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From the Editor A Message from Kandee G It is exciting to see how truly remarkable life can be. When you are willing to grow, when you are willing to vision, chase and allow those things that are important to you to manfest...no matter what it takes; life can be even more amazing than you dreamed. I am happy to share with you another amazing issue of Nothing But Good News Magazine. My very talented team and I are dedicated to finding articles and contributors that will share valuable information to help you become all that you are meant to be and want to be. My question to you this issue is, “Do you manage change or does change manage you?” This issue of Nothing But Good News magazine will surely have you thinking about the magic that there can be in change. We have two great features this issue that can help you to committ yourself to adapting and thriving and then learn how to kick in the Einstein factor. Learn how your current beliefs may be holding you back. Learn the positive rules of accomplishment. You can break the mold and invest in fulfillment and abundance. Also, in this issue you will meet some of my heroes; starting off with the cast and crew of the movie, The Journey. In addition, you will enjoy incredible wisdom from some of the amazing local talent here in the South Florida community. Here you can embrace change, have resistance lead your way, and utilyze change to enhance your relationship. We have added some great information on sprucing up your wardrobe and new ideas in wine pairing. Amazing stuff; I told you. Enjoy this issue as much as I have! Also, check out all our fabulous advertisers. I know this issue will motivate, empower and inspire you to say hello to change. Welcome those new circumstances in your life. Allow those circumstance to reveal your own magic to you. Send me your feed back, I love getting your comments at kandeeg@kandeeg.com. Thanks and bye for now!

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Table of Contents Change for the Best • 8 by Mick Moore


Going Beyond Your Game • 10 by Dorron Blumberg

Why Change is Irrelevant • 13 by Rollan Roberts II

How Change can Happen Within a Relationship • 14 by Diana Daffner

You Have the Power • 19


by Rodney Dunetz

Embracing Change • 21 by Dr. Dallas Humble

Does Resistance Lead the Way? • 27 by Halley Élise

Small Changes That Build an Effective Executive Wardrobe • 28 Nothing But Good News Magazine is a selfhelp and inspirational magazine. It is a publication of Kandee G Enterprises. It is published 4 times yearly. NBGN is published to inform and inspire the community of business owners and institutions of people looking to be inspired.

by Eileen Simmons

The Einstein Factor • 31 by Don Boyer

The Immortality of the Soul • 34 by Mark Anthony

From Pain to Power• 36 by Valorie N. Parker

Would You Like Some Wine with that Candy? • 38 On The Cover: Photo Credit: Michael Hansen (see ad on page 13) Designer: Nigel Anderson Photo: Kandee G & Members of the Journey

by Erin Crowe

Break the Mold • 41

by Ridgely Goldsborough

A New Way Of Thinking, A Paradigm Shift From The Old To The New • 42 by James Young

Investing in Fulfillment and Abundance • 46 by Earnst D. Chu

Unveil Your YOUness... Everyday • 50 by Diane Hanks



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Article Change for the Best by Mick Moore

money for. The problem being, most never apply the information they have so willingly paid for. So what is the “Magic Bullet” that separates those who seek information and those who actually apply it? The simplest way to explain this is the word, “Action.” The quote above, “Those who choose to succeed always do better than those who never choose at all,” basically boils down to one taking action and choosing to change the way one is doing things.

Remember that old saying “Change for the better”? Have you ever noticed how certain changes that occurred for the better seemed to manifest almost by magic? Not one stumbling block, criticism or doubt seem to stop this type of transition from becoming a reality. Then you have other changes that many of us wish had never taken place. It seems as though “those who choose to succeed always do better than those who never choose at all.” That seems pretty obvious, yet this principle is rarely applied by most people. The same is true with most small to mid-sized business owners. This may have something to do with the 50% of businesses that fail within their first five years. It also explains why so many Internet websites, courses and programs claim to be the “Magic Bullet” that will produce the success so many business owners are so desperately seeking and paying huge sums of



Change is simply making the decision to try something different and exercise the ability to increase our chances of success and how we live our lives. Sadly, it’s painfully obvious that the vast majority continue to allow our choices to be made for us. It’s only natural for us to acquire attitudes, patterns and behavior from our families, teachers, and friends. Without realizing it, we are constantly being programmed by television, radio, the Internet and those we surround ourselves with. Most of us never take the time to stop and ponder why we think and act the way we do. If we did, we’d be surprised to find that we all have the ability to change old habits and choose new ones. It’s actually quite simple to move away from many of these old patterns and move into new successful ones. Once we learn that our choices can, by themselves, affect and change our paradigms and the programming that drives most of us…we all have the ability to correct and control the path we want our future to take.

Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises

In other words, change your behavior, and your behavior can change your future. Pretty simple sounding isn’t it? Yet many of you reading this will go about your daily routines tomorrow without giving this article a second thought. Creating positive change is like acquiring a new skill. It takes practice and persistence, as well as continued education before it becomes a habit – It all starts with you becoming aware that change is needed. Unless we accept our behavior is by our own conditioning and choosing, we won’t accept the responsibility required to create effective change. Accepting this responsibility is a huge hurdle for most people because there are no longer any excuses and no one left to blame. I call it operating ABOVE the line. The blaming of yourself, blaming of others and justifying oneself, is operating BELOW the line. Those excuses are replaced by the belief that anything is possible. Ultimately, change always begins with us, with our own decision to make new choices. Think of some of the choices you’ve made over the past ten or twenty years. Take a look at which goals or dreams you made a reality and which one’s fell short because of those choices. If you look closely, you will see a trend in those which were successful and those which failed. It’s probably pretty obvious which choices you were passionate about and which ones were not really that important to you. Look at your career, the car you drive, the house you live in, your family or the person to whom you may be

Article married. Are you passionate about any of these things? They were definitely major choices you had to make and your career and personal life you enjoy now were the result.

the magic is taking place, because you are passionate about what you are doing and know that with persistence, your plan or plant will bear fruit.

Let’s take music for example. Some would say I had a fairly successful music career. I played with some of Rocks most popular bands. I recorded several albums that are still selling today, and remain friends with the many of music’s most notorious celebrities.

The challenge now is to find that passion in every choice you make for yourself. Is there passion in your work, in your love life, your family? If not, you may want to reevaluate your current situation and choose to make a change.

Yet could I have gone further? Could I have become more successful? The answer is YES… of course. But would I be where I am today had I not initiated change? Definitely not. The passion I once felt for creating music and playing live on stage was no longer there. As soon as I started thinking about a new direction and new goals, the music career began to wind down. The music and shows didn’t have that fire anymore. Setting a new goal of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur and creating multiple sources of income from the Internet would be my main focus. Sometimes change is for the best. Changing one’s career, thoughts or patterns are like a seed that you plant in the backyard. If you water it and nurture it, it grows. You don’t have to dig it up every day to see if the roots are spreading, you know it’s going to grow because you take care of it. If it gets cold outside, you bring it indoors. If it’s dry, you water it. A change in your life is the same way. You tend to it every day. Metaphorically, you water it by taking action and doing whatever needs to be done to move that goal to the next level. You don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. Just like the plant waiting to sprout, you know

them with a partner, family and friends, so you can get an unbiased evaluation of your true path in life. Change is good… and sometimes, change is for the best…

If your goals are to become your own boss, make more money and spend more quality time with family, I encourage you to look to look at your current situation and ask yourself if it’s time for a change. There’s no time like the present to find a new passion for living and create new goals that will set your dreams and aspirations into motion. I did it and wrote several books to teach others how they can do it, too. With this in mind, take a long hard look at the current list of goals you’re working on and see how many of them are really what you want to achieve and how many of them allow you to actually utilize your given traits and talents. Do you have enough personal passion and drive behind the choices you’ve made to insure you’ll go the extra mile and successfully accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself? You may need to reevaluate some of the choices you’ve made to see if they ignite that passion and spark that will keep you going through the exciting, challenging, and possibly, difficult days ahead? I encourage you to reflect on some of the choices you’ve made and the changes you’ve experienced because of these choices. Share

Mick Moore is the author of the “Home Business Success Kit”, the “Google Adsense Handbook”, “Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed” and “The Internet Entrepreneur”, and is featured in the movies ‘The Power of Mentorship’ and ‘The Lost Message.’ For more information on Mick Moore and his services, contact… Website: www.QuickStartExpert.com Website: www.HomeBusinessSuccessKit.com Twitter: www.Twitter.com/MickMoore FaceBook: http://profile.to/mickmoore

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Going Beyond Your Game by Dorron Blumberg

We are all after constant change and variety in life. The new style car comes out or the latest fashion design. Sometimes we want to change jobs or even wish the weather will finally change. Then when these things change we complain again that it just isn’t good enough. We feel we need more and more and more. Why are we so focused on the change outside of ourselves? I believe we are conditioned to work harder, earn more money and spend. We focus most of our attention on entertainment and spend away on things that brings us temporary happiness when what we all want is lasting joy. This temporary happiness of course does not last and we find ourselves in this constant struggle to bring us joy leading to stress and more chaos in life. It is inevitably easy to spend our money and time, but it is not easy to conserve our money and time because of the influence of everything around us. In order to change we need to become more aware of what we all ultimately want in life and that again is true, pure happiness. This is a change inside ourselves (a change in thinking, behaving and doing.). It is not easy but the journey along this path of internal change is very rewarding. It takes practice and effort and a determination to become a stronger and more defined individual. In a recent conversation with an Olympic athlete we were discussing how he was striving to get the Gold medal in the last Olympics. He began the conversation by stating how he is



the best because of his name and how back on your path to greatness. he needs to increase his popularity among the best to be respected. This is what I teach my athletes, it’s the will and ability to focus and the As he continued to speak I noticed character of discipline to get you to how he shifted his focus more away change for the better. from who he really is and directed it towards the outside environment. As Vince Lombardi says, “The Shoe companies, supplement difference between a successful companies and other Olympic person and others is not a lack of sprinter’s who were more popular strength, not a lack of knowledge, but than him. He even was too focused rather a lack of will.” on just working, working and working while leaving behind other important We each have a gift and learning how elements like family and his inner to balance it out is important. Today champion. begin to change your results by being grateful for everything you have and When you forget to train your mind, begin to look inside for the biggest you forget about life! change of all, the change in you, and when you change and make yourself All the hard work and in his most a better person the whole world popular race in his career in the last benefits. Olympics he said he was not excited at all. He looked up in the stands, 5 Tips towards internal change: none of his kids were there, his wife was missing, and his focus was gone. 1. Upon waking or before bed He ultimately got a poor result and all look up and say Thank You. the hard work left him feeling empty. 2. Begin Journaling all the things you are grateful for. As we carried on the conversation, I 3. Instead of listening to music told him your results are a reflection of when you drive, invest in some your awareness. personal development MP3’s or CD’s 4. Look in the Mirror every day and stare into your own eyes and say When you train or practice you need “I love you, you’re the best!” to be aware of what is happening at 5. Take a 5-20 minute break that moment, when you are home you everyday from work and enjoy nature, need to be aware at that moment and breath, relax and live in the moment. focused on the family and when you are racing you need to focus on that moment. This has been an article written by You see you already have the Gold Dorron Blumberg. Owner of Athlete medal at your fingertips, you just need Growth, LLC. Athlete Growth inspires to let go of what is going on outside of its clients to Feed the Mind, Fuel the you, focus more on you and the most Body and Nourish the Soul, which important aspects closest to you and ultimately leads to maximized results. run the race like a silent panther! You For more information visit have been knocked off track, it is time www.athletegrowth.com or call us at now to do the real work and get you 954.609.7767

