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“Disciple-making is labor intensive and happens in the peaks and valleys of simply doing life together.”

Embrace the Kingdom Culture Life In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls us to give up our worrying, to love our enemies, and to rejoice when we are persecuted. This 8-week video study explores the context surrounding these important chapters in the New Testament and the implications that Christ’s teachings have for our spiritual growth.

Learn to Live the Kind of Life Jesus Requires

Tara Beth Leach

Kingdom Culture - Available Summer 2017! Small Group Kit (includes one workbook, a downloadable leader’s guide, and 8 session videos) DAZZ978-0-8341-3615-1 // $69.99 Individual Workbooks (128 pages) DAZZ978-0-8341-3616-3 // $15.99

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Embrace Charitable Conversations

A Charitable Discourse, Volume 2 Book DAZZ978-0-8341-3617-5 // $14.99 Small Group DAZZ978-0-8341-3635-9 // $29.99 Available Summer 2017!

Dan Boone


Dan Boone along with other thoughtful leaders like Michael Palmer, Timothy Green, Lynne Bollinger, Brannon Hancock, and others broach some of the topics that make us squirm in our pews. Unpack with your small group the issues of immigration, consumerism, cultural shifts in dating rituals, how technology is forming us, the nowquestioned necessity of attending church as a practice of Christianity, and much more.


Breathe is a Wesleyan, video-based, small group series that examines echoes of biblical stories throughout Scripture— exploring the character of God and what it means to you today. Each small group includes 7 teaching videos (40-50 minutes each), a facilitator’s guide, and a participant’s guide.

Studies from Shawna Songer Gaines It takes far more than the first couple chapters in Genesis to contain the story of God’s creative activity in the world. In this 7-week study, your small group will catch a glimpse of the echoes of creation throughout Scripture.


Ancient Babylon was a culture where anything seemed possible, an empire of intoxicating power and promise. The seductive spirit of Babylon remains at work in our culture today. In this study, explore God’s call on our lives to engage the world without falling in love with the world. “This study helped me learn how to live in the world, be part of the world, and be given for the world.” — Heidi Frederick Babylon Small Group Participant

Explore the wilderness stories of key biblical characters. This study will help your small group discover how God breathes life and hope into seemingly hopeless times.

Created Small Group // DAZZ978-0-8341-3366-2 // $59.99 Particpant’s Guide // DAZZ978-0-8341-3365-5 // $7.99 Wilderness Small Group // DAZZ978-0-8341-3502-4 // $59.99 Participant’s Guide // DAZZ978-0-8341-3501-7 // $7.99 Babylon Small Group // ASZZ978-0-8341-3548-2 // $59.99 Participant’s Guide // DAZZ978-0-8341-3547-5 // $7.99

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Dialog Creates Community, so Let’s Talk. The Dialog series offers topical and biblical small group studies that generate meaningful conversation. Each 7-week study explores a subject significant to the church and the story of God.


The individuals’ lives explored in Ripple Effect: Building a Life of Influence will lead you to consider what influence God can have through your life if you are willing to allow him to live through you.

Each six-week study in the Named small group series explores the lives of familiar biblical figures through powerful stories, creative videos, and thought-provoking discussion questions.


Abraham is often remembered for his faithfulness to God and his steadfast belief in the promises God made him. Through this study, discover how, even when we falter and give in to our flawed nature, God works to redeem us and fulfill his covenant with us. Like Abraham, we are called to lives of faith and obedience. Named Small group kits // $29.99 each Includes 32-page discussion guide for leaders, 6 videos, 6 audio segments Individual workbooks // $8.99 each


Other Studies in the Dialog Series: Holy Living: What it Means to Be Like Christ The Beatitudes: Living a Blessed Life Beauty and the Broken: 7 Stories of People Like You and Me Christian Disciplines: Creating Time and Space for God Elephants in the Church: Conversations We Can’t Afford to Ignore Everyday Christian: Living Like Christ Seven Days a Week Faith Among Friends: Creating Intentional Conversations


Seven Deadly Sins examines some of the most common sins people face, and explores how we can address and overcome all sin through the power of God.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Evidence of a Flourishing Christian Life

Dialog Series Facilitator’s Guide // $9.99 each Participant’s Guide // $7.99 each View all studies in this series at

God’s Story Finds its Place in You Like many of us today, Sarah appears to find it difficult to trust in God and in God’s promises, and she struggles to accept that God’s timeline is different from hers. This study is written to encourage you to think about what Sarah might have experienced and to find pieces of her story throughout your own.


Other Studies in the Series: David Mary The Prophets The Patriarchs The Disciples More than 15 studies in the series to choose from! View more titles at



The Significance of Small Group Relationships When I first met Fred, he was a visitor to our church who was looking for one-on-one mentorship. I agreed to start meeting with him every Monday. Over the course of the next eighteen months, our conversations deepened as we reached into each other’s day-to-day lives. We listened to each other as we both wrestled with questions and relationships. We consistently dove into the Word for direction and counsel, and I was eventually honored to be asked to officiate Fred’s wedding. Disciple-making is labor intensive and happens in the peaks and valleys of simply doing life together. Today, Fred and I co-lead a small group, Kevin Johnson and Fred is pouring Connections Pastor Springdale Nazarene Church himself into the lives of others and making them disciples.

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