoldo Nazzaro Zakaria Abdo Ghandur Marwan Fahed Al- Aifa Maria Joana Johar Pravin Manker Sachin Shetty Edward Umali Farah Rehan Marie Irosha Fernando Waseem Al-Masri Rifas Sufiyan Teka Ram Bishwakar Edgar Cator Artemis Sante Thushara Dewege Mae Cordillo Monteza Sydonie Kumar Edouard Thoubat Adriano Baldoza Robles Remulon Wansi Crispino Eraga Samuel Nigigi Floriface Edora Ussama Abou Elyazed

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NBK Trading Station QAC Heavy Equipment NBK Auto Intech Bosch Automotive Heavy Equipment Heavy Equipment NBK Auto NBK Auto NBK Trading NBK Holding QAC Abu Hamour Lina's Cafe QAC NBK Real Estate NBK ReadyMix QAC Salwa Quiksilver Silver Cafe Metropolis NBK Holding NBK ReadyMix QAC QAC Bosch Automotive NBK Trading NBK Trading Select QAC Station NBK Holding Smart Repairs NBK Trading NBK Trading NBK Trading QAC Salwa NIC Select Heavy Equipment Bosch Automotive NBK Auto NBK Real Estate NBK Trading NBK Real Estate QAC NBK Carpentry NBK Holding NBK Trading NBK Trading

Prasanga Arachchig Allan Guatno Ahmad Rabah Delfin Ruiz Meena Ghulam Ma Mun Basuni Mohammed Hassan Alan Lorente Raul Nob Mai Abou-Bakr Rolando Baltazar Damith Wellaga Dayachandra Subedi Ziad Hussain Shkief Eric Gregorio Enrico Insigne Romeo Leyma Ramadas Sukumaran Mohammed Amanullah Mohammad Srouji Mohammed Rahhal Neila Daoudi Peter Obenza Ali Khallof Salman Eltetr Benjamin Manalang Priyantha Chaminda Gedara Mohan Roka Hira Roka Jose Alvare z Saleh Omer Lilibeth Tadea Fadwa Taha Ricardo Nemis Anura Thenuwara Sudaker Subramaniam Bandula Gallage Khalid Badwan Rene Prieto Kshetra Ruwali Shankar Karki Israel Malabanan Bilal Sulaiman Amer Mohammed Abu Jahel Nilantha Pandithayalage Ritz Nualda Samah Sharkawy Adade Christian Jonineth Cabague Anthony Bernardo Lalvan Thusewnambi

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Issue 16 - October 2009

NBK Insider

Journey SAPSAP Journey Recently SAP Team headed by Mr. Houssam Hindawi was joined by two consultants from LNT Company in order to upgrade and implement new features of SAP within the Human Resources Department and Finance Department. This process will take 2 to 3 months and it will include all the capabilities and features of SAP th at w il l o p t i m i ze the b u s in e s s processes within the two departments. Examples of some of these features include the annual leave system, end of service system and manager desktop feature which will allow the manager to see all the updates for the employees who report to him. Another project that SAP Team is working on is the development and procurement of SAP software that is tailor made for the Heavy Equipment department and especially the rental part of their operations. The third milestone that SAP team is implementing at the moment is the migration of the Business information warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) from the old ERP system Orion to SAP. This will allow the management to get an access to all the time-series data that will help them in making accurate decisions regarding the business and operations. Best of luck to our colleagues in the SAP team and more power!


NBK Insider

Issue 16 - October 2009

A Culture of Progress! – HR Thoughts, At a Glance Performance Management Program – Coaching Library In the efforts to continuously improve and make it easier for managers to provide coaching and feedback to their employees, we have created a presentation on the coaching library which can be downloaded from HR’s SharePoint. Click on the link below to launch the presentation or copy it and past it in your browser. You may be asked to input your NBK user name and password as if you’re logging on to your NBK email. http://nbks/HR/Shared % 20Documents/PERFORMANCE 20MANAGEMENT/Coaching%20Library_v2.pps


The presentation shows all 19 competencies identified in the Performance Management Program. Clicking on each competency will bring you to a page which lists down the different factors related to the competency together with the corresponding coaching and feedback guidelines.

New Employee Orientation An orientation program is scheduled on October 7, 2009 (Wednesday) starting from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the auditorium, NBK Main Office, mezzanine floor. This program talks about the history of NBK, the different companies that make up the whole organization and the industries it’s engaged in. It also talks about living in Qatar – the culture, values, and the traditions of the country which can help new hire employees adjust and cope up with living away from home. Registration is by supervisor / manager nomination. Please send an email to should you wish to enroll your employees to this program. Registration closes 5:00pm on Oct 6, 2009 (Tuesday).


