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From the Editor A Message from Kandee G What is abundance? How abundant is your life? What are your beliefs about “is there enough”? This issue of Nothing But Good News Magazine covers all the different ways that abundance shows up for us, what it means and how to be more so. I love our Nothing But Good News contributors. There is so much delight and wisdom. Marty Kelley will bring a tear to your eye as you read her son’s journey back from autism. Don Boyer shares what the pressure of money really is. Our ever present Dee Wallace has all the info on “I am abundance.” Do you know how much is enough? This spring can bring you a new awareness. You can wake up to your greatest good and find a cornucopia of unlimited possibilities. Re-invent yourself, flip the switch and keep pushing! I am also very excited to share that I have been invited to speak at TEDx Westmount, Montreal on May 12. Check out the ad on page 16. Go to the website and see the amazing speakers. Let’s spread success in Montreal. Nothing But Good News is here for you. So, you have heard me say it before, turn off the phone, shut down your email and close out your social networking sites. Immerse yourself in this issue, allow yourself to be filled with the abundance of knowledge and wisdom on these pages. I am so proud of my amazing team. They, as well as myself, are dedicated in bringing you contributors and advertisers that will make a difference for you. Their level of commitment is truly noteworthy. I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. As always, I welcome your questions and comments: Thanks...bye for now...and go Do Something Remarkable!

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Table of Contents Friends Are Invaluable • 8


by Emanuel Gonzales

Abundance = Fit-Happy-Healthy • 11 by Dana Gore

Spiritual GPS: Locating My Wealthy Place • 14


by Chris Gloss

True Abundance Means Freedom • 17 by Hicham El Amrani

I Am Abundance • 19 by Dee Wallace

The Pressure of Money… It’s not what you think it is. • 20


by Don Boyer

Fabulous, Fortunate, and Phenomenal: Holistic Abundance • 22 by Margaret Ann Lembo

Spring Brings- New Awareness • 25 by Liz Sterling

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God’s Hands on My Son’s Face by Marty Kelley

Wake Up To Your Greatest Good •28 The interview of Mark Lew, by Hank Eder

How Much... • 30

by Rosanne Calabrese AP

A Cornucopia of Limitless Possibilities • 33 by Hank Eder

Keep Pushing • 34 by Erin Crowe

Re-inventing Yourself and Jumpstarting your Career • 36 by Joseph Meyer

Flipping the Switch • 39 by Jacqueline JLove Jackson


• 26

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

rticle FAeature

Friends Are Invaluable by Emanuel Gonzales

Usually during a struggle, especially a life-changing event, you will find out who your friends are. Every struggle leaves a memory, not of negativity but of strength and faithfulness. Without an abundance of friends (abundance meaning the quality of friendship not the quantity of friends) life would be dull. Without treasures, experiences, and struggles life would not be so fulfilling and meaningful.

Friends: they are with you during your highs and lifting you up during your lows. The beauty of friendship rests on the support one another expresses and the actions taken to contribute to one another’s success. Many people have an abundance in wealth, health, and family, however, an abundance of friendship shares its own special place in a person’s heart. Friendship is important and every person should have friends. Friends play an integral part in success and share three properties. The first property is treasures. In context to friendship, treasures will refer to materials such as wealth. Having great success is rewarding and usually the reward consists of money. With money, people usually go out and purchase gifts for friends. Having treasures should not be the reason to be friends with someone but rather enhance the relationship, which goes into the second property. Friends make life experiences much more lively. Without experiences, it can actually be difficult to form a friendship. Every materialistic possession has


an experience to go with it. Whether a souvenir or picture, there is always a story behind it which brings people together. Think about it, is there a vacation without a single memory, or a picture that cannot spark a long and fascinating conversation? The answer is no. Experiences with friends make up our lives, shape who we are, and create better people. We have discussed experiences, and we always want the best and positive experiences, but many times we go through tough ones. We usually call these negative experiences struggles. Struggles have shaped human history and have always been around. Our ancestors have gone through them and came out stronger. Friends are there during the struggle and usually bring a person out stronger than when they entered. During struggles, friends act as personal trainers. When in the gym a personal trainer molds you and not only strengthens your body physically but makes you stronger mentally. During struggles friends lift you up, counsel you, and will never leave your side.

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

Remember, these qualities go for both parties. Both friends should always cherish the treasures, experiences, and struggles that are bestowed on their lives. It brings one another closer and makes the relationship stronger. Thank a friend for what they have blessed you with and take time to talk about memories. My good friend Aldo Mendez once shared a fascinating quote with me. He said, “ In this world we know very few things for certain; two of them are the certainty of today and the uncertainty of tomorrow.” Think about it for a go tell a friend you are thankful for their love and friendship!

From Los Angeles, CA, Emanuel is a young writer and entrepreneur. He is currently running a publishing company and speaking at various locations. Want to be published with the best names in business or want more info about Emanuel? Visit his website www. to contact him.

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Aeature rticle F Abundance = Fit-Happy-Healthy by Dana Gore

I was standing in my living room after having worked out for the first time in quite a while. I wanted to lose weight… again…and while it seemed easy enough to get some exercise in, the challenge was trying to figure out how to eat for weight-loss. I imagined I would go on another diet, follow it for a while and then quit since this was how it had always worked for me in the past. The reason I was having such trouble sticking to any “diet” was because I had always associated good nutrition with restriction. Other than fruits and vegetables, which are the normal staples of sensible eating, I had no clue as to what would be a feasible nutritional regimen to stick with…not just for the sake of the goal of weightloss, but for a lifetime. When realizing the time has arrived to change a habit, who doesn’t immediately begin to cringe with thoughts of lack? Suddenly our favorite foods have become taboo and we’re looking at a lifetime of constant sacrifice while we watch everyone else around us do as they please whether they can realistically afford to or not. To me it’s no surprise that yo-yo dieting and quick fixes are so popular. Lack and restriction are painful and most of us look to avoid such unpleasantness even when it is only to be temporary.

After giving it some thought, it dawned on me that every time I had to deal with the nutritional aspect of weight-loss, guilt somehow always accompanied the chore of eating unless I followed a strict diet of some sort. Without knowing how to eat I would inevitably make poor choices, which would result in negative feelings. I also didn’t want to go on a diet because quite frankly I hated them. Who doesn’t? I learned nothing from them in the past and I had no doubt history would repeat itself. I finally understood that the only way to alleviate guilt in regard to eating was to find a way to connect food to its usefulness because only then would the feelings of lack and restriction be replaced with empowerment and abundance.

