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A Few Simple Steps Towards Peace of Mind by Hank Eder

still some of those left on public TV and radio. Shut the rest off and don’t look back.

Wherever I go these days there’s someone talking about how bad everything has become. High gas prices, high food prices, unemployment, stock market volatility – small wonder so many people seem to walk around in a state of low-grade emergency. News outlets, from traditional print to cyberspace, are spewing a 24/7 stream of paralyzing limitations. The prevailing message seems to be, “We live in a universe of lack. There’s not enough to go around.” Depressing, isn’t it? But (watch my lips on this one) it’s all an illusion done with proverbial smoke and mirrors. We live in a Universe of limitless abundance. With a few simple steps, you can learn to see past the haze. First, a Blinding Flash of the Obvious (BFO): Remember the old joke, where the woman goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, it hurts when I do this?” The doctor replies, “Don’t do that!” So if all the noise distracts or depresses you, just change the channel or hit the “off” button. What reason is there to focus on something that reinforces lack or a feeling of helplessness? No reason at all! So stop doing it. Start right now. You’re already a step ahead – after all, you’re reading Nothing But Good News Magazine. Filling yourself with uplifting and inspiring thoughts and imagery goes a long way toward creating the world you want to see. However, if you insist on keeping up with current events, find a neutral source that just reports the facts without all the drama. There are

Next comes another BFO. I first heard this from Esther Hicks in her book, “Ask And It Is Given.” It’s a profoundly simple statement, and it can be used as a mantra. Are you ready for this? Here it is: “Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.” It’s almost too good to be true. I can hear some of you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” At least, that’s what came to my mind when I first read the statement. Want to be more confident? More successful? Think of yourself that way. Don’t think about all the ways you can fail. That will only draw these things right to you. Think about what you want. See what you want to be. Even if you can’t take the total leap of faith and say, “I AM prosperity NOW,” you can acknowledge your pride about where you are on your journey. Try saying, “I AM building prosperity NOW.” Or for health and wellness, try, “I AM building health and wellness NOW.” In this way, you allow yourself to acknowledge that yes, you still have a way to go, but you are actively “walking the walk.” Then pat yourself on the back and find a way to celebrate each successful step along the way. A third step in your quest to take control of your sense of well-being is – are you ready? –another BFO. It goes like this: Surround yourself with people who support you and make you feel good about yourself. Let the others fall away, even if they have been lifelong friends or acquaintances. We all know people we can only describe as “energy

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vampires.” If we allow them to, they will suck us dry of all our enthusiasm. Put the brakes on such relationships. Even with family we can draw acceptable boundaries, for example, “If you want me to continue visiting you, you must stop walking all over my hopes and dreams.” Be sure you show them you mean business. Spend time with people who inspire you, people who nurture your journey toward selfdiscovery and wellness. See them in your life and you will draw them to you. Do these BFOs relate to the area of health? They sure do. If you want vibrant health and energy, you don’t get it by worrying about illness. See yourself filled with energy, health, and limitless vitality. Does that mean never see a doctor or health professional? Of course not. But remember this: You are the key to your own health and well-being. Health professionals can guide you, but they are no replacement for your own unlimited power. Here’s a quick prescription for wellbeing from Dr. Universe: Live vibrantly, embrace love in its many forms, and be sure to laugh as often as possible (frequently at yourself). Lessen the “noise,” fill your thoughts with your highest dreams, and spend time with people who inspire you, You’re already on your way. Hank Eder has a background in journalism and education. His current projects include co-writing a “dramady” screenplay entitled “Bipolar Express,” working on two speculative fiction novels, and researching and developing a book and series of workshops on “Your Life As A Hero’s Journey.” Catch up with Hank at


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