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part 1: Sergey Tchoban & Sergey Kuznetsov Boris Levyant & Irina Prisedskaya Totan Kuzembaev Vladimir Kuz`min Yevgeny Polyantsev



A project, created by NAYADA in cooperation with Masters of Architecture, was launched in January of 2012 and will continue for three years. Now we’d like to present the first part of the project — 5 designers’ ideas of the leading Russian architectural workshops and bureaus. We have consciously invited the architects to participate in this project. Their fundamental approach to the solution of the tasks on space organization, volumetric viewing of all sides of servicing of a finished object, optimum relationship between the aesthetics and practicality together with the outstanding individuality and high-quality of execution, have made it possible to make the project interesting for the devotees of not just the beauty, but of the thoroughness, forethought and quality as well. The peculiarity of our joint project with the architects is that we show not just an eventual result in the form of a piece of furniture but the whole process of creation “from an idea to its implementation”; the whole process takes record short time – 5 director’s workplaces of premium level have been created just in 9 months. The primary objective, which has united its participants, is to present a modern and individual view of the architecture specialists of a director’ workplace. Each of 12 collections includes: an executive desk, a conference desk, a shelf, set of shelves or racks. The manufacturing of the office furniture collection, presented in this catalogue, shall be commercialized at the factory creating the project furniture LEPOTА, part of the group of companies NAYADA, by the end of 2012. We thank all the participants and partners of the project.




Vladimir Kuz’min Architect designer. Pole-Design project group manager. Lecturer at Urban Environment Design Chair in MARHI. Professor of the International Academy of Architecture (Moscow Branch). Prizewinner of the Russian State Prize in «Design» nomination and architectural professional contest «Golden section»

Project/“Profile” means: side-view, sections, cut, set of characteristics, combination of horizons, outlined imagination; custom selection of modular units for workplaces. “Profile” collection is an attempt to create “simple” objects of obvious and architectural form without any external domination of a designer and its “design”. Quality and features of material assign appearance, design, and aesthetic characteristics of a facility, and also expound author’s concept. Bringing an idea to a crystal module and transforming it into a work piece.





Vladimir Kuz’min: “Profile” collection idea is to obtain a result by minimum of means, by single approach, by clear and explicit form without decorative ruses… To do that, we used carbon, a super material, which guarantees the required easiness and clarity of a solution. Absolute quality! While preparing the “Profile” collection, we were inspired by curiosity and interest paid to the engineering process. We were inspired by creating desire, we were eager in our search. We were inspired by Love. All of this is our eternal elements which help us to turn all architectural designs into reality.











ABD architects,

Boris Levyant Irina Prisedskaya

ABD’Vise Project The prototype of the table’s form is a snowboard. The table has an effective edge which is a newly invented edge. This is an arc of a long radius with a smooth slope to the side of the body, which creates the maximum comfort in the contact zone. The table “bends” to the owner at the contact line, but it stays rigid and plain at the working surface. The form of the tabletop allows to get 4 functional variants: a working table, a table with an add-on for customers, a double table for team work, a negotiation table in the form of a “boat”.





Boris Levyant: Creation of a new object for us, in the first place, is an excitement, which originates when solving the task set by the customer. This is an endeavor to find the one perfectly suitable solution from the dozens of possible variants, motivated by our curiosity and our wish to find a new aspect of customary objects, ideas, theories and practices. The leading question which follows us during the work: “And what, if we…?”








Sergey Tchoban Sergey Kuznetsov

PROJECT SPEECH Speech Tchoban & Kuznetsov,

Architectural workshop “SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov” run by Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov was established in 2006 as a result of effective cooperation of architect bureau “nps tchoban voss” (Berlin) and “Tchoban and partners” (Moscow) with the workshop “S.P.Project” for many years. Nowadays, there are approximately 200 employees in the workshop, and the portfolio of Speech Tchoban & Kuznetsov includes more than 50 projects and developments performed for Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, as well as for the countries of CIS. Projects of the workshop are characterized by a highly professional approach to the solution of the full complex of designing tasks, beginning from formation of town-planning conception and expressive solution for volume and space, finishing with detail development of facade solutions, taking into account a long-term perspective of exploitation of buildings and interior design, including designing of authorial pieces of furniture.



