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It is difficult to make changes in education at this time. So I would like to make a slight adjustment to the education for students. I would like to do that every student has the option. He can choose which subject to study or not. And when he wants to attend the lessons or not. So students will focus more on their favorite subjects. They also need free access to the Internet for education and entertainment during breaks. This is very important in our time. I think that students should also may to use their laptops and tablets. It is easier and more interesting. So students will be interesting to attend school because they will do their favorite things there. It’s very important for teachers and pupils. I would like that students enjoyed attending the school. I numbered the changes that I think important for students. So I want they come true.

Project Work Changes in education Do by Nazar Biletsky Form 4(8) A

Gumnasia Kalush 2012


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