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ounded in 1990 and based in Miami, Florida, Concepción, Martinez & Bellido focuses on complex business litigation and arbitration, trial practice, product liability defense, intellectual property litigation, and international business litigation and transactions. Because we are located at the "Gateway of the Americas," we have many years of practical experience with business disputes in Latin America, and understand the multi-cultural and cross border nuances that are critical to understanding and solving the problems of our clients. Although we serve clients from varying industries, we are especially experienced in resolving disputes and trying cases involving a variety of banking and financial instruments and transnational litigation and arbitration issues involving parties and witnesses from multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s partners Carlos F. Concepción, Elio F. Martinez, and Nelson Bellido, all enjoy an AV rating as reported by Martindale-Hubbell. They have distinguished leadership positions in the American Bar Association, the Florida Bar and have been recognized with multiple awards and served on numerous Boards. Our professional memberships include Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, The Million Dollar Advocate Forum and Florida’s Business Journal Best of Bar. In addition to the three partners, the firm currently has nine associate attorneys from various professional and personal backgrounds who are Florida Bar Certified in International Law, Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS), Certified Public Accountant, and Certified in Financial Forensics.

Practice Areas Complex Business Litigation International Business Transactions International Dispute Resolution and Litigation Tort Liability Defense Financial Services & Securities Litigation Intellectual Property Litigation  

Director & Officer Liability Securities Litigation & Arbitration Corporate Governance Commercial Fraud & Forensic Prosecution

255 Aragon Avenue, 2nd Floor  Coral Gables, FL 33134 Telephone: 305.444.6669  Facsimile: 305.444.3665 www.cfclaw.com 12


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Why Change is Irrelevant by Rollan Roberts II

There’s an old adage in sales that says people buy for one of two reasons: to avoid pain or gain pleasure. Perhaps the same can be said of most of the decisions we make in life. The choice to remain in the same place geographically, the choice to move, the choice to invest, the choice to spend, the choice to change jobs, stay where you are, or start a business are all made to minimize or avoid potential pain or optimize the potential for pleasure, peace and enjoyment. What we usually do not observe is that each decision incites change – even if the decision was not to make a change. By standing still, the universe continues to move and what once was, changes, because the variables changed. The idea is to consciously choose change that is desirable as opposed to letting it happen to you. Change is most often a choice. Some change in your life, though not initiated by you, can be altered by your choice response to the initial change. Things may not be as they were, but that does not mean that you must subject to the new change. Albeit, you are at its mercy and certain results should you choose to adapt. Accepting the change or denying the change is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of choosing desired consequences given the set of options. Which outcome do you seek? Most likely, it will be the one that brings the least amount of pain or the most amount of joy. Most change is temporary, and much of it should be. However, there are some permanent changes that are appropriate and advisable – yet they are neither right nor wrong; evil or good. Being obese is not a matter of right or wrong. It is a case of

selecting outcomes. Attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and level of fitness, smoking cessation, and other habits with adverse affects on health, lives, and families should be considered carefully as the decisions we make affect others outside of ourselves. Change with positive and negative consequences, whether temporary or permanent, touch those around us at which time they must decide to accept or reject the change by changing themselves. All change first occurs in the mind. The outward expressions of change you see were first developed in the mind – even if at a subconscious level. That is why some people change for the sake of changing. Nothing necessarily improves, gets better, or gets worse; it is just different. Take, for example, the family that changes the direction of the sofa and the layout of the living room every few years. They got to a place where they knew they needed change in order to avoid becoming stale. When things become overly routine and do not yield the outcomes we desire, we naturally start looking for ways and areas to change. This fundamental need for change offers a holistic approach to corporate turnover. Everyone and everything is changing at different paces and the alignment of that change either creates synergy that gets amazing results, mediocre results, or less than desirable results. In the latter scenario, a company will bring in “new blood” and replace much of the executive team which often leads to greater success. Here’s the lesson - Change is inevitable; growth is optional. Whether you choose to create change or simply respond to change is your choice. You own

the results. You are responsible for the outcomes. Regardless of who or what initiates change in your life, the power and control is still yours to decide. What will you do with that power? Will you be a victim or a victor? Will you complain or take action? The issue is not change at all. It is not that you do not like change for we are constantly changing. The issue is that you do not like others initiating change in your life. If you are to experience change, then you want to be the one to initiate it. That’ is what creates the struggle and defiance toward change. I offer you this solution. When involuntary change comes in your life, and it will multiple times in your life, business, and career, do not struggle with it. Accept that change was initiated into your life to force you to choose your path and results. This is your chance to change on your own terms. Limited options may have been presented, but you and you alone will make the decision to change. Change will happen either way. The difference is who is consciously in control of that change.

Rollan Roberts II is the CEO of iDream, a company that creates high growth organizations, organizational restructuring, and corporate turnarounds. He is a TV host, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of three internationally released books. Visit www. iDream247.com for more inspiration and to contact Rollan!

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Article How Can Change Happen Within a Relationship? by Diana Daffner

At other times, when we’re in a good mood, we see and interpret life more gently and gracefully. We have time for the child, we express disappointment without hysterics and we lovingly laugh at our partner – and ourselves. We see the light. The old adage that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true. But how do we get there from here? How can we change how we see things? Ghandi urged us to “be the change we want to see in the world.” Well yes, if we want to see love, we must be love. But how do we do that? How do we create new eyes to see with? “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” This quote by French writer Marcel Proust is especially applicable when speaking of change in committed relationships. A relationship is indeed a voyage of discovery, a journey of living life. Too often we think of relationship as a static structure rather than the ongoing, interactive process that it is. Within that process, change is always naturally occurring, because we are always changing, in our relationship both to ourselves and to others. When we’re upset, tired and frustrated, we see and interpret the world through the lens of our discontent. A child’s innocent tug at our sleeve results in an overblown reaction. A broken dish calls forth a torrent of tears. Our partner’s familiar quirks greatly aggravate and annoy us. We may even think that we want out of the relationship… that the grass is going to be greener somewhere else or with someone else. We see with darkened eyes.



There is a way. And it is with us – or more specifically, within us - at all times. When we are centered in our own being, centered and grounded in our moment-to-moment embodiment, our vision is quite different from when we are off-center. We literally see differently. (Our actual visual acuity may even reflect this difference.) And when we see differently, we interpret and react differently. But the question still remains. How do we become centered enough to change how we see and interpret things? How can we stay centered when life is pushing and pulling us all over the place? It is helpful to think of this inner centering as a process similar to the auto-pilot used on airplanes and boats. The auto-pilot does not keep the craft constantly going in the intended direction. What it does is make corrections, over and over again, each time there is a drifting away from the desired path. We can’t put ourselves on auto-pilot, and we wouldn’t want to. Being mindful is quite the opposite. It is unlikely that most of us can stay centered 100% of the time. What

Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises

all of us can do, though, is to notice when we’re off-center and then make those small corrections that continually bring us back, returning us to our own true center. Feeling grouchy, bitchy, mean or just worn out? Does the world – or your partner - look inadequate and unsatisfactory? Your perceptions may be muddied by your own offcenter vision. There’s your clue, just what you need to remind you to shift, yet again, back into center. We all have the necessary mechanism for such correction: our own physical body. When we take a moment to be mindfully aware of our body, we shift into a more peaceful state of mind and consciousness that is automatically aligned with the best of ourselves. When we move into that state of consciousness, we change how we see the world. Energy follows attention. When we bring attention into the body, we can experience that shift. Tantra, an ancient spiritual teaching from India, provides instruction in how to center your energy within yourself, and how to share that moment, intimately, with your partner. Right now, as you read this, bring your awareness to your hands. What do you notice? Shift your awareness from one hand to the other. Is your breathing affected? You are still reading, but sensing yourself in a different way. Now feel your seat on the chair, sense-feel how it is supporting you, perhaps also your back... After a few moments, move your awareness to your feet. As you position your attention in different areas of your body, you bring yourself home. You are gathering all the disparate parts

Article of your self and reorganizing them into the whole that you are. When you are home, in this centered place, you will see the world, your relationship, your lover – and yourself - through new eyes. Relationship truly becomes a voyage of discovery. ~~~~ With her husband Richard, Diana Daffner leads Intimacy Retreats for couples, held in romantic locations. The Daffners are the authors of Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day and the creators of Tantra Tai Chi, an easy movement program that helps couples synchronize their energy through awareness. Diana is a relationship and marital coach, holds an M.A. in counseling and a black belt in Aikido, and has taught massage, meditation, Reiki and other bodycentric spiritual arts for many years. To contact Diana, or for a free brochure and schedule information, please call (941) 349-6804 or visit www. IntimacyRetreats.com

Kandee G Loves Vignetos Italian Grill

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Feature by Dorron Blumberg

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You Have The Power by Rodney Dunetz

The other day I heard, “…it’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.” Change is one of those things that is easy to talk about, but difficult to accomplish. This is because change is something we think that WE facilitate, when most change just “happens”. It’s a process that doesn’t require our blessing or even our direct participation. Most times, change happens whether we want it to or not. The seasons will change. Day will change to night and back to day again. Sometimes, we resist change because it’s intertwined with our desire to control the events in our lives. We want to keep the good and dump the toxic: toxic emotions, toxic jobs, toxic people. We’re looking for that instant “detox my life” change button – the changes we perceive will bring us a sense of happiness and well-being. Sometimes change can be easy. You can change your shirt. You can wear your hair long, cut it short, then grow it again. But that’s just superficial change. Then there’s deep, lasting change, which can be excruciatingly painful. Usually it’s because we have become (as Pink Floyd said) “comfortably numb” with the status quo. We ask ourselves, “Why should I change? I like my stuff, my baggage, my bad habits. They suit me.” But do they really, or are you just “comfortably numb”? Given how difficult change can be, is it really possible for any of us, or are we stuck forever with habits that keep mindlessly repeating themselves? Do we ever ask, “Is this choice nourishing to my life, or am I just used to it?” When you go grocery shopping, do you pick up every bottle of juice, read the label, and try to determine which one you want to buy? Probably not. You just

pick up your favorite juice. When you walk up to the vegetables do you think to yourself, “I’ve never really liked okra, but I’ll buy some today”? Probably not. You just grab the vegetables that you like. You are – just like a jet in the middle of a long, boring flight – on automatic pilot. When you got up this morning, did you say, “I wonder if I should brush my teeth today”? I hope not, because some behaviors are good when we don’t change them. Nevertheless, many behaviors trap us on the “karmic hamster wheel”. We have a desire that leads to an action. That action in turn creates a memory, and that memory creates a desire to either repeat the action, (because we enjoyed it) or avoid the action (because we didn’t like it). Most of us go around and around on this “karmic hamster wheel” our entire lives without even realizing it. So, then, which behaviors should we change? If we can agree that we want a life filled with nourishing choices, then the first step is developing awareness and mindfulness. We must pay attention to what we are doing, moment by moment. We must become aware of the power of the “karmic hamster wheel”. Much of what locks us into fear of change is no more than an automated process. By simply deciding we want something different, we find the courage to jump off this ‘wheel to nowhere”. By embracing the power of our thoughts, we embrace change. But, even greater… we embrace transformation. We do not just become a different version of ourselves; We become a better version of ourselves.