This exercise enlightened me to the fact that there were no limitations to sound nutrition. In fact, there is an abundance of amazing foods and recipes out there to be enjoyed and to fuel the body with useful nutrients that enable better living. Planning meals became smart, sensible and limitless as soon as I got out of my own way long enough to open myself up to new possibilities. Looking back on it now (and I don’t mean to date myself here), I can appreciate the message behind Mikey and his cereal! Lack is the polar opposite of abundance. Living with a perspective that focuses on lack imprisons us. It dims the colors, flavors. and feelings that embody the connection with the journey of life. I had to dare myself to try new things to not only find a way to practice better nutrition, but to grow as a human being I decided to do some research about as well. what benefits were to be gained by eating certain foods. I learned about how This philosophy holds true for fitness berries provide powerful antioxidants, as well. Once we realize that exercise spinach is rich in iron while salmon is only limited by our imagination we and walnuts contain omega 3 fatty understand that we can get fit anywhere. acids which keep our hearts healthy. Machines aren’t necessary when we The list went on. What was interesting, can do squats, push-ups, lunges, side however, was that before doing the shuffles, dancing, walking in place, and research I had always rejected certain many other activities that incorporate foods because after having tried them the four pillars of movement. once or twice and not enjoying them I never gave them another chance. Some Abundance…a word defined as of these foods I hadn’t even tried, so it’s “overflowing fullness.” This is what I understandable why I suffered from this was lucky enough to receive as soon self-imposed lack of choices. as I decided to become inquisitive. It changed my life and improved my body It was only through the desire to change while enabling me to be in a position my THOUGHTS about food that lack to write about it now. Anyone can and restriction transformed into variety achieve this gift once we combine an and productivity. This was when the open mind, a willingness to transform, diet became a thing of the past. The and the understanding that we are all knowledge I had acquired prompted just students doing the best we can to me to try new things, and as a result learn and cooperate with one another. the menu options multiplied. I now had This is when we find that we have the so many foods available that eating for resources, education, and teachers optimal health became a pleasure and available to help us live our best lives. replaced the dreaded diet once and for It’s all here for the taking ☺ all.

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises


rticle FAeature Abundance = Fit-Happy-Healthy Continued...

Dana Gore is a writer, Certified Personal Training Specialist, and weight management coach. She combines formal education and personal experience in helping others find the inspiration to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her written works include “Healthy Fitness Tips” for Happy Herald Newspaper, and she is a contributing author for Kandee G’s “Nothing but Good News Magazine”. She can be reached at For more information about her program, visit


Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises


Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises


eature rticle FAeature

Spiritual GPS: Locating My Wealthy Place by Chris Gloss

totally incorrect.

Growing up in the Bronx, NYC, I had very little experience with having an abundant supply of money and it seemed that everyone around me was stuck in the same boat. Truth be told, we all desired the lavish lifestyles portrayed on our television screens, and many of us were willing to do whatever was necessary to obtain it; legally or illegally. It’s no coincidence that most statistics predicted I would be dead or in jail by the age of 21. Still, even though I desired it, the idea of actually obtaining abundance seemed as far out of reach as China was from our housing project in the Bronx. In all honesty, not only could I not envision it for myself, I could not imagine it, even for those I loved most. In my mind, money was the sum total of abundance. I believed that lots of money equaled a successful, stressfree life. In my pursuit of that abundant life I so desperately wanted, I engaged in activities that I’m not proud of. The success that came was short lived and very unfulfilling. It seemed like that overwhelming feeling of emptiness became my constant companion. For many years, I went undiagnosed with a major disease that continues to plague the lives of many. In fact, many of you reading this article may also be undiagnosed. What is this disease, you ask? Possibility blindness!


Possibility blindness can be defined as one’s inability to recognize the infinite possibilities that exist around them. My limited understanding of abundance had resulted in an inability to see the numerous possibilities all around me, and had created walls of containment in my life. Something had to change. I needed to reevaluate my definition of abundance. My journey began. I believe a very critical step in all achievement in life is the act of seeking knowledge and understanding. My favorite book reminds me to Ask, Seek, and Knock in order to open doors that were closed or unable to be opened by others. I took the first step and asked for a deeper understanding of the true definition of abundance. Then I got busy seeking! I began to realize that abundance did not just equal money alone. Let’s be clear: Money is not bad and has a role to play in living a life of abundance. Money affords one the opportunity to invest in things that matter most. A great illustration of money’s role in abundance is wishing you could help people living in a third world country and being able to actually get on a plane to go provide on the ground support. It’s hard to provide shelter, food and water with good intentions. So although my past definition of abundance was incomplete, it was not

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

Realizing my best thinking had gotten me where I was in my life, I knew that I needed something more, I needed an action plan. That plan included prayer, meditation, reading books, and listening to teachers whom I believed understood my quest and were experiencing true abundance. Many great thinkers and spiritual leaders have since contributed to my journey and helped me arrive at a place where I have a much clearer understanding of what true abundance is. This new perspective has cured me from all traces of possibility blindness and serves as a spiritual barrier as I continue to grow in my understanding and pursuit. Today I realize that abundance is not something external. It’s not something one needs to seek to acquire, especially not by illegal means. There is no qualification process or exchange that needs to be made. We don’t need to do things out of character to experience the full benefit. And here’s the best news of all: there is always enough and it can never run out! You see, abundance is truly a gift of life wrapped into a wonderful package I call Chris Gloss. Yes I AM Abundance. And guess what? So are YOU. There is an unlimited supply of everything we need, on the inside of us, equipping us to produce any and everything we could ever desire. We have unlimited access to the core ingredients that produce all “things” that have ever existed or will exist in the future and we will never experience a shortage of these vital core ingredients. These limitless resources include Faith, Love, Vision, Patience, Joy, Kindness, Grace and Hope. We have even more tools in our tool box but these are some of the key components

rticle FAeature to construct the life we desire and deserve to live.

I have unlimited access to the one who has all and is all.

With these inborn gifts you can BE anything. You can DO anything. You can HAVE anything.

I am a dwelling place for God who provides me with unlimited opportunities Blazing a pathway in personal to express my uniqueness and creativity and professional development, in this world. Chris Gloss Enterprises (CGE), the home of America’s Number 1 Possibilities speaker, Chris Gloss, “The Possibilitarian” -- offers a range of relevant and effective professional and personal development services to corporations, individuals and teams throughout the country and around the world, who are serious about increasing their bottom line, improving employee and workplace morale and reaching new levels of excellence in customer service, sales, and leadership.

There is nothing we can’t be, do, or have, when governing our lives with these components in full operation. They truly are a part of our DNA and within each one of us lives unlimited, untapped, and unimaginable supplies. After years of emptiness, disillusions, and uncertainties, I have come to realize: I am the Abundance I sought after for so many years.

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

I truly AM Abundance.


Feature A rticle

The Secret of True Leadership (continued)...


Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

Article True Abundance Means Freedom by Hicham El Amrani

My mother used to occupy a small space of the house in which I grew up. My siblings, my father, and I constantly urged her to use all the space available in the house. We wanted her to enjoy every inch of the large home she had helped my father build, and we would get upset at her refusal to do so. When pressed to enjoy her house to the fullest, she would respond, “I am enjoying it. I don’t need to use the entire house to be happy.” Her answer never rang true for me. I disagreed with her and joined my family in urging her to sit next to the pool in the carefully manicured backyard, to use the beautifully decorated second floor every now and then, and to take pleasure in the space that was increasingly available as my siblings started to leave the family nest. She never changed her mind. Occupying a small space in the house reflected the philosophy by which my mother lived her life. She was never someone who strove to possess anything, and yet during her life, she received everything she so dearly desired. She occupied a “small space” in the world, yet led a life large with contribution and achievement. How did she do that? For so many years, this dichotomy intrigued me. Why was she so unconcerned about whether she received things, while most of us are stressed and struggle to acquire and hold on to things? Did she possess some secret knowledge or power that the rest us did not have access to? It was only a few years after I turned thirty that I discovered the reasons behind her constant state of happiness and satisfaction. The first was her unwavering belief that whatever she wanted would flow into her life sooner or later. The second reason—and the one upon which the message of this article is built—is that she detached herself from her desires. While she was aware of her desired outcomes, she

separated herself from them and lived the experience of life with joy and liberty, not with anticipation and frustration. She was free. She lived in a higher state of awareness, and that led to a deep sense of abundance within her. In their feverish attempt to achieve goals and dreams, most people unconsciously plant the seeds of turbulence, anguish, and anxiety in their lives because they identify themselves by the results they produce. They inadvertently confine their entire being into a box of results, and in doing so, they bring fear and stress into their lives. A true sense of abundance was the secret invisible power my mother possessed. I do not know how or when in her life she came to develop it, but I do know that when I began to apply her philosophy, my own life totally changed. Up until then, I had been typical in living my life through the prism of logic and cause and effect. I believed life was difficult and that only those who worked excessively hard would make it to the finish line. I strove to prove myself to the world and show it that I had made it all the way out from the clutches of numerous setbacks. What I did not know then was that I was unwittingly building my own virtual prison cell of fear and insecurity. When I learned the gist of my mother’s philosophy, I too became free. I became free of caring about others’ good or notso-good opinions of me. I became free of the idea of a finish line. I became free of living within the confines of logic only and gave space to my intuitive voice to guide me through my trials and tribulations. I became free of the outcome and focused on the now, on the moment, on the journey After I had finished giving a seminar in Montreal about abundance, a student

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

came to me and said, “I understand what you’ve said, but I am a responsible person, and I have to control my destiny.” It turned out that a number of people, who attended some of my seminars, believe that living the concept of true abundance is just a way for losers to hide their failures. Contrary to what these people think, however, living a life of true abundance does not mean floating aimlessly through life. Rather, it is to live a life with a mission and purpose, but with a quiet yet profound belief that you will arrive at your intended destination with ease and composure. Being “responsible” in the conventional sense of which my student above spoke takes away your freedom, because you feel you have to control the process of creation. Yet creation is a mysterious process of which control falls well beyond our realm of comprehension. So sit back and dream big, choose your own “small space” in this world and then take determined action, believe and free yourself from fear and anxiety, and relax as you watch miracles flow into your life.

Hicham EL Amrani is a Montreal based Success Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. His message about success and achievement is founded in a world experience that saw him living in five countries and visiting over thirty. Hicham believes that we are all born with a gem deeply embedded inside each one of us, and it is our mission in life to discover it and share its light with the world. His website is:, and he organizes an annual TEDx conference about Success called, TEDx Westmount.




I Am Abundance by Dee Wallace

use it to expand the consciousness of the world in great ways. Deliver to me, according to my own direction, the “overflowing quantity and supply of money that is affluence and wealth.”

I thought I was going to be very clever and look up the non-specific meaning of abundance in the always-reliable Webster’s Dictionary. I was gratified to see: an overflowing quantity or supply. Aha! I knew it. It says nothing about money, and yet that is usually the politically/spiritually correct word we use when we are really meaning the green stuff. But right below it, my eyes found this: affluence or wealth. Hmmm. Foiled again. But then, perhaps not. I still stand firm in knowing that, after thousands of private sessions, people are still afraid that they are spiritually lacking if they say these plain, simple, honest words: “I want more money.” Somehow, we feel brazen and fallen from spiritual knighthood if we say the “M” word. What is behind this hesitancy to ask for what we really want? The number one issue seems to be selfworth. Eons and lifetimes of confusing messages have teeter-tottered between “Money is the root of all evil” and “The people who HAVE money are filthy rich heathens that keep it from the rest of us.” Just look at Wall Street. I rest my case. So therein lies the dilemma: If I

truly want to have money, I must be a heathen and evil. And yet, we all still want it. So why, I ask, do we not alter the beliefs that keep supporting the non-creation of what we want? Wouldn’t it be easier to establish some beliefs that our CONSCIOUSNESS directs the vibration of money, and to know that our individual integrity, choice and direction are the energy that creates money as a blessing or a curse? But then, that raises the question of self-worth. How can we be worthy of creating what we want and directing it with a higher vibration when we are not worthy to be our own creators? The first leap is the one within: I was given free will to create me as the God of my own direction. I am worthy; actually I have a duty, to CHOOSE that direction. Let’s face it; Oprah and Bill Gates are doing great things with their money. We can, too, when we are worthy of having that much.

Now, obviously, we desire an overflowing quantity and supply of other attributes, also –health, energy, success, confidence, knowing, balance, love, etc. But we need to know that consciously in order to create all those areas of abundance in our lives. At church this morning, the spiritual leader kept asking the congregation to touch their heart and claim, “I Am.” I Am.....WHAT? This is crucial, because it is the “what” that gives the clear direction to the manifestation. I am tired equals more tired. I am afraid equals more fear. I am money equals more money UNLESS it is hooked on to the conditioning belief “if I am worthy.” You can see the conundrum. You have to know you are worthy to create the money, and most of us are not feeling terribly worthy until we make the money. Remember, creation is an inside job. So I think the first thing I want an abundance of is Knowing. I know I am magnificent. I know I am love. I know I am worthy. I know I am deserving. And I know that whether I say money or abundance, it definitely includes the green stuff in my order. And so it is, baby!

“Kandee G’s favorite book of 2011”

So, I am asking all spiritually aware people to come forward in their power and yell, “Show Me the Money!” I will

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

For Everything Dee go to:


Article The Pressure of Money… It’s not what you think it is. by Don Boyer

can tap into, here it is… Digital Downloads The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

97 percent of people who hear the phrase “Money Pressure” would equate that to financial shortage, financial challenge, and debt, lack and money worries. However, the pressure of money has nothing to do with the shortage of money but the abundance of money. Right now, you are surrounded with “money pressure,” and if you understand what that means it could make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Let me explain. A maple tree is full of sap syrup running inside its tree trunk. In fact the tree is completely jam-packed full of maple syrup, and it’s under a tremendous amount of force and pressure. All that is needed to release the syrup is to create a “tap” into the tree and by nature of the pressure inside the tree, the maple syrup comes “gushing” out


in abundance! Your “tap” is your business and service. Learn how to improve, expand and upgrade your marketing, your exposure, and your service. This in turn creates many “taps” into the money tree, and by way of the pressure of economics, money will begin to flow out to you in abundance. The only reason there seems to be a sluggish economy is not due to a lack of business or money, but a lack of “taps.” Money is still here on planet earth, millions of dollars are under pressure to burst out your way, and all it takes is to plug in your “tap” and let the money flow. I promise you, if you do this, you will stand there and say, “What harsh economy?” If you want to know a big “Tap” you

