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Welcome to the Weirdsistas....... Here at the WeirdsistAs we use a method that combines both product and process, we call this the Sista System. We do not use any backcombing, perming solutions, waxes, glues or sewing cottons to make dreadlocks. The Sista System is a method designed solely by the Weirdsistas and it involves tightly weaving and binding the hair follicles together with a tiny hook, (very different to the crochet hook method which tends to rip and break the hair and leave a fluffy appearance) into a dread. At first, your dreadlocks will be thinner than we have designed them to eventually be, as we lock them in tightly, but as the days go by and from using our products, they will relax and expand to your desired thickness, (almost like a felting process). Your hair will always be thinner at the ends from many years of brushing, colouring and bad shampoos and product along with just a natural amount of hair lost per day, (up to 100 hairs are lost a day naturally). This basically means your hair will be thicker at the base, (catagen stage) than it will at the ends, (talogen stage). This pattern changes over the months as your dreads grow and with our Sista System method, your dreads become thicker and more established as the follicle stays within the bind, eventually becoming a very solid and cylindrical shape. Your hair, for the best results, will need to be about 10cm- 15cm long, this is so that your hair can both lock and be able to handle extensions if this is your choice. The Sista System takes all this information into account and starts with a consultation that will give the lokktician time to process your hair type. Step one- Consultation... At your consultation you will talk with a qualified lokktician who is there to answer any questions you may have and give you a very clear understanding of how we can achieve the design you have in mind. We believe, dreadlocks are a very big decision and one you should research. It is important to us that there is no pressure for you to make a booking, however should you have done your research and feel comfortable to secure an appointment, you will then be given your pre dread collection. For a consultation we charge $20 but if you decide to book in straight away for a specific date after your consultation, the consultation will be free. * A quote given in a consultation is only valid for 1 month as it will obviously cost you more the longer you leave it before booking, the longer your hair will be, which will take longer to dread! Our range of dread products is a product range specifically designed for dreads only. This range is completely vegan, uses pure hydrosols and organic essential oils, and has been designed by Lock Stock & Apparel. They are used exclusively with the Sista System, bringing your dreadlocks the natural elements - a natural answer to a natural process. The products in your pre dread collection to prep your hair for your new dreads are: Lokk BloKk – exclusively designed as a Dread Shampoo, - stripping any silicone used in the majority of shampoos, which coats the hair fibre, making your follicle difficult to dread and encouraging flyaway. LokK-Tea – made and designed by Lock Stock & Apparel, this final cleanse for your hair the night before your dread appointment, will speed up the dreading process. Pre Dread handbook – a concise breakdown of the pre lokK process and what to expect on your dreading day. The Sista system has been designed for wax and chemical free lokks, assuring your dreadlocks stay well formed, clean and manageable. We do not need to use any backcombing (which breaks and shortens your hair). With our method the process mimics the way your follicle would matt itself if left unattended. As long as you use the correct products the Sista System allows you to determine the amount of maintenance you require. Who are the Weirdsistas?..... The WeirdsistAs are not hairdressers but professionally

trained lokkticians that have had many years in the dread industry. We pride ourselves on being the only accredited lokkticians in Australia. The Sista System is a completely natural method, and you can be assured your dreads will be well cared for. We have studios in both West Australia and Victoria and we also have Sista lokkticians Peta Mtchell Porter of Harmony Dreads in Mullumbimbi QLD , Heidi of Sunshine Dreads in Kalgoolrlie , Eco Dreads in Denmark WA, Nurse Lovelocks in Esperance WA, and Free Spirit Dreadlocks in Safety Bay WA. At the Weirdsistas, our loKkticians are trained over a 12 month period, and the Weirdsistas are the only training company with accredited courses that are always fully booked. Your Dread Day.... When you arrive for your dreadlock appointment at either 9am or 10am, your lokktician will prep your hair by prepping it up with a Lokkup treatment and designing the dread bases. This process is called sectioning and here at the WeirdsistAs we consider this process to be the building blocks for an amazing design. Your lokktician will already have gone through with you on your consultation the type of dreads that you want her/him to design and therefore a plan has already been put into action. This process takes up to three hours, but most base work is designed within the two hour period before a 1 hour lunch break. The remaining day is spent locking you hair into place and getting to know each other. We love to have a chat and a laugh and our lokkticians are all very intelligent and caring beings. They understand that you may also want to just sit back chill and read, or indeed play with an IPad. When you leave the studio you will take home your Full Dread Care Collection- KchillA (peppermint soothing spray for itchy scalp), LokkUp - (amazing Himalayan salt binding spray perfumed with spices), LokK Tea, and LoKk Handbook. Maintenance.... For brand new dreads, we recommend that people come back in 1-2 weeks for maintenance after their initial dread installation and then once a month for about 6 months. Then the amount of maintenance your dreads will need will taper off and usually people with established dreads come for maintenance once every 2-3 months. The reason why we encourage people to come in a week to 2 weeks later is, basically the longer you leave it after your dreading session, the longer it will take to tidy up and therefore cost you more money. How regularly you come in for maintenance will depend on your lifestyle, age, how quickly your hair grows at the scalp and what kind of dreads you like (neat and tight or loose and a bit messy. We always tell our clients that the more regular you are with maintenance in the early stages of your dreads, the better off your dreads are going to be in the future as they will be strong, tight and cylindrical with no looping. If you stick to this program, your dreads will be healthy and very handsome within six months... Maintenance is certainly a personal preference and talking with our clients on Facebook, ( is always a good way to find and see wonderful dreads and talk with people that come to the WeirdsistAs for dreadlock design and care. This dreading method, which takes a few months to achieve the perfect outcome, requires patience and an understanding that dreadlocks are a process, and are certainly a lifestyle choice and not just a hairstyle choice. For maintenance, from Tuesdays through to Fridays, we charge $88 per hour or $77 per hour on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays if you can provide a Full time student concession card or Centrelink Health Care Card or pension card. On Saturdays we charge $95 per hour for maintenance. Full dread Prices..... It is very difficult for us to price the cost of your new dreads without seeing you, however, we do have an hourly rate, which is $99.00 per hour from Tuesdays through to Fridays

and if you hold a Centrelink concession card, Full time student card or a pension card, we charge $88.00 per hour on Tuesdays and Fridays. On Saturdays for full dreads, we charge $105.00 per hour. (All prices are GST inclusive). This includes all the above process and product. It is not the length or your hair that will so much determine the costing but instead the thickness and the condition of your follicle, it is for this reason we suggest a consultation. I hope this answers your question but anything else you may want to know you can go to and on the contact page you can go to our Facebook page. If you decide you would like to go ahead with dreads and make a booking, we will ask you for a deposit of $198.00 for full dreads if you have a weekday appointment, $176.00 for Concession on Tuesdays and Fridays or $210.00 if you have a Saturday appointment. This will secure your appointment for you and you will receive your pre dread collection to help prep your hair for the dread day. *If you need to cancel your appointment we require 1 weeks notice. If you cancel your appointment under the 1week notice window, your deposit will not be refunded. The same applies should you not turn up to your appointment. Weirdsistas Bank Details.... Account Name : Weirdsistas Vic Pty Ltd BSB : 016307 ACC # : 191243661 When putting money into our account please use your name as a reference and finally, send us an email or text to let us know you have put it in. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us on 0451 974 782. Blessings, Weirdsistas.... Â

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An info sheet which helps you to understand the process prices and products used in the sista system.

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