NBK Insider

Issue 16– October 2009

U-Matter! NBK invites each and every one of you to share their thoughts, views and points of interest on a monthly basis.


“If trading/short-term investing is your thing, then get your profit and get out. Don’t get caught up in how much higher your stocks can go, just sell them when you believe it’s time to get out”

Dot Com Bubble: Lessons Learned It all started during the mid 1990’s. The Stock Market soared on technology and Internet stocks, IPOs were all the rage, and the sky was the limit for stock prices. The masses believed there was a new world upon us, and the internet was to become the future of business. Then reality set in when the hype didn’t live up to it’s promises, and the stock market crashed. If you take all of this for only its face value, all you see is what happens when a stock market gets overvalued and crashes, but if you look deeper you can find plenty of timeless lessons that every investor should learn. Here’s a few lessons that can be gathered from the Dot-Com bubble: Fundamentals Don’t Lie The fundamentals of the Dot-com bubble were horrible, most new public companies weren’t profitable and some had no intention of ever making a profit. IPOs were going sky high while the business model itself showed no realistic way to turn a profit. These big warnings are known as red flags, and they were everywhere during the dot-com bubble. The educated investors and professionals in the stock market saw these red flags and knew that a crash was coming, and that’s why they were successful during the Dot-com bubble. The rest were left to fight to sell their rapidly devaluing stocks. Lesson learned: If you are investing in the stock market for the long term, don’t invest when prices are overvalued and fundamentals are poor. The combination of these two problems are practically begging for an eventual stock market crash if things don’t turn around. You want to invest when you see nothing but green flags, not red.

U-Matter! NBK invites each and every one of you to share their thoughts, views and points of interest on a monthly basis. This month, PR Team would like to share with you some insights on the Dot Com Bubble Burst.

Trading stock market momentum is fine, but always remember it’s just momentum! The stock market rallied during the dot-com bubble for good reason: everyone and their grandma was excited about Internet based companies. The overall investor’s belief was optimistic and this fueled a multi-year rally that had seemingly endless momentum. But as we just learned, the fundamentals were garbage and when the momentum died, the party was over and the stock market crashed. Lesson learned: If trading/short-term investing is your thing, then get your profit and get out. Don’t get caught up in how much higher your stocks can go, just sell them when you believe it’s time to get out. When the reality of overbought stocks comes into realization, you want to be the guy with all of your stock sold, not the guy caught off guard while panicking about what you should do. Life-Altering Changes Don’t Happen Overnight The optimism for the Dot-com bubble was supported by the belief that internet business was somehow going to instantly take off and going to retail stores would be a thing of the past. Huge issues such as customers having to pay heavy shipping fees were regarded as not important, and the stock market rallied while believing that we’d all be buying our groceries online and ordering our pizza from a .com site. The problem was that none of this was actually occurring, and it was really just wishful thinking since most companies had no realistic business model to get these society changing ideas off the ground. Lesson learned: The internet was invented in the 1950’s; It didn’t become popular until the 1990’s. When a company or many companies are promising life-altering changes in how we live our lives, be very skeptical. Even if these ideas for change are realistic, they don’t happen overnight, in most cases they don’t happen for decades!


NBK Insider

Issue 16 - October 2009

This section of the Insider is dedicated to each and every team member; it is your channel to share your concerns with your management and have all your inquiries answered. We have added this section to encourage upward and downward communications among staff and management. Your questions will be delivered to the right people in total confidentiality and anonymity; therefore please feel free to send us your thoughts, ideas and queries to Kindly note that this section is dedicated to corporate-related questions that are of general benefit to all the staff at NBK. For any PERSONAL inquiries, kindly drop us an email at and a specialized HR employee will answer your inquiry within 24 hours.


NBK Insider

Issue 16- October 2009

INDepth Intech Nasser Bin Khaled has itself the aim to continuously boost Qatar’s status as one of today’s world energy giants, specializes in the engineering, design and supply of materials and related installation services for various industrial insulation and refractory lining applications for industrial plants in Qatar and the Middle East. Associated with Intech Group and established in 1940, Industrial Technology Qatar is considered one of the leading contracting companies in Qatar, proving its expertise in areas such as heat insulation and fire-proofing entire factories, in addition to providing premium services in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Steel Mills and Aluminum smelters. Industrial Technology is specialized in the engineering, design and supply of materials and related installation services for various industrial insulation and refractory lining applications on industrial plants in Qatar and the Middle East. Poised for major expansion, the company has recently gone public with a variety of high-scale projects such as the prestigious Ras Gas Trains 6 project at Ras Laffan (Al Khaleej Gas) which includes total heat insulation of pipes, equipment, and boilers, as well as the Helium & NGL and will require the services of 1000 Engineers and Technicians. Industrial Technology Qatar looks, confidently, at the future, having set its target on several new, local and regional, landmark industrial projects.