Project Speech The collection includes characteristic traits of purism and free style shape design: orthogonal configuration and curvilinear details harmoniously complement each other. A characteristic trait of the collection is a continuity of a wooden plain surface, forming a basic frame, contrasting with varnished functional elements. Due to the versatile character of design, the collection may be combined with any interior design, whereas the quality of materials and treatment of the surfaces may satisfy the most demanding taste.


Sergey Tchoban: When new architectural objects are being created, I consider the discovery of a new shape to be a priority. However, this shape shall not shock but harmoniously fit into the proposed environment, be long-lasting in respect to not only materials but a found image as well. This very work principle was taken into consideration at creation of Project Speech for the purpose of which we found a soft, smooth and at the same time subsequently decisive shape.




Sergey Kuznetsov: In our projects we aim at application of elastic and smooth lines and shapes slightly reminding of a human body plastic figure. As to the specifics of the object design we try to draw objects that are pleasant to look at, something that is nice to feel with a hand. Certainly, just as any idea undergoing the stages of development from the first image to the real object, our conception has suffered certain amendments, under the influence of industrial and technological opportunities. Something became simpler, something was significantly changed, and something had to be rejected. But it is inevitable. The main thing for us is to make up and subsequently implement one bright topic. I believe we managed to cope with this task.



Totan Kuzembaev Dmitry Pismanik

PROJECT VICTORIA Architectural Workshop,

Project Victoria The object represents a composition consisting of a bookcase and two tables – a table of the director and a table for negotiations which are made from wooden agglutinated lamellas and organic glass. The supports of the tables have а V-shape. At the request of the customer a table of the director may be made as an indivisible composition with a table for negotiations as well as separately, and may be completed with internal lighting located inside the construction. The bookcase has a zigzag form and represents a self-supporting structure made of wooden stands with a frequent step. The shelves in the bookcase are intended for keeping magazines, books and objects which are of particular value for the owner.



Totan Kuzembaev: When working on each project I feel adrenalin, interest and curiosity, novelty and ‌ very special feelings similar to those when you are in love for the first time. When working on a project in tandem, striving for harmony, search for the best decision between the co-authors and between the authors and the customer become an integral part of work. In Victoria Project we worked with wood, a natural material which is often used by me. In my opinion it is the most gentle, the dearest, the softest and the warmest material. In the course of design and further implementation of the project we took into consideration, first of all, its users. Modern directors are active people. They are always on the go, as a waterfall, as a powerful river, they lead the way. We wanted to feature this idea. It is up to you to judge in what we succeeded and in what not.















450 2572



450 2572




Yevgeny Polyantsev


Project author: Y. Polyantsev with the participation of G. Markaryan and M. Rukavishnikova Meralsudio is an architectural workshop run by Yevgeny Polyantsev. It was founded in 1995. The major activities include designing of residential, public and industrial buildings, restoration and reconstruction of the architectural monuments, private interiors and furniture design.



“O-24” Project A present-day manager works 24 hours a day. This fact has become the basis for a line of the furniture “0-24”. Following our concept we are going to include into the list of the developed themes not only the furniture, traditional for a workplace, but the furniture for the recreation areas and even a line of the bathroom fixtures (together with Roca Company). The decorative element “brain”, serving in one case as a desk support and in another case as the multifunctional shelves, shall unite different bits of furniture in a whole entity.



Yevgeny Polyantsev: I have always been interested in a specifically set task. I believe that big themes and images are born from the simple details. At the same time I try to watch the surrounding things and processes in great detail. The directive questions in the work process are “How?”, “What for?”, “Why?” and ”What are the reasons for it?”. The answers to them help to overcome stereotypes. In general, I am not a follower of






May 23—27, 2012

ARCH Moscow Exhibition demonstration of prototypes Presentation of the prototypes of desks of the first five workplaces to the professional community has taken place at the 17th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design Arkh Moscow in the Central House of Artist in Krymskiy Val. The authors of all five projects have delivered lectures and gave master classes within the work of the exhibition:

8 April, 2013

7 April, 2012

December, 2011 January, 2012

Negotiations with the authors The project has been started. The structure and the number of the participants of its first part have been approved of. The five architects, presenting the architect bureaus and workshops, well-known in the international market, have been chosen. The Russian specialists have been very interested in the idea to work within the project “12 architects”.

