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Best Personalized Books速 Distributed by Nazter Unlimited

Available Deluxe Size 9" x 6" Books Only $13.95 each Direct Contact : Jasmine Gonzalez (856) 207-7828

Attend a fancy dress ball, dance in a ballet and have tea with the King and Queen when you become royalty.

In this classic tale set in a mysterious enchanted castle, help Beauty find true love with the Beast.

Help the Little Mermaid rescue her father, Neptune, from the clutches of the evil sea serpent in this underwater adventure.

What will you be when you grow up? A dancer or cowboy? A doctor or chef? This book is full of fun choices.

Who’s the best artist on Sesame Street? Big Bird helps your child decide who will be the blue ribbon winner!

Counting is fun when your child helps Elmo learn to count to ten in an exciting outdoor adventure.

Learning the ABC’s has never been more fun. Help Big Bird tidy up while on an alphabet scavenger hunt.

Elmo and his Sesame Street friends give potty training tips to your child and help him or her learn all about how to use the potty.

An exciting adventure in Gotham City! When Catwoman steals a special robot, it’s up to you to help Batman find the clues to catch the thief.

It’s a magical adventure at the museum when all the exhibits come alive! Help Superman and Wonder Woman save the day.

Garfield loses his teddy bear. Your child solves the mystery and enjoys a tasty snack.

Team up with Scooby-Doo and the gang to solve a mystery and save the party from an angry polar bear!

Who says school is boring? Not when you have to solve the mystery of spilled milk and strange noises coming from the school lockers.

Meet Mother Goose, Humpty Dumpty, the Cat and the Fiddle and all the favorite characters in this classic tale.

Magically travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and save the giant creatures from an erupting volcano.

The Wolf is after the Three Little Pigs. Your child is the hero in this classic, well-loved fairy tale.

The crowd at the stadium goes wild as you lead your favorite team to a stunning victory.

Your favorite soccer team needs you to make the winning goal in an exciting championship game. Choose the winning and losing teams as well as a favorite player!

You are the star athlete who leads the team to victory in football, basketball, and baseball games.

It’s a magic carpet ride to dreamland to meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other famous African-American heroes.

It’s a trip to the North Pole and a wonderful holiday wish-come-true as Santa gets ready for Christmas.

Make Your Christmas Gift Extra Special Include a Personalized Letter from Santa for an additional $1.50 with your Personalized Book Purchase

While deciding which costume to wear to the Purim Festival, have fun remembering famous Bible stories.

Celebrate Kwanzaa and learn about its traditions on a field trip to an AfricanAmerican festival.

Become a part of the famous Bible story and travel back in time to join Noah and all the animals on Noah’s Ark.

Learn the meaning of faith through the famous Bible story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish.

Join the Wise Men in their journey to Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus in this heartwarming Christmas Story.

A beautifully written story follows your child through their days as they communicate with God through prayer.

Best Personalized Books速 Distributed by Nazter Unlimited

Available Deluxe Size 12" x 9" Books Only $16.95 each Direct Contact : Jasmine Gonzalez (856) 207-7828

The Justice League needs your help to stop the villainous Gorilla Grodd, who’s been monkeying around with the park animals at a theme park.

Your wish will come true when you’re off to see the Wizard with the Looney Tunes! .

It’s a stone-age adventure when your child helps Fred Flintstone win the Bedrock Olympics!


Personalized Baby Book A Wonderful Gift for New Parents Every story includes the child’s name, date of birth, weight, length, doctor’s name and hospital name; plus, plenty of room for photos and other valuable items for a newborn.

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