It’s said that if you knew the power of your thoughts, you would never have a negative thought. When you think back over your life, you see that every change began as a thought. Every transformation started as a little change in perception. Your desire for your present career, your relationships – and everything else in your life – began as a flickering thought that grew and intensified. Now you know the real secret. By harnessing the power of your awareness and intention, you can jump off the “karmic hamster wheel.” You can create the life you deserve – one filled with love and happiness. In your heart, you know these are the only two things that anyone really wants. And if you already have overflowing love and happiness in your life, then let’s create more love and happiness for our family on this little green planet. Now wouldn’t that be a nice change? So, I challenge you to meditate, pray, sing, and dance every day. I challenge you to free your mind and embrace your unique talents. I challenge you to grow and help others. I challenge you to hop off that “karmic hamster wheel”. You have the power to change lives. But to do so, the first life you must change is the one reading this article right now. Rodney Dunetz, AP, DOM, Dipl.Ac. Rodney is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a private practice serving South Florida. He is also Chopra Center Certified meditation instructor. On the web @ www.mindbodybasics.com

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Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises



Embracing Change “Commit to Adapting & Thriving” by Dr. Dallas Humble

viable choice. If we choose any other option, we are choosing to be progress takers, settling for living off other’s progress. Progress makers realize that tomorrow will never be different unless they change. They do not make a change without a plan. The plan may change with the circumstances, but they continue to follow it.

Sometime ago a Charlie Brown comic strip had some simple yet powerful words concerning how we view change. Lucy said she would like to change the world. Charlie Brown asked how, and she replied she would begin with changing him! People for the most part do not like change. They come into a situation wanting to change everything except themselves. The problem is always “out there.” It is never “in here.” Throughout this strategy we will investigate the whys as well as the hows of making change a reality. There are two main things that we should change in our lives. The first is how we feel about something. The second is our behavior, such as our eating habits. The best kind of change will ultimately be progressive in nature. Not all change is progress, but all progress is change. Even though

most people resist change, it is life to the peak performer. We all must confront change at one time or another. To reach any level of achievement in this life, change is inevitable. Do you want to see progress in your life? Do you have goals in your life, dreams you want to come true? I believe you do. Change challenges people to grow and be different. Change is something a majority of the people resist and fear. It is, however, a blessing. It is life. If we seek out positive change, we come to know ourselves better. We grow. We become more confident improving ourselves and enhancing the world around us. By changing we turn today’s pain into tomorrow’s gain. We become progress makers. Progress makers simply make progress their only

To be a peak performer, your interest should lie in creating a life, not just living one. How can you keep pace with all the change and remain sane? The answer lies in understanding the difference between living and just existing. To live means to create. To merely exist means to stagnate. If you’re living, you are continuously planning without becoming complacent. True living does, however, breed contentment. To be satisfied with who you are is good. To become lazy is not. If you are going to perform at your peak, change will be part of who you are rather than who you want to become. In order to realize the significance of this statement a few things need to be considered. • Where do you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years, and beyond? (The Plan) • What will it take for you to get there? What sacrifices will it take? (The Cost) • Are you willing to make those sacrifices for a better tomorrow? (The Payment) Some plan but don’t figure the cost. Others take a wild stab at the cost but don’t plan. Most choke on the payment. They just can’t sign that

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Embracing Change check. “I’d like to go back to school, but it takes too long.” “I need to make a certain amount of money, but I am not comfortable doing what it takes.” Time goes right by these people. When it does they’ll be that much older with nothing to show for it. Just talking about somewhere will never get you there. If you continue doing the same thing, assuredly you will continue to see the same results. Two plus two equals four and will continue to equal four until the end of time — unless we change the equation. Many people today use what I call, “death equations.” “If only tomorrow…” “Someday I will…” “One day let’s…” “One of these days I am going to…” “When I get this weight off I will…!”


catch. You and you alone must make it happen. Changing one’s thinking begins the routine of real change. • When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs. • When you change your beliefs, you change your expectations. • When you change your expectations, you change your attitude. • When you change your attitude, you change your behavior. When you change your behavior, you change your performance and ultimately you change your life. The mistake many people make is waiting for their circumstances to change their behavior, instead of changing with the circumstances. Quit thinking times are bad. Begin looking at your life as a new and exciting challenge. Be a peak performer by embracing the concept of becoming a progress maker. Environments change, industries change and regardless of what others may say, people do change. Managed care caused significant changes within healthcare profession during the 1990’s. Doctors literally lost their practices because they were unwilling to adapt to managed care. They wanted to continue running their offices as they did in the 80’s. The times wouldn’t allow it.

To perform at your peak it is important that you act on the things that change your life. The purpose of this article is to make you act, to do what it takes to succeed. You have made the first move to a better life by reading this article. Most people desire someone to hold them accountable and guide them on the path to success. There is only one



The “mom and pop” stores are another example of resisting change. They are now replaced with bright lights, gasoline, and food. Their variety appeals to the public at large. Those that were motivated to change with the times survived. Those that weren’t are extinct. Motivation means movement. It

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means tapping into the unlimited power given to you by God and moving forward. It means making a difference, advancing ourselves and those we contact. If we are motivated, we become passionate about what we are doing. Standing still is not an option. We then focus our attention on improvement while energizing ourselves. We create a momentum that builds the confidence and self-esteem necessary to make change a reality. If we remain the same, we start feeling complacent. Soon, if we are not careful the greatest obstacle success and change have ever known will raise its ugly head. That obstacle is known as fear. When fear places its death grip around you, doubt soon becomes the rule rather than the exception. We doubt abilities and become overwhelmed with the changes around us. We begin fighting for the illusion of security, failing to recognize that true security lies within us. Change doesn’t require a miracle. It just requires a little faith and a willingness to learn. Do you want to grow? Are you willing to try something new? As I write this, I realize that if I am going to produce the work I desire, I must change. I talk about change all the time. As a matter of fact, the prerequisite to attaining success is the willingness to learn and change. Without these foundational understandings, new information is a waste of time. Do you believe we are destined to change? Do you resist change? These are questions I commonly ask people attending our seminars.

Feature Inevitably 80¬¬–90 percent say they resist change. Consider this yourself. Is change something you resist? We now realize that people are destined to change. We are engineered to grow and succeed, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Should we lose sight of this fact, we convince ourselves that change is bad. We unknowingly place limits on our lives. If you are to succeed, you have to embrace change with optimism and enthusiasm. Those who fight what is natural ultimately lose the battle. Stop and think for a moment. Are you tapping into your full potential? Are you organizing your time efficiently? Time management is one area that most people could use a crash course in. Throughout my career I have encountered more individuals with a lack of desire to make changes in this area than almost any other. Think about how you spend your time. Is it as productive as it could be? Do you find yourself getting caught up in unimportant matters, working hard and getting nowhere? Most people never realize that their real enemy in life is their inability to sort through the clutter and realize their full potential. Are you result oriented or task oriented? That question answered honestly can tell whether you are a busy person or one that is more interested in “working on” the project before them. I have pondered many hours about why one employee can finish their work almost effortlessly while another is always busy but never completes a task. The seemingly busy one is always asking for help. They constantly seek more help if you continue to give it. I call it the “busy syndrome.”

I have come to understand something about the “busy individual.” If they do not allow for change in their lives there is little hope for them in the workplace or in their ability to become a peak performer. The Power of Perception In order for us to really make change a reality in our life we must examine how we perceive what lies before us. It is not the change that people actually resist. It is the perception of the change. Two things essentially motivate people: pain and pleasure. If a person is convinced that there is pain in staying the same or pleasure in changing, creating a desire to change their life takes little effort. A simple illustration of this could be exercise. One could view exercise as positive while another views it as a “next to death” experience. These perceptions give people a reason to pursue a particular activity, or to resist it. Therefore if you are trying to change, it is the perception you must sell to yourself. Peak performers tune into their ideas, visions, and the actions they want to implement. By learning to develop positive perceptions you will learn to accept change. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you are doing something? Many people continue to do things simply because they always done it that way. Rather than considering why they are doing something, time is often wasted doing unnecessary activities. To continue the ongoing change process, people need to ask why. Asking why forces us into deeper thinking. It challenges people to question assumptions that eat up our time. We then discover opportunity for

improvement. Being a peak performer carries with it risk. Peak performers turn risk into results. They are not afraid to take chances. Peak performers possess imagination and spirit. They do not lack courage, conviction, responsibility, or character. They walk in integrity and with a perception that stimulates change. They advocate excellence and thrive in adversarial environments. Without change we limit ourselves in all areas of our lives. Are we standing still or moving forward? To be effective we give to others. We add value and fill needs. We solve problems and help people. We cherish the fact that we have the ability to change and make a difference in life. Here is what I want you to do. Think of what you have desired to do for years. Places you would like to go and changes in your life you would like to make. Think of where you desire to be in five or ten years from today. Now write these things down and place them in a conspicuous place where you can refer to them. Afterwards use the following three rules of accomplishment to create an action plan to experience some forward movement in you life. The Positive Rules of Accomplishment 1. Read the list three times a day (change it as often as necessary) 2. Think of what you want as often as possible 3. Do not talk to anyone about your goals or plans Now start acting on it! Remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn. Begin now doing the things you have been procrastinating for years. Be a progress maker and create the life you desire. Proverbs 13:4 says, “The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully

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Feature Embracing Change (continued) to and consulted with thousands of his colleagues and individuals and on inspiration, personal development, motivation, leadership and business management. He is featured in the movie, The Journey, an inspirational film about life and the pursuit of success with Brian Tracy and Bob Procter scheduled for release in the fall of 2010. Often known for his Make It Happen & Peak Performance Strategies, his positive messages have placed him among the top inspirational speakers in America creating hope, belief and a winning attitude in people from around the globe. For more information you may visit his web site at www. makeithappennetwork.com.

satisfied.” Peak performers are diligent, realizing that the right kind of pain produces pleasure, the kind of pleasure that lasts for a lifetime. Before proceeding to change a given situation, ask yourself, Will these changes enhance my life and make it better? What do I really want? For instance if the changes I think I want to make do not enhance my life they probably will not last. By the same token if I “think” I want something but really want something else, change won’t be permanent either. You may buy a quarter inch drill bit, but do you really want the drill bit or the quarter inch hole it will produce? I believe these questions must be answered honestly to make change last. Disciplining ourselves to



embrace and commit to change as a part of our lives will help us create opportunities and return endless dividends that will last a lifetime.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: An author and speaker, Dr. Humble is often referred to as America’s Success Authority. He has written numerous articles published in professional journals worldwide as well as authored numerous books on business management and success principles. Dr. Humble has spoken

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Does Resistance Lead the Way? by Halley Élise

to take charge of all of your desires and transform your world into your perceived outcome.

