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NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE Advancing Our Community

by breaking the link between disadvantage and achievement


(North Shore, Norlane and Corio) It’s about Postcode 3214… Postcode 3214, which covers North Shore, Norlane and Corio, recorded the 3rd worst average ranking in the state across 22 indicators of disadvantage including internet access, income, education level, literacy and numeracy, long-term unemployment, unskilled workers, juvenile offending and criminal convictions.

An intervention is needed… Action needs to be coordinated and proactive. The solutions will be made possible by strong action and partnerships between individuals (students, families, donors), agencies (NBC, Deakin University, The Gordon, Government Departments, employers, business, health and community agencies, other education providers).

NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE Northern Bay College (NBC) is one of Victoria’s largest public schools and it faces significant challenges to improve the education and work outcomes of students now and into the future. The College has a primary commitment to our students, their families and our communities. Norlane and Corio are among Victoria’s six most disadvantaged suburbs with longstanding problems becoming increasingly ingrained (see Dropping Off The Edge, a July 2015 report by Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia) and while much has been done to lift education and health outcomes there, success is elusive. The area is listed among the the worst off among 667 Victorian postcodes. Postcode 3214, which covers North Shore, Norlane and Corio, recorded an average ranking of 45 — the third worst in the state — across 22 indicators of disadvantage including internet access, income, education level, literacy and numeracy, long-term unemployment, unskilled workers, juvenile offending and criminal convictions. In fact, on a range of measures, success is declining. The result has worsened since Catholic Social Services and Jesuit Social Services last published the Dropping off the Edge report in 2007. The 2015 report follows hard-hitting job losses across Geelong’s manufacturing sector, which heavily impacted many in the northern suburbs. Positive interventions are needed – in the lives of individual students, families and our communities. This can only be achieved through partnership. To help address these issues, Northern Bay College established the NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE (FFTF) initiative in 2012, with the aim of understanding how the broader community can support improvements across the gamut of measures that help to define successful communities – and to develop a positive plan to address these measures. “A society that is good to children is one with the smallest possible inequalities for children, with the vast majority of them having the same opportunities from birth for health, education, inclusion and participation” (Stanley, Richardson & Prior, 2005)

OUR MISSION NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE supports Northern Bay College in identifying and removing all barriers to successful student pathways to further education and/or employment.

OUR VISION A community that is proud of their 3214 postcode and sets and achieves high standards for all students in terms of wellbeing, health, nutrition and education and employment.

OUR BOARD MEMBERS Mr Kenneth Harrison, Chairman

Mr David Ensor

Mr Mark Kennedy

Ms Joan McGovern

Mr Fred Clarke, NBC Principal

Ms Emma Henderson

Mr Keith Fagg

Ms Ella Vines

Ms Elaine Carbines

Mr Leon Czarnuch

WHAT IS THE NEED There is little argument that good health and education for our youngest community members are the keys to success in North Shore, Norlane and Corio and that, while some areas are improving, many important areas are declining, as evidenced by The Wellbeing Report – Telling the Story – on students at NBC. Undertaken by Good Beginnings Australia, which has since merged with Save the Children, the report provides a baseline of information about the health and wellbeing of NBC children. It is a fundamental first step towards delivering on what FFTF and NBC wish to be known as the Northern Bay Challenge. The Wellbeing Report – Telling the Story was funded by an Innovation Grant from Give Where You Live, one of the Geelong region’s leading charity organisations. As the report authors say, the report is heartening because it shows children doing well in immunisation and school attendance as well as improving trends of school completion and reading capability. The challenges are significant:

● ● ● ●

Lower numbers of babies being breastfed compared to the Victorian State average; An increasing number of Corio children assessed as vulnerable in two or more domains;

An increase in the number of Norlane and North Shore children assessing as emotionally vulnerable; Socio-Economic Indices for Areas (SEIFA) scores across 3214 are worsening – although North Shore’s is improving; and, ● A high number of young people aged 15-25 are not engaged in education and / or employment. The Wellbeing Report asserts that improving the health and wellbeing of children requires a continuous and coordinated effort across the community. An essential part of this process is the collection of accurate data to get a true picture of how well children are doing and to track their progress over time.

