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20 Ways to be a kiwi

1. have a bike with no lights and a damaged wheel but wear a helmet 2. get used to Vegemite and Marmite 3. wear socks in jandals … 4. go during school times to the computers 5. listen to gangnamstyle all day long 6. wear shorts in winter time 7. say “thanks” to the bus driver 8. eat tim tams, chocolate and pineapple lumps 9. be relaxed all the time 10. be at the beach and see the mountains with snow 11. live in a house with just one floor 12. only heat the lounge in winter 13. eat tea at half past five 14. eat tea not on a table … just in front of the TV 15. go after school for a swim 16. wear trousers under a skirt 17. get told off for too short shorts 18. say “Hi! How are ya?” to everyone, even if you don’t know them 19. don’t get homework 20. be proud to be a kiwi!

Christina Ahrens & Anne Witter


Judy Glue At Nayland since: 1983 “That is really really important!!!” “ It will be really much fun!!!” Marilyn Gibbs At Nayland since: 2005 “I need to get your holiday forms in!!!!” “Get your Hoodie Orders In!!!” “How is your homestay, darling?”

Mr Millar At Nayland since: 2012 “Okay?” “Look in my eyes when I speak!”

Heidrun Berl

At Nayland since: 2008 “Okey dokey”

Judi Boyd At Nayland since: 2003 “How are you today?” “Hola”

Patty O’Flaherty At Nayland since: 2007 “Hmmm”

Veronika Soyer, Melanie Schmitz

We had a short Interview with our new Mrs Glue. So everybody knows a bit more about him 1. What is your full name? Gavin Millar 2. Do you have kids? Yes, I have a 12 year old girl who is in Year 7 at Nelson Intermediate. 3. What did you do before you worked as a teacher? I worked for the police. I did programmes with youth like Big Brother and Big Sister. 4.Why did you choose the job at Nayland College? I like teaching young people and you have the chance to travel in this job. 5. What did you want to do when you were young? A picture of Mr Millar and his daughter in Paris I wanted to be a Primary School in front of the “Eiffel Tower” Teacher. 6. What do you do outside school? I like to run, do fly fishing, camping and tramping. I also have a dog and used to play football. 7. Which superhero would you like to be? I would like to be Superman. 8. What is your favourite food? Roast chicken, custard square and raspberry bun. 9. What’s your favourite place in Nelson/in the world? It is boulder bank on a stormy, rainy day. In the world my favourite place is the “Great wall of China”. 10. Do you have a favourite quote? “If it is to be, it is up to me.” June Hollund & Jan-PhillipWittlinger

I spend my 5 New-Zealand-months in Year 10. At the beginning I wasn’t happy about it because I didn’t know anybody in Year 10. But after my 2 test-weeks I knew that I had it - in my opinion - much better! I had a real class with which I had most of my subjects. Yes, I had more subjects and a smaller choice but I was with my friends. It was also kind of cool to be the only (or one of two) International. The school uniform wasn’t that bad either and it saved my a lot of time in the Nele Rothert morning. :)

EOTC We went to a lot of places in EOTC class. For example, Mrs Gibbs ‘s farm to see farm animals, playing golf at Best Island and making strawberry smoothies. It was fun! The aim of our class was to use English outside the class and try new things. We also wrote journals about our activities. We all enjoyed it a lot!

Members Aika Uotani, Paper, Mrs O, Jeffrey Xu, Kairi Sakaue, Sohra Shinji, Tatsuki Suzuki, Chizuru Kobayashi, Momoko Kobayashi, Ayuri Tanaka, Ryoji Shimizu, Aya Harimaya

Chizuru Kobayashi

The Vocal Company When I first arrived in New Zealand, I knew, that I couldn't survive 6 months without singing in a choir. So after the first weeks of school, getting in to the subjects, the language and the whole school thing, I started going to the Choir – or better known as the Vocal Company. In the beginning it was quiet hard to get to know some people, because you were just there for a period, learned your songs, stayed in your voice, like sopranos and sopranos, altos with altos, boys with boys, and then left to go back to school again. That's a thing I like about the Choir, though, it is during school time ;-) After a couple of rehearsals, we started practising more times a week because we had to learn our performances.. exactly, we don't just sing with the choir, we also have to learn a dance/performance for every single dance. That was really different for me and in the beginning, I thought I could never do that – but know, I think I can say, it is not too bad ;-) Moreover, it is really good, to get in contact with the other students in the choir, you are talking and laughing, because every single practice, we have to do everything again, because we already forgot the dances again. The Choir is performing together with the orchestra or the jazz band and it is performing on prizegivings or for example on the Arts Festival this year. That was really funny. The stage was smaller than it was supposed to be, or smaller than the stage, we always practised on.. so while the performance, we were trying to find our place or to make space for all the other people, to don't push other people or fall down from the stage. I think we didn't do such a bad job on that performance and it was really a lot of fun! So in the end, I just want to say, I am happy that I went to the choir, got part of it, met a lot of really nice people, had a lot of fun and will have good memories on it. And now, I also can sing the national Anthem on English and Maori ;-) Kira Clausen

Nina Wiemerslage

cxÜyÉÜÅtÇvx TÜàá

One day of our International-Program we learned Flax Weaving - or Harakeke - which is a Maori-art where you use the leaves of the FlaxFlower to make flowers, baskets, nets, clothes, etc.. We didn’t have much time so we learned how to make two different types of flowers, one easier one and a bit more complicated one. But the first flower we made we had to give to somebody else because it is Maori-Tradition to give the first thing you did out of flax away. At the end all of us could take a nice flower home!