Most do not realize that we have the power to change at any moment we choose. But we can literally transform any situation. Let’s take a moment and give thought to when the Earth was created… everything went from nothing to what we know as our world within seven days. It is said that God created man from the earth. It is also said in every culture and tradition, that we are created in God’s image. In other words we too have the ability to transmute or produce changes. It appears that since the beginning of our Earth, change has been a part of its evolution and ours. If we look at history, we see our planet has been transforming over and over again. When we think back to the original creator, we can say that the magic continues. It is seen when a kernel concedes its form to that of a seedling and then on to a plant. Everyone is familiar with the butterfly and its journey through transformation. All of this seems to be taken as “so it is.” Though when you observe the changes you have experienced throughout your years, you may not acknowledge that you too have manipulated and been the facilitator of your own changes into becoming who you are in this moment. You have the ability to continue to develop not only who you are as an individual, but

One of the easiest ways of creating change in your world is to pay attention to when you feel resistance towards someone or something. This is your inner wisdom guiding you and letting you know it is time to transform. Another easy way of creating change in your world is by being aware of others needs. For through the act of kindness and giving you alter you and all those you come in contact with; which in turn changes your world. You always have choice, you always have an option as to what it is you want or do not want from your world. Ever notice you may be in a great mood and someone else comes along and they spew their sadness all over the place and then you feel miserable? You in that moment may identify your feelings and ask yourself, “Is this the way I want to feel?” In just the asking you have begun change. You are a powerful being created in the likeness of the Divine. Is it any wonder that you can make things happen instantaneously? If you truly do not like what is taking place in your work life, your love life or your social life, you can change it! Begin by shifting your thoughts to your higher power. Remind yourself you are made in the likeness of this Infinite Intelligence and Love. Realize that who you are affects others and in that moment move your consciousness into a space of gratitude for that which you have and for those you love. You will instantly begin to change your world. You will take on an awareness of being in peace and gratitude and this takes away resentment, lack and sadness. In these moments you gain clarity and can begin to visualize what

it is you desire, which in turn begins the process of attraction. If you have awareness that you are resistant, ask yourself why? Truly be honest with you! Bring your thoughts to any moment in your past wherein you were able to by-pass resistance and accomplish your goal. Connecting with these memories and feelings empowers you to make change now. Understand too that the way you perceive your situation will in turn touch other’s lives. For instance you decide to buy a home, you are excited and you need to meet with the attorney to sign the papers and yet you get a call telling you that the lien paperwork did not come through... See all the people involved in your minds eye beforehand- see them all happy and content about the matter and see the necessary paper work being uncovered and complete. This small action taken clears up your resistance and lets the Universe know what your expected outcome is. This knowledge is great to have, but it is ultimately up to you to implement it in your life. You can see that you do have the ability to interact with and alter your situations, to affect not only you but others as well. “Are you willing to become the change you desire?” Many years ago it was said that once you learn something, you cannot unlearn it. By the same virtue, you still have to choose what you know. Perhaps you will begin today? Halley Élise: Empowerment Psychic, she’s helped FBI, police, and events with conflict resolution. Her studies and modalities have brought high awards and accolades from writing, poetry, art, and public speaking. http:// www.HalleyElise.com 561-755-2166

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Feature Small Changes That Build an Effective Executive Wardrobe by Eileen Simmons

Pull out everything in your closet that could possibly be worn to work. Try everything on. Make sure it fits well, that it looks fantastic on you and that it is in good condition. Build A Baker’s Dozen ▬ Your goal should be to have thirteen outfits in your closet. That does not mean thirteen suits. It means that with mixing and matching, your shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts and pants make up at least thirteen outfits that will comprise your executive wardrobe. You do not have to be at thirteen immediately, but it is what you want to work towards. You have worked hard to achieve the success you have right now. In today’s highly competitive world, putting attention on cultivating an executive wardrobe will accentuate the professional image that supports your objectives. While you know that you get only one chance to make the all-important first impression, it is equally imperative to make every day a day that you look your very best, even if you have no meetings except for the impromptu get-together you have in the lunchroom or around the water cooler. Make these small changes to build an effective executive wardrobe that will convey confidence and competence throughout your workday. Know the Environment ▬ Office climates are continually changing. Knowing what is considered appropriate for your office environment will ensure that you do not make any expensive mistakes when building your wardrobe. For example, in a conservative office a suit is a must; while in some offices, you



might wear a pair of trousers with a sweater set. Keep this in mind when visiting another office that might have a different business dress style than yours. Consider What Activities You Will Be Doing 9-5 ▬ If you look uncomfortable doing whatever your job requires you to do because your wardrobe selection is out of place, you will not be taken seriously on the job. Be sure you build outfits into your wardrobe for each activity. If you are an outside sales rep you will be doing a lot of driving around and pounding the pavement. You may want to wear more pants than skirts, or select suiting made with some stretch in the fabric, or wear less tailored styles that are easy to move around in. Start With a Closet Audit ▬ When starting to build an effective executive wardrobe, you need to start by being sure of exactly what you have already – before you make a list of what you need.

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Start With Your Core Color ▬ Start with at least one great suit that fits you perfectly, and in one of your neutral core colors. Your core colors are colors that are the same as your eyes or hair: black, brown, green, blue etc. Keep Your Budget in Mind ▬ Once you put together your shopping list, do not just grab your purse and go. Do some Internet research to see what is out there, look for sales and calculate what a realistic wardrobe budget might be. You will not feel good in your new clothes if you have gone into debt to pay for them. When shopping, remember that quality is important and you are going to spend more for quality. Leave trendy clothes for your weekend activities. Start with clothes that will last for at least a few years. Essential Pieces ▬ While the task of getting your closet into “executive shape” may seem daunting, this list will help you find the essential pieces to start with to build your executive wardrobe:

Feature 1. Two dark suits in one of your core neutral colors 2. One dark skirt in one of your core neutral colors 3. Two pairs of slacks in one of your core neutral colors 4. Two solid shirts or blouses (not prints) in your accent colors 5. Two accent-colored shells that would look great under your suit jackets 6. A jacket that is tailored, yet loose, in an accent color 7. A knit shell in one of your core neutral colors When in Doubt, Hire a Professional ▬ Consider hiring an image consultant, a personal branding coach, or an executive coach to work with you to define your professional objectives and help you put together your best possible executive wardrobe. You are now equipped with the knowledge and information to build a wardrobe that can clearly reflect your high

level of professionalism. Keep this article with you while shopping or when considering if something is a must have for a wardrobe that will bring many rewards.

Etiquette & Dining Skills Training, International Protocol Guidance, Body Language, Image & Color Analyses, Wardrobe Audits & Personal Shopping. She is the creator of ‘From the Classroom to the Boardroom’ a program held in area colleges to help students prepare to enter the workplace. Exclusive Corporate Image, LLC www.exclusivecorporateimage.com (954) 782 – 6075 │info@exclusivecorporateimage.com

Elaine M. Simmons Image, Etiquette & Body Language Consultant Elaine Simmons offers image consulting services to individuals & groups. Services include Business

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The Einstein Factor By Don Boyer

Albert Einstein once said “I see what everyone sees, but I think what no one else thinks.” What set Einstein apart from everyone else and caused him to be one of the most famous physicists of all time? It was his method of thinking, the same principle that separates the rich from the poor. Everything you have or don’t have in your life right now is the direct results of your method of thinking. As long as you hold on to the way you think, you will always get what you currently have. This is not a bad thing if you have everything you want and you do not desire anything else.

your own personal study of the power and importance of your words. Not only will you find it very enlighting, but it may just be the key that will unleash your hidden potential. It is vital to realize that words contain energy, and money contains energy. Along with that, understanding the law of attraction that states, like attracts like. That means two masses of matter of the exact same energy and frequencies will move towards each other. Therefore, when you send out words of energy (speaking to your money) they go out there in the universe and attract money like a magnet. This is not based on However, if you are not happy with mumbo jumbo, but exact science and the results in your life, the only way immutable law. to change them is by changing your method of thinking and your You may be saying to yourself, it can’t belief patterns. Here are 4 Einstein be that easy, and you know what? Factors to help you change your For you, you are right. Because thinking, to think out side the box, or doubt breaks the consistency of in other words, to think what only the those two energies, not allowing successful think. them to manifest to you, but faith acts as the landing pad, and brings Einstein Factor 1 “Speak to your that money right to you. Again, this Money” is pure science and laws of quantum physics. You don’t have to be an Most people have no idea the Einstein to use these principles, you tremendous power words hold. just have to put them into practice Words build up and words tear down. and believe it. Write down a sum of They are contributing factors to both money you want to attract in your life. success and failure. Words are not Now, every morning when you get up just sounds and syllables, words begin to verbally call that money to are containers of energy that affect you, and in time if you do not doubt it, matter. Words contain elements of it will come. It is important when you power, both positive and negative first start out, to make sure you feel energy. How you use this energy worthy of the amount of money you affects every aspect of your life. The are calling in. childhood rhyme that says, “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but If you are calling in $10,000 a month, names will never hurt me,” is big fat and you have never earned more lie! than $2000.00 a month, your inner belief system does not believe you Bones heal, and bruises go away, are worth $10,000 a month. Start but cutting words can do damage for out with calling in $3000-$4000.00 a a life time. Take some time and do month, attain that and then you move

up. Remember, doubt is not just a product of the head, or what is known as the conscience level of thinking, but mostly the workings of our subconscience. It took some of you 20 years or more to get the inner beliefs you now hold, you will not break or change them in 20 minutes. Just keep speaking to your money, and the money will come. It is the same law that makes the sun rise in the morning and the oceans keep their boundaries. When was the last time you worried about the sun rising? Can’t remember when? Well you don’t have to worry about the money coming in either. Just remember your words have a dual nature. When you speak words of prosperity and increase you are at the same time speaking death to lack and poverty. The same holds true on the opposite pole. Every time you speak words of lack and shortage, those same words speak death to abundance and increase. Now go out and “Speak to your money.” Einstein Factor 2 “It’s your beliefs and thoughts that are holding you down” Just about every student of success and seeker of wealth has read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Mr. Hill states that one of the first keys to attaining success is that you must have a burning desire, and that is very true. The majority of you reading this book have a “burning desire”, You know what you want and are even willing to pay the price for it. Yet month after month, and year after year it seems to elude you. Frustration comes in because you have the discipline, desire, and commitment, you read all the books and go to all the trainings