OUR FOCUS: “THE NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE” At Northern Bay College, we challenge all those who work within and beyond the college to do all they can to guarantee a successful pathway for our students into further education or employment.

Steps towards achieving this outcome:      

Northern Bay College Leadership would drive a ‘challenge culture’ of improvement Northern Bay College staff would develop a ‘growth mindset’ Northern Bay College parents / carers would engage with the college to ensure all barriers to a successful outcome were removed Northern Bay College students would actively engage in college programs Agencies and services would engage with Northern Bay College in a strategic and integrated fashion ‘Challenge Partners’ would be sought to remove barriers to achieving our goal

WHAT ARE WE DOING TO HELP OURSELVES? 1. Promoting health and wellbeing from birth through to school entry

12. Creation of new sporting fields 13. Establishment of a college ‘Allied Health’ team

2. Building school readiness

14. Scholarship program

3. Co-locating services on the college campuses

15. Student Overseas Travel program

4. Building community engagement

16. Aspire program with Deakin University at Years 6, 8

5. Planning and building school facilities to suit a new way of teaching and learning

and 10 17. School-based apprenticeship program

6. Creating employment pathways

18. Student university access during school holidays

7. Promoting inclusive school practices

19. Hands on Learning

8. Running student intervention programs

20. Trade Taster and VETiS program at on site Trade

9. Building links with tertiary providers

Training Centre

10. Extended School Day

21. A sports academy program

11. Heroes journey at year nine based on the Reach

22. Supporting our ‘new arrival’ students


NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE is registered through the Geelong Community Foundation which allows tax free donations to be made into the Northern Bay College Scholarship Fund. Fundraising is enabled through the establishment of the NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE Sub-Fund of the Geelong Community Foundation.

10 PILLARS TO UNDERPIN NORTHERN BAY CHALLENGE’S AIMS We believe there are 10 pillars that will underpin our mission and vision:

1. Health 2. Tertiary education access 3. Capital works 4. Co-located services 5. Community engagement 6. Removal of barriers, creating pathways to success 7. School readiness 8. School connection 9. Employment Pathways 10. Youth Development

TEN PILLARS AND ELEVEN DELIVERABLES 1. HEALTH DELIVERABLE ONE: Improved health of children in their first 1000 days before they reach school.  Seek a Doctor-in-Schools placement  Promote healthy diet from the earliest possible age  Regular health checks  Promote healthy physical activity from the earliest possible age  Ongoing education for students and parents about benefits of good healthy lifestyle choices and risks associated with less healthy choices  Ensure access to comprehensive primary health care  Provide young parents with early nutritional interventions


Guaranteed entry into tertiary education for students deemed capable after completing Year 12 at NBC.  Negotiable guaranteed entry in Victorian Universities and TAFEs for students deemed capable based upon a Principal Recommendation


   

Scholarship and mentoring program to allow students successful completion of final two years of secondary education. Seek university, TAFE, philanthropic, employer and individual support to allow capable students access to Skyline Education Foundation scholarship Seek University, TAFE support allowing capable students access to HECS/fee-sponsored scholarships, matched by FTTF Seek individual community members who are prepared to mentor and support a student in their final two years of secondary schooling to access employment post year twelve. Scholarship recipients to support and mentor students in Years 7-12.


Successful advocacy for financial commitment and follow-through on completion of the NBC’s building master plan.  Advocacy by FFTF is to the State and Federal Governments to ensure the regeneration program is completed  Work with key stakeholder organisations to gain strong support and momentum for completion of the regeneration project

4. CO-LOCATED SERVICES – Community One-Stop Shop DELIVERABLE FIVE: A one-stop shop in Purnell Rd (at the Wexford Campus).  Advocacy to maintain pressure to fund a joint Department of Education and Training /City of Greater Geelong Integrated Early Learning Centre at the Wexford Campus  Advocacy to build and attract other agencies to the Wexford campus Early Learning Centre  Seek a Lawyer in Schools placement.  Seek a Doctor in Schools placement

5. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Northern Bay Challenge (Family) DELIVERABLE SIX: Parents and community ‘buying in’ to The Northern Bay Challenge.  Develop a ‘community engagement’ action plan  Build social capital through an adult education and family education strategy  Gain staff commitment towards the importance of community engagement  Market the Northern Bay Challenge  Fund places for parents in ‘Getting Ahead’ at Northern Futures


