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September 2016



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Editor’s Note I feel honored to be VP-Public Relations of MTC and when entrusted with the responsibility of releasing a news letter of the club. News letter are like a memento, a memento of the good times in our club where we all gather to equip ourselves to become leaders for the mankind. When a news letter is themed with an interesting subject like Holidays, it turns as a souvenir which each member can cherish for a lifetime. I really enjoyed working on this news letter and it was really an avenue of tremendous learning. It gives a sense of accomplishment when I gather the creativity of MTC members and bring them out to the pages of this news letter. My special thanks for Abhijith Jayakumar (IPP - MTC) & Nayana Shaiju (President MTC) and all the members of MTC for their supports & guidance throughout.

Thank you, Hafis MH (VP- Public Relations MTC)

Message from Area Director It’s my great privilege to have Muhaisnah Toastmasters Club under Area 54. It was always my point of interest and subject of surprise since I joined Toastmasters to watch how this young club is progressing in this phenomenal way. Later I understood that the collective efforts of all the previous and present members are behind this tremendous success. I am always thrilled to see the commitment and dedication of all the MTC members to take their club to the height it has reached within this short span of time. Enthusiasm is nothing but excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity. MTC members are always a team which has shown enthusiasm to the core. I am sure MTC would be one of the shining star in the constellation of Toastmasters in the region . I wish all the very best to the President, Excom and Members of MTC to achieve all the accolades for the club in this year along with much stronger memberships. Continue with your enthusiasm to carve Golden Letters in the history of Toastmasters .

Vipin Divakar Area Director (Area 54) District 20, Toastmasters International

Message from Club President Hi It’s indeed a pleasure to serve Muhaisnah Toastmasters Club (MTC). It has been wonderful two years and a great learning curve to be part of MTC. There is a lot of potentials for the club members to grow in MTC. Every member gets a chance to take up a role in every meeting. Members come up with great topics and I must confess TMOD roles are one of the limelight of or Club meetings . Past President TM Abhijith and TM Raghu current VP Education being the backbone of the club give their 100% commitment which is contagious that brings in great vibes among the members. We are a very lively club and our whats app group speaks it all. 2015-16 was an excellent year for MTC. Our club won the BEST VIDEO award in DTAC. We managed to get all the 4 Ribbons from TMI for membership drive & just 1 point away from Presidents Distinguished in DCP. TM Sunil made us proud in Div level Humorous contest category & won runnersup trophy for the Club. MTC was in finals of Divison P Contest in 2 categories and even gave tough competition in DEBATE Contest. We concluded our year with a grand IFTAR FAMILY get-together with Fun activities and lots of giveaways.


Stephen R. Covey suggests targeting 1 hour / day to focus on Sharpening Your Saw. In Toastmasters when we prepare for our role, we invest our time in drafting and craving the speech, We learn new skills when we take new meeting roles, We take new challenges when we talk to new people or attempt table topics, We improve every meeting by listening to others. Attending Toastmasters meeting is a SELFRENEWAL process I have profited from Toastmasters and I have seen people transforming with this great organization. JOIN TOASTMASTERS TODAY and Sharpen your SAW… I wish every member “Great Toastmasters year ahead”… And I welcome everyone to visit our club. Join our social media group for the details.

This year I am excited about our new meeting venue which is St Mary's school - Muhaisnah this will definitely bring MTC to the fame. We have already renewed 80% members w h i c h show we have happy members. I anticipate and wish this year we get more members participating in the contest and go beyond Division. Current Excom is already working on this with the help of Division P team. For inspiring people I would like to say Days are tough, Every moment is challenging …. Choice is yours to give up or Sharpen the Saw. Would like to bring this inspirational line from the last chapter of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People “Sharpen The Saw - this chapter discusses self-renewal, self-care, self-respect, and self-improvement... So... how do you Sharpen Your Saw?

