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How to Save on Air Cargo The way pricing for air cargo is done is somewhat complicated. There are cases whereby, the price of your air cargo is fully dependent on weight and size of the shipment. Such indicators are usually fixed by a service provider and calculated as per your specifications. Lately, a system was created to provide general prices for items, which were grouped into a number of classes. This is why one would rarely find great discrepancies in air freight pricing. For starters, these classes apply to all air cargo items. The grouping is simply done to make listing much easy. The classes can be based on qualifications like load-ability, density, and mixed environment appropriateness among other factors. Remember that every item that is considered for air cargo must have its class. This means that from the small parcels to the large equipment, every item is included in a class. This is why the classes range up to 500. Air freight forwarders can use different parameters to rate their cargo. The most common two are the per one hundred pounds and the cwt. In most cases, the amount you pay for air cargo is entitled to a discount. This discount will depend on the class in which your cargo is placed. You must also know that there are other additional charges that pertain to most air cargo. The freight forwarder can charge an additional amount for a forklift or loading dock. This lift gate amount is included as part of the air cargo charges since most shipments need to be picked up and delivered by the company. If you need this kind of equipment, you must arrange for it earlier to avoid complications when your shipment arrives. The other extra charges that pertain to air freight can be applied to people who want the carrier to take another route in order for their cargo to reach on time. Basically, there is a designated route that must be followed by the shipping, any diversions that are made must be paid for. You can also pay extra charges to cater for inside pick-ups and deliveries. When it comes to such situations, the carrier must ensure that your air cargo arrives as scheduled. You will need to pay some additional charges so that when your goods are picked up inside the establishment, it is being done on time. There are also cases whereby you would like your shipment to be taken to residential areas. Notably, most states do not allow huge trailers and trucks to go to residential areas. What is done is, your cargo is transferred to smaller trailers before the residential pick-up and delivery. Consequently, extra charges apply. In most cases, these extra charges are the ones responsible for discrepancies in pricing. There are so many other additional charges that may apply to your air cargo further stocking up your bill. To avoid falling victim to extra charges that are unnecessary or can be reduced by other factors, you can speak to intermediaries who would help you discover some crucial forms of saving on air cargo.

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How to Save on Air Cargo  
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