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

Over the past few years the self help industry has not been sluggish because of its content, or lack of interest from the marketplace, or even as some have said from “information overload.” It has been on the decline because of its current format in meeting the demands of cultural change. We are now living in a very peculiar time in history, where technology is no longer an interesting subject, but a life driven system known as “marketplace culture.” For instance, how did we ever do business without computers, cell phones, emails and the Internet? To think that these tools were not available to the average business 25 years ago seems to be, well, unthinkable! However, these technologies are no longer for the elite few, but for the ordinary masses. They’ve now become a cultural standard, which simply means this system of technology has become our lifestyle. Being part of the baby boomer generation, I did not grow up with Internet technology, and although I am proficient enough to function in this technology, the fact remains that my four-year-old granddaughter knows how to navigate my iPhone games better than me! The self help industry as we now know it today has a little over a 100 year history. Not much has changed in the way of its message and teachings, for they are founded on unchangeable principles. However, the format in which they have been brought to the public has drastically changed

Article over the last 100 years. From 1910 through 1950 the self help industry was booming through the format of printed books. That era gave us the classics that we are still buying today like “As A Man Thinketh,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and the “Science of Getting Rich,” just to name a few. Then the movement started losing momentum in the marketplace and went on a massive decline. In the 70s and 80s it was revived with a renewed fever by using the format of live seminars and meetings. Professional speakers like Jim Rohn, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Zig Ziglar and many others would pack out a 10,000 seat auditorium across the nation. The self-help success industry was once again in the mainstream spotlight. But as the cultural demand changed, so did the need for the delivery format. So once again as the marketplace format shifted, the industry started to decline. Once the 1990s came into play, the self-help success industry become alive and mainstream once again through the media of audios. As technology progressed and the demand on our time continued to grow, less and less people were willing to pack out auditoriums and used their travel time to turn their car and commute time into a ‘learning university on wheels” by way of audio programs. This format was extremely effective throughout the 90s and even well into the 21st Century. However, the industry took on a massive renewal revival in 2006 with the mega smash hit film “The Secret,” produced by Rhonda Burns. For many known and unknown reasons the film swept the globe and went viral. Many people had high hopes for the film project, but nobody expected it to

become the phenomena that it did. This gave the industry a huge boost and mass appeal and once again the flames of the personal growth industry was burning only this time brighter than they shone for the past 100 years. This also put the self help industry in a new format that nobody was really expecting, and that was in a movie format. A film that was a unique blend of being a documentary coupled with a storyline, showcasing the top experts in the field of personal development – international experts like Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, James Ray and many others. Once The Secret was released, the personal growth industry took off the path to fill the marketplace demand of bringing the message of success through movies. This however created two major problems; 1. Nobody in the personal growth industry had any real experience in this movie format, and frankly had no idea what they were doing. But not knowing what you are doing has never stopped any real success expert. So we just jumped in and started filling the need.

there were was no real market for them, and there were no e-book readers on the market yet. However, I saw the day approaching. That day is now here and taking the market by storm. In fact, the front cover of a recent Bloomberg Business-Week magazine has the caption “Amazon wants to burn the (printed) book business.” That reality is not good news for traditional book publishers; however it has opened an unlimited “Gold Mine” for speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to partake in the greatest marketing and business tool ever created, “The published book.” If you are going to survive and excel in this current harsh economy, you will want to take advantage of this global trend. Becoming a published author has now become accessible to every professional on the planet. So I urge you to stake your “claim” in this “Trillion Dollar Industry” of digital downloads.

2. The Secret was such a phenomenal hit and was such a magnificent film that it was very hard and expensive to follow. Although motivational movies are fun to do and we have personally produced four of them ourselves, (you can view the trailers at www. there is a new kid on the block, which is not a fad, but a global phenomenon that is here to stay: I call it the “E-book Phenomenon.” I have been predicting and preparing for this global trend since 2006 when we were one of the first publishing companies to convert our printed books into an e-book format and market them. Of course, back then,

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Feature A rticle Fabulous, Fortunate, and Phenomenal: Holistic Abundance by Margaret Ann Lembo

color purple is good to transform and transmute perplexing circumstances. Include black onyx book ends in your environment to deflect negative energy. Choose specific colored clothing and gemstone jewelry with intention. Every time you look at the color or fiddle with that ring or bracelet, it will bring your awareness back to focus on your goal. Fabulous-ity comes in many forms. It’s not just our financial means that supports us. It is a holistic venture to feel and be remarkable. The abundance of authentic friends and family combined with the emotional and mental balance provides two more pieces of the pie. To complete the full recipe, include a connection with the Divine through your personal faith or spiritual practices. Holistic abundance is having it all – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We create our own wealth and success with every word, thought and action. Good fortune is the result of affluent thinking and then followed by vital action.

The key to feeling fabulous and have phenomenal success lies within your own consciousness. Keep your mind focused on positive thoughts because the bottom line is, what you think about becomes reality! Part of the trick is to maintain a strong sense of self and move forward with grace and poise in all types of situations. Be mindful when negative thoughts arise so that you can immediately release them and replace them with good thoughts. We all need reminders


from time to time to stay aligned with what we want in life. It is normal to have worrisome thoughts but it is Divine to be consciously aware of those thoughts and change them. I recommend the use of color and gemstones as a tool for personal success. It’s easy to use the beauty of color and rocks in your décor and all things in life. Placing an amethyst cluster paperweight on your desk or decoratively in your living room realigns challenging situations. The

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Be your own therapist to heal emotional stress through meditation, contemplation, and prayer. It will help you get in touch with positive ways to integrate situations and emotions into your life. Use the sound of silence to help you get to the source of what’s eating at you. Get out your journal or sit at your computer and write. Pour out your heart and become aware of your own consciousness. It helps heal your heart from challenges with relationships; whether it is the loss of a friendship, lover, or relationship of any sort. Be observant of your dietary balance and increase power foods to revitalize and balance your digestion. While watching your diet and following any

Article medical advice you’ve received, delve into your consciousness to uncover what you might find difficult to swallow, literally and figuratively. The green energy can be used with focused intent to open your heart, increase prosperity, good fortune, and the ability to reap the benefits of all your hard work. Take this action: Repeat these positive thoughts a few times a day every day and watch your life transform. Add the use of colors and stones from the chart below and enjoy the change for the better. I am so lucky and fortunate! I connect with the right people at the right time. All of my hard work and effort is paying off in all areas of my life. I am blessed with good health, great prosperity, and fabulous friends and colleagues. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am blessed.

Now apply everything here and apply a color or gemstone to match. This chart has concepts and phrases from this little article and provides the matching color and gemstone association. Use these colors in your choice of clothes and jewelry. Dress with conscious intention and be amazed at the great results in your life! Pay attention to the colors listed so every time you see, wear, or use the color or gem it is your clue to feeling fabulous, fortunate and phenomenal. Are you feeling lucky? Say YES! Are you aware of all of your blessings? Contemplate them daily. A grateful approach to life will aim you for the stars. You can and should expect the best from every positive action you take. Have the inner knowledge that you attract money, joy, happiness,

Feeling fabulous

Yellow Golden topaz

Phenomenal success

Green Emerald


Purple Amethyst

Positive thoughts

Yellow Citrine

What you think or believe

Indigo Lapis Lazuli

A strong sense of self

Yellow Golden calcite

Move forward/take action

Orange Carnelian

Grace and poise

Dark blue

Wealth Red Negative thoughts




Connection with the Divine

Iridescent white

Heal emotional stress


To read more about Margaret Ann Lembo and the foundational information shared in this article read her book, Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Colors, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought. Margaret Ann is a spiritual entrepreneur. She is the owner of The Crystal Garden, a retail and wholesale enlightenment visionary business, serving the Palm Beaches for over 23 years. Visit and

Black tourmaline

Authentic Pastel blue




Meditation Blue


Heal from relationship issues



inner peace, and good fortune. With that as your intention, your life will transform! Now, don’t you feel fabulous, fortunate, and phenomenal?