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The Einstein Factor (continued) and still fall short from reaching your ‘burning desire” that level of success you so desperately desire. How can this be? What is the answer? Your burning desire is like a rocket inside of you trying to blast off at full speed, but is tied down to the launching pad by indestructible chains. You lift off a few inches, but are unable to blast off! So, you give it more fuel (trainings, books, seminars) hoping to break free and blast off. Only to find it is of no avail. You see, those chains are unbreakable, but the good news is, you can unlock those chains and let them fall to the ground, allowing you to finally blast off.

our beliefs. No wonder this pursuit of success has been so hard. It’s a no-win battle under this kind of arrangement. The problem is not the system, but how we use the system. In fact, this system guarantees success 100% of the time, it will cause you to successfully lose, or successfully win, depending on how you apply it. The key is to get the system working for you. You do this by: • Being aware of your current beliefs that are holding you back • Writing down the things you want and desire • Affirming daily that you have your desires • Stating daily you are worthy of those desires • Speak to those desires, calling them in When you practice this and make it part of your lifestyle, you will find yourself reaching your long awaited goals, dreams and desires. It is not hocus pocus, but the science of your focus. Einstein Factor 3 “Success over night?...I don’t think so”


Those unbreakable chains consist of your inner belief system that was formed inside of you when you were growing up by well meaning parents, teachers, friends and your environment. The fact is, we were created for success, engineered for achievement but programmed for failure. The programming we got during our child and adolescent years usually does not serve us well as adults. Yet we live by them everyday of our lives because we simply do not know any better…until now.

In the quest for success and achievement please remember this truth. You cannot change your life in one day, however, you can change it’s direction on any one day that you choose. Success takes time and that is ok because it allows you to enjoy the journey to the top. Many people equate the climb to success with pain, suffering, and struggle and in fact is the road that most people take. But it’s not the only road, or even the best road. Let me show you a better way and for this, once again we turn to our good friend Albert Einstein and his wonderful understanding of science.

The next unbreakable chain are our thoughts, which are formed by

If you drop your pen what happens? It


Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises

falls to the ground because of the law of gravity. Unless you are a complete nut, you have never dropped your pen and then stressed out that the law of gravity might not work. Your success and achievement is governed by the same kind of immutable law, so why are you stressing out about it? The old saying, “If you knew that you could not fail, what would you do?” For many that is just a cliché and holds no reality. Or as someone once told me, “Yea and if my grandmother had hair on her legs she could be my grandfather”. The fact is, your success is based on law and once you understand that, and how it works, your success is guaranteed and you can enjoy the ride! The only reason you struggle so much is you are using the science or laws of success backwards! You are attracting problems, shortage, and pain not on purpose but by default. When you are going through hard times and speak about them, it causes you to constantly think about them, and will only reproduce more of them. Break the pattern, change your thinking and your speaking. Hey, what you currently have cannot be changed, but what can change is what is in your future. Once a harvest is here (result or conditions), there is no changing it. Even Einstein couldn’t change an apple into an orange. But you can plant a different kind of seed and get a different kind of harvest (result or condition). Think about success and you will produce success. Think about abundance and you will produce abundance. It won’t happen over night…but it will happen. Just relax and realize your success is guaranteed and go out and enjoy the journey to the top. Einstein Factor 4 “E+CYS x K= DR”

Feature Emotion, standing for the first letter in our equation is “Energy in Motion.” Emotion is a very powerful force, in fact one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It has the ability to unleash the scientific genius inside of man, allowing us to travel into space and back, but also has the ability to unleash the torrents of hell and bring upon mankind the vilest kind of destruction. When you are first in love with someone, you turn into a Superman or Superwomen who can go days with out food or sleep, and are endowed with endless energy and wit. The age factor has nothing to when this force is in full bloom. It is the power of energy in motion in the direction of love. What you want to do is get that “energy in motion” aimed at your goals and dreams. Once you get excited, motivated and, turned on about your dreams, that energy will propel you like a rocket towards them. But a word of caution must be stated here. That energy or emotion that is traveling towards your dreams, can be redirected to travel away from them by people and circumstances. Here you are all excited about your goals and dreams, fired up and you go and share them with some one who has done nothing other than live life like the back end of a horse and dropping road apples on the ground who will tell you “you can’t do that.” Joseph, the young boy in the bible told his dream to his brothers and they threw his rear end in a pit and sold him as a slave to Egypt! Listen, when people tell you what cannot be done they are exposing their limitations, not yours. Don’t allow people to steal your dreams by redirecting your energy in motion (emotions) away from them. Your success will never be celebrated among the average, only in the encampment of winners. This is why Mentors are so important to our success. Our Mentors cheer us on and become the voice of reasoning

that says, “Yes you can do it!” The first ingredient to our success equation is emotion, so get excited about your dreams. The next time someone tells you that you won’t reach your dreams, look them right in the eye and say, “Your Cool-low is out of here!” (Cool-low is rear end in Spanish…I think). CYS stands for being committed to your own success. Right now you have Mentors, family members and friends committed to your success. The only one left to be committed is…you. You have to be committed to your own success. When you are committed to your success it gives you the driving and staying power to overcome obstacles, temptations, and distractions. When you want to give up your commitment says no, and you keep on going. Unless you are committed to your own success, it really does not matter who else is committed behind you, other people cannot help you if you are not 100% dedicated to your cause. If you do a careful study of the ancient and Holy Scriptures, you will find that God tells us to, “Decree a thing, and I will establish it,” and in the book of Proverbs He says, “ I create the fruit of the lips.” In other words He gives us the scientific equation of the law of attraction. In layman terms God said to name it (your success or desires) and claim it. What most do is name it (failure) and blame it. I can’t be successful because of my spouse. I can’t become rich because of…the list could fill 5,000 books. When you are committed to your own success you will have no time to play the blame game, you will be out there carving out your own good fortune and enjoying life. The letter K stands for knowledge. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. And when you stop growing that is the day you stop living. Oh you may still have breath in your lungs, and walk

around, but as someone said, “Many die at 40 and don’t get buried until they’re 70.” Knowledge is the fuel that takes your dreams from your heart and transforms them into your hand. I ask people, “Will you dream of achievement or achieve your dreams?” Most everyone has some kind of dream to be more, have more and do more. Yet the sad fact is 97% of all those people will never experience their dreams. The only thing that keeps people from their dreams is knowledge. Some might say, action is the most important part, however if you have the right kind of knowledge it will cause you to take action. I was talking with the legendary William E. Bailey (a man who had a personal meeting with the Pope, lunch with Neil Armstrong 6 months after he returned from the moon, and created a business that produced $64 million dollars per month in it’s prime time) and asked him, “Why do so many fail to climb the millionaire mountain?” After a long discussion, he said one of the primary reasons was a lack of knowledge. Knowledge comes in many forms, much you learn by reading and study, but some come only from the care and wisdom of a mentor. Mentors do hold the golden key to unleash your potential and unlock your future. As our good friend and mentor Albert Einstein would agree, if you go into your success lab and take the ingredients of positive emotion, being committed to your success, mix it with knowledge, you will get your desired results, which stand for the last letters of the Einstein equation DR. Don Boyer is an outstanding public speaker and published author. He resides in Southern California and can be contacted at donboyer@ realifeteaching.com or calling 562-237-8039

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The Immortality of the Soul by Mark Anthony

Christianity. Matthew 6:19-21 You prefer this life, although the life to come is better and more enduring. All this is written in earlier scriptures; the scriptures of Abraham and Moses. Islam. Qur’an 87.16-19 Now my breath and spirit goes to the Immortal, and this body ends in ashes; OM. O Mind! Remember. Remember the deeds. Remember the actions. Hinduism. Isha Upanishad 17

Coping with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. It is during these times it is necessary to embrace your faith and belief system to find the inner strength to endure this pain. Every major religion in the world teaches death is not the end. As a man of faith, I believe in God, Heaven, which I call The Other Side, an Afterlife, and the immortality of our soul. As a medium, I also know it is possible to contact those who have crossed over. How you choose to believe in God, and how to interpret spiritual immortality, is a personal decision. To fully understand all the religions of the world would take lifetimes, yet they have overlapping teachings. As George Harrison once said, “All religions are branches of one big tree. It doesn’t matter what you call God just as long as you call.” However, despite their philosophical



and cultural differences, the major religions of the world agree physical death does not end spiritual existence. The following are a few quotes from religious texts concerning the immortality of the soul. The body is the sheath of the soul. Judaism. Talmud, Sanhedrin 108a The dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. Judaism and Christianity. Ecclesiastes 12.7 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroy, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

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One who identifies himself with his soul regards bodily transmigration of his soul at death fearlessly, like changing one cloth for another. Jainism. Pujyapada, Samadhishataka 77 Matter has no life, hence it has not real existence. Mind is immortal. Christian Science. Science and Health, 584. Relatives and friends and wellwishers rejoice at the arrival of a man who had been long absent and has returned home safely from afar. Likewise, meritorious deeds will receive the good person upon his arrival in the next world, as relatives welcome a dear one on his return. Buddhism. Dhammapada 219-20 Birth is not a beginning; death is not an end. There is existence without limitation; there is continuity without a starting point. Existence without limitation is space. Continuity without a starting point is time. There is birth, there is death, there is issuing forth, there is

