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Campus Catch Up Simon Says Words of wisdom from the Health & Safety Manager Bugs Are All Around Simple ways to minimize E.coli infection are to: • Buy fresh vegetables from a reliable source where possible • Always wash your hands before preparing food • Thoroughly wash raw fruits and vegetables before eating them • If in doubt, soak vegetables such as lettuce and apples in distilled white vinegar for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Wash with clean tap water • Sanitize cutting boards, utensils and kitchen surfaces with a good kitchen spray • Avoid cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked food • Cook meat well to destroy any bacteria • Use only safe water • Refrigerate leftovers immediately

E. coli – Once again it is in the headlines, following the outbreak in Germany which has had tragic consequences (I am sorry to say it makes good press). But what exactly is E. coli, apart from a very good excuse to give up fruit and veg? E. coli is found everywhere in our environment and even inside our bodies. It is generally harmless to humans when it’s in the gut - it actually helps with digestion and gives us much-needed vitamins. These bacteria help us to digest food and perform other essential tasks without bacteria in our bodies, we wouldn’t live very long. However some types of E. coli can cause serious illness or even death. Foods can become contaminated with E. coli if proper food safety measures are not followed.

The general motto would be - if in doubt - wash it!!!!!

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Students ‘Stir the Spirit’ Adult & Community Learning Sculpture students and their tutor, Teresa Martin, are exhibiting their work at the Adur Art Trail in Shoreham. ‘Stirrings of the Spirit’, held at St. Mary de Haura Church, celebrates Whitsun themes of wind and fire, energy and inspiration and the students have produced 50 ‘fiery’ reliefs to decorate the old oak screen of the church. The Adult & Community Learning project is based on abstraction and mark-making to embrace all cultures. The work is on show until 19th June - 11-5pm Mon-Sat and Sun 2.30-6pm at St. Mary de Haura Church, East Street, Shoreham.


Noodle Issue 9  

Northbrook Student Newsletter, June

Noodle Issue 9  

Northbrook Student Newsletter, June