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Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. -Samuel Smiles



Only $2.00 a day!


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Aeature rticle F


Spring Brings- New Awareness by Liz Sterling

about abundance and manifesting. With abundant awareness, you can change your old blueprint and tap into the source that provides a great bounty. Old blueprints are beliefs that have been ingrained such as, “Money is the root of all evil.”

I woke up this morning and was accosted by stinkin’ thinkin’. My internal dialogue was absurd. There were way too many gottas, should haves, need to’s, ad infinitum ... “This is crazy thinking,” I said to myself. “Change it up, Liz, change it up.” So I walked outside into the beautiful South Florida sunshine, took a mighty stretch and breathed in the natural beauty that is the earmark of life in the South. My eyes fell upon the burgeoning herb garden and as I followed the path of an egret taking flight, I gazed upon the gardenias that had just bloomed. I realized in that moment... I live in abundance. So many of us are seeking to attain abundance, yet ironically, we are looking for something that is already present. Just look and you will see abundance in its many forms and manifestations. Financial abundance is only one vehicle through which abundance is evident. Wayne Dyer tells us, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune in to.” Begin by establishing your intention to think and speak in abundant terms. As you watch your words and thoughts, you will glean insight into your beliefs

T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, says, “The only way to change your outer world is to change your inner world.” This requires us to establish our worth and to cultivate gratitude. To tap into the abundance that is ever present, we have to feel worthy and be willing to receive. Let’s say the ocean represents the abundance in the universe; most people are collecting theirs in a thimble. Once we position ourselves to receive the multitude of blessings that are waiting to be bestowed upon us, it will come. This new action requires large thinking. What we think determines what happens, so if we want to manifest abundantly, we align with our inner worth, commit to speaking and thinking in abundant terms and gratefully receive all the earthly blessings including food, the sun, beauty and love.

When we are experiencing limited financial rewards and struggle with money, it may be a reflection of our dissatisfaction with our circumstances. If your financial situation is not manifesting, maybe you are not aligned with your

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

true calling and your life purpose. Sometimes we get stuck in situations that take our energy, enthusiasm and passion and leave us feeling spiritually bankrupt. If this is the case, you can begin by excavating your authentic desires and tuning into the abundance of life to support you in manifesting your heart’s desire. Use gratitude always. It is the fundamental cornerstone of abundance and by expressing gratitude for what we have, we increase what we receive. Tuning in to abundance is a process that forces us to groove a new inner road for our thoughts to travel. Initially, it may be demanding because new commitments require more effort. It’s spring and this is the best time to break new ground and explore new territory. Choose to experience abundance. As Alan Cohen says, “You’ll shake it up and have more fun by doing A BUN DANCE!”

Liz Sterling is the founder of Sterling Communication Services providing marketing and public relations services to authors, nonprofit organizations and conscious corporations. Liz is currently features editor for The Happy Herald Newspaper and hosts The Sterling Spin Radio Show to generate new insights that inspire and create awakened living.


rticle FAeature

God’s Hands on My Son’s Face by Marty Kelley

have a conversation with me. He had autism. Just three short years later, he is so different. We treated our son with adult stem cells in 2009, when he was eight years old. Since that treatment, there have been an abundance of blessings given to my son. His once frail, skinny, pale body is now tanned, strong, and muscular. His once empty eyes are filled with life and questions. He is blessed with an amazing mind and quick wit and an entrepreneurial spirit. Do you know what it is like for your child to not be able to speak to you? To not be able to tell you how his day was? What he wants to be when he grows up? What his favorite color is? Do you know what it is like to have your child talk to you? To say that he doesn’t want to miss the bus...That he wouldn’t like to live in Texas because it is a desert and after 5 pm you can’t go out because the snakes will bite you, that they have plants with things on them that can hurt you (but he forgot what they are called--cactus)? Maybe I am lucky, because I know what both of those things are like. At eight years old, my child could not

God has shown us mercy. Do you know what it is like to have God put His hands on your child’s face and breathe life into his nostrils--for a second time? Then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. ...Genesis 2:7

As a parent, my heart is filled with an abundance of happiness over the future he now has! I would say he can truly life an abundant life – a life where he can get a job and have a family. A life that any person would take for granted is all that we would ask for him. Sometimes at bedtime, I hold my son’s hand and cry as he talks to me. He cannot see my tears, because it is dark. Our lives are filled with abundance – an abundance of thankfulness and joy. How lucky we are to have this sweet child! What joy he gives us! An abundant life is one lived simply, not taking for granted the little joys--like the love of a family, the sound of your children’s voices, and the hope for the future.

Marty Kelley is a mom from Maine who has researched extensively safe ways to help her son with autism. Read their story and watch a new documentary showing her son’s improvement from adult stem cells at www. KensJourneyToRecovery.Blogspot. com.


954-295-9932 26

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Dream Big Showcase Article

Wake Up to Your Greatest Good The interview of Mark Lew, by Hank Eder See ad on Page 27 To some people a wake-up call is a fender bender or a get-with-it note from the boss. Mark Lew had two wake-up calls – a heart attack at age 36 and a stroke at age 50. Instead of slowing him down, they propelled him into a new career as owner-operator of a heart-healthy catering business. Eat Well Home Catering. After his heart attack and triple bypass surgery, the doctor told Mark he’d have to make some changes. “He told me, well, you’re going to have to give up the cigarettes and you’re going to have to give up the fast foods,” Mark said. “I looked at it as just a passing comment. But at the age of 50, when I had a stroke, I realized this was not a joke. It came out of nowhere from one moment to the next. The clincher came when a good friend of mine had a heart transplant, and I realized I had better start taking care of my health.”

What Exactly is the Dream Big Showcase? Do you know someone who had a dream and went for it? Are they living their dream despite the odds? Each issue of Nothing But Good News Magazine will feature a unique individual that threw caution to the wind and went after their dream. Submit your ideas to

In his quest for a healthier lifestyle, Mark began focusing on foods “that do you well,” such as low sodium, diabetic-friendly meals. “By diabeticfriendly, I mean no white starches, nothing that allows the sugar to spike and drop, but rather carbohydrates that raise the blood sugar on a gradual level,” he said. “By doing that, it keeps you feeling sated far longer. That way you snack less, eat less, lose weight, and feel better.” As he continued his research, Mark had several realizations. First, that with a diabetic-friendly diet, type two diabetes could be controlled without medication. Next, he realized that a side effect of the diabetic-friendly diet is removing foods that cause inflammation in the body, and this is of great benefit to people with heart problems.


“People can make a great improvement in their lives,” Mark said. “All they need to do is eat the right

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

kind of foods and get some level of exercise.”