Nele Rothert

The HAKA We all see it! We all tried it! We all love it!


Anne Witter

I went with my PE class to the Rainbow ski field. We drove a big bus to the ski field and changed into some smaller busses. The ski field was smaller than I expected and I spend most of the time in the fun park, but it was still lots of fun. We went on the top of the mountain to enjoy the view and it was great. For lunch we skied down again and ate something. While we ate our lunch we saw some Keas

flying around. In total it was a lot of fun but the ski field was too small and going skiing Niklas Michel for one day is not enough.

Outdoor Education ...was the most terrific subject here at Nayland College. The highlight was definitely the camp to Lake Sylvester and Abel Tasman National Park! The scenery was stunning and the weather was just perfect for exploring the area all around. I’m pretty sure that everybody who was there can say the same about it! I had an awesome time and I experienced so many new things that I will always keep in my mind! Outdoor Ed, you rock! :D

Elena Fuchs

The Winter Camp to Lake Sylvester (Kahurangi National Park) It was three days with stunning weather up to a beautiful cabin up in the Lake Sylvester area. It took us approximately 3 hours to walk with some really heavy backpacks. The thing that I remember the most is when we went for a swim in the lake after the journey up to the amazing mountains. At the morning it was a nice layer of thin ice on the lake so it was a bit cold, but of course refreshing !

Emil Torgesen

Abel Tasman National Park Outdoor Education Camp Term 4

Thea Lovise Jorgensen

South Island Tour DAY 1: NELSON – FRANZ JOSEF Paparoa National Park, pancake rocks, Franz Josef Glacier. DAY 2: FRANZ JOSEF Heli-Hike, Helicopter Flight, Quad Biking, glacier valley walk, Glacier Hot Pools DAY 3: FRANZ JOSEF – QUEENSTOWN Bungee jumping, Skyline Gondola DAY 4: QUEENSTOWN Jump off a bridge, swing over a canyon, paddle your way through a raging river Milford or Doubtful Sound DAY 5: QUEENSTOWN Minus 5 Ice Bar, horse riding, Dart River Wilderness Safari, Shotover Jet, Canyon Swing, White water rafting DAY 6: QUEENSTOWN – DUNEDIN Elm Wildlife Tour, Movies, Chocolate DAY 7: DUNEDIN shopping, Otago, Baldwin Street, the worlds’ steepest street DAY 8: DUNEDIN – KAIKOURA Lots of sightseeing, whale-watching DAY 9: KAIKOURA Farewell Kiwi BBQ, Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Watch, Whale watch DAY 10: KAIKOURA – NELSON Blenheim, Pelorus Bridge Nature Reserve Melanie Schmitz

All Blacks VS Argentina The 06th of September a group of us went To Wellington to see all blacks vs Argentina. It was a great experience I think everyone enjoyed. All blacks also did win!!!

Lena Helgesen

Te Papa

COLDPLAY IN AUCKLAND Me and Amund Dahl-Eriksen had an awesome trip to Auckland in the start of November aiming to hear Coldplay live, first time for us and first time for Coldplay in NZ. We catched the plane just in the nick of time and had a good flight to Auckland including seeing a volcano which was a huge experience for two Norwegians! Then we were picked up at the airport by a very nice hostfather which drove us all the way to his home which was placed a bit outside the city centre, Hillsborough, Sunnyridge. Thursday night was spent in Skytower and mostly in and around Queens Street including good views, good food, huge amounts of ice cream. We woke up early on Friday morning excited for the day and after some traditional kiwi toast we headed for the one tree hill volcano which we found out after a while that was much further away from Hillsborough than we first thought…But after a pretty serious walk and some bottles of sprite we finally arrived and it was truly worth the walk! Then we catched the bus in to town again, enjoyed even more ice-cream at the harbour in the sun, had some milkshake which could actually be considered as top 10 milkshakes in the history of my life and just before teatime we did the reverse bungy. I still haven’t figured out if the real reverse bungy or Amunds face was the most epic, but anyway totally worth a try! The rest of the evening was again spent mostly in Queen Street, eating good food, listening to street musicians and street missionaries… We woke up quite early Saturday morning as well really excited for this day cause it was the day both me and Amund would experience Chris Martin and the rest of Coldplay live together with 47 000 others. We showed up at Mt smart stadium 2 hours before the gates was supposed to open, which was way to late…There were already thousands of people in line but with some sneaking skills and a bit of luck we got some really good spots for this concert. My expectations were huge for this concert, but they didn’t even get close to the real thing. It was amazing! The music, the people, the effects, Chris Martin and the selection of songs were all much better than expected and really worth the trip! Cause I am quite a big music geek I knew all the songs and had some of the best 2 hours in my life, favourite moment so far in NZ : Violet hill, Coldplay concert, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland. Next up is Linkin Park in February. Peace out! O(with a funny line through)ystein Solbakk Harbitz



Christina Ahrens & Melanie Schmitz

We had a great time with all the internationals from different schools. We danced, ate fruits and lollicake and enjoyed an awesome evening :) The costumes were amazing!

Nayland College International Student Year Book 2012 - Part One  

Nayland College International Student Year Book 2012 - Part One