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FBAR Amnesty. The right choice for you? This for taxpayers needing real help with their IRS FBAR issues – and can’t figure out what to do next You probably figured out you need to do something about your FBAR reporting… but what?

Do you need to make a voluntary disclosure of your unreported foreign accounts? Can you make a ‘soft’ disclosure? Can you do nothing and hope for the best?

That’s why we developed our exclusive 7-part taxpayer awareness guide to address your most pressing question…

“What should I do?”

As you know, the IRS is a powerful and intimidating collection machine. The agency triggers terror in nearly everyone it comes in contact with.

So our role as tax attorneys, with a specific focus on the IRS’s FBAR Amnesty Program, means we have unique insight into the agency’s procedures for collecting back taxes. Now we understand you’re feeling uneasy, and your first response is to avoid attracting attention to your situation. But if you have been in non-compliance, delaying action is a dangerous decision (even if you just learned of your non-compliance).

That’s why we want to give you my taxpayer awareness guide by e-mail.


For the next seven days, you’ll get actionable advice (with no high-pressure sales pitch) you can use to eliminate your FBAR situation. Just enter your e-mail address and you’ll get OUR first tip, which details why conventional advice from some CPAs and tax attorneys can land you in jail for up to 10 years and fines greater than what’s in your foreign account(s). What’s your future worth to you?

We want you to have this information before it’s too late. You see, there is no statute of limitations in cases of tax fraud – the IRS can assess catastrophic penalties against you at any time. Can you imagine how your life, as well as your family’s future, would change if you’re prosecuted for tax evasion? When given the option, I know you prefer doing the right thing.

In February 2012, the IRS extended its voluntary disclosure period for a third time. Each time penalty payments jumped (last time by 2.5%). So what you pay today will likely never get any lower. Think about this for a minute Furthermore, the IRS warns the OVDI program could get discontinued at any time.

If this happens, you face even greater penalties, including fraud and foreign information return penalties, as well as criminal prosecution. >Register today for our FREE taxpayer awareness guide. You will only need an e-mail address so we have somewhere to deliver your information. You don’t even have to give us your actual name.

NOTE: Your request for this information is completely confidential and is 100% protected by the attorney-client privilege even if you hire us, hire someone else or do nothing.

About IRSmedic: Parent & Parent LLP: is the website for Parent & Parent LLP, a tax law firm of IRS offshore resolution attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), ex-IRS agents, and EAs who want to be the team that permanently resolves our difficult tax problems. We employ a value pricing model to offer our clients a fixed, flat fee for any legal services. We communicate these fees to clients prior to representation, so our clients are never take by surprise. Our firm is located in Connecticut, but we service all US taxpayers, including non-resident aliens and expatriates living worldwide. We offer limited free consultations in-person, via telephone or over skype.


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FBAR Amnesty  
FBAR Amnesty  

IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP 144 S. Main St Wallingford, CT 06492 Phone: (203) 269-6699 Now we understand you’re feeling uneasy, and yo...