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Children and Youth Literature

To imagine, surprise and enjoy.

PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION 36 pages / 21 x 21 cm / Full color

All you need is love


Topics: music, songs, poetry, cultural heritage.



A picture book to discover The Beatles from early on, made for dreaming, imagining, and singing in an all aged choir. All you need is love is an invitation to remember the vital importance of love in each of our lives. The dreamy illustrations accompany one of the best-known songs recorded by The Beatles. Our world needs to celebrate love a little bit more each day. You will find the song at

Author: The Beatles Illustrated by Caru Grossi Includes link with the recorded song Suggested for all ages, children and teachers Genre: musical picture book

Twist twist Chico para chicos Topics: Humor, funny songs, poetry. A selection of hilarious songs recorded by the beloved singer-songwriter Chico Novarro. An invitation to read the poems and discover the illustrations.

Author: Chico Novarro Illustrated by mEy! Suggested for all ages, children and teachers Genre: musical picture book

Signs SeĂąales Topics: Philosophy, poetry, visual story, personal knowledge, stages of life.

Authors: Ethel Bastista Illustrated by Eva Mastrogiulio Suggested for all ages, children and teachers. Genre: Picture book

Body signs for understanding our emotions. Jumping for joy, walking in circles, sighing in grief or reaching out to touch someone... A poetic visual story that maps out the acknowledgement of our body language and how it communicates what we are feeling. Will you dare go through this story?

A short-legged whale


Una ballena de patas cortas Topics: Mischief, visual story, school, pets. To the story of Rocco, a little boy who gets bad grades and who is challenged a lot. One day the teacher asks if he has any pets. When he replies that he has a whale as a pet, they all start asking him questions that make him lie and lie and lie until his lie becomes even bigger than his invented whale. Author: Ethel Batista Illustrated by Eva Matrogiulio Suggested from 5 years Genre: Picture book

Available in Kamishibai format (16 pages) / 44 x 30 cm ISBN: 978-987-1706-62-4

A very obedient child


Un niĂąo muy obediente Topics: Terror, visual story, disobedient kids, adventure This story works on two levels. On the one hand, we meet the child of this story leaving his house in the middle of the night and going to horrifying places, but on the other hand, we discover though the text how good and obedient he is. It is a funny horror story which allows children to become suspicious readers. Author: Luciano Saracino Illustrated by Shhh! Ilustradores Suggested from 5 years Genre: Picture book

Available in Kamishibai format (16 pages) / 44 x 30 cm ISBN: 978-987-1706-60-0


Together, we take care of our planet Each book: 32 pages / 17 x 21 cm / full color. Every title includes an activity guide for teachers.

Lupita and the surprise Lupita y la sorpresa Topics: Ecology, orchard, seeds, nutritional values, responsible consumption, environmental education. Lupita loves pumpkins, one of the first vegetables which is incorporated to children’s diet. With this story we look forward to help children to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to be respectful with our planet. Author: Marcela Caratozzolo Illustrator: Eva Mastrogiuilio Suggested from 2 years Genre: Story, illustrated book, informative Available in Kamishibai format (16 pages) ) / 44 x 30 cm ISBN: 978-987-1706-52-5

Lots of garbage Mucha Basura Topics: Ecology, recycling, urban solid waste, environmental education.

Author: Marcela Caratozzolo Illustrator: Eva Mastrogiuilio Suggested from 4 years Genre: Story, illustrated book, informative

When Mr. Perrot, his grandmother’s dog, accidentally breaks the garbage bags, Roberto discovers the garbage problem in his town. He realizes that every day we throw away things we could take advantage of. So he becomes Captain “R” with three superpowers: reducing, recycling and reusing. This story is an invitation to develop an attentive and committed look at solid urban waste. Developing sustainable habits with the environment is fundamental and it is on us.

Embraced Abrazados Topics: Ecology, friendship, nature, trees, environmental awareness. After embracing each other under a leafy tree, Lupita and Roberto discover that trees are full of life. Their full of leaves branches protect and give us shade and oxygen. By embracing nature, we will be able to know how important trees and environmental care are. Author: Marcela Caratozzolo Illustrator: Eva Mastrogiuilio Suggested from 4 years Genre: Story, illustrated book, informative





COLLECTION Format: 15 x 21 cm Every title includes an activity guide for teachers.

Orbis Pictus. The book that learned to fly. Orbis Pictus. El libro que aprendió a volar. Topics: Friendship, dreams, adventures, books, travel. Orbis Pictus is a small forgotten book on the top shelf of an old library. He has a dream that seems impossible. However, with the strength of his desire, the help of a few friends, and after several adventures he will make his dream come true.