Development of the technologies and materials The ideas are materialized. The participants have started choosing the technology of embodiment of the elements of the future interior, choose the materials. A customized approach to the author viewing and the new unique facets to the workplaces are created. For the first time the architects tell the mass media about their plans of implementation of the author solutions and take part in the press conference with presentation of the Project. The public gets acquainted with the project in the central office of the NAYADA Group of companies.

February—March, 2012 Coordination of drafts The first results of the creative work have been presented. The ideas are becoming visible. An active work on coordination of the future workplaces of directors, drawn in the form of the authors’ drafts, is carried out.


October, 2012 May, 2012

Manufacturing of prototypes From an idea to its implementation. An idea, draft, sketch, technologies and materials… and, finally, — creation of a workplace prototype — the first material realization of the project objective. All components of the previous work have been joined together becoming five unique architectural objects.


6 June—July—August, 2012

5 Boris Levyant (ABD architects): “The new tendencies in the development of the office space and their influence on the office furniture” Vladimir Kuzmin (Polye-Design): “The profile — the lines of the imaginary. Polye-Design” Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov (SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov): “From general to private. From town planning to a detail”

Manufacturing of the production pieces The processing stage of the creative process technical component has been commenced. The first production pieces of the furniture elements are manufactured at the factory of the project furniture Lepota, part of Nayada Group of companies.

Project presentation on the Orgatec (Germany) exhibition The Russian Project “12 architects. “Workplace” Project” has been presented at the European market for the first time. The finished workplaces are presented at the exhibition stand of Nayada in such a way, in which they will be manufactured.

Presentation of the sets of workplaces in the iSaloni (Milan) exhibition In 2013 the project will expand the geographical boundaries of cooperation. The leading architects from Holland, Italy and Japan will join the said project. They have their own view of the main project objectives, and the already implemented ideas will be presented at the respectable international exhibition in Milan.

Totan Kuzembayev (The architectural workshop of Totan Kuzembayev): “The intuition” Yevgeny Polyantsev (MERALSTUDIO): “The real world effects and the abstractions of the art”






Our slogan is «Create! То create beautiful and useful products for arrangement of the working area. То create the area for the development of people and companies» Nayada was founded in 1995 and now it is the leading developer and manufacturer of interior partitions systems. The central office and the main production complex of the company are located in Moscow. There are also 19 regional branches operating in the cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Italy. Nayada company structure includes: —— production of components of partitions systems; —— production of Nayada-Doors and door furniture; —— production of operable partitions Nayada-Hufcor, —— production of fire resistant partitions and doors; —— production of office furniture Lepota; —— production of frameless furniture Smartballs; —— a complex for metalware painting; —— a complex for glass treatment Nayada Glass Technology.


Lepota is an office furniture factory of Nayada group of companies. Together with other divisions of the company it helps to provide complex solutions to the clients and create turnkey interiors. Lepota was created in 2010 on the basis of Nayada company furniture production. Furniture collections under Lepota brand are created according to author projects of architects and designers. For the first time Lepota furniture (Architect and Volare tables) was presented in 2011 at the International Furniture Fair in Milano. Since then designer office furniture Lepota has won awards at many international exhibitions. During the several years of the company’s existence there were created the following outstanding author furniture projects as: designer armchairs Hedronics, bookshelf Forest, table Lunch Outdoors, designer tables Square table, Twist, Volar, Cell-za-table, there were also developed and implemented dozens of individual author solutions for creation of unique office spaces.



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1.Sergey Tchoban & Sergey Kuznetsov

+ 3 Architects

+ 4 Architects

2.Boris Levyant & Irina Prisedskaya 3.Totan Kuzembaev 4.Vladimir Kuzmin 5.Yevgeny Polyantsev


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Каталог 12 архитекторов