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Tax Debt and bankruptcy: An option most companies don’t talk about.

Why don’t other tax companies discuss tax debt and bankruptcy? Because they can’t file – they aren’t attorneys and can’t give legal advice. Bankruptcy laws have become even more restrictive in recent years, and filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily discharge your tax debt. It’s usually the last resort, but for certain clients, it’s the best option. Don’t let other companies automatically take this off the table just because they aren’t qualified to file. What’s better than paying ‘pennies on the dollar’ to settle your tax debt?

How about paying nothing? That’s right. Regardless of what your CPA or regular attorney may have told you, Bankruptcy may wipe out all tax debts. Don’t you think you should find out if it could help your situation?

Bankruptcy can mean tax debt relief

Of course, there are many special rules that need to be followed and bankruptcy can not work in cases of employment trust fund taxes, or anytime fraud or “tax-protesting” is involved. Also, the law actually differs around the country (depending on what US Circuit Court district you reside


in) that could mean totally different outcomes. In some cases, we have seen people move to different parts of the country to take advantage of more favorable bankruptcy rules. And because you can only file bankruptcy once every 8 years, this is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Guiding Bankruptcy Attorneys around the country

At IRSmedic, our tax lawyers to will work with and refer our clients to bankruptcy attorneys and give them the guidance they need to wipe out your tax debts. And if bankruptcy is not going to work, we will find the best alternative solution for you. To find out if bankruptcy could be or part of the solution to your tax problem, request our free report. 7 Steps to Sanity. In this report, you will get all the tools you’ll need to permanently resolve your tax problem forever. So sign up below to find out if bankruptcy could wipe out your tax debt.

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Success story: For many years Maurice Gartner never filed taxes, and it finally caught up with him when the IRS served his employer with a levy. Maurice owed more than $85,000 in back taxes, not including interest. For more on his story, click here. Identities and certain facts have been changed to protect the identities of clients. These stories aren’t intended to be a promise of how your case will turn out. All facts are different, and, outside of tax or federal court, approval of the final resolution is up to the IRS.

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Tax Debt and Bankruptcy  

Why don’t other tax companies discuss tax debt and bankruptcy? Because they can’t file – they aren’t attorneys and can’t give legal advice....