      

NBC to remove all barriers to school success and create pathways to future employment and/or study. Develop an Outcomes Framework based on the NBC Wellbeing Report Enlist support of agencies and services Action the Communities That Care report Further refine inclusive school practices Establish a 0-5 Framework to support school readiness Enlist community support to enrol “families” in NBC – not just students Promote the importance of the First 1000 days


All students enter NBC ‘school ready’ with NBC equipped to make adaptions if necessary. Target children from birth to age five who are expected to attend NBC and begin enrolling families into the NBC Challenge Facilitate Early Years assessments for students expected to enroll at NBC Undertake early intervention programs for prospective NBC students Set up a Pre-Prep Program at NBC

8. SCHOOL CONNECTION DELIVERABLE NINE All students have a high connection with NBC and with each other.  Establish one-stop shop at NBC by creating a full-service school model  Ensure quality teaching is evident in all learning communities and all LearningAreas  Monitor and respond to student feedback

9. EMPLOYMENT PATHWAYS DELIVERABLE TEN: All students have a career action plan from year five onwards. Activities required: • Develop strong pathways from Prep to year 12 • Ensure all students from year five to year twelve have a Career Action Plan • Develop a WRAP (Work Ready Applied Pathway) program to ensure marginalized students are successful at school • Establish an Academic Panel to monitor students at risk of not completing year 12 • Case manage students at risk of non-school completion • Work with agencies and employers to create genuine pathways for NBC students

10. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT DELIVERABLE ELEVEN: All young people in Corio / Norlane are active community members. • Establish a Sports Academy at NBC • Establish a ‘kids as catalyst’ creative leadership and resilience program • Establish a youth mentoring program • Create opportunities for young people to give back to the community • Set up a Police Cadet Club • Create opportunities young people to work for extended periods of time away from the school

THE FUNDS FOR THE FUTURE BOARD – WHO ARE WE? Mr Kenneth Harrison, Chairman AM, MBA, FAICD, FASCPA, B.Bus, Dip. Acc. Chairman, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Trustee, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Foundation Ambassador, Royal Children’s Hospital Leadership Circle Director, Royal Children’s Hospital 1000 Governor, Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Pain Management Foundation Chair, Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia Ms Elaine Carbines GAICD, BA, Dip. Ed CEO G21 - Regional Alliance Director IPAA Victoria Director Barwon Water Director GForce Committee member Bellarine Bayside, Karingal Foundation, BSW RDA Committee Director, Australian Dental Association, eVident Foundation Governor supporter, National Gallery of Victoria Director, Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology Director, Collinsbank Pty Ltd Director, Australian Agricultural & Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Mr Keith Fagg, OAM, B. Ec. (Hons.) Director, Fagg’s Mitre 10 Chair Salvation Army Advisory Board Chair Samaritan House Rotarian Ms Emma Henderson Lawyer Victoria Legal Aid Norlane Community Centre Board Former Student of Northern Bay

Mr Fred Clarke Principal, Northern Bay College Director, Family Planning Victoria Chair of the Geelong Industry Trade Training Centre Member Victorian Association of Secondary School Principals Associate Fellow of the Victorian Primary Principals’ Association Director, Bethany Community Support Inc Dr Mark Kennedy MB. BS, B. Med. Sc.(Hon.), Grad. Dip. Fam. Med. Corio GP Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice. Mr David Ensor Principal – The Bourke Group PL Patron – Bendigo Community Foundation Ambassador – Haven: Home, Safe Ms Joan McGovern, GAICD, Grad. Dip. PR Principal – Reputation Matters Ms Ella Vines Lawyer Harwood Andrews Lawyers Mr. Leon Czarnuch CPA Business Manager Community Sector Banking

If you wish to support the NBC / Northern Bay Challenge and its vision for a transformed Corio and Norlane community, please contact: Ms Deborah Barclay Secretary, Funds for the Future Board Executive Assistant, NBC Principal +61 3 5245 3501

The Northern Bay Challenge  
The Northern Bay Challenge