Your Truly, Nayana Shaiju President - Muhaisnah Toastmasters Club


Message President




When I was a student, I had hardly got any speaking opportunity in front an audience. This gave me the attitude that I will handle the art of speaking like a piece of cake when opportunity arrives. Faculties used to recommend public speaking courses, but all those words were lullabies at that age. Time came, when I had to face a bunch of audience, a seminar which was conducted by a well reputed audit firm. With all my confidence I went on to the podium. Seeing the audience, I started trembling, sweating and mumbling. That day I realized, public speaking is not a piece of cake as I thought to be. This incident led me to attend a demo meeting for a potential club, which was named Muhaisnah Toastmasters Club. Seeing the speakers present their speeches with extreme enthusiasm and confidence, I decided this was the place where I could learn from my mistakes in public speaking without being embarrassed. By being part of excom and by taking different role plays in the meetings, I realized, Toastmasters is not only a place to develop communication skills but also a place to develop leadership skills. Moreover, Toastmasters is a place where we meet new people, share ideas, viewpoints and create a lifetime friendship. Inspiring Education sessions and Club Oficers Training will transform an irresolute – timid to a valiant. Happy Toastmastering!! Regards, Abhijith Jayakumar Immediate Past President - MTC

Nayana Shaiju - President Abhijith Jayakumar - Immediate Past President Raghurama Sheena Shettigar - VP Education Anish Lonappan - VP Education Hafis MH - VP Public Relations Philip Panikar - Sergeant At Arms Bijuraj Vidyasagar - Secretary Shanthy Noronha - Treasurer



June 25, 2016


Nivin Bhaskar

What is the meaning of the title and why is it the caption of the article? We will come to that towards the end. We all unanimously agree that planning a trip with a lot of people is not easy, as each person will have their requirements and meeting all of them is impossible. It resonates with the quotes of Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jordan and many famous personalities “Pleasing everybody is a myth”.

I have a group of close friends comprising of 5 couples. But by God’s grace and our perseverance, after years of planning and procrastination, we finally managed to go for our first group (10 people) International trip to Austria in the last EID holidays. There were a lot of incidents worth mentioning but I will note down one here which has a message with a bit of humour. Austria is a European country and most of the folks follow a clean shave facial style and full beards are not as famous as in the Middle East.


I am a person who is fond of beards and keeps one mostly since I was born and raised in the Middle East. Since it was a trip I wanted to try a different style and I shaped my beard to almost clean shave. On the contrary one of my best friends who always keep a clean shave went to a full beard style for the trip. It was during the time when the refugee crisis was at the peak and all European countries were struggling to keep a track of the migrants, Austria one among them. We landed at the airport and took a train to the hotel. It was late night when the train arrived at our destination. There were cops everywhere and they were doing passport or ID checks for people whom they suspected to be refugees. We all were getting down from the train one after another. As soon one of the policemen saw my friend he came and started asking us questions and told to stand separately. We had to tell them that we are Indian tourists and had to show our passports and visa to allow us to go. Even when we were leaving, the policeman was looking at my bearded friend with doubt. This reminded me of the proverb “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do”German is mostly spoken in Austria and Austria is the 8th most visited countries in Europe. Austria had 26.7 million visitors last year and India is not in their top list of countries yet from where tourists come in. By now you must have realized the title, it means “Austrian trip” in German.


Coorg A Hill Station Nayana Shaiju

Holiday is to destress and to create memories. I just realized writing about a holiday in itself is a pleasant feeling and hence I am going to write about my recent& pleasant holiday to COORG – A Hill station in Mangalore, South of India. It was the reunion after 10 years. This reunion revived our old relationships as office colleagues to BFF (Best Friends Forever). This immortal trip will always be my favorite. We rented a Villa which was surrounded by coffee and cardamom estate, it was very near to Talacauvery: The birth place of famous River Cauvery. During the days we visited few tourist spots and night would pass sharing our interesting anecdotes. Finally, we packed a lot of memories of Coorg in our hearts and in our phones and we departed with a promise to meet every year. Check out few pics of places we visited. (Cover picture) Tibetan Golden Temple: the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet, complete with a Tibetan monastery with 7,000 monks. a Golden temple, a Tibetan village, and a flea market. (Left) Dubare Camp, the camp where elephants were trained for the famous Mysore Dussera. Time spent with elephants brought out the child in each one of us. (Above) The glimpse of our camaraderie.