Dream Big Showcase Article

Once Mark started seeing the benefits of these dietary and lifestyle changes in his own life, he saw an opportunity to help others. “People who find themselves in this position don’t know what to do, and they have the idea that they have to eat nothing but sprouts from now on,” he chuckled. “So the idea of this food is to show them that there are meals available that have all the right components, and are tasty! That lessens the resistance to making their lifestyle changes. Once they make the lifestyle changes, my work is done.” Of his two “wake-up calls,” Mark said he took the stroke a lot more seriously, even though the only known lasting effect is a slight deterioration of vision in his left eye. “I used to say, okay, you’ve got to die from something, and if it’s going to kill me, it’s going to kill me. It never became a quality of life issue. The stroke, however, made a huge difference in my life. When I realized that it wasn’t just that we’re all going to die, but rather, the quality of life, that changed everything.” To Mark, the realization that he would not suffer paralysis, speech problems, or other side effects was a pivotal moment in his life. “It made me realize the quality of life is the single most important element to life. And that idea of promoting a positive quality of life is how Eat Well Home Catering manifested.” Mark said he based this notion on a quote borrowed from Napoleon Hill: “I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.“ Mark sees the people he serves in his business as customers and partners. “The first inkling I was doing something right was from my second customer

ever. Her name is Nancy. She has thyroid problems, so she could have no iodine. We met at a farmer’s market and she asked if I could give her food that had zero iodine. I did some research and created some meals, and I tasted them and improved them. It took me two weeks to come up with something, and I delivered six meals to her. She called me on phone crying tears of gratitude. She had been suffering and lost about 35 pounds in the previous year, eating things that reminded her of cardboard, and thinking that her life was over. Along came food that was tasty, well thought out,” Mark found his customer’s tears of gratitude totally inspirational. It was a sign that he was on the right path. “It was my first anchoring,” he recalled. “Now I have customers who tell me they haven’t seen their fasting blood sugar this low in 10 years. These are the things that keep me going. When I feel business isn’t growing as fast as I’d like it to, I remember these words and it gives me the drive to continue.” Mark’s “wake-up calls” gave him a can-do approach to business and living. Like many people, he has faced obstacles in his life and found the strength to reinvent and rebuild his dreams. For anyone facing the task of needing to rebuild, Mark believes it is important for people to be true to who they are. ‘If you set a goal outside of who you are, you just keep telling yourself over and over again that this time you’re going to do it, that this time you’re sincere, but still, by far, if it is alien to you, you just won’t do it. Stay within the persona of who you are, and set goals as steppingstones toward an end. See the picture in your mind through to the end, know you’re going to get there, then ask yourself, what’s the first thing I need to do? Then do it. Remember, habits are created by events that you keep repeating. Keep the goal in sight, and take steps that

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

are real. The change will come through actions, not through words. The words are blueprints for the actions.” Whatever one endeavors to do, Mark stresses the importance of balance. “To sacrifice health is to give up the greatest good of you. Nothing is worth that.” The meals Mark prepares at Eat Well Home Catering are especially attractive to young professionals who need a healthy alternative to fast foods or processed microwaveable dinners. Everything Mark prepares is made fresh. The vegetables are never from cans, the sauces and marinades are made from scratch – everything is made fresh to control the fat and sodium content, and to ensure healthy dietary standards.

Eat Well Home Catering also caters functions. A fringe benefit is that function attendees will be able to stay awake through talks and events that follow the meal! Check out Eat Well Home Catering by calling Mark at 786-991-6602, or visit on the web at eatwell.hc.



How Much... by Rosanne Calabrese AP

of rocking seemed to sooth me as the swishing sound melted into the background. This nightly ritual went on for 2 weeks until I finally bit the proverbial bullet made an appointment with a doctor. To my absolute astonishment, I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease! Abundant health had just slipped out of my grasp!

How much is too much and how much is not enough? I suppose it is all relative. When it comes to health, the spectrum can be quite broad. Personally, optimal health meant that I awoke each morning with energy and vigor. I was ready to tackle the day, no matter what the challenge. I had spent 6 years as a fitness instructor, 15 years as a fire fighter and the last 10 years as an Acupuncture Physician. I practiced yoga, kayaked and rode my horse on a regular basis. I was a vegan for nearly 20 years and took no medications, prescription or otherwise. As far as I was concerned, I was the epitome of peak health. I didn’t think I had an over abundant level of health but I certainly had enough… until the day I didn’t. The funny thing about health and wellness is that we tend to not appreciate what we have until we are faced with a crisis and in October of 2010 I came face to face with an enormous one. I was startled out of a sound sleep early one morning by an intense


pounding in my chest. As I sat up in bed and glanced around the room, I wondered what force outside of me, interrupted my sleep. I noticed that both my husband and my dog were still in a deep slumber and I began to realize that the force was not outside of my body but inside. A second attempt to catch some z’s failed as well, and I could now hear a strong swishing sound deep within my ears. I aborted the mission of sleeping and decided to get out of bed and take my pulse. 106 beats per minute. Pretty high, I thought but quickly dismissed it and instead got ready for work. Once in the office and taking care of patients the issue of interrupted sleep and rapid heart rate faded away. It wasn’t until that night when I lied down in bed, that I realized my “issues” had not abated. Once again the pounding and swishing began and I found myself sitting up staring at 4 walls. I made my way to the living room and sat in my rocking chair. The rhythmic resonances

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

The next several months were torturous. I spent 6 days in the hospital where I lost 11 pounds. I came home emaciated and unable to work. Utterly depressed I felt I was no longer an example to my patients and worthy of their trust. I gave myself ample time for a pity party and then decided to get to work. Deep inside me, I knew that abundant health had been mine before and I had helped many others obtain it in my 10 years of practice, so there was no reason why I could not have it again. But first I had to deal with how I got to this place of lack where my health was concerned. Speaking for myself, I have taken the blessings that are in my life for granted, including my health. Over the years I developed tunnel vision, focusing the majority of my attention on my practice. One would think that this kind of intense focus would be a fine attribute for a healthcare practitioner. But in retrospect, this practitioner became a non-practitioner, unable to help anyone. I had not respected the fact that in order to keep abundant health I had to nurture and care for my body on a daily basis. Instead I put everything and everyone before me. Vacations were skipped along with breakfast, lunch hours and structured work hours. I stayed up late writing treatment plans and diets and rarely went to bed the same time as my husband. Things were certainly out of balance and control.

Article But what was a shock- the loss of abundant health- turned out to be no shock at all. The universe was certainly speaking to me over and over again. There were constantly hints that my body was producing to tell me something was not right, slow down, stop and smell the damn roses! I ignored those messages over and over again. I refused to listen because I was coming from a mindset of lack. There is the dichotomy! All the while my life, that was truly abundant, was viewed by me as somehow lacking and because of that false perception, I actually manifested lack! In this case it was lack of optimal health. Today, 18 months later, I have gone back to the roots of my practice. I once again practice what I preach. I don’t overwork, I take time for myself and my family, I breathe and I have achieved abundant health and the total reversal of Grave’s Disease. The

lesson for me was simple. Don’t take what you have for granted and know that you already possess abundance.

