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Pauline.B & Claire.N

The Symbols London black taxi, cabs : The black cabs or taxis are also being modernised and many are now painted other colours. They carry a yellow ' For hire ' sign above the windscreen which is lit up when they are free.

The double decker buses : London's double decker red buses are world famous. Bus routes are identified by numbers and sometimes letters, for example the 73 runs between Seven Sisters and Victoria.

The tube : The London underground ( the tube is the oldest metro system in the worle, upon wich 1 billion journeys we made each yeas. The quickest way to get around London is no doubt the subway, wich USA vast netwark of tunnels and trains that will get you anywhere in London that you want to go.

Collège François Mauriac Léognan

The post boxes : Red post boxes can be seen all around London and the rest of the UK. Pillar boxes are not all the same. Some are much older than others. Post boxes older than 1980 will often have the words post office rather than Royal Mail as seen on modern post boxes,

Nicknames for British Police : Two nicknames for British police, 'bobbies' and 'Peelers', come from the founder of the 'Met' Police, Sir Robert Peel.

Collège François Mauriac Léognan

May 2011 our trip to England in the footprints of Sherlock Holmes  

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