Article entering in. That through which one passes in and out without seeing its form, that is the Portal of God. Taoism. Chuang Tzu 23 Man’s real nature is primarily spiritual life, which weaves its threads of mind to build a cocoon of flesh, encloses its own soul in the cocoon, and, for the first time, the spirit becomes flesh. Understand this clearly: The cocoon is not the silkworm; in the same way, the physical body is not man but merely man’s cocoon. Just as the silkworm will break out of its cocoon and fly free, so, too, will man break out of his body-cocoon and ascend to the spiritual world when his time is come. Never think that the death of the physical body is the death of man. Since man is life, he will never know death. Seicho-no-Ie. Nectarean Show of Holy Doctrines All the living must die, and dying, return to the ground; this is what is called kuei. The bones and flesh molder below, and, hidden away, become the earth of the fields. But the spirit issues forth, and is displayed on high in a condition of glorious brightness. Confucianism. Book of Ritual 21.2.1 Some day the Great Chief Above will overturn the mountains and the rocks. Then the spirits that once lived in the bones buried there will go back into them. At present those spirits live in the tops of the mountains, watching their children on earth and waiting for the great change which is to come. The voices of these spirits can be heard in the mountains at all times. Mourners who wail for their dead hear spirit voices reply, and thus they know that

their lost ones are always near. Native American Religions. Yakima Tradition The world beyond is as different from this world as this world is different from that of the child while still in the womb of its mother. When the soul attains the Presence of God, it will assume the form that best befits its immortality and is worth of its celestial habitation. Such an existence is a contingent and not an absolute existence, inasmuch as the former is preceded by a cause, whilst the latter is independent thereof. Absolute existence is strictly confined to God, exalted be His Glory. Baha’i Faith. Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah 81 One breath pervades all, what point is any weeping over another? Man wails over the loss of what he calls his: Know, the Self is not perishable. Sikhism. Adi Granth, Gauri, M.5, p. 188 The Way of death is found in one’s own mind and no other; Inquire of it in your own heart, In your own mind. Leave to the kami the path ahead; The road of the returning soul is not dark To the land of Yomi, To the world beyond. Shinto. Naokata Nakanishi, from: One Hundred Poems on The Way of Death We are on a market trip on earth; Whether we fill our baskets or not, Once the time is up, we go home. African Traditional Religions. Igbo Song (Nigeria)

Mark Anthony Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer,” is a psychic medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is descended from a long line of psychics and mediums that have been helping people with their abilities for over 100 years. Although he has inherited the ability to communicate with spirits, Mark has worked conscientiously to expand his psychic gifts to the fullest potential. This includes study at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England. Mr. Anthony is also a successful attorney and certified mediator, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. He earned his law degree from Mercer University in Georgia and studied law at Oxford University, England. An accomplished public speaker, Mark regularly lectures on Life after Death and Contact with the Spirit World. He appears world wide on radio and television as an expert in spirit contact and the paranormal. He often serves as a guest lecturer at universities, civic, religious, spiritual, and grief support groups. His upcoming book, “Let Go of Sorrow, Hold on to Love,” is about healing grief with help from the Other Side. Mark Anthony P.O. Box 121568 Melbourne, Fl. 32912 www.HealGriefWithBelief.com MediumMarkAnthony@gmail.com

You must motivate yourself EVERYDAY. - Matthew Stasior

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From Pain to Power

By Valorie N. Parker, Businesswoman, Author & Speaker I have been on an incredible journey from pain to power. After surviving a 19 year marriage of domestic abuse, I found myself homeless, but not hopeless. Armed with a foundation of faith, I and my four children began to rebuild, restructure and reposition our lives for success. It was a hard journey of recovery, I felt as though the whole world was watching me. We often fear what we don’t understand. Change, we all fear it. Change demands us to do something different from what we are accustomed to doing. I believe that is why so many are living undefeated lives. Les Brown use to say “Until the pain of staying the same is greater than the change we will never change.” This simply means that your life has to be so intolerable that you welcome anything other than what you are experiencing right now. It was hard for me to break my silence of domestic abuse because I knew my life would change, and it did. Those who I thought would embrace me walked away from me and my children. Society has been so twisted that they would rather accept the manipulation of an individual than truth. We never want to accept what is TRUE. We are so comfortable with our imagination and perceptions of what we think things are or should be. Our wealth mentally and physically is based on our ability to think, but we refuse to think because we don’t want change.



I began to look over my life and discovered talents that had been dormant waiting to be explored. We so often sacrifice our dreams for the good of the man instead of the will of God’s purpose for our lives. I left the marriage when I was 38. I am now 51 years young. I remember saying to myself when I was 30, “God take me now, I can’t take it anymore.” I am so glad he didn’t listen to me. I now know that God had bigger plans for my life. Guess what; if you would open your mind up to new possibilities, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagined, but you must be willing to leave your comfort zone and embrace CHANGE! As a businesswoman, I’m currently the President and CEO of Arise by VNP and Associates, a speaker’s bureau and a public relations company. I founded the Soul of a Woman Foundation, a non profit organization established to empower women in the community. For 19 years I served my husband in his ministerial capacity. I was good at making him look good so I took those skills I learned from serving him and opened my company Arise By VNP. As a result of doing that, I connected with several prominent individuals and entertainers. Les Brown became my main client and I was able to build my company from their. After the accomplishment of that company, my passion for serving was rekindled and I founded the Soul of a Woman Foundation It was hard being thrown into an environment that was not

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conducive to the lifestyle to which we were accustomed but, when you are faced with adversity that is when the resiliency of the human spirit kicks in and you begin to embrace a destiny far greater than what you imagined. I never dreamed that I would be an author, but to date I have written three books. The first book is my story, “From the Soul of a Woman, Love Shouldn’t Hurt”. One of the first things I wrote down as I sat in my new home after leaving that homeless situation was this, “Love affects our past, present and future. It is an emotion, a gift given to us from God and it should never hurt”. You see we give us the right to be different, when we give up our right to be free. Never let anyone have so much power over you till you cease to exist, and you create yourself a prison without walls. I hope my story will encourage and inspire you to hold fast to your dreams, embrace possibilities and mount up with the wings of an eagle and fly. If you are in a situation and need help, visit www. fromthesoulofawoman.com I have resources available to you. If you’re in an abusive relationship, tell somebody. It can be physical, mentally, sexually, verbally or emotionally, tell someone…Only you can break your silence and welcome change. Peace and many blessings Valorie N Parker – soultopics@gmail.com


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the movie goes to The Second Chance Society

(ad on pg 45)

Come to the Red Carpet Gala December 9 www.TheJourneyMovie.net

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Article Would You Like Some Wine With That Candy? By Erin Crowe

allow me to give you non-wine connoisseurs a crash course in the most popular types of wine. I’ll begin with the lightest and work my way down to the heaviest or most “full bodied”.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you may be looking forward to a lavish dinner party to impress the pants off of your friends. You could just be thinking about some casual quality time with the ones you love. Regardless of the reason, the holidays are a time for celebrating, and what better way to commemorate the season than to enjoy a great glass of wine? I read an article recently that talked about “odd pairings”. For example, pairing wine with barbeque, and it inspired me to think of what other odd pairings I could come up with. I thought about this past Halloween. My husband and I threw a huge party for our friends and family and of course bought way too much candy. As a wine (and chocolate) lover I found myself experimenting with different wines and candy long after the ghouls and goblins had dispersed. I figured that most people know that chocolate goes great with wine, but I sought to determine which chocolate went best with which wine. After that, what other “off the beaten path” pairing I could make. I am a firm believer in having fun with your food. It was a tough job, but after much wine tasting and candy eating, I felt that I came up with some pairing worth sharing. Before you hit the cellar however,



Rieslings can vary; there are very sweet and yet very dry Rieslings that can only be discerned by giving them a taste. As a general rule, they tend to be on the sweeter side in the US and contain light, fruity undertones. Try a sweet Riesling with jelly beans or even a sinfully delicious (white or milk) chocolate covered strawberry. You can thank me later. Pinot Grigio is a dry, white wine that is (to me) slightly bitter in taste. Many people say that it has a light, floral taste with lemony undertones. For the purposes of this article I chocked some down (I know, what a tough life) and found that it paired interestingly well with a Milky Way-the caramel did the trick. Ahhh, Chardonnay my personal favorite. Chardonnay is a white wine that is aged in oak barrels. It can range from relatively sweet in flavor with crisp fruity undertones to rich and smooth with a buttery, oaky finish. Since I like the oaky flavor, I tried my Chardonnay with a Reese’s peanut butter cup; and died and went to heaven. Onward to red wine; red wine is generally dryer than white, however there are some sweeter red wines. The perfect temperature for most red wines is about 60 degrees, rather than chilled like a white wine. If you don’t have a wine cooler, room temperature is the next best bet for your reds. Pinot Noir is probably the mildest

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of the common reds. It has a rich, smooth texture and is very fruity. Because of the slightly fruity undertones, I would suggest candy that incorporates fruit such as Raisinets or even a chocolate covered cherry. Let’s talk about Red Zinfandel. Red Zinfandel is dark, slightly fruity, generally with a spicy kick and just so happens to be my father’s personal favorite. I recently learned of an evening during which my dad was enjoying a fabulous glass of red zin with a great bowl of ice cream. So delightful were the two that he decided to combine them. Red Zin ice cream is now a family favorite; zinfully sinful. To round out our wine selection, let’s finish with a Cabernet, the driest and full bodied of our wines. Cabernet is a robust and oaky wine. I like to think of it as the Chardonnay of the red wine family. A good Cabernet (like many things) gets better with age, so I would recommend a Cab that is at least 4 years old. Pair your “getting better all the time” Cabernet with a decadently rich dark chocolate with almonds or even a Snickers. Of course there are a myriad of wines to choose from these days and even a few that I left out, but the above list should give you a general idea of the characteristics of the most common types of wine. Now that you have selected your wine, the fun begins! I suggest trying your selection first-really taking the time to smell the wine and taste it, letting your taste buds speak to you. What I suggest in this article may not strike your particular fancy but, what’s important is to enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment with

combinations that seem downright strange. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to give this fun little experiment a try, I suggest getting some friends together, (have them each bring their favorite bottle) hitting the candy aisle, and letting the indulgence begin.


Erin Crowe is the newest member of our Nothing But Good News writing staff. We love her light hearted look on life and her “delicious” sense of humor. Look for more great stuff from Erin in upcoming issues of Nothing But Good News magazine. Erin is a freelance writer, so if you are interested in having someone “spice up’ a story for you; contact tracey@ kandeeg.com and she will pass along your info.