Refreshing Break

Anish Lonappan

Born and brought up in the busiest city of India, life has always been hectic. After coming to Dubai in 2005, for some reason couldn't go to my birth place. This vacation I decided to touch base with old friends, old lanes and old memories. Mumbai... A place close to my heart… A place similar to Dubai, considering the expats and the local ratio, the variety of food, fast paced life, busy roads Etc. Holiday to your favorite destination makes it more joyful and memorable. I had ball of a time, eating all the unhygienic but tasty road side food, travelling in the local train during busy hour, auto rickshaw ride, playing cricket between 2 buildings… Trip to Mumbai came after a long gap. City still holds the charm. My short trip gave me a nostalgic kick. Back to Dubai… totally refreshed and little sad. Take a short break… to look at the starting point of your journey. Will feel blessed… and learn to appreciate all the things around. Hope to make such trips on regular intervals.


My Holiday

Fahad Usman

If you are working at the airport you are granteed to experience following jiffy. Airport is the passageway to life’s biggest moments such as wedding, funeral, holiday, celebration and surprises. As and when opportunity available; I always liked to talked to passengers and take their point of view about their holiday. They describe their holiday as break; as a way to refresh mentally, physically and spiritually; In addition to that, Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation. Cricket has done wonder in my life, took me so many places around the world, let me share one of the biggest moment of my life when I have travelled to Kuala Lumpur to represent UAE cricket team and later it has became my holiday.

In 2005; I was on tour to Malaysia for 10 days; this is the first tour after my marriage. She has never stayed alone without me, I also bit worried that how she is going to manage alone. We were on very my complete routine from breakfast till return to hotel, and she knows when I am in and when I am out. Just two days before the tour ends; I received a call from an unknown number on my mobile, it was my wife who was waiting for me to pick her up at Kuala Lumpur airport. It was a big surprise in my life at KUL airport and, I recalled all my memories which I experienced during my duty every day and night at Dubai airport, UAE team left after the tour ends and I extended another 3 days with my wife. It was extraordinary break, which we are cherishing till today.




Shanthy Noronha

I had this amazing staycation this year very much in Dubai. My Sister in law (SIL) and her son travelled to Dubai this May to spend their vacation with her husband in Dubai. I was long overdue for my balance leave of 14 days which I decided to spend here in Dubai with my extended family, accompanying them to all the wonderful locations which are very much here in UAE. We visited Glow Garden in Zabeel Park, AtlantisAquaventure, Yas Water Park and Miracle Garden, celebrated our Anniversary and my Birthday at Arabian Courtyard and a whole lot of Movies. The mini -staycation was amazing, relaxing and got to visit a whole lot of places, try different cuisines and have a whole lot of fun.


A Holiday of Value

Raghurama Sheena Shettigar

This summer, I decided to pass the holiday very leisurely. Hence, I went with my Family to Bangalore to visit various places. We stayed in a hotel in the heart of the city. Hotel had swimming pools, a gym, play areas and restaurants. First day, we went to the museum of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL). My son was very happy to see the various fighter aircrafts, cargo war planes, model of space shuttles and various missiles. Our next visit was to the museum of Indian scientist late Dr Vishweshwarayya. The various engineering equipment developed by him during 18th century was displayed to the public was amazing.

My son felt that these two visits are worth seeing and anybody visiting Bangalore must take their children to these two museums. Later, we visited Lalbagh the Asias biggest rose garden in Bangalore city. My son clicked various romantic photos of ours and also photos of flowers displayed for the public. He liked the beauty of flowers. Finally, we visited Bangalore palace but this was not worth visiting. So I don’t suggest anyone to visit this. Second day, we enjoyed in the swimming pool, played snooker and table tennis. In this holiday, my son learnt playing snooker and table tennis.

Third day, we did nice shopping at Bangalore. Fourth day, we spent time with relatives in Bangalore. It was an amazing time for my son with them. Rest of the days, we leisurely spent time in our home town enjoying with our family. After hectic days at work, this was a stress free vacation where we relaxed, enjoyed and had lot of fun. It was a well planned, prefect holiday for me and my sweet family. We must always plan such a holiday.


Retro Holiday Spot

Sunil Kumar

Lulu Island is by far the most memorable holiday spot I’ve ever found in UAE.

Lulu Island is by far the most memorable holiday spot I’ve ever found in UAE. A man-made island off the coast of Abu Dhabi serves as a peaceful picnic spot – divine enough to spend your entire day. At Heritage village you will see a sign board that says "To Lulu Island" - Boats will ferry across to the island. This is free 10 mins ride only. Upon getting down from boat you will come across ticket counter where you will be charged 15 Dhs to enter the island. Pay and board a bus. Bus will take a round of the island and ask the driver to stop the bus wherever you want to camp. Needless to say for an island, it has a pristine pure beach with flat silvery sands beneath bare blue sky! It had the most salty water I have ever tastedJ Be with a big group if you wish to swim or play H2O, otherwise it could be a bit scary…..I hate to be alone in the beach.

