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THE WEDDING DAY Yesterday morning we started the trek towards White Head Island, a beautiful little fishing village in the Bay of Fundy, just off the Island of Grand Manan. I was driving alone in our vehicle, completing our caravan of four vehicles. Tuned into a Christian radio station, I listened as my mind reviewed the events of the day before, my daughter Megan’s wedding. I thought about how God has blessed me over the years and felt a little overwhelmed by His goodness. Of course, family is extremely important during these life events and, as Christians, we not only had our physical family to reach out to but we also had our spiritual family, the family of God. What a blessing it was as so many friends and relatives not only agreed to assist in the preparations of this wedding and reception but felt honoured to be asked. Many volunteered their services in the different areas of their expertise and interests. As I pondered these things, I thought about the preparations of the wedding feast that each Christian awaits. The husbandman, Jesus Christ, has claimed His bride and has gone to prepare a place for her (John 14:3). The Jewish people in Christ’s day would have readily understood this betrothal period as the

husband left to prepare a home for his bride and the bride waited with great anticipation for her husband’s return. In the weeks before Megan’s wedding, ` drove five hours to Amos, her fiance, visit on a few occasions. Each time, I could see the anticipation growing. Maybe I was imagining this but as each visit approached, Megan seemed to be getting more and more excited to see her soon-to-be husband. Sometimes I have to remind myself that Christ set aside all that He had to take on the form of a man. Why? He did so for the joy He would receive when He returned for His bride, the Church (Hebrews 12:2). Wow! It’s hard to fathom the idea of the Lord Jesus Christ being actually excited and filled with joy as He waits for His bride - which includes me! Do you know what I think the really sad part of this is? I too often lose sight of the wonder of it all and my excitement isn’t as great as it should be. In preparation for her wedding, my daughter and our family spent months making sure everything would be just right. She was ready to meet her husband as he stood waiting with great anticipation. Are you excited, ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes for His bride? Becoming a part of the Church, the Bride of Christ, is not my emphasis here but let me ask you; where do you stand spiritually? Do you believe that Christ died for your sins and that accepting the


free gift of salvation He provided through His death, burial and resurrection will save you and make you a part of the Bride of Christ? If you have never made that choice to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, seek out someone you know is a Christian and ask him or her to explain salvation to you. Christian, keep Christ’s return foremost in your mind! I find it so easy to get caught up in the events of life and I forget about my coming Lord. As I finish up this article, a couple of days after beginning it, we start preparing for another wedding. My oldest daughter, Candace received her ring while we were on White Head Island. I pray that, in the busyness of these next months, I will be reminded over and over again that I need to be preparing myself, that we need to be preparing ourselves, as the Bride of Christ to meet Him.

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Meet in the Middle I grew up in a family with two older sisters and two younger brothers. Oh the joys of being a middle child. I once read a caption that I have a particular fondness for. It said, “I’m a middle child. What’s your super power?” Being a middle child does have its perks. I’m the most balanced of all my siblings. Granted, if you asked them that question, I suppose their assessment would be quite different. As I was thinking about my family, and in particular my spot within it, I realized there are few people in life who ever fully find a proper balance. I certainly have my struggles in this area. Whether it is balancing priorities, marriages, families, work schedules, ministry opportunities or even our personal walk with the Lord, we tend to be people of extremes. It has been said, “Balance is like a pendulum, it is that brief moment in the middle

when you’re swinging from one extreme to the other.” I think we can all relate to that statement. But how do we learn to be more balanced in our Christian life? The answer is that we must examine the life of Jesus. In John 17:4, Jesus said of Himself, “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.” As we examine the life of Jesus, we quickly learn that He lived in a needy society; the opportunities were endless, the needs were tremendous, the demands upon His life were exhausting, but He walked away from many of them. You see, living a balanced life is about being able to put your head on the pillow at night having said, “God, I have done the work you have given me to do.” Jesus did not do what everybody else wanted Him to do, He did what God the Father had planned for Him.

FAREWELL TO OUR MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR We are saddened to announce that after 11 years on staff, our Maintenance Director, Mr. Paul Long, has resigned. Paul felt God leading him back into the carpentry business and concluded his ministry with us the end of April. He was an important part of our ministry team and his many skills were put to good use over the years he served at NBBI. We thank God for the Long family and for Paul’s many years of faithful service on our campus. Please pray for the Longs and for NBBI as we continue to move ahead for the glory of God.


In Mark 1:35-38 it says, “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. And Simon and they that were with him followed after him. And when they had found him, they said unto him, All men seek for thee. And he said unto them, Let us go into the next town, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.” Jesus walked away from all the needs of those hurting people. Why? Because Jesus was looking to the Father and not others to determine His priorities. I am trying to learn daily what it means to drown out the well-intentioned plans of men for my life and to say, “Lead on O King Eternal.” Jesus said no to what was good so He could say yes to what was best.

LADIES’ CONFERENCE October 16-17, 2015 with author and speaker, Cynthia Heald, coming up



WEDDINGS Martha Grant (’14) to Caleb Kelly (ABM/B.Th. ’15) on May 16, 2015. Megan Rushton (Assoc. ’14) to Amos Grant (Assoc. ’14) on May 23, 2015.

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FEBRUARY MARCH and here is a20-22 part of & what he said, “Thank

MATTHEW LITTLE July 12-17 Tay Valley Bible Camp Taymouth, NB Teen Camp August 8-15 Odosagih Bible Conference Machias, NY JOHN HOAG August 9 East Ridge Union Church Mars Hill, ME Preaching KEITH MCMAHON July 6-10 Camp NBBI Victoria Corner, NB Vacation with a Vision July 12-17 Salem Baptist Church Sackville, NB DVBS July 19-24 Argyle Pubnico Baptist Church Glenwood, NS DVBS July 27-31 East Waterboro Free Baptist Church East Waterboro, ME DVBS August 23-28 Long Lake Camp Buckfield, NS Teen Camp

you so much for this past weekend of Encounter. I am truly humbled at the hand of God. The impact this weekend had on the teens in our youth group is easily seen...Thank you for providing an

On February 20-22 and March 20-22 we hosted our annual “Encounter” teen retreats. Over 500 teenagers converged on our campus for what proved to be two powerful weekends. Bay Forrest, former NBA player, powerfully challenged the teens to surrender to Christ and we saw over 50 teens rise to their feet signifying they had put their faith in Christ. It was an exciting time and I am thrilled that God worked in such a marked way. The retreaters had fun, stayed up too late and left exhausted. We are glad for the good times but NBBI is even more excited about the changed lives. One youth leader sent us a note

opportunity to worship the Son, allow Him to work in my heart, and in the hearts of the people I brought.” Lord willing, we will be hosting two teen retreats next year and we would be excited to have you become a part of what God is doing during these times.

November 12-14, 2015 March 31-April 2, 2016



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Why not join us this year for our Vacation With A Vision program? The dates are June 28-July 3, and July 5-10, 2015.


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