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What Exactly Is An Electric Frying Pan - Electric Fry Pan _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Hanley - An electric frying pan is exactly as the name suggests - a type of frying pan, which is powered by electricity. You might be surprised to find out that the electric frying pan, or electric skillet as it is also known as, has been around since the 1890s! The frying pan was heated by an element on the pan base. Electricity at that time was very expensive however, which made the these pans a luxury item.As electricity became more widely available, the electric frying pan still did not really become a popular kitchen appliance because it was easier to cook with a conventional frying pan on the stove than locate your electric frying pan at the back of the cupboard and find somewhere to plug it in. Learn More About Electric Fry Pan

A company called Sunbeam produced an automatic frying pan in 1953 and this cast aluminum, square shaped pan had a built-in element to heat the pan. There were heat controls on the handles. A stainless steel version was launched in 1954. The pans enjoyed some popularity in the 1970s because it could cook everything from roasts to stews and casseroles, as well as basic fried foods.

Today we have nonstick pans and electric skillets, which are round or square. You can also get electric woks. These pans range from twelve to eighteen inches in diameter.Electric pans are a timesaver and they do not fill your kitchen with smoke. They are easy to use. You just have to plug it in and turn the heat up or down. Most models have a low, medium, and high setting but some of the newer ones also have a "keep warm" setting.

As well as being really easy to cook with, electric pans are simple to clean. Because most of the newer ones are made of nonstick stainless steel, you can just use paper towels and a de-greaser to remove any stuck-on food. The fact that the pan is nonstick means that you do not have to use fat or oil to cook with, so soapy water is all you need to clean the pan. Obviously, you cannot wash the electrical parts like the heating element, but it is easy to clean the inside of the electric skillet. Because electric frying pans do not have the same hot spots as pans on the stove, they are especially good for making foods like pancakes. As well as pancakes, hamburgers and eggs, you can use electric frying pans to cook lots of other recipes.

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