NBK Insider

Health Tips

Issue 16- October 2009

H1N1 Epidemic

Protecting yourself and others

One of the most effective ways to protect you, your family and friends from influenza is to practice good personal hygiene. Five simple ways to prevent the spread of pandemic influenza: 3. Don't share personal items 1. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough The flu virus can spread when someone touches an object with The flu virus can travel through the air when a person coughs or the virus on it and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth. If a sneezes. When you cough or sneeze you should: member of your household has the flu: • keep personal items, such as towels, bedding and • Turn away from other people toothbrushes separate • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve • do not share eating and drinking utensils, food or drinks. • Use disposable tissues rather than a handkerchief (which • In relation to sporting teams make sure that you do not could store the virus) share things such as towels etc. • Put used tissues into the nearest bin, rather than a pocket or • Most importantly, do not share water bottles and make sure handbag hygiene is maintained with rub downs and first aid. • Wash your hands, or use an alcohol hand rub, as soon as 4. Clean surfaces possible afterwards. Flu viruses can live on surfaces for several hours. If a member People who are sick should always be encouraged to wear a of your household has the flu, you should regularly clean surfaces such as tables, benches, fridge doors and door knobs with surgical mask to contain the virus and help prevent its spread. soap and water or detergent. 2. Wash your hands Washing your hands regularly with soap and water or using an 5. Avoid close contact with others if you are unwell with flu alcohol-based product (gels, rinses, foams - available at super- Keeping your distance from others by standing or sitting back (at markets and pharmacies) that does not require water - even least one meter apart, where possible) will help reduce the chances of spreading the flu virus between people. when they aren't visibly dirty - is effective in killing the flu virus. Always wash your hands: • after you've been to the toilet • after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose • after being in contact with someone who has a cold or flu • before touching your eyes, nose or mouth • before preparing food and eating. To wash your hands properly

While you are unwell you should remain at home and avoid going out in public. If you are unwell, you should not go to work or school or attend other public or crowded gatherings, and avoid taking public transport. If you need to use public transport, it is recommended that you wear a mask to contain the virus. Do not visit people who have the flu unless it is absolutely necessary. If a member of your household has the flu, he or she should be separated from other members of the family if possible, and be encouraged to wear a surgical mask. If you are caring for someone who has the flu, you too should wear a mask and gloves when in close contact to protect yourself from catching the flu.


NBK Insider

Issue 16– October 2009

ROUND & about Generosity by Alan Weiss, Ph.D., CMC – Founder, Summit Consulting Group

It’s easy to be generous with tangibles and “stuff.” Those can be replaced and are nonthreatening, non-emotionally involving.

Generosity is not merely about the amount one gives. One of my favorite observations comes from Joseph Epstein’s A Line Our for A Walk: “…the true measure of generosity is not how much one gives but how much, after giving, one has left over.”

No matter how much I believe in a cause, writing them a check is a rather impersonal act, especially, as Mr. Epstein points out, when there’s more where that came from. But heading a fund raising event (and not just in name only) requires far greater generosity. And telling your friend, the organization’s chair, that she is shutting down debate and alienating potential donors is the greatest charity of all.

But I’m not even talking about financial donations and contributions. I’m talking about the generosity that allow one to give time, attention, solicited feedback, support, caring, and understanding. Sometimes that needs to be the proverbial “tough love.”

Through the commission of lies or the omission of truth, we enable people to perpetuate mistakes, errors, and, too often, selfdestruction. Our refusal to get involved when we are friends, insiders, and trusted, is basically a selfish and ungenerous act.

We do grievous harm to people when we lie to them in order to assist them (and, usually ourselves) in trying to maintain certain perceptions. The presentation was excellent (even though it was seriously flawed); the food was fine (even though the pasta was nearly inedible); the clothes look wonderful (even though they are age-inappropriate and terrible colors for you). You get the idea. It’s fine to overlook the trivial and the inconsequential (those flowers will not last in that location) but not the important (Can I recommend a couple of other schools that are aligned with your daughter’s career goals?).

Don’t misunderstand: I’m not proposing that you go out and start critiquing people’s attire or choices, or attempting to substitute your judgment as Holy Writ. All I’m suggesting is that when people expect you to tell them the truth, even if it hurts, you ought to do that. It would be generous.


NBK Insider - October 2009  

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