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teaChiNg liFe skills alONg With NursiNg the sChOOl OF NursiNg is NOW iN its 93rD year OF OFFeriNg suPPOrt aND eDuCatiON tO thOse seekiNg a NursiNg Career. the SuPPort offereD, hoWeVer, GoeS WAy beyoND WhAt IS offereD IN the CLASSrooMS AND LeCture hALLS AS MereLy A trANSfer of kNoWLeDGe AND INforMAtIoN but ALSo IMPACtS the heArtS AND MINDS of thoSe Who PASS throuGh our SChooL.

A former student recently visited the School to pop in and see Dr Amal Khazin, the School Director. This student Rami (not his original name) was a very difficult student. He would argue in classrooms on technical issues and often ask the same question over and over again. It often got to the point whereby the teachers would ask him to leave the classroom rather than disrupt the class in question.

Rami lacked self-confidence and compensated for the fact by trying to be a people pleaser and so his studies suffered which resulted in him unable to finish his BA on time but he wanted to continue. The experienced faculty members agreed that he could continue as long as he committed himself to study, keeping the agreed timetable, and any help to others did not jeopardise his own studies. Timetables were kept and we saw a change taking place in Rami. He started to grow in confidence, he felt secure, and he slowly started to appreciate his own abilities and began to realise that his friends loved him just the way he was. Today, Rami works in one of the largest hospitals in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, in a very busy surgical department, and has continued with his professional development so much so that he is soon expected to be promoted to Team Leader.

07 He lives on the Hospital Campus near Tel Aviv with another former Nazareth student and today, seems very confident. Rami returned to Nazareth at the beginning of this Academic year to share his experiences with the newly enrolled first year students and it is expected this will be a regular feature of the induction programme for our new students. Students such as Rami would struggle in many universities in Israel, but we looked at his secondary school record, spoke to his family (which is not common practice in Israel), assigned him a good counsellor, and most importantly we were very patient with him. The school recently heard that Rami’s father who has a good job at a local bank, is very pleased by the way the School of Nursing faculty supported and related to his son.

if you would like to sponsor one of our school of Nursing students through our bursary fund contact us at

He would talk in a loud voice and move like a child with great hyperactivity and brought attention to himself not realising the other students were making fun of him. He meant well for he wanted to help the rest of his classmates in any way he could and the other students would often take up so much of his time that he had little time left for himself. He even commented to Dr Amal that, he would even make sacrifices in order to help his fellow students.

“When I saw, I reflected upon it; I looked, and received instruction.” Proverbs 24:32 WWW.Nazarethtrust.Org

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