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Aeature rticle F What would happen if I simply started taking better care of myself? Maybe I wouldn’t be dependent on a system that seems to cause a lot more pain that healing.”

we would rather experience, instead of what we dislike about WHAT IS, we shift from being powerless to being empowered. We feel better, and we take action…with enthusiasm!

And what if everyone else did this too?

We tend to get so wrapped up in what we don’t prefer that we forget that it’s seeing this exact perspective that enables us to align with, and then DECIDE, what we WOULD prefer.

Which answers the BIG QUESTION… “What is my personal responsibility in all of this?” By assuming personal responsibility for everything that occurs in our lives, we refocus our attention away from feeling offended about a given situation and instead toward what we can do about what we would prefer to create. We become the conductor, if you will, of our own personal orchestra otherwise known as reality. And again, given that we create this reality, when we put the focus on what

That’s all a problem is. When we take responsibility for what it is we create, good or bad, we then have the power to define it, and therefore, give it new meaning and act on it. Is it always easy to do this? No, but it’s simple and the only requirements to learn this new skill are practice, patience, willingness and imagination. See for yourself!

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Dana Gore is a health and fitness writer and earned her personal training certification through Fitness Institute International Inc. Her formal education in the field of exercise science, in addition to her own weight management experience, contribute toward her strong drive to write about topics that encourage healthy living. Dana has a monthly “Fitness Tips” column in Happy Herald Publishing and is a contributing author for Nothing But Good News Magazine. Her new book, “A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety” is an easy to follow set of tips to help you reach your path to wellness in a safe and structured manner. You can also find her work at author/danagore/