PLACE YOUR AD HERE! CALL 954-295-9932 To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to. 39 Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises www.kandeeg.com - Kahlil Gibran




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Break The Mold by Ridgely Goldsborough The trumpet player threw down his instrument in disgust. In another town, not too far away, the dancer hung up her shoes. The little leaguer chucked his glove into the drawer, informed his Mom that he no longer stood to bat. On a job site, a frustrated worker punched out before time. A college sophomore dropped out before final exams. A disgruntled spouse took a suitcase, a pile of clothes and drove off into the sunset. In the third week of a three month program, two friends blow off their diet and head for the ice cream shop. New Year’s resolutions would more accurately be labeled New Day’s resolutions. Easy start, easy stop. We suffer from a lack of grit and it sucks. So what if change is hard? Do you really like where you are and what you have that much? Is it enough? At the first sign of tension or trouble we look for the quick fix, seek the magic bullet, the perfect pill, the lotto ticket. How will we ever feel the true elation of victory, the profound satisfaction of a valiant struggle, regardless of the final result?

Did a parent teach us broad entitlement, a false sense of expectation that we somehow deserved more than others, even without effort? Can’t we look past the shallow media exhortations, manipulative insinuations that the latest, greatest will somehow improve our lot without additional contributions from us? I live in fear that somehow my own children will miss this lesson. I stress my brain to find ways of showing discipline and its rewards, perseverance and its ultimate power, stick-to-it-iveness and the value of not giving up.

the flavor of the day? Will you gaze from the summit, give up before you reach the top or never even bother to tread upward? What legacy will you leave those that follow? I’ll take my walking shoes off when the trail wears thin from the legions that make the decision to step out. Dust yours off. Nice day for a hike… That’s A View from The Ridge…

How can I lead by example, go the extra mile in every venture or endeavor, help them even, to find challenging circumstances that will test their mettle in the supportive embrace of Daddy’s stalwart faith? How can we learn to tell the truth to those who ask what it takes, to act as real friends, the kind that never hesitate to confront difficult questions with honest answers—no, nothing worthwhile will flow your way by accident. I can only express my complaint by the steps I take to create a solution, not a perpetuation of an all too pervasive problem. Yeah, change is hard—so what?

How did we fall so off track? Who led us here? Did we do this to ourselves?

We have to walk the walk. If asked, we have to talk the talk. If not asked, we keep our mouths closed and our feet moving.

Often, we see tendencies in our personal history.

What about you? Will you drink from the grail or settle for

Author and international speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, known in the hispanic market as Richeli, has spent the last 20 years as an expert in personal growth and development. Much like Napoleon Hill did in the early part of the last century, Ridgely has interviewed titans of business and industry in person, for his television show and on the radio. Based on the principles learned from these interviews and his own personal journey, Ridgely continues to write books and create audio and video programs to help us all on our journey to success. Learn more about Ridgely and his programs at http://aviewfromtheridge.com/

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Article A New Way Of Thinking, A Paradigm Shift From The Old To The New by James Young

We are experiencing, not only in America but globally a meltdown of major institutions, corporations and even governments crumpling down around us. This is leaving us in awe and wonderment. What are we to do? What is going on? These questions and more have become the daily topic of most. We are experiencing this breakdown because we continue to do the same thing over and over. We are still using ideas from the sixties. What may have been working in the Seventies isn’t working now. We are now 10 years into the 21st century and we are still applying 20th century solutions to 21st century problems. The inherent style of education has been teaching people what to think. As a result of being taught what to think, this limits the growth of society as a whole. If people are only taught what to think then they can only perform at the level they have been taught. At one time this may have been an appropriate solution to the problems of that period but this does nothing for those of us faced with 21st century problems. Now factor in that by the age of 17 we have been told 150,000 times, “No you can’t,” while at the same age you have been told only 5,000, “Yes you can.” So is there any wonder why so many small businesses fail? Is it any wonder why so many feel depressed? Is it any wonder so many of us feel like there is no use in trying? Well, I am here to tell you these feelings that you have are not your fault. You have been taught to think like this. Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed to fail by our teachers,



and even our parents. But there is good news; you, me… we can do something about this. You, me…we can re-program ourselves from just learning what to think, to how to think and what to think with. There is a new paradigm shift taking place all over the world. Perhaps due to the advent of the Internet which provided people with access to unlimited amounts of information is forcing us to see that if we do not change the way we think further catastrophes will occur. Your thoughts control the shape of the life you live. If your thoughts are thoughts of depression, you live a depressed life. If you live a life where you are thankful for each moment then your life is a life filled with its own sense of fulfillment. I can give you examples like this on and on. The fact of the matter, you are what you think. What to think with Now learning how to think involves what to think with. All of us think with our conscious mind. All of us are so proud of our conscious mind. I have a news flash the conscious mind is very limited. The conscious mind has a very low attention span and can only do one thing at a time with any amount of success. I know everyone’s head is ringing. There are alarms being triggered by your brain. The alarms are screaming out throughout your brain, “New thought, new thought.” This is being fired across your brain triggering your emotions and now doubt and fear begin to surface. New thoughts trigger these types of reactions. Now

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let me explain those reactions to you so you can put those emotions in their right perspective. The best example to use is when you are injured, immediately your body will go into shock producing a natural anesthetic just like morphine to take you a way from the pain or when an infection enters your body, your body automatically goes into mode to start protecting your against the infection. When the brain detects something new or different, it starts firing off these warning alarms. This is a natural reaction. This is what the brain is supposed to do. These warnings detect danger and serve us well. So as this new thought entered into your brain and these warnings go off, there is nothing to be afraid of, it is the brain signaling to the rest of the brain, “There is a new thought coming in.” Before we go any further let’s go back to the conscious mind again. The conscious mind is very limited in what it can do. For example we can not drive a car and talk on the cell phone at the same time. These are tasks that if done one at a time seem to be so simple, but when done at the same time, could lead to disaster. So if we don’t use the conscious mind what do we use? We use the nonconscious mind. The nonconscious mind fires off billions of thoughts in seconds. It is in the nonconcious mind that all those thoughts you have been programmed to believe reside. Getting into your nonconscious mind will take some work. Your conscious mind provides you with ability to perform many tasks. I don’t mean to limit the conscious mind because it is brilliant, but nonetheless

Article limited. The conscious mind doesn’t get anything done in the long term. It may trigger the thought of deciding to do something but never actually gets anything done. Only between 2 and 4 percent of the time does the conscious mind get something done. Now don’t misunderstand this, even at 2 to 4 percent that tiny bit is critically important. Our conscious brain remembers, this is where imagination resides and happens, where vision and dreams are born, where new paths are chosen, new risks taken, new initiatives explored. But these things are only realized in the short term when they do actually happen. For all the brilliance we like to think that our conscious mind is capable of, it is severely, and I mean severely, limited. This is coming as a shock to all of you, I know. It sounds like a fire station going off in here. “New Thoughts.” “New Thoughts.” It is hard for us to remember things in sequences. Our conscious brain has a difficult time remembering more than six or seven digits or more than two or three events at a time. The average person loses focus every six to ten seconds. Now, knowing this, aren’t you glad that part of your brain isn’t in charge of running all of your biochemistry? Yet, that is the part of the brain so many of us use and trust with our most valuable gifts, our dreams, our goals and our aspirations. Now that was the bad news, here is the good news. Your nonconscious brain works nonstop, around the clock. Every day of your life is limitless. The nonconscious brain is vastly more powerful. Your conscious mind is only the captain on the ship, your nonconscious mind is the entire crew fulfilling every last function

that will make that ship sail. As the conscious mind loses focus every 6 to 10 seconds, the nonconscious mind never loses focus. NEVER. NOT EVER. The power center of the brain is the nonconscious. This is where the great bulk of perception happens. This is where our habits reside. The conscious mind is used to define, articulate, and set goals. Your nonconscious mind follows through with dozens, hundreds, even millions of actions necessary to achieve those goals. It is staggering to contemplate even a fraction of what your nonconscious brain achieves every second of every day in your life. Your nonconscious brain is also the repository of all of your habits, both physical and mental. What is a habit? A habit is something you do over and over again without thinking about it or giving it any thought. When you think the same thing over and over again this becomes a habit of thought. A habit of thought over time becomes an attitude of belief. When I talk about belief, I am not referring to your religious beliefs. I am talking about your habit of thought, your opinions, and attitudes about your life and your prospects for your life’s fulfillment. Most people view their goals in the form of hopes or wishes. “I hope I will succeed.” Or, “I wish I could get further ahead.” Now the rest of the sentence that is not said out loud is, “But I bet won’t.” The biggest obstacle in front of most people is not external but the inner thought of belief that they don’t believe it will happen or that it could be done. If you don’t believe something will happen it is almost guaranteed that it won’t. If you are suffering from financial stability, lack of money is not the problem. That is only the symptom. Lack of money is only the fruit. To find the cause, you need to look at the seed. The fruit will always

match the seed. And the seed is your habit of thought. Now, habits are thousands of times stronger than desire. You may have the desire to be rich but if your habit of thought doesn’t support that desire, you are never going to be rich. Through research, it has been established that 96 to 98 percent of all of your behaviors are automatic. This is why we set goals but never reach them. Setting goals is a function of the conscious brain, reaching those goals is the function of the nonconscious brain. How to think If the beliefs that you have aren’t working, how do you change them? How do you adopt new beliefs? You have to retrain your nonconscious mind. This is a two-step process. First, use your conscious mind to choose the thoughts you want to be your beliefs. Then you have to systematically impress these thoughts into your nonconscious mind. Understanding the conscious mind, you can use the power of will and imagination, to create an idea. We can choose what to think. The mistake that is made often is that because we have that idea we will act on it, we believe because we think it, we will do it. But the odds are, we won’t. We won’t act on these ideas until we take those conscious thoughts, make them impeccably clear and then deliver them to the nonconscious mind. Remember setting a goal is a conscious exercise. Achieving the goal is a spiritual and nonconscious exercise.

