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informal trade

biodisel smugglers bazaar trade


smuggled city Instructor | Deniz Aslan

For many years Haydarpaşa is used as load transfer harbour and containers are such a secret for the city. They are the visible faces of invisible or maybe who knows the illegal.. Streets we walk everyday has the same ideology. There are lots of illegal idioms and experiences we witness everyday. Those who build their lives above illegal idioms in Haydarpaşa will share the unseen with the society open and aboveboard. While establishing their economic system on illegal clearing they exchange the produced algae energy with the containers coming from the cargo ships, and they sell the products in their smuggler’s bazaar.

So project basically moves away from the idea of building a rational housing complex and focuses on an imaginary scenario for evaluating contemporary public needs which aims to converge with the characteristics of Haydarpaşa. This idea comes up with the question of How can the illegal identity of Haydarpaşa and housing programe is cross-programmed? Later on question transformed the project into a microanarchy which develops microeconomic and micropolitic approaches by having diverse programmes like smugglers bazaar and algae lab. In conclusion crucial focus is to merge programs with a new economic model.After all isn’t it’s all about economy and politics?


term * 17-18’ FALL

images: dordoi bazaar

site *LEVENT


p o ro u s city

MIMED[ARCHED] 2016 JURY SPECIAL PRİZE Jury | Ozan Avcı, Sevince Bayrak Göktaş, Sinan Kafadar, İnci Kale, Maria Jose Pizarro, Gökçeçiçek Savaşır, Neil Spiller, Erhan Vural, Belkıs Uluoğlu

Levent has a dynamic urban network but it cannot use it’s potentials because it’s growing fast and uncontrolled.This growth creates irreversible closed systems, makes concrete islands. Even though this chaotic,solipsist, off-scaled approach of Levent is manuplating the future. Project continues with the hope of existence of open systems which combines and questionize public programs. Urban porosity term here combines differences and make residents breathe with the help of diverse plug-ins.

So the idea is to create transparent in-terfaces betweens problems and zones to control the growth and to ensure continuous horizontal and vertical urban flows. Conducting meaningful, colloborative,community based progresses/spaces as program needs is important for the future of the city. This project debates the enclosed, distant, introvert life in the city and uncover the social and economical potentials. So the question is how can we make the city porous?


term * 16-17’ SUMMER


04 home office/ Construction Project Instructor | Aslihan Tavil



term * 16-17’ FALL


05 youth factory Instructor | Alper Derinbogaz

10. Yıl Street itself is a disconnector, doors in city walls are the biggest referances for urban connectivity and continuity. Street and buildings near serves as “private properties”. So in this high urban dense fabric, stimulating the street with public purposes and proposing a system parallel to the flow is important. Even though there are lots of high schools and universities in this region there aren’t any spaces for students to socialise. This research is about transforming “education” into more playful and open forms.

Form is studied by taking references from the city walls and important urban spots (flows, stops, activators) and these references are matched with the program needs. Moreover, the system seeks to make the city walls live today and it refuses to see the walls as a stable remnant of history which seperates two regions. So in it’s front settlement, it opens itself to the walls and in it’s back face it merges with topography and close itself in the green area behind.


term * 15-16’ SPRING

Architecture Portfolio 2018 | Irem Naz Kaya  
Architecture Portfolio 2018 | Irem Naz Kaya  

Undergraduate Architecture Works in Istanbul Technical (ITU) and Auburn University (AU)