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By: Naydin Lezama

There are the three powerpuff girls. The pink one is Blossom, the green one is Buttercup, and the blue one is Bubbles. They are sisters and they work to fight crime in Townsville.

Professor Utonium is the person who created the Powerpuff Girls. He made them out of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but he also made them with chemical x. Chemical x is what gave the powerpuff girls their powers.

Bubbles is sensitive, nice, sweet, and she can also fight crime as much as her sisters can. She prefers to be in the color blue, she has pigtails, and she is always with her best friend is an octopus doll named “Octi�. She has the super power to emit supersonic waves with her voice.

This Bloosom her favorite color is pink and she possesses more leadership than her sisters. She has long red hair with a red bow. She is determined, strong, honest, and level-headed. She has the power to freeze things with her breath. She can also speak Chinese, throw lightning bolts, and emit pink laser beams.

This is Buttercup, her favorite color is green and she has short black hair. She is the toughest of all of all her sisters, she plays rough, and she is a tom boy. She has a bad temper and she can be reckless and stubborn. She has the power to curl her tongue, throw fire balls, thunder clap, and create green laser beams.

This is Mojo Jojo, the worst enemy of the powerpuff girls. Mojo Jojo was originally the lab pet of the professor, but then the professor made the powerpuff girls and left him to live on his own. Mojo Jojo wanted to take revenge on the girls and he hates them. Mojo Jojo always tricks the girls, but he was not able to get away because he was put in jail.

Princess Morbucks is a villain because she is mean, selfish, spoiled, arrogant, and has a very bad temper. She makes her father give her everything she wants or else she throws a tantrum. She is envious of the powerpuff girls because the town lones them and they have superpowers. She also loves money and she was able to make a black and yellow suit that gives her speed and strength.

Him is another enemy of the powerpuff girls. He is the worst enemy of the powerpuff girls because he makes mind tricks and makes them break mentally before he destroys them . He is pure evil and sometimes the powerpuff girls can not defeat him. He has great powers of bringing people back to life and being able to move anything he wants. He can get into people’s minds and he can trick people very easily.

These are the Rowdyruff Boys they have the same powers as the powerpuff girls, but they have different personalities. Brick is supposed to be like Blossom except that he makes most of the problems instead of making them better. Boomer is supposed to be like Bubbles, but he is mean and not nice like Bubbles. Butch is supposed to be like Buttercup, but unlike Buttercup who sometimes feels guilt, he is always mean and does not care what other people think. They were defeated by the girls but they were later resurrected.

No matter how many enemies the girls have, they will always stay together. They will always be there for each other, and they will always make the city of Townsville a better place. They will help against all evil and they will always be there to help all people.

Powerpuff girls