It was almost 10 years before I’d visited this place (so it might have changed big timeJ) with family and a big group of 40-50 people. It has a sweet water lake where you can safely uncap your hair, dive deep down and play for eternity, especially when surrounded by a big crowd. To add spice to the proceedings, I had called few of my bachelor friends too, to re-create the retro mood. There is another Pedal Boating lake within the island, for couple’s joy!!! Doing it was like a sweet revenge for my lack of opportunity to do pedal boating in Ooty lake which I had dreamed after watching the same in many retro movies of 80’s!!!


A Fabulous Family Outing

Anil Gomes

One of the most exciting and the memorable event of my annual holiday was a family outing, our visit to Bekal Fort and stay at Vivanta by Taj – Bekal, Kerala. Just like a game of hide and seek, we discovered some of the most amazing pleasures and experiences life has to offer here. It was indeed a lavish resort to seek pleasure as the space spreads over 26 acres with its stylish villas, pools, manicured lawns, landscaped gardens and backwaters running across the hotel as seamlessly. The most amazing view was where the Sea and the River met. Seeing this during the sunset made it more beautiful. The most exciting part of the stay was cycling and swimming with the kids which made me reminisce the good old days and made me feel childlike after a year of stressful busy life.


Going to see Bekal Fort was a very good experience for children, who got some knowledge on history, and how they defended themselves during wars. Bekal Fort was constructed by Mr. Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore in the year 1650 AD. An important feature of this fort is the water-tank with its flight of steps. The fort has a tunnel opening towards the south and a magazine for keeping ammunition with broad steps leading to the Observation Tower.

From there one has an ample view of towns in the vicinity. The Fort appears to have been built up from the sea since almost three fourths of its exterior is drenched and the waves continually stroke the citadel.Unlike most other Indian forts, Bekal Fort was not a center of administration, for no remains of any palace, mansion or such buildings are found within the fort. Arguably the fort was built especially for fulfilling defense requirements.


The holes on the outer walls of the fort are specially designed to defend the fort effectively. The holes at top were meant for aiming at the farthest points; the holes below for striking when the enemy was nearer and the holes underneath facilitated attacking when the enemy was very near to the fort. This is remarkable evidence of technology in defense strategy I conclude by saying that a holiday is a must atleast once in a year to give yourself a treat after a hardwork. Also, a family holiday can give us the time we need to re-engage in a positive way, and to enjoy each other’s company. It also gives us a chance to get the kids away from the X-Box or computer games; encourage them to see the big wide world in real life; and allow them to try new or possibly life-changing experiences.


My Trip to Ponmudi

Bijuraj Vidyasagar should not miss the destination 'Ponmudi'

During my last vacation, I and family decided to have a trip to Ponmudi. Though Ponmudi is just 60 km away from my home town Trivandrum, we had never been there. The place stands tall at a height of 1200 km from the sea level with Green mounts and beautiful landscapes. The hill station offers a cool climate with aromatic wind. The beautiful destination covers tea plantations, waterfalls, and authentic taste of local cuisines. The real beauty starts from Kallar onward. Kallar is the place to take break after the journey from Trivandrum. The tourist can take a dip in Kallar River and get a fresh feeling to accelerate the ride towards Ponmudi.

The roads are curvy but driving along the water streams and short water falls are true experience for each traveler. While reaching each point of plantations, the climate will have different level of feeling. Ponmudi hills can tell you plenty of stories even from the era of British invasion. While visiting colonies of plantation workers, we can experience the real hospitality. We had spent 2 days and returned after having an elaborate bath in water falls. I personally recommend that one should not miss this destination 'Ponmudi’.


Forbidden Forest

Shybu Simon

A Trip to reserved forest

On a rainy monsoon evening around at 4 p.m. we (myself, my children and relatives) had decided to go for an adventurous trip to a restricted forest nearby Peechi dam, Trichur District with the help of an experienced forest officer Mr. Venu and his friend Mr. Kannan. As per Indian Law Restricted forest are reserved for wild animal and trespassers will be prosecuted as per the law.