Rosanne Calabrese AP is a Florida licensed Acupuncture Physician and

Spring 2012 - Kandee G Enterprises

retired Miami Dade Fire Fighter. Rosanne is the owner and operator of Partners in Healing Acupuncture and Natural Wellness Center since 2002. She has an absolute passion for helping others heal naturally and holistically through the use of acupuncture, Chinese and American herbs, homeopathy, nutritional therapy and detoxification. Specializing in a variety of diseases, ailments and injuries, Rosanne has treated such cases as infertility, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, and fibromyalgia. These are just a few health issues that holistic medicine can address. Most recently Rosanne has dealt with her own health battle with Grave’s disease and was faced with the choice of using the therapies she has trusted for so many years or kill her thyroid with allopathic medicine. She chose the natural way and today is completely cured of Grave’s Disease.


Hank Eder

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Article A Cornucopia of Limitless Possibilities by Hank Eder

At a recent meeting of the Asheville Filmmakers’ Group, I spoke to a man who was heading to Ecuador to help film a documentary about a clinic that recycles prosthetic devices from the USA for needy patients in that country. “I would love to do some real climbing in those mountains,” the man told me, “but my knee is still recovering from surgery. I should probably get used to the idea that I’m just getting too old for any real climbing or hiking.” “Why should you do that?” I asked. “Because it’s time I faced reality and stopped trying to reclaim my lost youth.” “Why?” I asked again. “Because that’s how things are. Don’t you think so?” That question seemed like an invitation to slip in some new ideas. “No, I don’t think so,” I replied. “In fact, I like to see myself as youthing. Instead of giving in to the notion that my youth and vitality is programmed by some outside force, I make it a point to see myself always getting younger.” His eyebrows went up and his face crinkled with amusement. “That’s a lot of airy-fairy wishful thinking,” he admonished. “If you see it that way,” I replied. “But I honestly believe that what you program your mind to see and believe comes back to you in reality.”

make convicts. Your beliefs can imprison you.” Wise words. There is wisdom in accepting what you cannot change. Up to a point. Recently, while sitting in as a guest host on Kandee G’s Nothing But Good News Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Gloss, The “Possibilitarian.” Referring to things that people allow to hold them back, such as the economy and the job market, Chris said, “You’re not going to fix the economy. These things come and go. There have been good economies and bad economies. There have been people in office we like and people in office we don’t like. We won’t change that. But we can change ourselves.” In those last five words, Chris touched upon a profound Truth. We can change ourselves. This is the magic key to abundance in all things. If we don’t like where we are at the moment, why not go somewhere else, literally and figuratively. As Chris pointed out, “Where you are right now is not your final destination.” Where do you want to be? What will it take to get there? What are you waiting for? If each second is itself an opportunity to do something remarkable with your life, when will you stretch yourself to grab that second? Why not now?

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Pretty words. But I’ve been practicing Zen most of my life, and I’ve learned to accept the things I cannot change.” Then he turned away and struck up a conversation with someone else.

Now is a good time to assess what abundance really means. I saw a poster recently that gave me pause. It read, “I knew a man so poor that money was all he had.” Wow! It reminded me of the poem about Kublai Khan by Coleridge. He surrounded himself with all the world’s opulence, but had no love in his life.

I couldn’t help thinking of something Timothy Leary once said. “Convictions

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not suggesting we should become

ascetics and eschew wealth and worldly goods. No way! Everything has its place. It’s just that abundance has a different meaning to each person. To me, abundance means I can wake up in the morning excited about what possibilities await. Abundance to me means developing the gift to recognize opportunities for change. Abundance to me is a huge cornucopia of opportunities for growth and change waiting to be recognized. Does my definition of abundance include financial success? Of course it does! Along with a satisfying relationship, warmth, friendship, creativity and laughter – lots of laughter! Oh, and let’s not forget youthing. It’s all part of my Vision of a Life of Abundance. So let’s all get out and change the one thing we can change: Ourselves. This year – 2012 – is the year to stretch out and, as Kandee G would say, “Do something remarkable!” Hank Eder is a freelance writer, PR pro, screenwriter, speaker, and “man of many hats.” He stopped referring to himself as a “Renaissance man” after someone asked if he was good at jousting. Current projects include co-writing a “dramady” screenplay entitled “Bipolar Express,” working on two speculative fiction novels, and researching and developing a book and series of workshops on “Your Life On the Hero’s Journey.” Catch up with Hank at

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It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.


rticle FAeature

Keep Pushing by Erin Crowe

The state of the economy is something that every single American seems to have an opinion on. And most of the time, it’s not exactly a positive one. What most people don’t realize is, the state of the economy has little or nothing to do with how you make it in this world. What IS important is, realizing how your thoughts can and will get you exactly what you desire; that with a positive attitude, persistence, and a little luck, you’ll be amazed at what the universe has in store. First and foremost, you have to decide what you want to do and find a way to get there no matter where you have to start. If you want to be a chef and have your own show on Food Network, you’re probably going to have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Look at it as an opportunity instead of a chore. I’ve found that using this method can be applied to many things in life that aren’t super fun and exciting by nature, but need to be done. For example, most people consider going to the grocery store a chore. Instead of looking at it that way, though, try to shift your thinking into being excited about getting fresh, healthy food into your house. Now you can cook that recipe you’ve have your eye on and

get all that well deserved praise from your family for cooking them such an awesome meal. It took me a while to understand the power of a vision. I spent my college years working parttime in a restaurant and not really focusing on anything. I truly believed that all I was supposed to do was go to college, get decent grades, graduate, and all the answers and opportunities would be there waiting for me.

get focused on what you want to do, rather than just submit your resume to any old job on countless online job boards, you will be amazed at what that focus does for your search. How do you stay focused might you ask? Write down what you want in your life; as extravagant or modest as you’d like and read it every morning when you wake up. Be grateful for what you have. Be patient. Be persistent. Keep pushing.

This was not the case. Nothing really happened because I didn’t even know what I wanted to happen. I didn’t have a vision. So I spent some time soul searching and really consciously, honestly thinking about what would make me feel happy and fulfilled. Now that I understand the power of having a solid, detailed, specific vision, I feel confident and prepared for the road ahead. A wise man once said, “The road is long. And in the end, it’s only with yourself.” My point is, many people complain about their job or lack of job based on the state of the economy. I’m not going to tell you that the economy has nothing to do with job opportunities. What I will tell you, is that if you really

Erin Crowe is a resident staff writer for Nothing But Good News Magazine. She also writes a food blog entitled Homemade Croutons: A Food Blog. We love her delicious sense of humor and light hearted outlook on life. Erin is also a freelance writer; if you’d like to contact her regarding her services, please don’t hesitate to email her at

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Article Re-inventing Yourself and Jumpstarting your Career by Joseph Meyer

Third: You have to believe in yourself. Throughout my career I have found people that have placed limitations on what they are capable of achieving simply because they have low selfesteem. I believe in many instances we sometimes truly underestimate just how truly talented we really are.

As the global economy continues to evolve, it will bring many challenges. If we are going to meet the challenges before us as a nation we must be prepared as individuals to meet an ever changing labor market environment.

First: Begin with a very honest assessment of your potential strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to not only define, but refine your talent. That means you must identify the skills you display consistently on an extraordinary level. You must accept the fact that, even in our areas of talent, we all have weaknesses. Once we know and accept what they are, we can then build our strengths around them. We should also determine what job skills we have which are transferable to another field of employment.

