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Finding The Right Hand Trucks, Dolly, Or Platform Cart To Fit Your Needs __________________________________________ By Hari Dylan -

Whether you are moving furniture, appliances, equipment or products, having a hand truck around can not only save you time but it will go a long way to help prevent work related injuries. Warehouses and moving companies have been using hand-trucks, dollies, and platform carts for decades so they can load and unload items with safe efficiency. They also will help eliminate the number of lower back injuries that occur from lifting too much weight.

To Learn More About folding hand truck Hand trucks come in all shapes and sizes - folding trucks, 2 in 1 convertible, appliance, and specialty with different wheel configurations. Without the right knowledge, finding the right hand truck for your needs can be difficult. This guide will help you find the right trucks, dollies, or platform carts whether using it for small business or in a big warehouse setting.

There are 3 basic categories of hand trucks - Upright, Convertible, and Specialty Standard uprights are great for small business owners who need to move objects that are 500 pounds or less.

The heavy-duty hand-trucks are capable of carrying loads over 600 lbs. When it comes to materials, hand trucks are typically made from steel and aluminum. Steel If you want the most durable and strongest material, go with steel. Steel hand trucks are very strong, because they are reinforced with double welded joints and cross supports for the highest durability and strength where it counts.

Aluminum Aluminum hand trucks are lighter than their steel counterparts, but are just as strong. Magnesium is sometimes alloyed with aluminum to create an even stronger construction. Convertible If versatility is what you are after, check out the line of convertible trucks that are available. A convertible has four wheels and is slightly more versatile because it can be used as a standard upright style or in a horizontal handcart configuration.

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Folding hand truck  

Folding Hand Truck

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