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Tax Audit Help

If you are stressed out about IRS issues then you should settle back with the knowledge that you aren’t the only person dealing with tax troubles. If you have acquired notice of an IRS audit giving you a date by which you have to get in touch with the IRS to plan an audit consultation, do not be scared. This kind of thing happens everyday in America. Luckily, there is a lot of tax audit assistance available and all you need to do is browse around. Dealing with tax audits is one thing we are able to do; the IRS Medic. Our personnel here would like to help you feel assured that you are acquiring the best service by getting more knowledge. If you study this short page than you will feel far less tense. You’ll feel even better when you contact us because we are focused on providing you with tax audit help and reassurance. There are a few main areas of filing errors: failure to file entirely, underpayment of taxes owed and underreporting of revenue. Exactly why was I elected for an IRS tax assessment, you might ask? Often it’s for the reason that the IRS discovered some difference between the details you submitted on your return and data they have gleaned from banking institutions or reviews of your former returns, business charges, charitable donations, etc. If you are selected for an IRS tax assessment, you can either get picked out for a report audit or an in-person audit. A paper or correspondence audit can usually be managed solely by mail. The most common type of audit which small businesses face is the field audit, where there’s a real meeting with an IRS agent. This will occur possibly at an IRS workplace or your own house or company. Sign up now to receive the 7 Steps to Sanity in dealing with the IRS:


Did you know that you are not even required to attend your tax audit? Your LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE can represent you. A professional tax authority will advise you if it’s in your best interest to be present through the IRS tax examination or not. Regardless of whether you want to go to your tax audit, timeliness in responding to the IRS is really important, so make sure you make contact with them before the deadline. Waiting too long to answer may arouse suspicion, which is unnecessary because tax audit assistance is easily obtainable! The quicker you speak to a tax specialist to get organized, the better. If you are being audited, getting organized is the best action you can take. The IRS gives you a record of the records they’ll be interested in (bank statements, receipts, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, payroll books, etcetera.) and a tax professional will go over it along with you. It’s a good idea to have no less than three-years of paperwork obtainable, since most people are qualified for audit in a couple of years of the date a tax return is filled out. Keep in mind, a tax audit can easily go smoothly- no matter what your concerns or recognized pitfalls might be. We are here to assist you!

Some more information regarding tax audits: *You will quite possibly have already organized a meeting with an IRS by yourself, prior to talking to a professional. If you feel unsure during the session then you should propose that the audit be discontinued until another time. The IRS has to comply with this request. * Lots more people are being audited right now than in the past several years. It is estimated that numerous people are neglecting to pay their way, this is one of the reasons why the IRS are trying to control the tax gap. The IRS has much more cutting-edge personal computers which makes the entire process of filing information a great deal more simple. *As we have seen a change with the IRS policies, there is now a priority for higher income earning individuals, small businesses and even self employed individuals. The IRS think that these groups are more likely to omit the reports of their salary earnings. Getting a tax audit doesn’t automatically mean that things are in pretty bad shape. We love to think of a tax audit as not such a terrible thing, there are many advantages to receiving one. Rest assured that your tax problems will be handled by IRS Medic. Seek tax problem help with Parent & Parent LLP, the IRS Medic.

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Tax Audit Help  

IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP 40 Richards Ave Regus Business Center 3rd Floor Norwalk, CT 06850 Phone (203) 682-1190 If you are stressed...