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WINter 2016 It IS WIth GreAt PLeASure thAt I WeLCoMe you to the WINter eDItIoN of our NeWSLetter.

ChairmaN’s FOreWOrD euGeNe PeterSoN, ProbAbLy beSt kNoWN for hIS bIbLICAL PArAPhrASe ‘the MeSSAGe’, ALSo Wrote A book oN ChrIStIAN DISCIPLeShIP WIth the INSIGhtfuL tItLe ‘A LoNG obeDIeNCe IN the SAMe DIreCtIoN’. SoMethING of thAt PrINCIPLe IS refLeCteD IN the fACt thAt thIS PASt yeAr, 2016, hAS MArkeD the 175th ANNIVerSAry of the INAuGurAtIoN of the orGANISAtIoN thAt quICkLy beCAMe kNoWN AS the eDINburGh MeDICAL MISSIoNAry SoCIety.

The Society’s commitment to express the Christian message through the provision of care for the sick included the training of potential medical missionaries one of whom, Dr Kaloost Vartan, started the Nazareth hospital, responsibility for the support of which was then accepted by EMMS in 1866. Just as our personal discipleship involves a journey of change and maturation the same is true of organisations. In the more recent past EMMS, having become involved in a range of ministries over time, reorganised as two separate charities, The Nazareth Trust and our sister organisation, EMMS International.

For its own part the Trust has gone on, since its creation, to extend its ministry to include not just the hospital and School of Nursing but also the SERVE volunteer programme; outreach clinics to Palestinian communities in the West Bank; and the oversight of the Nazareth Village, information on all of which are contained in this newsletter. But in all of that the ‘long obedience’ is still in the ‘same direction’ in that our guiding principle remains the desire to faithfully express, model and enact the gospel, and to do so in ways that are relevant and sensitive to the needs and circumstances of those we seek to serve. At the time of writing, the Trust Board and Executive team are in a season of looking ahead to the next three years in order to discern how best to strengthen and develop our present patterns of service, and to reflect on whether there are any other ministries to which God is calling us for the future. In all of this we are constantly aware of the challenges, and also the real opportunities, inherent in the complex political, cultural and religious environment in which we function and of our consequent and very particular dependence on God’s wisdom and direction as we plan ahead. As an appreciated supporter of this work we would ask for your prayers over these next few months as we seek a clarity and unity of mind.

As we plan ahead we will however be doing so without someone who has played a very significant role in the development of our clinical services, and the profile of the Nazareth hospital, over the past decade, Dr Bishara, the hospital Medical Director and Head of Hospital. Please prayerfully remember Dr Bishara and his wife as they enter a new stage in life. At the time of going to print we have just announced Dr Bisharas successor, Dr Fahad Hakim, who comes to us from Ramban hospital, Haifa. We are thankful for Gods hand in supporting us through this transition.

morgan Jamieson, Chairman of the Nazareth trust

“remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 02 heALING IN the NAMe of JeSuS SINCe 1861

Nazareth Trust Winter 2016 Newsletter  
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