However, with prior approval from senior officials we managed to get permission to step deep in to the willy and wild woods. When the forest officer opened the gate of the restricted area, just a narrow path was visible and we were well informed that the ‘welcoming hosts’ inside the mysterious woods could be unimagined or unpredictable!!! Because of the heavy rain, it was soon getting dark - the forest path was wet and there was pin drop silent. When the children started talking the officers instructed them to keep silent and do not talk. Officer said that the animals are watching us from far, if we talk loudly they may come and attack us. While walking we heard the sound of elephants roaring, officer said that this area is surrounded by lots of jackfruit trees and elephants usually come and eat jackfruits. Jackfruits are one of the favourite food of Elephants. After eating jackfruits, they normally cross the forest and rush to the river down the valley to drink water. Officers said that this is the time usually elephants pass through this way to the river to drink water, to send a chill down everyone’s nerves!!! Hearing this, there were a few ooohh…haaas from my children. To our surprise, soon along, we found some footprints of elephants. We all got scared and stopped for some time. The officers said “don’t be afraid, just follow us”. We obeyed the officials and walked forward. After 20 minutes of walking, we reached a place where we found a concrete platform, the forest officers said that this is the place where we usually drop the poisonous snakes such as king cobra, python etc. which the numerous nature-loving snake-charmers snatch (instead of killing them) from various parts of the district. As per wild life law we are not supposed to kill snakes. Please search for Vava Suresh in Google, one of the famous snake charmers from Kerala!!!) When the officer explained this we got scared and moved ahead fast and diverted to the other route. This route was little more narrow and dark. Due to cloudy weather, we were soon going blind with the sky hidden by the giant trees. Officer said if we walk around 45 minutes into the thick forest we can see an island where we can reach only if we cross a river. Children were excited and said they wanted to see the marvellous island. But the way to the island would be a little more difficult because of less light and also that place we could see dangerous wild animals such as tiger, bear etc. Hence we decided to discontinue our adventurous journey and vowed to visit the island later sometime and return back through another way which is towards to the famous Peechi dam, which attracts many tourists and nature lovers. Though Children were disappointed we took the tough decision to return back. We spend more than 1 hr. near the dam and the adjacent park, we saw the water falls of Peechi dam. Children were excited and happy - they played in the park for some time and had some snacks from the nearby food court. We said goodbye to the forest officers and promised them to come back again to see the ‘marvellous island’ – hidden and largely unknown inside the jungle - as soon as possible!!!


Memories The Driving Force Sunand KR

My holidays, I always prefer to go to my village in Kerala and spend time with parents, which I ensure every year. In 2015, my visit to home place was in Jun – July. It was a rainy season. Heavy rain. Water was flowing through the small canals in front of house. The child in me woke up and I made paper boats along with my son, just how I used to do in rainy seasons while I was kid. My son got very much interested as he got a chance to play in rain. Though, because of the rain I was forced to adjust many of our planned programs and restricted ourselves at home. That holiday was really interesting.

Thought of those moments and other sweet moments always inspire me to go back to my village and settle there. Yes, it is a driving force to attain my dream – settle in hometown. Those moments will always drive as a dragging force for me to try for it. Always, not only for me, but for others as well nostalgic moments are driving force to our routes, where the person in us was born and developed. It always gives us the power to keep our values up and live as a good human being with the blessings of our parents.


My Dream Holiday

Asha George


Monday the 4th day of Jan, Tis the day I was wed to a man. Unpacking my stuff in my new home to be, Not really sure if marriage was for me. My husband smiled, “My dear, do not grieve. All you have to do is believe. I have lots of surprises up my sleeve. But first a dream holiday, just you and me!” I shrieked in glee, “Where do we go? Is it to a place where milk & honey flow? He smiled “To misty mountains and wild flowers gro wing, To Kodaikanal for three days we are going.”

Reached home late, tired to the core. Went to the room and closed the door. He came in quietly, sat next to me, With voice breaking, he made this plea: “My dear, all I ask is one reprieve, I promise I have no more surprises up my sleeve. Yes a dream holiday before next New Year’s Eve, All you have to do is believe.”