Author: Alicia Zaina Illustrator: G. San Martín Suggested from 5 years 56 pages Genre: children’s novel

The dangerous and exciting adventures of the little Orbis Pictus. Orbis PICTUS 2. Las peligrosísimas y emocionantes aventuras del pequeño Orbis Pictus. Topics: Adventure, friendship and intertextuality. In his second novel, this brave flying book runs great and dangerous risks. He will have to face his fears as something will prevent him from taking flight. Will Orbis be able to overcome these new obstacles? Author: Alicia Zaina Illustrator: G. San Martín Suggested from 5 years old 96 pages Genre: children’s novel

Trik, the little witch La Brujita Trik Themes: Adventure , fun, mischief Three poems and eight stories about a girl who starts first grade and her great friend, a very funny little witch. On the first day of school, a 5 year-old-girl bumps into Trick, a small runaway witch and when a little witch runs away, anything can happen, anytime, anywhere... home, school, or even on the bus. Author: Marta Giménez Pastor Illustrator: Cucho Cuño Suggested from 4 years old 32 pages Genre: Children’s story

Stories, songs and lies Cuentos, coplas y mentiras Topics: Folklore, Cursive, Couplets. A selection of funny classical stories with endearing characters, talking animals, kings and other mischievous characters for kids to start reading in italics.

Selection: Graciela Pellizzari Suggested from 6 years old Genre: Folklore children’s story 32 pages

Willy’s world El mundo de Willy -A Summer Night’s Dream -Pericles, King of Tire -Romeo and Juliet Topics: Elizabethan theater, biography, love, romance, hero. An invitation to enter the world of William Shakespeare, his life and time, along with a captivating and current adaptation of three of his greatest works. Adaptation: Laura Silva Suggested from 8 years 64 pages Genre: Comedy of errors, tragedy, romance and drama

Hugo, the space traveler Hugo, viajero del espacio -Hugo and the monster -Hugo and the traveler Topics: Migrations, robots, spacecraft, environment, pollution, family.

Author: Ricardo Ferrari Illustrator: Pez Suggested from 8 years 96 pages Genre: Science fiction

The book brings together two stories. One in which Hugo best friends a “so-called monster� and the other in which Hugo finds the first extra-terrestrial life form and the first non-biological intelligent form. Exploring planets, traveling through space, creating robots and going through many adventures. These are the stories of Hugo in the year 3000, a young man whose home is the universe.

Cervantes, novel adventures Cervantes, aventuras de novela -The amazing life of Cervantes -The Colloquium of the dogs -The little gypsy -The licensed showcase Topics: Biographies, Exemplary Novels, Classical literature.

Adaptation: Graciela Pellizzari Suggested from 8 years / 64 pages Genre: short story, adaptations

A book that recovers, for readers of these times, three of the Exemplary Novels that Cervantes wrote in his last years. It also tells the life of the great Spanish poet and classical literature in its historical context.

From the crib Early education

Vito Collection Colecciรณn Vito

Author: Alicia Zaina Illustrator: A cuatro manos estudio Genre: todler 10 pages Boardbook Suggested for 0 to 3 years 8 books Vito wakes up Vito se despierta Vito goes to sleep Vito a dormir Vito now not Vito ahora no Vito looks for hats Vito busca sombreros Vito on the beach Vito en la playa Vito in the square Vito en la plaza Vito and caresses Vito y las caricias Vito visiting Vito de visita

Topics: Early childhood, percepciรณn, perception, creativity, frendship, friendship, habits, self-knowledge Vito, a small elephant, goes along with the little ones and helps them to develop their intelligence, perception and creativity from the first years. A variety of stories particularly prepared by specialists, with expressive narrations and beautiful illustrations, showing Vito in different daily activities: waking up, meeting the limits or sharing with others.

Art and poetry Arte y poesĂ­a

Author: Graciela Pellizzari Wheel of poetry about colors + 6 Art on postcards + Activity book

Early education for creative, intellectual and emotional development. A material produced to promote the creative game that facilitates poetic and artistic development. It is an ideal resource for babies and young children. The cards have on one side a poem, and on the other a painting. The wheel has poems making reference to colors. Also, there is an activity book which promotes children discovering arts and literacy.

The activity book of my emotions


El cuaderno de mis emociones An activity book to draw, color, imagine and have fun. Decal stickers are also included. Children are invited to discover, understand, know and express themselves better. It shows the way to recognize emotions and know the differences between emotions, senses and feelings. It is based on the latest investigations and discoveries from the neuroscience field. The activities promote intra and interpersonal abilities that is why it is a must for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs or home education. Author: Alejandra del Fabro Illustrator: Graciela Fernรกndez Suggested for 5 to 9 years 108 pages Genre: Enterteinment, Social Emotional Learning

Director Betina Cositorto Tel. +54 11 4308 1521 - Cel. +54911 6275 0502 Catamarca 972, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Children and youth literature to imagine, surprise and enjoy.

NAZHIRA Literature Rights Catalogue 2019  

Children and youth literature to imagine, surprise and enjoy.

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