One major challenge facing many individuals today is the need to reinvent one’s self in order to jump-start a career. Staring over is something we may fear and never want to give much thought to, but in many instances, when a career stalls or its rewards are diminished, starting over becomes the only alternative. Second: Your plan has to feel comfortable and therefore tailored I believe it is of paramount importance to your specific individualized and that we accept the challenges of what personal attributes. It is very important is necessary to start over. Then, we that we run our own race in life and will be able to begin the process of not someone else’s race by living rebuilding with a very solid foundation. their dreams and goals. If we run our Once the decision has been made own race in life, then at the end of to re-invent oneself, here are a few the day, the only one we ever have to points to keep in mind: prove anything to is ourselves.


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Fourth: The attitude we bring forward in starting over sets the tone for everything we do that comes after it. A positive attitude can make a huge difference on how we are viewed by the people we interact with. I have always believed that your attitude is key to the outcome, both good and bad, in any relationship. This means we must mind the words we speak. Our words not only display our attitude, they define who we are. Four words have been the corner stones of my own success. I practice them every day, and you can to. These words are: kindness, respect, consideration, and understanding. Fifth: Don’t be afraid of failure. It is easy to become paralyzed by the fear of failure. But if we are able to place failure in its proper perspective, it can have a much different meaning. I believe that failure in anything we attempt to accomplish is nothing more than a process that takes you one step closer to succeeding. Remember, some of the greatest men and women in history have experienced big failures in their lifetimes, but went on to accomplishments beyond their expectations. If they did it, you can too. In many instances failure does more psychological damage to us than it does economically or financially. If we have tailored an approach that accentuates our strengths, and are

Article rticle A exercising faith in our abilities, then we have put the word failure in its proper perspective.

the proper attitude and a solid game plan.

Sixth: It is important that we never lose sight of the absolute fact that the market place will determine our talent’s value. The market place will always remain the true economic arbiter of our job skills and knowledge. Respect what the market has attested to be viable, and you have tempered unrealistic expectations and disappointment. If we accept the challenges of starting over, then every new day is a day to excel. Never live in the past but concentrate on today and those efforts will help smooth tomorrow’s path. These steps can help you overcome many obstacles in a job market that remains as tough as this one is. Never forget, like America has always met her greatest challenges, you can too with

Joseph Meyer is the founder and CEO of the Straight Money Analysis monthly newsletter;

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Joseph E. Meyer is a 40-year Wall Street veteran and is president of Meyer and Associates and editor of the Macro Economic and Financial newsletter Straight Money Analysis. Mr. Meyer has appeared with Coast to Coast AM radio since 2004 and has appeared on ABC, NBC and CBS News, and has been quoted in Foreign Policy magazine and Forbes. Mr. Meyer is also a Securities Law Expert witness and an Arbitrator/Mediator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. FINRA is the largest independent regulator of Securities firms doing business in the United States. You can reach Mr. Meyer at




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Article Flipping the Switch by Jacqueline JLove Jackson The day I stood crying on the sidewalk in South Beach--broke, overweight, homeless, without enough money to even catch a bus and, ironically, in a section called Millionaire’s Row – I knew I had hit rock bottom and was blind to my own abundance.

Spirit wanted to use to express itself through me: finances, love, fitness, creativity and my voice. These were the gifts I was seeking from outside sources before realizing they were all inside of me the whole time just wanting to be free.

Grateful to use the lessons from this and other bumps in the road along my journey, I learned that in addition to being aware of my many blessings and being grateful for them, abundance means freedom. In other words, my mind and heart is free to release the flow of my divine inheritance. It is also a freeing of the binding that imprisons who we really are – Spirit – which is our authentic self that expects the best and receives it. Now, my abundance mantra is, “I give joyfully, receive expectantly, have gratitude, and invest wisely. “

Here are just three, of the many, ways to recognize if you have a lack of the abundance mindset and a Quick Solution to flip the switch:

Abundance is showing up for me now in the form of like-minded and helpful people, wealth consciousness, finished creative projects, good health, joy, self-love, bliss, love for others, rich experiences, courage, truth, selfdiscipline, and much more. However, to sustain abundance, you must value yourself and keep raising the bar on your thoughts about your self-worth and remain in alignment with abundance. Period. Thoughts that you think over and over become beliefs firmly lodged in the subconscious mind. And this is where those beliefs get turned into your reality. It is for this reason that it is best to train yourself to have, and be in alignment with, the best and highest thoughts possible. We open ourselves up to abundance through awareness. Be aware of when you are sabotaging your own abundance and then flip the switch in the opposite direction, which is allowing. I started to understand that the things I struggled against the most were the very things

• You find it difficult to imagine getting what you want. Quick Solution: make it a daily habit to visualize being, doing and having exactly what you want without any concern for the “how.” Expect a great outcome. • You easily allow distractions to keep you from sticking to your action plans. Quick Solution: Be methodical in concentrating and acting on the inspired action ideas that come to you through intuition. • You sabotage yourself right before you’re about to accomplish a goal. Quick Solution: Ask yourself if you are totally aligned with what you think you want. Was it the most benevolent choice for you and others who might be affected by it? Be aware of ego’s protective barrier and when you get the feeling to fearfully run for cover. Let ego know that you’re okay and that you have empowered yourself to allow your good to manifest. Make the abundance mindset a daily practice. When you do not stay in practice, understand that you are creating a huge imbalance in other areas of your life. I realized I didn’t have to say “no” to abundance in order to say “yes” to my spiritual journey. I finally got my book out by saying “yes” to everything that helped me reach my book goal. When dread and doubt crept in, I started saying “yes” to my inheritance and “yes” to Spirit – the source of inspiration. I heard from a great spiritual teacher that

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abundance will not last unless you can forgive everyone, every place, every institution you perceive to have hurt you in some way. And while you’re doing all of this forgiving, don’t forget to forgive yourself. Why? Because you are the one who attracts any and all situations to yourself and you play a role in the outcome, no matter how small the part. The abundance mindset allows you to recognize the scarcity mindset when it appears and helps you make choices out of strength and confidence rather that from a place of fear and inadequacy. This applies to money, jobs, business, food, love, and anything on which you place value. The abundance mindset allows you to recognize your own self-worth and to value yourself and your work. You see the abundance all around you instead of wallowing in the “cup half empty” syndrome. You love yourself and you teach others how to treat you by the example you set as you treat yourself well. You are a Blissful Being, which is a state of freely and joyfully, claiming your abundance.

Jacqueline JLove Jackson is founder of Blissful Entrepreneur newsletter (BE), the Bliss Out Summit for Superwomen (BOSS), (OM) and author of 7 Soul Seeds. As a speaker, minister and coach trainer, JLove enjoys coaching others to manifest their dreams. She is a recipient of the 2012 Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award. Visit her on the web at www.JacquelineJLoveJackson. com.




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“We hear a lot about reinvention – in business, politics, science and technology. It’s the mantra of the age: Reinvent or relent. Businesses that fail to constantly challenge and remake themselves run the very real risk of becoming irrelevant.” - Success Magazine

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