As a renowned professional speaker, author, success coach; life, career or business, radio and television personality, James Young is quickly rising to national prominence by delivering his high energy and dynamic story about his own life and how he overcame adversity. Visit James on the web at www.JamesYoungSite.com

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Article Investing in Fulfillment and Abundance By Ernest D. Chu

As a Wall Street investment banking executive for many years, I discovered the power of invested capital to create companies, build new industries like biotechnology and the Internet industry, and create billions in stock market value. But as a business and life coach, author and spiritual teacher, I realized that the greatest resources are the inner wealth that lies within us – our inner qualities such as insight, intuition, vision etc. Learning how too consciously use this tremendous inner wealth will enable you to reach your goals, increase your income, and find deep personal fulfillment. We have all heard Russell Conroy’s story, “Acres of Diamonds,” of the South Asian farmer who sold his rather rocky farmland to go elsewhere to make his fortune. This seemingly poor quality farmland later turned out to be the Galconda Diamond Mine, one of the richest ever discovered to that point. How many of us judge ourselves as not being special enough, not being smart enough, or not knowing the right people or having what it takes? Each of us is sitting on our own acres of diamonds and we can choose lament the cards that were dealt to us or recognize that not only are we diamonds in the rough, but indeed most of us are sitting on a huge treasure trove of inner assets that can be directly correlated to the material world. Share What is Uniquely Yours: Each of us has many choices of how we create income or attain our goals. Most of us spend the majority of our waking time in work



related activities. If you look at work as simply an activity that generates a paycheck, then ultimately you will have to find meaning in other parts of your life. Do what you enjoy, but if you enjoy helping people, you don’t necessarily have to work in a notfor-profit company. Recognize that it is what you bring to your work, rather than solely the work itself that is a major part of that experience. When you begin to value yourself and what you have to offer, you will ultimately to share with the world what is uniquely yours. When British author, JK Rowling created the Harry Potter series of books, she wrote her first book having to rely on what little savings she had and some public assistance. But her most valuable investment was her great imagination, her ability paint pictures with words, and to envision a fantasy world of muggles, wizards, and dragons. Many of Rowling’s friends and neighbors certainly had some doubts as to whether she ever would make any money as a writer. Yet, within ten years, Rowling’s unique Harry Potter brand, encompassing several books, movies etc. was worth several billion dollars, a return on investment that dwarfed even the returns on investment by the early shareholders of Microsoft. Come from Strengths When I was growing up, I was ashamed of the fact that I looked different and was shorter than my classmates. What I would have given to have been 6 foot tall with blonde hair and blue eye, rather than being 5’ 6” and Chinese

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American. But when I went to Wall Street,one of the hottest fund managers at the time was Gerald Tsai, a Chinese American who had been born in Shanghai. I discovered not only that it was okay to be Chinese, but that there were quite a few advantages. I could walk into a crowded room, and while I might have some difficulty remembering everyone, most everyone would remember me. I had inherited a solid work ethic and part of my gifts was my ability to take in what might be an overwhelming amount of information and be able not only to sort it out, but to glean insights from it. Steve Jobs, the founder of three great companies, Apple Computer and Pixar Studios, had the gift of being able to blend creativity with precision, and insight with imagination. Apple incorporated these qualities in its products which not only enabled it to gain a substantial market share, but build generations of loyal Apple users. It was the collective investment of the founding group in both Apple and Pixar that created the inspiration for the products, the impetus for their funding, and the imagination to innovate. Invest Your Inner Capital When you use your inner assets, direct them with intention, and focus, you only need to add the source energy of love to harness the essence of source energy – spiritual capital. The feeling of love, which is the soul’s real currency, is more than a feeling of well-being, but it is creative, connective and transformative. When you invest your spiritual capital, the return on investment is not just simply monetary, but it opens up other possibilities. My good friend and mentor, the late


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Article Investing in Fulfillment and Abundance (continued) By Ernest D. Chu

Jay Wells always looked for opportunities to help people. He made friends easily because he was interested in others, qualities which helped him become a successful businessman. One day, Wells found himself hospitalized for a routine procedure. While he was recovering, he started talking to some of the nurses and other patients, and asked why there weren’t any TV’s in the hospital. He was told that there was one in the doctor’s lounges and that TV’s were a luxury that the hospital couldn’t afford. He began by offering to donate a few televisions to the hospital, and eventually this led to formation of Wells National Services, a public company that became the leader in installing and renting bedside televisions to hospital patients. Joel Roberts, one of this country’s top media coaches, is another example of investing soul currency. For more than 15 years Roberts was the feisty, sarcastic, and often deliberately controversial drive time radio host of one of the top rated stations in the country – Los Angeles based KABC. A music afficionado, Roberts found himself at a concert standing near one of the huge speakers when it accidentally blew out, causing him to lose his most of his hearing in one ear and more than 60% in the other. From the top of his profession, he suddenly was unemployed. Or so he thought. Today Roberts is one of world’s top message and media coaches. He helps authors, executives, salesmen, lawyers, publicists etc. apply some of the same skills he used on the air, such as having a hard hitting message, holding listener interest, and



learning how to use news headlines to build a hook. Living from Flow Soul currency investing is so much more powerful than the limiting aspects of simply investing the symbols which represent money. It enables us to live from possibility rather than fear and risk. From an open heart, we are able to share and to put ourselves in the flow of not only material prosperity, but the deep fulfillment and inevitable right action that flow always produces. The message we receive is one of greater connection, not only to others around and the collective good, but a deeper inner connection to Spirit that brings us fulfillment and a sense greater purpose.

Ernest Chu is a spiritual teacher and author of Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth in Fulfillment and Abundance. For more information go to www.soulcurrency.org

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. - John Heywood

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Article “Unveil your YOUness...EVERYDAY” by Dianne Hanks

Everywhere you turn-- the buzz is about change, transforming, makeovers, re-inventing, or remodeling some aspect of life; our country, our work, our home, our world, our backyard, our career, our bodies, our hair, or our attitude. Why IS that and what plans do YOU have for YOUR makeover? Call it what you will-- a radical transformation OR a makeover; human beings, THRIVE on constant improvement with lots of variety and this trend reflects that to a degree that is unprecedented. Change really is the only thing that remains constant.


joy can only be bought with the unspeakable price few are willing to pay, usually only 2% of the population that GETS IT. Are you part of that 2%? Something tells me if you’re reading this YOU ARE! Congratulations!

Where I live, in southern California, I can’t drive on a street or open my mail without being bombarded by a lap band procedure ad with a half-naked fat man shown from the side shouting, “Diets fail, lap band works!” What they don’t tell you is that AFTER you have the procedure, you have to radically alter your eating habits anyway, so why not discipline yourself and do it and avoid the procedure altogether? The physical body is only ONE area people desperately think they need a makeover in.

Many ache for change so deeply, that they may make unhealthy changes just for the sake of change. Unemployed? CHANGE something! Do something different! BE something different! May I suggest a staggering concept? The difference to gravitate towards is your YOUness. You may have heard this: “You are totally unique, just like everyone else.” As profound as that sounds, it resonates with truth, a deep, abiding simple truth. There is only ONE you and you get to make the most of your YOUness every breath you take, every person you interface with, every opportunity you embrace to serve others with your YOUness. Your YOUness is what people want to hire. Your YOUness is what people fall in love with. Your YOUness is what inspires others to let their YOUness out also...Every day.

People keep hacking at the leaves to their problems seeking easy insta-solutions, when getting at the root is the only thing that will really be effective over the long run. Dealing with emotions deeply buried, letting them surface, though painful, may be the quickest and least painful overall that leads to true transformation that can’t help but be reflected in all aspects of a person’s radiance and appearance, including wardrobe, hair, and makeup. You can’t fake a happy, healthy, glow. The sparkle in one’s eyes that reflect peace and

Every person is born with a purpose; not just some of us, ALL of us. We each have a message we eventually feel compelled to share. Are we our message? Is the way you live, the way you love, the way you serve others in harmony with your message... Every day? I advocate with such fervor the message that we live and look like who we ARE... Every day. The more beautiful our message is, the more beautiful we should be, and we should be that CONSISTENTLY. The longer I see the same people over and over, the


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more I appreciate, recognize and value CONSISTENCY. Consistency in our looks, consistency in our temperament, and consistency in our message... Every day. The opposite is hypocrisy and can be toxic when talking about temperament. Do people have to walk on egg shells when they’re around you because they never know which YOU they’ll encounter? Never be that person. Give yourself an attitude makeover -- Be consistently positive thinking in every aspect of your life, what a powerful difference you gift yourself and others when you are... Every day. Positive consistency builds trust. Positive consistency builds character. Positive consistency tells our bodies we mean business when it comes to nutrition, water-intake, and exercise and thereby produces results. That’s why lifestyle changes gradually implemented that are sustainable work when diets don’t. Consistency in optimum skincare yields a radiant complexion. Consistency in oral hygiene yields a dazzling sparkling smile, a golden key to open doors in the market place as well as relationships. Consistency in our relationships cements the bonds we share and creates a force to be reckoned with. Love is the most powerful agent for change ever known to mankind. Love is the magic ingredient that fuels every effective makeover I’ve ever seen. To love yourself enough to take care of yourself reveals to what degree you allow others to love you--not in a vain, self-absorbed obsessive way, no, a respectful, appropriate level of self-care and nurturing...Every day. Looking good, feeling good and being good are fruits of a life of purity that transcends fads and trends. Doing good lifts all to another level of synergy. Making the effort to look good shows

Article respect for yourself and for all those who come in contact with you...Every day. Beauty feeds the hungering soul...Every day. Beauty with goodness nurtures it. Beauty with kindness and compassion is a gift Princess Diana offered -- never ever underestimate the giving power of unveiling your beauty by learning simple makeup techniques that enhance your features. A great hairstyle for you is another way you can express your personality and your power, along with your femininity if you’re a woman. Adorning yourself with your unique style and selecting appropriate modest clothing is yet another way you can give gifts as you share your message, thus enabling the potency of its delivery. Remember the opposite of these is true as well, but with a negative sting. Remove any and all possible distractions so that you and your important message won’t be misunderstood -- don’t you want to be crystal clear in all your communications?

As the Queen of Makeovers, believe me when I share that the only changes worth making along with the ones that will be lasting change are those that simply, and I mean VERY simply, TRANSCEND and AWAKEN your true, highest self, inside and out. You can’t be something you’re not intended to be. A seed has within the potential for greatness, but NOT the potential to be something it’s not. It can be nurtured to become what it’s designed to be to fulfill the measure of its creation. A beautiful makeup job lasts a day. A great hairstyle lasts a few weeks. Those are only icing and so temporary. While those serve a purpose, what good is looking fabulous if you feel miserable? Reflect on that for a second... As a person living in their fullest capacity for living and loving, THAT’s what the world needs, not another replica of some shallow being on a main-stream magazine

spread. The YOU that refuses to be silenced, the YOU in your full power, radiating your sublime self-sparkling in your YOUness...Every day. Dianne Hanks “The Queen of Makeovers”, inside and out, Vice President of the World Positive Thinkers Club, whose specialties include skin care, cosmetics, jewelry, divorce recovery, dating after 40, hair, social media marketing, laughing, and SUNSHINE, sweet SUNSHINE. A Hollywood-born California native, Dianne is the Founder of MakeoverSession. com, emeritus charter member of the 5AwesomeOptimists channel on YouTube, author, speaker and personal consultant for real life happiness and SUNSHINE. Dianne’s BLOG: DianneHanks.com Contact info: diannehanks@gmail. com

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Winter 2010 - Kandee G Enterprises


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