“To misty mountains and wild flowers growing, To Kodaikanal for three days we are going"

“Just you and me!” I remembered his words, I thought we would fly like two love birds. But alas! Joined in uncles and aunts, cousins too, With their 12 kids in tow, well what could I do. He smiled, “Honey do not grieve. I still have a surprise or two up my sleeve. No worries! Kodai we do next year” “Driver”, he shouted, “To Kanyakumari let’s steer” A day and night we spent in beautiful Kanyakumari, Spent our time, us family, collecting sea shells by the plenty. The waves against the rock monuments like a string quartet, With the children I watched the serene sun set.

Twenty three years passed swiftly by, Bills, jobs, bringing up children all the while. Amidst the pressures of life, time does truly fly, A dream holiday we had to kiss good bye. Twenty three years into life we sail, Through ups and downs, through joy and hale. Like misty waves of kodai, with every ebb and flow, Life is one long dream holiday, this I know. Monday the 4th day of Jan, Tis the day I was wed to a man. Looking back at all the things that was meant to be, I now am sure that marriage is for me.


Be Inspired

Shahanas KS

Be Inspired

My best Holiday experiences have been the ones that were not planned, experiences which have the power to surprise you even while you are in a festive mood.

One such incident occurred when we visited a fisheries research centre in Mandapam, one of the most beautiful places in India, as a part of our study tour. Mandapam is also one of the very few places in India where you find a healthy coral reef population in. Being Fisheries students, we were privy to the secret spots in the sea where we could enjoy the coral reef and we took full advantage of it. On the last day of our trip we spent close to six hours in the pristine waters of the Rameshwaram coastline. Satisfied, we decided to go back to our room, get a quick shower and head back home. Tired and exhausted we started to doze off in the bus when one of our friends came up with the idea of visiting the famous Ramanathan temple which happened to be on our way back to the Kerala. None of us were the deeply religious type and most of us wanted to refuse, but we didn't. The murmur between us increased when we realized that this temple had a very long corridor. A corridor 1.5 km long and our good friend wanted us to take seven rounds of it. Half way through the second round, only three out of the originalgang of nine were walking. I dropped out in the beginning of the third round and joined the rest of the gang who were relaxing underneath one of the numerous pillars there. After about ten minutes we saw a sight that jolted us from our slumber. It was the sight of a handicapped person, sitting in a makeshift push cart, which had wheels made of ball bearings. Using his hands as paddles he was pushing the cart along the length of the corridor. All of us were observing him but he didn't show any sign of being observed, as he went about his task. We could see the strain in the frail body of his. The sight of that man had a profound impact of each one of us. It was as if a huge wave had hit us and erased all the tiredness that was written on the shores of our minds. We were silent but the waves kept on coming. One of us stood up and started walking, I followed and so did the rest. Each one of us completed the seven rounds that day.


Often it is the people whom we consider less fortunate, less skilled and less gifted than us who inspire us. During my brief association with MTC, I have seen some brilliant speeches by extremely gifted speakers all of whom I admire, but strangely it is not the best speakers who inspire me the most. What inspires me is the passion of the speakers whom I,rightly or wrongly, consider as less skillful and less gifted. Every time I hear them, their passion ignites me, just the way the man in the cart did a few years ago. Every time I listen to them I feel the same waves hitting me, erasing all that is written in the shores of my mind, enabling me to strive for something new in its place, something better, something fresher. For that, my friends, I thank you all.


Holidays Never Ending Celebrations Abdul Manaf

Holidays are always fun, memorable, nostalgic and refreshing, irrespective of age, sex, religion, language or nationality. Holidays or celebrations were forbidden to me during my childhood as I had been staying apart from my parents that time. Even though, there arose a few enjoyable occasions during my college days, which are still haunting my memories, the trip to Kanyakumari in the year 1996 was a great experience where a team of 8 teenagers spent two complete days relishing the beauty of Kanyakumari. Kanykumari is a beautiful place in South India (Tamil Nadu), which is a rare place where we can watch both the Sunrise and the Sunset.

We enjoyed those days like anything, away from the boundaries of elders, except the young professor Prem, who led the team with so much energy and enthusiasm. He was so friendly, but managing us with an invisible thread of control. There have been a lot of memorable holiday moments over here in UAE as well, where fun filled family trips to Al Ain Zoo, Jebal Hafeet, Dubai Butterfly Garden, etc. In fact, the ways we look at the holidays vary drastically in parallel to our growth from childhood to family life. Holidays never end, it only change its shape. Let‘s enjoy them at every moment of our life.


"To travel is to take a journey into yourself"

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